Do i deserve ur love part 8

28 Aug

Geet took permission n left from there. Geet called pari.


Hello di”


Hello pari I will be in 20 min near ******** shopping mall”.


Ok di I am coming”.


Wow to her luck the dance school of maan is beside that shopping mall. Here is maan is in his cabin, standing near window sipping his black coffee.


At the same time geet came o the shopping mall n waiting for pari. Suddenly maan’s eye caught geet.


Maan (st): “oh man, this girl I should apologise her for yesterday. I think she is waiting for someone. Kahi boyfriend ki chakkar tho nahi hain na. Nahi nahi she seems to be a nice girl. Maan stop it what r u thinking. Just go n tell sorry n come thats it”.


Maan came down n crossed the road to go near the shopping mall. Just then pari came there.


Hii di.. sorry sorry late ho gayi main”


Its ok jaldi chalo”


Ok di chalo”


When they were about to enter shopping mall maan called geet.


Hello miss”


They both turned back n saw maan. Pari’s eyes popped out seeing maan no no the great dancer maan singh khurana there. But geet made annoyed face seeing him.


Omg.. MSK.. dancer u here??” gasped pari.


Pari chup kar n shut ur mouth”.


Kya di he is calling us. HE IS CALLING US.. omg omg omg I cant believe”.


Maan went near them n smiled.


Hello sir, I am big fan of u n ur dance is awesome. I saw ur program yesterday in TV telecast its just awesome. I am a big fan of u sir” pari went on n on.


Thanku miss”


pari sir”


nice name”


thanku sir”


maan smiled n looked at geet n told


hello miss. Geet I am very sorry for yesterday. I really didnt mean to hurt u. I am really sorry”


its ok Mr. maan” told geet.


see u r not laughing that means u r still angry on me” told maan.

nothing like that I am not angry” told geet.


that means u didnt felt bad for what I told yesterday” asked maan supressing his laugh.


Geet gave him a angry glare.


sir why u r saying sorry to di. Do u know her before itself” asked pari.


Wo kya hain na pari darasal kal main aapki di ko party main mile the aur waha… “ when maan was about to tell further, geet cut him n told


pari I think we r getting late. Chalo we will go for shopping”


wait di he is saying something let me listen” told pari.

pari.. ”


arey geetji its ok. U go n do shopping I will tell ur sister what happened yesterday. Pariji ur sister thought that main usse pyaar karta hu aur usse shaadi karna chatha hu” told maan.


KYA?? “ shouted pari.


ha pariji main tho sirf mazaak kar raha tha” told maan eyeing towards geet.


di aapne gussa kar diya. U should be lucky” told pari.


Geet dont want to embrass herself more n told to maan.


suniye maanji main aapse gusse main nahi hu. Main wo baat kal hi bhool gayi thi. Samjhe aap? Ab hume jaana hain. We r getting late”.


ok geetji nice meeting u. ha as u told that u r not angry on me so u r coming for coffee to my dance school after ur shopping. Ok?? pariji aap bhi ayiye” told maan.


ji nahi maanji muje bohot kaam hain” told geet.


oh come on di. Sir u dont worry we will come. Wow I am so excited” told pari.

pariji no need to call me sir, u can call me bhai. Geetji aap muje maan bula sakte ho, if u dont have any problem” told maan n winked at her.


Geet widened her eyes seeing his winking at her. Pari felt overwhelmed with his affection.


thanku sir.. oops bhai” told pari.


Maan smiled at them n told “will be waiting for u” n left from there.


wow di how cool he is.. “ told pari.


pari tumko coffee ke liye ha kehne ki kya zaroorat thi” asked geet.


oh di.. see bhai asked for the first time n how can we say no to him. N moreover he is apologised u” told pari.


iska yeh matlab nahi hain ki hum coffee ke liye jaana hain” told geet.


oh plzz di, I just want see his dance school. Plz plz plz plz plz plz di” requested pari making baby face.


thik hain. First we will go for shopping” told geet n they both left from there.

Geet (st): ” hey babaji iss pari ne muje kaha phasa diya. Ab uss maan ke saath coffee. Oh no.. dekha babaji aapne jaate waqt kya kiya.. muje muje chi chi chi babaji”. She looked up n made a baby face.


Pari saw her n smiled.


Pari (st): “i cant believe this, di is smiling seeing him n started her complaints to babaji. Wow I am so happy. I am seeing my old di back after so many years. He is the reason for all this. Maan bhai aaj aap hi ki wajah se I am seeing my old di. Babaji my di should be always happy n smiling. Hmm waise we r going for coffee. Let them be alone why me. Ha this is best idea”.


Immediately pari msged someone to call her after 30 min. they both went inside n started shopping. Pari selected a baby pink colour knee length dress n matching jewellery for that.


di mera shopping ho gaya. Chalo hum chalte hain” told pari.


chalo” told geet.


i will call taxi” told geet.


di I think u forgot we should go for coffee” told pari.


Geet (st): “iss pari ko sab kuch yaad kyun hain. Why dont she have short term memory loss only for today”.


thik hain chalo” geet told annoyed.


Pari is laughing inwardedly.


Then pari’s mobile rang n she picked the phone.


Hello.. ok I am coming. Bye”.


di I am sorry my friend coming home. U go there I will go home” told pari.


par pari he called both of us” told geet.


di its ok. Main kabhi aaongi. Agar hum dono nahi gaye thhe will feel bad. So u go” told pari.


Geet smiled irritatingly n went to his dance school.


When maan left from there n came back to his cabin, he was very excited. He dont know but he thought this girl is something interesting. N her eyes which are attracting him towards her. He dont know why hw invited her for coffee.


Maan (st): “why did I do? I went there to tell her sorry then why did I invite her for coffee. Oh god again she gets angry. No no her sister is also with her so no problem. Wow man but really she is really looking cute in that salwar suit, green colour suits her a lot. Ufff maan stop it u r going crazy, but kuch tho hain iss ladki mein aaj tak main kisi ladki ke saath aisa nahi kiya. But yesterday relly she is looking awesome in that red, when she is angry her nose became red n her pink lips ufff.. par aaj kal ki ladki they all enjoy n will go for outing with their friends. But she is not like that n her eyes speak volumes. She is like a closed book dont want to open to anyone. Dekhte hain aaj ki mulaakat mein kya hoga”.


Thinking about her he started preparing coffee.


After 10 min geet came there, she is feeling nervous for the first time as if she is going to attend some exam. When she entered the dance school, she was mesmerised by its beauty. It is a big hall n there is a huge stage in the middle of the floor. There are different photos on the walls. Some of their perfomance photos, children photos where they performed for the charity cause, but she observed onething that there is no pic of maan with his family. She felt strange. She just stood there like a statue looking at the hall lost. Suddenly a girl came to her n asked


excuse me”.


Huh!! yes”.




oh hi I am geet came here to meet maan”.


Oh ok go upstairs. There he will be in his cabin”


Ok thanku” said geet n left from there.


Geet went upstairs n knocked his cabin door.


Yes come in” told maan.


Slowly geet opened the door n entered his cabin. Maan saw her n stood up n wished her.


Hello miss. Geet come”


Hii” told geet nervously.


Maan saw here n there but didnt find pari,” ur sister pari?? “


ohh she met her friend so they both..” told geet.


Oh ok no problem”


Both of them fell silent dont know what to talk. After a long silence maan decided to speak.


Coffee??” asked maan.


Ya sure” told geet.


Maan served the coffee in two cups n gave one to her.


Thanku” smiled geet.


Waise what u do??” asked maan to start the convo.


I am a software engineer, working for a company” told geet.


Oh wow thats nice” told maan.


Thanku. Must say ur dance school is very nice”.


Thanku geet. By the way u r from??” asked maan.


I am from hoshiyarpur. I spend my childhood there only, due to studies I came to delhi n after dad’ s death we didnt go there” told geet.


When she told about her childhood her voice was so chirpy but when she told about her dad’s death her voice became so sad as if she has no life. Maan felt bad seeing her sad n to lighten the situation


waise geet aapko bohot gussa ata hain” told maan.


By this time completed their coffee. Geet told


ha kabhi kabhi gussa rehna hi acha lagta hain. Agar iss duniya mein rehna hain tho aisa hi acha hain. If we r weak people try to play with us, that I dont like. N I dont want my family to suffer more” told geet thinking something.


Maan is just staring at her n thinking how depth her words are.


Maan (st): “people play with us ka matlab kya hain. Does anything happen to her that she changed like this”.


Maan want to change this awkward situation n asked.


By the way from when u n pinky are friends?”


Geet came out of her trance n told “from childhood” said geet smiling.


Geet checked her watch n told “its getting late maan, I should leave now. Nice talking to u. bye..”


same here. Bye” told maan.


Geet went down n left from there in a cab.


Geet (st): “what I was talking with him, main kabhi bhi kisi se mere dukh dard ke baare mein nahi kaha, pinky se bhi nahi. Then why him, why I am opening up with him in the first meeting. No geet becareful, they will take advantage of u. so be careful”.


Geet closed her eyes n the image of smiling maan came infront of her. She opened her eyes n looked here n there in frustration. After sometime she reached home n went in.


Geet go n fresh up. I will prepare tea for u” told her mom.


Nahi maa ujhe kuch nahi chahiye” told geet.


Beta aapki tabiyat tho thik hain na” asked rano.


Ha maa thoda sar dard ho raha hain. Mujhe thodi der akeli rehna chathi hu” told geet.


Rano understood that she might be missing her father.


Geet went to her room n closed her door n sat on the floor crying bitterly.


Geet: “kyun dad, kyun chale gaye aap humko chodke. I miss u dad, main itna bhi strong nahi hu ki main apne dard ko andar chupadu. U r my best friend agar mujhe kuch bhi problem ho tho main aapke paas ati thi ab main kiske paas jao. Maa ko pata bhi nhi hain ki uska bhai hi aapko dhoka diya main maa ko kaise batao ki uski bhai ne aapki maut ka kaaran hain. Par maine aapse wada kiya ki main maa se kuch nahi bataongi, par jab wo iss ghar mein ata hain tho muje bohot gussa ata hain. He will get punishment for what he did. Yes he will get I will make sure par uss din tho maa ko pata chalega uske liye I am sorry dad”.


Thinking about his dad she dossed off on the floor itself.


Precap: dont know.. what u guys wanna see??


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