Do i deserve your love Prologue

28 Aug

A fresh morning, a new ray of hope, all the people r busy doing their works, children r getting ready to go to school, some people getting ready to go to office. Some people r reading news paper having their morning tea. At the same time a man came out of his house all ready to go for work. He wore black t-shirt with black jeans. He wore his helmet n sat on his bike n took his ID card. (his face is not shown yet only back). He started the bike n acclerated. He is going to hospital (as I told u he is a volunteer in a hospital). He loves children a lot. So daily he gives chocolates n sweets to the children in the hospital. He is on the way to the suddenly his phone rang. He stopped the bike n picked the phone.
At the same time in other location where the shoot is going on for a bike advertisement. A girl is busy in doing her makeup. She wore a black colour dress which is above her knees slightly exposing her thighs. She is already late for the shoot n now wasting time.
(this is her dress)

The partner of this in girl in this advertisement lost his patience n shouted on her
hey what the hell? How much time will u take more?
The just one glare of that girl made him shut his mouch.
That guy thought she is damn sexy.
After sometime atlast she completed doing her makeup n came for shoot. That sat in front seat n that girl sat in the back. She hugged him from back on the bike. He is in heaven being so close with her. She is looking hot n sexy in that position n the photos r clicking n the shoot is going on. After the shoot got over she got down of the bike n the director told
hey sam.
Hi sir
u r awesome the shoot went very well.
But sam said with attitude I know that I am awesome. From next time I dont want him as a partner. He is disgusting. Ok?
The director with no other option ok.
She smirked n went from there n waiting for someone.


maan picked the phone
Maan sir this is naina from hospital.
Bolo naina.
Sir there is a major accident in ******* area. We already send the ambulance but this is very serious. Plz go to the spot immediately.
His face became serious listening to this n told Ya sure naina I will.
Ok sir.
He cut the call n turned the bike. He is going in full speed. Within 10 min he reached the accident spot n there is full crowd there n police r also there. He taken his helmet out n He took his glasses out then his face is shown.

His Dark chocolate colour eyes, M-shaped lips, perfect body, 6 feet height n killing looks. He is going near the car which is met with accident. But one of the police stopped him
excuse me sir, no one is allowed.
But then maan immediately showed his ID card to the police.
Sorry sir plz go.
Maan just nodded. He went near the car the whole area is full of blood. He immediately took the person out from the car n did necessary first aid. Then after the ambulance came n they shifted the person into the ambulance. After sometime they reached the hospital n took that person to OT.
Maan decided to imform to his family. He immediately took his mobile but dont know whom to call. He dialled one of the number from recently dialled numbers. 
Tring… tring… tring…
A girl picked the phone n told
precap: who is that girl???? Confused


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