Do i deserve ur love part 19

29 Aug


Maan and geet both are really excited for their engagement. He want everything to be best and all his geet’s favorite. He took shower and got ready to go to dance school, but before he decided to give this news to his best friends so he called everyone and told them to meet him in school.

He locked the house and he droke to school. He went in and saw his students are already there. He smiled at them and told u guys practice I will back in 10 min.

They all nodded and he went to his cabin and called rano maa.

“Hello maan beta..”

“Hello maa.. I need to talk to you” told maan.

“Ha maan bolo, I think geet told you about the engagement date?” Asked maa.

“Yes maa, geet told me today morning and maa you don’t stress, u tell me the details and I will arrange everything” told maan.

“No no maan, its our duty to do all the things” told maa.

“No maa, you don’t stress and I will make arrangements according to you only” convinced maan.

Rano with no other option told ok. But she is happy seeing maan and thought I know beta you will keep my daughter happy. A lone tear escaped from her eyes and she immediately wiped that thinking its not time to think all these. It is a very happy moment.

Here maan went down and teached new steps for his students, they all practiced for some time and soon they completed a song. All the students in couples reharsed infront of him. Maan told few mistakes and made them practice once again. It became noon and all his friends reached there adi, yash, dev and raj.

Maan looked at them and smiled. He gestured them to go to his cabin and he will be back soon. They nodded and went in. here maan and his students reharsed for last time and all of them left. Its only 2 hours left and again noon batch students will come.

Maan sighed and went to his cabin and saw his friends are having fun time.

“Hey guys, whats up?” Wished maan smilingly.

“Dude you called us here and you are asking whats up?” Asked yash. All other laughed at his comment.

“Ok ok guys there is a news for you all” told maan.

“Go on” told adi.

“Hmm next Friday is my engagement” told maan.

All of them looked and him and shouted in unison “congratulations dude.”

“Thanku..” told maan.

“Ok dude lets party” told yash.

“Abe yash tumko party ke alawa kuch nahi soojta hain kya?” Asked dev.

All of them smiled and maan told “hey hello enough of your jokes now I need your help in arranging things.”

“Sure dude you just come on that day we will arrange everything” told raj and all others nodded.

“Ok ok but we have to take all the information from rano maa and arrange things” told maan and sat on the couch finally feelin relief after sharing it.

“Hey maan, listen I am from geet’s side” told adi.

“Yaar yeh tho cheating hain” complained maan making angry face.

“No nothing, geet already invited me and I am her brother now” told adi.

“Hmm thik hain as u r her brother and the reason is justified” told maan and laughed.

“So boliye jijaji, kya chahiye aapko. Main kuch kar sakta hu aapke liye?” Asked adi with over respect. All of them laughed at his antics. Later they all had lunch together and bid good bye and left from there except adi.

Adi hugged maan and congratulated him. Even though all are best friends but adi and maan share a special bond. Maan always discuss with adi in any serious matter. Next goes to yash eventhough he is a flirt but trustworthy. Dev is little bit calm and reserved. And about raj they know that he is little evil but as a friend he is good, but no one believes him.

“So how r u feeling now? Happy?” Asked adi.

“Ha adi I am happy, infact these are best moments in my life, my family adi. I am going to have a family, my wife, maa, my sister” told maan and a layer of tears formed in his eyes.

“Hey maan don’t be emotional dude, agar pinky ne dekh liya tho meri shamat nahi” joked adi and maan smiled at that.

“Waise where is pinky? Does she know about the news?” Asked maan.

“Yaar how cum pinky don’t know, geet called both of us and informed” told adi.

“Adi when you are getting married?” Asked maan.

“Maan you know, recently I got job and I want to settle completely which will take a year more. If we get married now itself pinky may face problem which I wont like and she told that she don’t like doing job and I wont force her too. So its better to settle before getting married” told adi.

Maan nodded at his decision and patted his shoulder.

Later adi left from there and headed to his office. Maan is back to his work. In the evening he met up with geet and pari and accompanied them for shopping. He never thought that girls shop this much. He was really bored walking behind them and carrying the bags.

“Yaar geet and pari how much you shop? Enough for today I am hungry and its already late” complained maan like a small child.

“Ohh jiju you are looking like a small child” told pari and geet pulled his cheeks smiling.

“Yaar plz lets have dinner somewhere and go home” asked maan almost making baby face. Eventhough their shopping is not completed but seeing his face they have melted and said ok.

Soon they reached near by restaurant and had their dinner and ice cream. maan dropped geet and pari to home and he went to mall as he saw a beautiful baby pink saree and he bought it for geet and thought to gift her. He smiled and now he became a teenage boy who is buying gift for his girl friend for the first time. He is so excited to see geet’s reaction after seeing this saree because he is buying for the first time.

Later he too went to home and rested for some time. And his mobile rang and it was geet, he smiled and picked the call.

“Hii’.” Wished maan.

“Hii maan..”

“Missing u yaar” told maan.

“Me too maan, aaj shopping ki wajah aapse baat nahi kar payi thik se” told geet sadly.

“Hmm me too, tum log kitna shopping karte ho yaar” teased maan.

“Karna hi padega after all I am MSK’s dulhan” told geet and blushed.

“Ahaan’ I am eager to see you in that bridal attire and ofcourse you look beautiful for me in any attire” told maan.

Geet smiled and told “maan, I have selected a sherwani for u.”

“Oh wow, then why you didn’t show me today” asked maan.

“Maan I never shopped much its pari who always shop for so I thought you don’t like it” told geet.

“Hey geet I love your selection and I know that it would be great” told maan.

“Hmm.. I will show you tomorrow then” told geet excitedly.

“Ok jaan, love u” told maan.

“Love you too maan, acha I am feeling sleepy” told geet.

“Jaan don’t cut the call,  I want to hear you and sleep” told maan.

Geet smiled and told “ok” and kept her mobile near her heart.

Listening to each other heart beats they slept peacefully with a smile on their face.

A week passed very fastly, maan is busy with dance school and the preparations. All his friends helped him in arranging everything. Raj didn’t care much but adi, yash and dev are doing everything. Now pari and yash became friends just in the span of one week ofcourse their fighting session never stopped. All are going peacefully. There is only 1 day left for engagement and geet want to be just a family function not so many people and maan is happy with it. pinky made sure that all the shopping work and the invitation is completed. Rano and pinky arranged everthing. And no media is allowed as geet don’t like it. rano even invited her brother and geet didn’t like it. she went to maan’s school that evening. She directly went to his cabin and saw him thinking something and maan too didn’t notice her.

Geet poked maan and maan turned to and looked at her in surprise.

“Geet tum yaha iss waqt?” Asked maan.

Geet without speaking anything made him stand and they both settled on the couch. Geet rested her head on his shoulder and held his arm tight. Maan understood that something is bothering her. He caressed her hair and asked “what happened geet?”

“Maan, mom invited mamaji for engagement and I don’t want him to come” told geet sadly.

Maan too understood how difficult for her to face him. Maan cupped her face and told “geet don’t you think maa has right to know the truth. We should tell her.”

Geet’s eyes widened in shock and shouted “no.”

“Geet listen maa should know the truth, she has every right. If she knows the truth your mamaji cant play any games now” tried maan to convince her.

Geet looked at him and placed her head on his chest and told “mujhe darr lag raha hain. Mom cant tolerate all this.”

“Geet I know maa is very strong, she should know how her husband’s death happened” told maan making her feel better.

“I think you are right” told geet and closed her eyes feelong better.

Maan just kept caressing her hair and didn’t talk anything. He know she need some time for all this and he also knows her mom is important for her and she cant tolerate if anything happens to her.

After some time geet got up. Maan looked at her and asked “feeling better?”

Geet nodded with a smile.

“Maan I need to go mom will be waiting for me” told geet.

Maan kissed her forehead and told “ok take care. Wait wait I will drop you.”

“No maan its ok you look tired, I will go” told geet.

“Nothing is important than you geet. Chalo” told maan and both of them headed towards the car.

They both settled and headed towards geet’s house. They kept on talking about everything and fighting in the middle and teasing each other. Soon they reached and geet got down of the car. She bid good bye and was about to go, she then suddenly turned back and told “maan I need you when I tell truth to mom.”

“I am always there for you jaan” assured maan with a smile. Geet sighed and went in. maan droke back to his house and slept off feeling tired. Next day is important for both maan and geet. They are going to be bound in a sacred bond. And their marriage is in less than a month. Both are excited for starting a new life. Both of them slept dreaming.


Precap: engagement’

             Maan and geet telling truth to Rano..


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