Do i deserve ur love part 7

28 Aug


p.s.: From the last update, the past started but its not 7 years back but its 12 years back. sorry for the mostake.


Both maan n geet reached party. Maan parked his car n went inside. Geet came out of the cab n saw pinky coming towards her. Geet smiled at her.

Hey geet. U r looking awesome.


Andar chale.

Ha chalo.

Geet n pinky made their way inside. Adi came to them n wished

hii geet.

Hi adi.

Thanks for coming to the party.

Geet just smiled n they 3 chatted for sometime. Just then dev n raj entered the party.

Hey dev, raj called adi.

Hey buddy wished dev.

Hello dev bhai wished pinky n introduced geet to them.

This is my best friend geet. Geet he is dev n raj.

Hii told geet.

Hii geet. Nice to meet u wished dev.

Same here.

But raj is least interested. He is just seeing here n there to find any rich girl n spend time with them. Just then raj heard a laugh. He turned that way n saw a beautiful girl wearing knee lenth dress with heels. Raj saw her with lusted eyes. He made an excuse n went near her.

Now that girl is sitting alone near bar n sipping her drink.

Hii beautiful wished raj.

Hii wished that girl.

I am raj extended his hand.

I am soni shook her hand.

They both chatted for sometime. Suddenly raj told

hey I will get a drink for u.

ya sure.

But instead of soft drink he bought visky.

Here is your drink.


She drank it even though she felt the taste different but she strugged it off n completed her drink. Her head started spinning. Raj observed that n went close to her n asked

r u alright?

yy.. yyeessshhh told soni n was about to fall, raj held her by her waist n took her to one of the hotel room. Now she is unconsious.


here maan made his way to the stage n took the mike n announced

hello ladies n gentlemen, a hearty welcome to u all. Thanku very much for coming to the party. Today we r celebrating the 3rd anniversary of our dance school. It is successful because of u all. N congratulations for all of them for making the yesterday’s show successful. So friends enjoy the party. Once again thanku for coming.

With that maan came down from dias n talking with the guests. All r congratulating him for his success. Today is the happiest day in his life, his dream come true. From childhood he is very much interested in dance n wated to open a dance school. Today his dream became true not only that it completed 3 years.

When a person have strong determination to do any thing, how many hard ships he face but atlast he will be successful same in the case of maan. He struggled very hard to complete his studies. He joined a small company as an architect with a little salary. He just worked for 6 months n resigned. With that money he started a dance school. Now it became very very huge n famous.

Here geet n pinky r chatting with each other. When they heard maan talking on the dias geet is lost in him. She thought he is looking handsome n hot. Omg.. the black colour it suited him as if it was designed for him only. Geet is drooling over him for the first time in her life she is checking out someone. Suddenly she came out of her trance by the sound of loud applouse.

Geet (st): geet what r u doing?? u r drolling over him. Thoda sharam karo. U r seeing him for the 1st time n drooling. This is not u. concentrate on the party not him. Uff geet what happened to u. why u r behaving like a crazy. Chided geet herself.

Oyee geet where u r lost asked pinky.

Geet came out of her thoughts n told nothing pinky.

Geet n pinky r talking, maan, adi n dev r busy in their own world.

Maan ek baat batao asked dev.

Kya hain poocho told maan.

Arey yaar now u r happy n settled, then tum shaadi kyun nahi? Asked dev.

Ha maan, dev shai keh raha hain told adi.

Hmmm main iske baare mein socha hi nahi yaar. Aur muje meri type ki ladki nahi mili.

Ohh ab tumara type kya hain? Asked dev.

Hmm nothing much mere baare mein tho aap logon ko pata hain. Mujhe aisi ladki chahiye who will controls me, loves me n take care of me. Main tho uss ladki ko itna pyaar karoonga ki usko kisi ki kami mehsoos nahi hone doonga. Jab main shaadi karoonga tab se she will be my family, my life n my every thing. If she have any responsibilities about her parents then she can do anything for them. Infact they will my parents right? Her parents will be my parents too. I will shower all my love to them. Uss ladki ko thoda gussa bhi hona chahiye kyun ki mujhe samjhana thoda mushkil hain na.

Maan ek baat bolu asked adi.

Batao na.

Who ever marry u, she will be very lucky to have u. yes maan, I am proud of u n hugged him.

Thanku adi. Main sirf uss ladki ko iss duniya ka saara pyaar aur khushi dena chata hu.

Par wo ladki hain kaha asked dev.

Pata nahi shayad yahi kahi hogi.


Arey yaar what is there in out destiny who knows. May be that girl who is wearing the red colour suit will be my wife in future. Who knows told maan casually.

But to his luck the girl in that red suit listened this n turned back glaring angrily at him.

Maan saw that girl n lost in her beauty. She is looking not less than angel in that red suit, that colour suited her very well. With minimum makeup also she is looking beautiful, anyone can fall her. Maan was just staring at her without blinking. But when he saw her eyes there is something, like she is hiding something from this world. As if she is wearing some mask. But just by seeing her eyes only he understood that this is not her real self. He too felt strange that how can he decide anything like that by just seeing her eyes. But he is feeling something strange n thought this girl is something different. Suddenly he came out of his trance when she spoke

Hello Mr. called that girl.

All 3 adi, maan n dev turned to her.

Hi geet. Meet my friend maan. Maan she is geet.

Hello told maan casually.

What did u tell before? Asked geet angrily.

What did I tell asked maan confusingly.

Wo red suit wali ladki..

oh ya that, I told may the girl in red suit may be my wife in the future.

There r so many girls in this party. Why u pointed me only.

Its nothing like that miss. Jab main kuch bol raha tha tho I just said it casually.

I dont care n u dont have right u hurt others feelings.

Look madam I was just…

before he tell anything geet cut him n told

See Mr. maan u r very respectable person in the society. So we wont expect such type of behaviour.

U r taking me wrong.

Behave urself. Give respect n take respect. Good bye.

Geet turned back n left from there. Maan is just staring at her as if she is some alien n his mouth wide open.

Adi n dev burst out into laughter seeing maan like that.

Yaar main tho mazak kar raha tha. She took it all seriously.

Hmmm she is like that only maan. Jyada baat nahi karti aur har waqt gusse mein rehti hain told adi.

But yaar itni choti si baat told dev.

Pata nahi mujhe,office main bhi she will be like that only told adi.

She is strange told maan. (st) but she is something different.

Destiny made her like that came a voice from back.

All 3 turned back n saw pinky.

Plzz dont take her wrong. I listened all. Uski taraf se main maafi maang thi hu told pinky.

Hey pinky its ok. We r just shocked to see her reaction told maan.

Thanks bhai. Aapko nahi pata geet ke baare mein she is not that geet I know from childhood. She changed a lot now told pinky getting all emotional.

Adi hugged her n rubbing her back to calm down.

Shh pinky calm down.

Pinky broke the hug n smiled at them. Even though maan want to know about geet but seeing pinky;s condition he decided not to ask her anything now.

Maan (st): I want to apolozise her. Eventhough I did nothing but she is hurted because of me. I dont know I think we will meet again, muje aisa hi lag raha hain. I saw something in ur eyes n tab hi muje pata chala ki u r not the one who u r now. U r hiding urself for some reason. We will meet again geet. At that time I wont leave u forever. I never experienced the feeling of love. But I think I fell in love with u that too without knowing anything. Shayad isi ko love at first site kehte hain. Hmmm thats really cool. I think I am excited from morning to meet u. well aaj tho acha hua.

Bhai called pinky.

Huh!! ha pinky.

Aap thik tho ho na.

Maan smiled n told ha pinky I am fine. Had dinner?

Ha bhai. U guys have dinner. I will serve u.

Ok chalo. Ummm… pinky wo… wo.. ur friend is fine na.

Ha bhai dont worry she is fine. Usko gussa ata hain tho pata nahi kya bolti hain.

Did she had dinner??

Yes bhai.

Maan sighed in relief. Bhai come.

They all went to nearby table n enjoyed their dinner.

Now the hall became empty n after some chatting they took leave n bid good night n left for their respective houses.

Maan went home n changed in his tracks n lied on his bed. He is thinking about geet no no red suit wali ladki.

Maan: yeh muje kya ho raha hain. Abi abi tho main usse mili aur thik se baat bhi nahi hui. But I am just thinking about that girl. Her big eyes wow they r just awesome n her cheeks which are red due to anger. Even in that gussa she is looking soo cute. Man u lost it just sleep now.

Maan slept peacefully thinking about geet.

Here geet came to her house n went to her room n changed.

She is lost in maan.

Geet: I think I behaved rudely with him. But what he did is also wrong. There r soo many girls there, then why he pointed only me. Geet chodo yeh sab n so ja. Waise tum ladkon ke baare mein kab se sochne lagi. Party main bhi tum usko ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahi thi. Babaji ka shukriys unhone tumko nahi dekha, agar dekha tho kya sochega. Geet so jao.

Geet tried to sleep but sleep us very far from her. She is just tossing here n there on her bed thinking about maan. Atlast after very long time she slept.

Next day morning:

maan got up n freshened n went to dance school. He is very relaxed today. Finally he is free for some days. Some of his students are practicing dance on the dance floor. He is just seeing how they are dancing n any corrections have to be made.

In geet’s house geet got ready n going for office. Suddenly pari called her


ha pari bolo.. told geet reading some file.

Dii next week hamare college mein annual day function hain. I want to but new dress.

Ok u go. Take my card.

Dii I want even u to come for shopping told pari making puppy face.

No pari I am busy today.

Plz plz plz di..

hmmm thik hain I will come half day. We will go then.

Pari hugged geet n thanku di.

Ok bye.. bye maa.

Bye beta.

Geet left for her office. Adi n geet entered office at the same time.

Hi geet.

Hii adi.

Adi dont know what to talk further they both went inside silently.

Geet got busy with her work. She saw the time is 1.

oh no muje pari ke saath shpping jaana hain. I will take permission n go.

Geet took permission n left from there. Geet called pari.

Hello di.

Hello pari I will be in 20 min near ******** shopping mall.

Ok di I am coming.

Wow to her luck the dance school of maan is beside that shopping mall. Here is maan is in his cabin, standing near window sipping his black coffee.

At the same time geet came to the shopping mall n waiting for pari. Suddenly maan’s eye caught geet.

Precap: will they meet??? LOL


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