Do i deserve ur love part 17

29 Aug


Pari and yash are fighting with each other like tim and jerry. Maan is staring at them as if they are some aliens.

Maan is trying to stop them but they are nowhere to listen. He just sat there seeing their fight. Suddenly an idea popped in his mind. He stood up and shouted stop it.

They both looked at him and stopped their fight. Actually they both are shocked that maan got angry which he never gets.

Yash (st): omg.. whats happening maan ko gussa aya? Yeh kaisa ho sakta hain ?

Pari (st): sangat ka asar, di akhir aapne jiju ko bhi gussa wala bana diya.

Stop it you two, kab se dekh raha hu u r fighting like kids told maan with very difficulty, because he wants to smile seeing their scared faces.

Between why you both are fighting ? asked maan.

Wo.. wo.. jiju fumbled pari.

But they heard someone laugh from outside. They 3 turned back and saw geet.

Di you here? Asked pari.

Geet came inside and told maan I am impressed you are really trying very hard to act u r angry.

Maan smiled cheekily at her.

You are acting? Asked yash.

Ha, aur nahi tho kya agar main thodi der yaha rukh jaata tho main pakka pagal ho jaaonga told maan.

Jiju isme meri koi galti nahi hain, sab kuch iss kya naam hain iska ha yash ki wajah se hua hain told pari.

Oyyy.. when yash was about to tell something geet warned him.

Oyy kabardar meri behen ko kuch kaha tho.

Yash (st): yeh tho sherni ki behen badi sherni hain. Nah baba nah muhe inn logon se panga nahi lena.

Maan laughed seeing yash’s condition.

Ma.. maine kya kiya, jo bolna hain aapki behen ko boliye told yash.

Geet looked at pari questioningly.

Pari made a baby face and told 2 days back, when I was crossing road hurriedly I was about to fall but yash saved me from falling. But in tension I shouted on him.

Geet looked at him angrily and turned to yash and told I am sorry Mr. yash.

Arey its ok. Aap?? Asked yash.

Maan placed his hands round her shoulder and told my fianc geet handa.

Yash became very happy listening this and hugged maan and told wow dude congrats, I am very happy for u.

Maan too hugged him back and thanked him.

He broke the hug and wished geet. Congrats bhabhi.

Geet shied and told thanku.

They all settled on the couch and chatted for some time.

Geet, u told u will come late asked maan.

Ha maan but meeting cancel hua uss company ke saath told geet.

Ohh’ why?? Asked maan.

I don’t know that MD didn’t inform anyone and left from office, how can be someone so irresponsible told geet.

Which company geet? Asked maan.

******* softwares told geet.

Yash (st): yaar yash aaj tera din hi karab hain, this girl is scolding me infront of me.

Maan controlling his laugh asked geet tumne kabhi use mili nahi?

Nahi mujhe uska shakal dekhna bhi nahi, itne mehnat kiye humne presentation ke liye. Last min mein meeting cancel kar diya without any reason told geet.

Maan made a pity face looking at yash.

Maan main chalta hu yaar told yash and was about to get up.

Arey kya hua aapko? Asked geet.

Kuch nahi madam, aap usko daanth lijiye par mere saamne nahi plz told yash making a sad face.

Kyun?? Asked geet confusingly.

Geet, yeh hain yash singhania ******** softwares ka MD told maan.

Geet widened her eyes in shock and got up.

I am so sorry sir, I didn’t mean to’.

Arey arey aap shant hojayiye told yash.

Really I don’t know sir its u told geet.

First of all don’t call me sir, aap mere bhabhi hain and second its not your fault I just without informing anyone maan se milne aagaya hu, so fault is mine told yash smiling.

Geet too smiled at him. They all had lunch together in the school.

Umm yash I am sorry for behaving rudely with you told pari.

Hey its ok no problem told yash.

Thanku told pari.

Waise tum sherni ke mode mein hi achi lagti ho told yash.


Acha ok ok just kidding told yash.

Maan ab mujhe jaana hain told yash

Ok dude told maan.

Di, jiju mujhe bhi jaana hain I have some work told pari.

Pari how will you go? Should I drop u? asked maan.

No jiju I will go by taxi you both enjoy told pari and winked at them.

Maan and geet both blushed.

Koi baat nahi maan, I will drop pari told yash.

Are u sure? Asked maan seriously as if warning him kuch gadbad mat karna.

Ha ha dude I am sure told yash.

Par yash its ok I will go told pari.

No problem pari told yash and smiled.

Ok bye jiju, bye di told pari and both of them left from there.


Once they both left from there maan hugged her from back and placed his chin on her shoulder.

Kaha jaana hain madam ji ko? Asked maan,

Whereever u want told geet.

I have a surprise for you told maan.

Geet turned back and asked excitedly what ??

Abi nahi first come to my cabin told maan.

Geet pouted and asked plz bolo na maan.

Darling if u make those faces I feel like eating u told maan huskily leaning closer to her.

Geet blushed and slapped his hand and asked chalo cabin mein chaltein hain.

They made their way towards his cabin once they entered maan made her sit on the couch and he brought a packet and gave it to her.

Happy birthday darling wished maan.

Thanku maan told geet and smiled sweetly.

She opened the packet and found a beautiful saree init.

Wow maan its so beautiful, I loved it told geet.

Change and come, should I help u asked maan and winked at her.

Maan aap bilkul besharam ho gaye ho told geet and ran to washroom.

Maan smiled and left from there switching off the lights.

Geet came out of washroom after changing but she saw the whole place is dark.

Maan maan where r u? shouted geet.

Come down geet, don’t worry I am here only told maan.

Geet followed as maan told and she slowly went downstairs.

Stop geet told maan.

Geet rooted in her spot.

Maan came from back and whispered in her ears and whispered close ur eyes jaan.

Geet closed her eyes, maan went and switched on the lights. He again came back to her and whispered open ur eyes jaan.

Geet slowly opened her eyes and saw the whole hall is beautifully decorated with different flowers, her childhood pics and scented candles making the atmosphere most romantic and there is a cake in the middle.

Kaisa laga surprise? Asked maan.

Geet turned back and hugged him tight and told so beautiful maan.

Maan smiled and told chalo cake cut karte hain.

Geet nodded and she cut the cake.

She took a piece and  fed to maan, maan too did the same.

But maan got some naughty idea, he took a piece of cake and put it on her face.

Maan yeh kya kiya aapne? Asked geet.

But who is lost in her didn’t care to answer her and he went close to her and licked the cream with the tip of his tongue. A sudden shiver ran through her spine, she clutched maan’s shirt tight.

Maan is licking all over her face making her moan his name with pleasure.

But maan didn’t stop he took some more cream and applied on her neck and the exposed skin.

Geet gave more room to him, he bent down a little and started licking her neck. Her hardbeat became uneven and her chest is rising up and down. This made maan to loose his control. His eyes became dark with passion. He moved up and brought her more close to him holding her waist.

Geet looked into his eyes and lost in them. Maan hands roamed on her back feeling her soft milky skin arousing his desire more. Here geet too losing her control, her hands went to his shirt and unbuttoning his shirt.

Maan’s hand went to her pallu and unclasped her pin making her saree pallu fall down. Half of her c******* is visible. Maan kissed her exposed skin while geet totally unbuttoned his shirt and her hands are roaming on his well built chest.

Maan took her one of the c***** into his hand and piched the bud which now became hard. He did the same with other c*****.

It became very hard to control himself he carried her in his arms and placed her on the couch, now maan is on top of geet. His hands went her back and untied her dori.

Just then maan’s mobile rang, they both came to their senses and saw their compromising position. Immediately maan got up and geet too. She tied her dori and tied her saree.

Maan felt so guilty for loosing his control, he somehow picked his call.


Sir I am raju from orphanage.

Ha raju bolo told maan.

Sir u told u will come today, all the children are waiting for u told raju.

Sorry raju we r coming in an hour told maan.

No sir its ok, sorry to disturb you sir told raju.

Arey its ok, we will meet there told maan and cut the call.

Wo.. wo.. geet fumbled maan.

Geet sensed that he is feeling guilty and she smiled and went to him.

Maan look at me told geet.

Maan looked at her with guilt in his eyes and told I am so sorry geet, I didn’t mean’

But geet cut him and told no maan don’t be, I am only yours you have all right on me. But I want our SR should be special.

Maan smiled and told yes geet, from next time I will be careful.

Geet smiled and asked kiska phone tha?

Ha geet you go and change we are going somewhere.

Maan what happened to u today? Surprise pe surprise.

Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead and told u love that place.

Ok I am eager to go there told geet.


Geet went and changed in her suit and came down within minutes. Maan held geet’s hand and they both headed towards orphanage in his car.


Precap: geet’s birthday celebration in orphanage.

             Maneet engagement.

             Geet telling about her mamaji to maan.


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