Do i deserve ur love part 16

29 Aug

Maan bent on his knees n sat in front of her.

Beta what are u doing?

Nothing maa told maan n smiled.

Rano carassed his hair n asked kya hua maan?

Maa darasal baat yeh hain ki main aur geet ek dusre se pyaar karte hain.

Rano widened her eyes in shock.

Wh.. what?? Is it true?? Asked rano shockingl. its her dream that is coming true. 

Ha maa, I know that I don’t have any family n an orp’

But he was cut by rano.

Maan beta never think like that, u r not alone. Why u r talking like that, am I not your maa? Asked rano with fake anger.

Maan is overwhelmed with her love n had tears in his eyes.

Maan beta mujhe aapki aur geet ki rishta se koi problem nahi hain. But ek condition told rano.

Maan looked at her curiously, rano smiled and told u should never feel alone maan, we all r there for u. u r my son. N i am always there for u.

Maan rested his head on her lap n told maa, u don’t know how happy I am today.

Rano caressed his hair, where as pari n geet are overjoyed seeing their bond.

Here is very happy for their relation, because she know that maan is a nice guy n can keep her daughter happy always. For a mother what else she need other than her daughtre’s happiness. She can she the glow in her eyes now a days, this is all because of maan. N she too liked maan, a very caring n loving person.

Here maan is very happy that his rano maa has no problem with their relation. She gave all the mother love which he missed from childhood. He is very luckiest person in the world, he is going to get married with his love, his life, his jaan. From past 6 months his life changed a lot. His maa, his sister cun saaliji pari n his life geet. They all became his life now. He too gonna have a family, which he can call as HIS.

Maan got up n rano too.

Rano cupped his face n told maan beta, u don’t know how happy I am today, meri geet ki zindagi mein khushiyan aane wali hain. Always keep her happy beta. She suffered a lot in her life. Because of me n pari.

Maa’ called geet.

Nahi geet, let me tell told rano.

Geet sighed n kept quiet.

Uski papa ki death ke baad geet akeli ho chuki thi. Humko pata bhi nahi hamari bubbly geet kaise change ho gayi hain, we asked her many times what is the matter but she never told us. But now again she is happy with u. I know that u will keep her happy but as a mother I want to tell beta. She is our life, we cant see her in pain. Gussa tho thoda zyada aata hain par dil se achi hain told rano with tears in her eyes.

Maan hugged rano n told maa, geet is my life. I cant even imagine in my dremas that my geet is hurt. Its my promise maa, mere hote hue geet ko kuch nahi hoga.

Rano is very happy to listen this n she called geet.

Geet beta called rano.

geet went to maa but maa told maan beta, i am happy for geet but sad for u beta?

maan n geet looked at her confusingly.

now this hitler ki saari tension tumari told rano and smiled.

geet made a gol-gappe face where as maa n maan hi-fied each other.

Rano smiled n hugged geet n told I am very happy beta. I want to see u always happy.

Geet too had tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): papa, aaj main bohot khush hu agar aap yaha hote tho kitna ache hote. I miss u papa.

They broke the hug n geet looked at maan shyly. Maan smiled at her.

di’ called pari n hugged her.

I am so happy di, wow aapki shaadi jald hi hone wali hain exclaimed pari excitedly.

Pari broke the hug n turned to maan.

Bhai, oopss sorry jiju told pari.

Maan smiled at her. Pari held maan’s hand n told I know bhai, u can keep my di always happy. From the day she met u, there is a change in her. Meri di ki khushi ke alawa mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.

Pari got emotional n maan hugged her n consoled her.

I want my family to be happy. I will do anything for that told maan.

Geet n rano smiled at them. They broke the hug.

Waise ab ek party tho banta hain told pari excitedly.

Ji saali ji jo aap kahe told maan teasingly.

Dekho di abi se jiju on my side told pari n maan winked at geet.

Geet shied n ran from there. All of them laughed at her.

Maan beta ab humko chalna chahiye. Main aaj hi panditji se baat karti hu  told rano.

Thanku maa told maan n took blessings from her.

Hamesha khush raho beta blessed rano.

Rano, pari n geet left from there. Maan kissed geet’s cheeks while going.

After some time they all reached home. Geet went to her room n closed the door.

Today her happiness have no bounds. She is feeling very lucky to have maan in her life. Suddenly her cell rang, she looked at the caller ID n blushed. Hmm its none other than maan.

Hello told geet.

Missing u already told maan.

Geet blushed n told just now came home n u r already missing me ?

Hmm kya kare meri mishty ki jaadu hi kuch aisa hain.

Acha ji..

Ha ji.. told maan.

Maan, thanku very much.

Geet, I have to thank u for coming into my life. For making my life happy.

Maan why u love me so much?

Don’t know. When u r in front of me, I don’t need any thing. Your smile, ypur pout, your anger they became a part of my life. Without u my life is incomplete.

I love u maan.

I love u too geet.

I am missing dad today told geet. Her voice chocked.

Maan know that she is in the verge of crying.

Geet, don’t be sad think once ur dad will not be in peace if u broke down like this. How can a father see his child sad. Bolo??

U know maan, when I talk with u I forget all my worries.

From now on wards no need to worry geet, tumari zindagi ki har kadam par tumari maan hoga. Har dukh mein aur har such main iss maan hain tumare saath.

Geet is overwhelmed with his love n care. She had tears in her eyes.

Tum ro rahi ho?? Asked maan.

Geet immediately wiped her tears n told nahi tho.

Hmm meri mishty ko jhoot bolna ata hi nahi.

Geet made a baby face.

Ahh dear don’t make those faces.

Geet is looking here n there.

Maan smiled n told no need for me to be there with u. I know what u will be doing right now. After all u r my mishty.

Geet blushed.

I love the color of ur cheeks told maan.

Maaan stop it now.

Ok ok.. going to office today?

Hmmm jaane ka mann nahi hain told geet n made a sad face.

Waise u r not going to dance school today? Asked geet.

Hmmm waise jyada kaam nahi hain.


Ek kaam kyun nahi karti asked maan.


I will complete my work n u come directly to our school. We will have lunch together n will go out. How is the idea?

Superb told geet excitedly.

Hmmm some one is so excited to meet me teased maan.

Aur nahi tho kya, only I have right to be with u told geet proudly.

Maan smiled n told sach.

Ok ok I have to get ready now, nahi tho mera boy friend ko gussa ayega.


Oh ya I forgot, wo kya hain na maanji mera boy friend ko gussa nahi ayega par I have one dream.

What is that would-be Mrs. Khuarana? Asked maan.

Geet blushed n told mujhe tho bohot gussa ata hain na but I want to see my boy friend angry once. How he look.


Haaa, aur aapko pata bhi nahi mera maan kitna handsome n hot hain.

Maan is shocked to see her boldness.

Geet if u r in front of me then I would have”’..

Chi chi maan, chup rahiye.

Arey maine kya kaha ?? smirked maan.

Kuch nahi maa is calling me, I have to go now told geet blushing furiously.

Arey geet suno tho’. Before maan complete geet cut the call n hid her face in her palms.

Maan smiled n kissed her pic.


Later maan got ready n went to dance school. But he is continously thinking of geet. He is not able to concentrate on any work.


Here geet is also in same condition. She is thinking of maan n the party his proposal.

Geet kissed the ring which maan gifted her n blushed.

Rano maa went to temple to talk about the engagement of maneet. Pari went to college.

When maan is thinking about his lady love just then a person entered his cabin.

Hello sir, how r u??

Maan came out of his thoughts n saw that person n his smile widened.

Hey dude, how r u??

Hmm well, I think I am fine. But dude the life is routine these days no dating from past one week.

Maan rolled his eyes n told yash sudar jaa, warna acha nahi hoga.

Yash hugged maan n told chill dude.

They broke the hug n yash asked arey yaar where r girls in ur dance school.


So that I can flirt told yash.

Shup up yaar, do u need anything?

Yaa ek coffee banta hain boss told yash.

Just then pari entered maan’s cabin all smiling.

Jijuuu shouted pari.

Maan turned to her n smiled.

Hey pari u here??

Yes jiju I wanna talk to u told pari.

Ok ok first u sit. Do u need water ?

Yes jiju.

When pari saw yash there her face became red with anger.

TUM?? Both shouted at a time.

Maan placed his finger in his ears n asked hey why u both are shouting?

Jiju, what this gadha doing here?

Gadha?? Asked maan.

Hey miss. Pagal retorted yash.

Pagal?? Now maan is confused.

Hey do u know each other ? asked maan.

NO n YES  they both shouted.

Waise jiju what is he doing here? He don’t have any manners how to talk to a girl.

N u don’t have any manners how to talk with a guy retorted yash.

They both are shouting n fighting with each other.

Maan is staring at them as if they are some aliens.


Precap: hahaha’ LOLLOL geet’s wish fulfilled’

             Guess what’s that wish’

             Maneet first date’


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