Do i deserve ur love part 6

28 Aug


Ha pinky plz tell me.

Just wait.

Pinky went to her cupboard n took one pic n gave it to sam.

Sam saw smiling maan n that girl who shouted on maan (geet) n a small girl in maan’s arms.

This is maan bhai’s family. Geet, maan’s wife n their loving daughter muskaan.

Muskaan? Where is she now?

Pinky gave a sad smile to sam n told destiny played a creul game with them sam.

What r u saying pinky. Dont talk in riddles.




7 years back:

There is a huge crowd in the auditorium. All the people r shouting n screaming with joy because their favorite’s dance show is going to be held in few minutes. Every 6 months a dance group will perform in different places. Their main aim is to entertain people. All the people will be waiting for this show.

This dance group will collect money by their perfomance n 50% they will give for charities. They are very famous in delhi. Even they do shows in other cities even. They give charity shows.

Suddenly the anchor of the show shouted

Hello delhi, welcome all.

HELLOOOshouted all the people.

How r u guys????

COOLLL… WAITITNG… shoued people.

Ok chill guys the show will start in 5 min told anchor.

Wowww shouted people n clapping their hands, waiting for the show.




On the other hand pinky is getting ready to go somewhere.

Omg.. its already late she will kill me for sure. Babaji meri madad karna.

Her mobile rang. She saw the caller ID n gulped her saliva n nervously said

he.. hello.

This is the limit pinky. I was waiting for you from past half an hour n u…

sorry yaar I forgot about our meeting. I am so sorry. Plz plz just 15 min more.

Ok come fast n hanged the phone.

Thanku babaji.

Pinky left to meet her friend near shopping mall. When she entered shopping mall she has to face her super duper angry friend.

Geet called pinky from back.

Geet turned back n gave her an angry look.

I am sorry told pinky holding her ears.

Geet just smiled a little seeing her friend’s antics n told chalo.

Pinky hugged geet n told thanku yaar.

Pinky now fast. Oh god how much will u shop yaar.

Geet today u too have to shop because u r coming for tomorrow’s party with me.

No ways I am not coming. U know na I wont like parties.

Plz geet, its adi’s friend party yaar. Plz geet plz.

Ok ok fine I will come.

They both shopped for sometime. Both bought anarkali suits geet red colour n pinky sky blue colour.




So guys the count down begins. 1

1 shouted all.


2 shouted all.


3..shouted all with huge round of applouse.

A group of girls came on to the dias n a rocking music started.

They all are dancing very gracefully. All the people were enjoying the show n the steps were ultimate. By their perfomance we can see how hard they practiced for the show. All the girls are in their mini skirts n shining red colour top. But they are looking decent.

Suddenly the music stopped.

All the girls who are performing there shouted




Then maan entered looking extremely hot in his black n black attire. His hair is gelled n 1st 3 buttons of his shirt are opened exposing his well toned chest.

Then again music started. Now maan started dancing with the girls. His each move is breath taking for all the girls. They are drooling over him n shouting maan maan maan.

His moments are so graceful that all the girls are on lala land. They are imagining themselves dancing with maan.





Maan’s dance is completed n maan took the mike

Hello guys. How r u??


wow.. thats cool. How is the show.


thanku very much guys. There is an announcement. Our dance school has completed 3 years by today. So there is a party tomorrow in **********. so all are invited.

Wowww… thanku..

ok guys. See u tomorrow. Good night. Shubh ratri.

Atlast the show ended n all the girls ran to maan for autograph. Maan signed for all of them n smiled at them. Omg.. his killing smile. Some girls are about to faint seeing his smile.

Maan singh khurana he is a famous dancer. He will be doing shows (like srk in dil tho pagal hain). He is an orphan, he studied architecture with scholarship but not interested in that field so started a dance school. He has more than 100 students in his school. Adi is his best friend from childhood. Adi n geet are working in same software company. They both are good friends. But maan n geet never met.

Initially he started dance school with only 5 students in a small room but now it became huge with more than 100 students. He is rich, cool n friendly. He is down to earth. All are very friendly with maan. His helping nature makes him famous. He is the one who believes in destiny. His cant see any one sad, he wants all the people around him to be happy. Pinky is not free type she is reserved but when she met maan first, he made her so comfortable with brotherly warmth.

Maan has 3 best friends in his life adi, raj n dev. Adi n dev are very good in nature n loves maan to the core. Dev is from a poor family. Maan helped dev in his studies, adi is from a middle class family, raj is also from a middle class family but he is very greedy towards money. He started a small business n expecting huge profit in the initial stages itself. He finds easy ways to earn money but maan, dev n adi dont know his intentions.

But maan trusts all people around him. He believes what others say is true. He will think about the consequences after but not before helping them. Girls die to spend with him but he never took advantage of anyone. He respects women. He knows the value of family as he dont want any family. But he is never sad about it, because he never thinks he is alone, he thinks all are his people.

After the show ended, maan n the girl who danced with man came out n saw his friend adi n dev waiting for him.

Hey guys.

Hi maan, hi anju Asusual the show is awesome.

Thanku adi. Waise where is pinky.

Hmm she is busy today with her friend. She will come for tomorrows party. These girls are impossible.

Oyy kabardar meri behen ko kuch kaha.

Lo dekho dev, friend ko bhul gaya.

Kya yaar maan, bechara adi. Aur ha adi dobara hamari behen ko kuch bolne se pehle soch lena yaha do do bhai hain.

God man, tum bhi. Anju atleast u support me yaar.

Sorry adi, I am not free now, my boy friend is waiting for me. Engagement ke liye shopping karni hain. Bye.

They all laughed n had a group hug for the success of the show. They broke the hug n anju bid good bye to them. some of the students approached him.

Hello maan sir.

Hello guys.

Congrats for the success of the show.

Thanku n congrats to u too. Its our group work.

They all smiled at him n told ok sir bye.

Hey tomorrow party. Dont forget.

Ya sure sir. Bye.


Chalo guys we will also leave. Its already late.

Meanwhile pinky dropped geet at her house n came to meet adi, maan n dev at the show.

Hello guys told pinky.

All the 3 smiled at pinky.

Adi hugged her n pinky too reciprocated the hug.

Ho gaya shopping?

Ha hogaya. Main tho bhul gayi thi ki shopping jaana hain aur late hogayi. Aur geet mujhpe gussa ho gayi.

Very good, phir usse manane mein bohot time lagi hogi.

Oh hello main usko bachpan se jaanti hu. I know how to manofy her.

Adi rolled his eyes, maan n dev smiled at adi.

Sorry bhai show time ko nahi aa payi.

Its ok pinky, u r coming tomorrow right?

Ofcourse bhai. I will n geet bhi aarahi hain.

Ok fine, tum dono bohot bolte ho uss geet ke baare mein. I wanna meet her.

Hmm ok bhai, dinner ke liye chalte hain.

Ya ok chalo.

All the 4 left from there. As all are tired they went to restaurant. They all ordered their food n enjoying, talking with each other.

Pinky dont have any brothers, maan n dev pampers her to the core.

They all enjoyed their food pulling each others leg. Maan n pinky punjabi khana, adi n dev chinese.

After dinner they had ice cream n left from there.

Pinky bid good bye to all adi went to drop her. Maan n dev went to their respective houses n relaxed.




Next day morning:

maan got up n freshened. He read the news paper n about his show n the party. He wont like all this publicity but media people wont leave him. He sighed n went to the party hall to see the decorations, food arrangements n drinks.

By the evening all the things are ready. But maan is really excited for the party. He never felt like this before.

Maan (st): what is happeneing to me. Why I am so excited. This is not the first party? Then why? Dont know I think something is going to happen. Kuch acha hi hone wala hain. God what are ur plans now. Hmm ok ok I will wait.

He came out his thoughts when his cell rang.

Hello adi bolo.

Maan, sab kuch ready ho gaya na. Main abi office se nikal raha hu.

Ha yaar sab kuch ho gaya. Tu tension mat le.

Ok I will be there in 1 hour.

Ok fine main bhi ready hoke ata hu.

Ok see u. bye.


Maan went to his home to get ready. He wore his black suit, rolex watch n blask shoes. He gelled his hair n looking extremely dashing.


On the other side, geet is also getting ready for the party. Even she dont like to attend parties but she is also excited for the party. She called pinky more than 10 times to confirm the timing of the party. Pinky found it weird but shrugged it off.

Geet wore her new red suit with matching ear rings n bangles. He applied her kajal n small bindi n she wore her heels. She looked herself in the mirror again n again unlike her.


Am I looking good?? (st) geet tu jhalli ho gayi ho. Stop it n go. Pinky will be waiting for u at the party hall. She bid good bye to her mom n pari n ;eft from there.

Geet beta jaldi aajana. Thik hain.

Ok maa. I will come early. Bye.

Bye di enjoy the party.

Geet smiled n told bye n left from there.

Geet took the cab n headed towards the party hall.

Maan too got ready n started in his car. There is smile on both maan n geet’s face. They both are excited as if god is giving ishara that today they are going to meet someone special in their life. Itna ajeeb hain na zindagi, how can we recognize that he is special n she is special. Hum kaise jaante hain ki he/she is perfect for us. Its all the game of destiny. Kya pehli mulaakat mein hi pata chal jaata hain? Pata nahi.

Now lets see how maan n geet will meet n what is there in their destiny. Lets see their first meeting. Will it be casual meet or any thing is going to happen. How their life changes. How they meet again. Where this simple sa mulaakat leads to.? Why n how they love each other. Why she hates him so much. Par ups n downs is life. Lets see how n where their lives lead to?


Precap: maan n geet meet. Big smile Smile

           Oops geet angry.Angry


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