Do i deserve ur love part 5

28 Aug

pinky is shocked that aishu is calling her as chachi. Iska matlab?

Omg.. gasped pinky. N turned to pari.

Pari, aishu??

ha di.

Matlab aishu maan bhai ki beti hain. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

But there 3 shocked faces shouted WHAT???

pari n pinky turned back n saw shocked maan, adi n sam.

Maan immediately ran to pinky n askedpinky yeh tum kya keh rahi ho?

wo.. wo.. bhai fumbled pinky.

Jiju called pari emotionally.

Maan turned back n saw pari.

Pari hugged maan n asked how r u jiju?

Pari how r u?? n wo.. ge.. geet..

pari broke the hug n told we r fine jiju just fine.

Maan understood n asked pari yeh.. ye.. looking towards aishu.

She is your daughter jiju told pari.

Plzz forgive me bhai. When geet left from here she was pregnant.yeh baat main aap sab se chupana pada. i am so sorry bhai. 

Maan’s happiness have no bounds. His daughter, his life again came back. he looked at his daughter lovingly but aishu is just smiling at him because she dont know who is maan.

maan(st): my daughter, oh she is my daughter. this is the happiest day in my life. she is looking same as geet, same eyes, the same smile. Aishu i am your father dear. How painful it is when a child dont know about her father.

When maan was about to take aishu in his arms but stopped in his tracks when he heard a voice.

DONT U DARE TO TOUCH HER MR. KHURANA shouted geet from the entrance.

Pinky sensed that something is going to happen. So she told to sam.

Sam pls take aishu n rohan inside.

Sam didnt understand anything just nodded n took them inside.

Maan turned back n saw geet, his geet after long 6 years. The same anger when he met her first time and even today.

Geet… whispered maan.

NO shouted geet.

Geet plzz once listen to me requested maan.

I said no mr. khurana told geet.

Pari what are u doing here? I told you before coming here dont u dare to meet them. But u I didnt expect this from u shouted geet angrily.

Di once listen told pari.

Where is aishu?

Geet… called pinky.

Geet raised her hand to stop.


She is inside told pinky.

Geet itni badi baat tum mujhe nahi kaha asked maan painfully.

Why should I tell u? Retorted geet.

I am her father geet told maan painfully.

Geet smiled a bitter smile. Father, hmm do u know the meaning of father.

Who knows better than me geet told maan.

NO U R NOT A FATHER. U R A MURDERER. YES U R A MURDERER shouted geet on top of her lungs.

Geet shouted maan painfully.

Kyun? Did I tell anything wrong asked geet bitterly.

I am also suffering geet. Kitna dard tumko hain mujhe bhi hain. How can u think like that geet told maan, tears rolled down his cheeks.

Geet held his collar n asked dard? Tumko pata bhi hain dard kya hota hain?

Main bhi insaan hu geet told maan.

Tum ek maa ke dard ko nahi samjhogi. How can u understand afterall u r an or… geet closed her eyes without completing her sentence.

Bolo geet kyun ruk gayi. Yes I am an orphan completed maan.

Shut up geet, shut up bhai. How can u say that, main hoon iska behen. He is not alone. Dare u talk like that geet told pinky seriously.

No pinky dont stop her today told maan.

Nahi bhai we know how much u suffrered.

Kyun pinky? Tere dost ka dard tumko dikai nahi diya? Asked geet painfully.

Aisa nahi hain geet, jo dard tumko hain bhai ko bhi hain, dont u know how much he loves u n…

ek aur baat nahi pinky. Mujhe kuch nahi sunna. Aishu kaha hain asked geet.

Geet ek baar mujhe aishu ko, meri beti ko dekhne do. Plzz geet begged maan.

She is my daughter only mine told geet angrily.

Geet aisa kehne se pehle y dont u KILL me told maan painfully.

Geet closed her eyes not able to bear all this. Immediately she composed herself n went inside n took sleeping aishu in her arms. She just glared at pari n left from there.

When she was about to go out adi spoke geet jo kuch bhi karna hain karo. Ek beti ko apni pita se koi nahi alag nahi kar sakta. Its destiny’s decision for her to meet his father. U cant stop it.

No I wont let that happen. Iss baar aisa nahi hoga saying so she left from there.

Pari too silently left from there.

Maan just stood there lifeless not believing what happened just few minutes back. He has a daughter n her name is aishu. N he dont know that. What a fate he dont know about his own daughter. Suddenly he remembered what geet told ‘ U R A MURDERER’ ringing in his ears. Tears rolling down his cheek continously.

Maan: kya galti ki maine. Why this is happeneing to me. I know that geet is angry on me but how can she say like that. Am I a murderer? Do I dont have pain of losing someone. Main bhi ek pita hu. I dont have any family in my childhood, I know the value of family n relations. Mujhe bhi dard hain pinky. I am dying each n every second being away from her. Par no one is there to understand me. All are leaving me why? Pehle meri bachi, phir geet ab aishu bhi. Kyun pinky kyun?

Maan: I pray each n every day to get my geet back. When I saw her I was so happy. I know that she will be angry on me. But I dont know that wo.. mujse itna nafrat karti hain ki wo meri bachi ke baare mein nahi kaha. Kyun pinky tum bhi apne bhai se mafrat karti ho. Hain na? Isiliye tum bhi mujse iske baare mein nahi kaha. Ab muje pata chala sab log mujse nafrat karte hain. All of u hate me. But I cant hate u all. Aaplog mujse kitne bhi nafrat karo but still I love u.

pinky: nahi bhai aisa nahi hain, mujhe maaf kijiye bhai. I didnt do it intensionally. Plzz bhai plzz n she is crying bitterly. She thought that something is going to happen but she didnt expect that thing will go wrong.

Maan: nahi pinky main kaun hu tumko maaf karne ke liye. As geet told I am an orphan. Main akela hu koi bhi nahi hain iss duniya mein mere liye. Because of me u guys suffered a lot. I am so sorry for that.

Adi: yeh tum kaise baatein kar rahe ho maain. Calm down, geet ne gusse mein kuch bol diya.

Maan smiled bitterly n told jab insaan gusse mein ho then that time they will tell truth unknowingly. What geet told is right. I dont deserve anyone’s love n I am a murderer.

Saying so maan left from there like a lifeless body. No emotions in his face just blank like a plain sheet. He dont know where he is going, tears rolling down his cheeks. His whole world stopped, reminding his past memories. Thinking about his geet, his muskaan. How happy they were then why this pain? What he did? What geet did? Why they are suffering? When it is destiny’s game then why she is blaming him. How can he will bear that pain. Will this never ends? Dont know? All these things r in the hand of above guy who is enjoying all this. This pain should end but how? Lets wait n watch. Koi na koi raasta tho milega. Every problem has a solution.


Back to pinky-adi residence:


adi yeh kya hogaya asked pinky who is crying bitterly seeing her brothers state.

Pinky u take care I will go behind maan. Pata nahi kaise haalat mein hoga wo.

Thik hain adi.

Adi left from there.

Geet’s house:

geet came angrily into th house with sleeping aishu in her arms. Rano saw her angry n asked

what happened geet?

Geet didnt talk anything n went to her room and made aishu sleep. She came out after sometime n saw pari saying what happened there to rano. Rano got angry n shouted on geet

geet r u mad. Tumko pata bhi hain tum kya kar rahi ho. Tum maan se aise kaise baat kar sakti ho. He is ur husband dont forget that.

Maa mujhe iske baare mein kuch bhi nahi baat karna n left from there.

Tumari koi galti nahi geet, galti tho sirf hamari hain. Hey babaji aap hi kuch kijiye plz babaji let geet n maan live happily.


Pinky’s room:

Pinky went to her room n saw sam patting rohan’s back who is sleeping peacefully.

Sam called pinky.

Sam looked at her not understanding anythng.

What is all this pinky? That girl aishu is maan’s daughter. How come maan dont know?

Thats fate sam. We cant do anything.

Pinky mujhe batao kya hua.

Kya tum sunna chati ho?

Ha pinky plz tell me.

Just wait.

Pinky went to her cupboard n took one pic n gave it to sam.

Sam saw smiling maan n that girl who shouted on maan (geet) n a small girl in maan’s arms.

This is maan bhai’s family. Geet, maan’s wife n their loving daughter muskaan.

Muskaan? Where is she now?

Pinky gave a sad smile to sam n told destiny played a creul game with them sam.

Past starts.


Precap: past…

            maan n geet first meet.


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