Do i deserve ur love part 21

29 Aug



Geet hugged him tight with tears in her eyes listening to him. She fell in love him all over again. Maan too kissed her forehead and hugged her tight.

Soon all the guests congratulated them and left one by one. Maneet, rano, pari, yash, adi, pinky and dev were left. Rano kissed maneet forehead and blessed them. She is so happy for her daughter, finally she got her happiness.

Chalo, we will have dinner its already late told rano. They all nodded and gone to dining hall. They made maneet sit side by side. Soon the food is served and maneet were about to eat but their friends stopped them. They both looked at them confusingly.

You both will not eat on your own told pari.

Yes, maan bhai will feed geet and vice-versa told pinky.

Geet blushed hearing this and maan smiled shyly at them.

Oyy hoyee dekho dekho, love birds are blushing teased adi.

All of them laughed at them. Geet looked at maan and blushed.

Why you are teasing my children hmmm?? Rano faked anger.

Maa’ atleast today support me told pari making sad face.


Ha ji replied pari and both smiled at each other.

Thik hain, jo karna hain karo but come soon, I will talk with bhai and come told rano and left from there.

Hearing the BHAI word from rano, geet hands turned into fists and anger in her eyes. Maan saw that and placed his hand on hers and blinked his eyes assuring that I am here for you.

Geet looked at him and smiled. All others are busy in their own talk.

Come on guys, be fast told yash.

With no other option maan took a piece of roti and dip it in the curd and took it near geet’s lips. She slowly opened her mouth and maan fed her. All the friends whistled and teasing them.

Geet too did the same, at the same time she is also blushing furiously. She is not so dreamy dreamy types, this is all new to her. Before she was always serious and rude to others. But now maan came like a angel in her life and changed everything which she didn’t expect. Even in their first meet she shouted on maan, but maan being a gentleman apologized geet. Then their second meet, pari joining dance school, their friendship then love and today finally their engagement. It was such a wonderful journey for both of them. Both are equally happy because maan never had a family and now his wish is gonna fulfill and geet thought she can never be happy in her life againm but today she is the most happiest girl in the whole world.

Soon they completed their dinner feeding each other, others too had their dinner. Seeing maneet a lone tear escaped from pinky’s eyes, her friend geet finally moving on in her life forgetting her past. And her brother maan is happy with geet in his life. She knows maan will keep geet happy forever. She immediately wiped her tears which noticed by maneet and other are busy in their world.

Geet is tired with all these and she is feeling sleepy. They bid good bye to each other. Adi went to drop pinky, maan, geet and pari are in one car, yash and dev went on their own vehicles. Maan is driving the car and geet sat beside him and pari in back seat. Geet placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Maan smiled at her and caressed her hair and again concentrated on driving.

Maan reached geet’s house. Pari got down of the car and saw geet is sleeping.

Pari, you go in I will wake up geet, I need to talk to her told maan.

Ok jiju, good night wished pari.

Good night wished maan and she left from there.

Maan looked at geet and called her geet’

But she is in deep sleep. Maan called her again, geeet’

Geet slightly opened her eyes and looked at maan with dropy eyes.

Geet we reached home told maan.

Geet opened her eyes fully and looked outside. When she was about to opened the door, maan caught her wrist. Geet turned to maan and looked at him. But maan hugged her tight and asked geet, you are happy na?

Geet broke the hug and cupped his face and told how can you understand each and everything maan.

I can see the sadness in your eyes when we are coming back told maan.

Geet looked at him lovingly and told ha maan, mujhe papa ka yaad aarahi thi. Kaash papa aaj hamare saath hota, he would have been really happy to see you. I am missing him maan told geet and hugged him.

Maan too hugged her back and comforted her with his soothing words.

You don’t be sad geet, I told you before also if your papa sees you in this condition then he too cant be happy. And yes now he will scold me for making you sad told maan.

Geet smiled at this and broke the hug and told you are very special to me maan. Never leave me and go.

Not even in my dreams jaan told maan and pecked her lips.

Geet too pecked on his lips and wished good night. Maan smiled at her and she for down from the car and bid good bye to him and entered into the house. Maan waited till she enters into the house and drove to his house. Soon maan reached home and went to washroom to freshen up. Geet too changed into her night dress and slept peacefully. Maan too slept feeling happy and contended.

Its almost mid-night rano is not able to sleep. She is tossing on her bed. She is sensing something is going to happen. She got up from there and went to geet’s room and found geet sleeping with a smile on her face. Rano went upto her and kissed her forehead and sat there seeing her daughter’s smiling face. Soon she too dozed half.

Next day morning:

Geet got up lazily as it is Saturday and no office. She saw rano sleeping in sitting position, geet smiled at her and made her sleep on the bed and covered her with blanket.

Geet went to washroom brushed and took shower. She came out wearing jeans and t-shirt and went to kitchen to prepare herself a coffee. After some time rano too got up and saw geet is not there. She went to hall and saw geet is drinking coffee watching tv. Geet looked at rano and asked maa are you fine?  Any problem?

Rano smiled at her and nothing beta.

Then how cum u r in my room yesterday, when you feel low you will come na? asked geet.

Nothing geet, I felt like seeing you so I came to your room, acha I will freshen up and come told rano and left from there.

Geet sighed and continued sipping her coffee.

Rano came there after having shower and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast. Geet, ek baar mamaji ko phone lagao. Don’t know how is he now? He couldn’t come to your engagement too told rano.

Maa, mujhe mood nahi hain, you only call him told geet un-interestedly.

Geet yeh kya baat hui, atleast you should talk with him scolded rano.

I don’t want to talk told geet angrily.

Geet, stop behaving like a kid. Give respect to elders told rano.

Nahi dena mujhe, mujhe nafrat hain uss insaan se shouted geet.

Geet, whats wrong with you? Asked rano.

Ha I hate your so called brother, I don’t want to see his face also shouted geet with tears in her eyes.

Rano got alarmed seeing her tears, but she don’t want to hear a word against her brother.

Geet.. shouted rano.

Pari got up hearing the shouting.

Aaj tak main chup hu maa ab aur nahi. I cant tolerate that person anymore. Listen maa, your brother is responsible for papa’s death told geet.

Just stop it geet. Do you know what you are talking shouted rano.

I am telling truth maa, you have to believe me. Mamaji is responsible for papa’s death. He cheated us and took all the property due to that depression and when papa came to know that mamaji cheated him papa couldn’t tolerate all and he died due to depression. Papa ka first time heart attack bohot severe hua tha he didn’t survive told geet and collapsed on the couch.

Here rano is not able to believe what geet told, how her brother can do this, no this is not true. But why my geet will lie to me. Yes I many times observed that she don’t want to stay at home when bhai comes. Is that the reason? Then why she didn’t tell me about this till now. Bhai cheated on us and mohinder ji couldn’t tolerate this and left us. Hey babaji yeh kya ho raha hain. Bhai aapne aisa kyun kiya, aapne mere pati ko maar diya. And my geet knows all this and she bottled up her pain for my sake, for the sake of the family. How much she must have suffered seeing him infront of her eyes and she died each and every second. How she tolerated all this. Why god why you did this to us?

Pari is listening all this don’t know what to do. She too had tears in her eyes how can her mamaji can do this. Here geet collapsed on the couch and sobbing continuously and here rano stood there rooted not able to think anything. Various questions are going in her mind. Without wasting a second pari immediately called maan and asked him to come here immediately. Maan drove to geet’s house as he knows what is the reason pari called him.

With in 15 minutes maan reached there and rushed inside to see crying geet and shocked rano, first maan rushed to rano and took her to her room. He made her sit on the bed. He kneeled down before her and called her.


Rano who is in shock till now, looked at him and the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Maan beta, dekho what geet is saying told rano.

Maan cupped her face and told maa don’t you believe your daughter?

She is my life maan, how can I not trust her but bhai ne aisa kiya sobbed rano.

Maa mujhe pata hain aap bohot dukh mein hain par maa ek baar geet ke baare mein sochiye, 7 saal maa. From 7 years she hided the truth from you, you should understand her. How she survived all these years seeing him in ths house, how she might felt. Aapko pata nahi maa, last time when he came here she broke down completely. She is in so much pain maa, she misses papa each and every second. But she promised papa that she will keep you and pari always happy. Maa ek baar geet ke baare mein bhi sochiye and I know you are having very tough time to believe it. but geet needs you maa, be with her give her support told maan.

Rano looked at maan and how supporting he is to this family. We are very lucky to have him. Rano kissed his forehead. Rano and maan went to hall and saw pari hugging geet. Rano placed her hand on geet’s shoulder, geet turned back and saw rano who is in tears. Geet hugged her by her waist. Rano caressed her hair lovingly.

Geet how you tolerated all this beta, I am sorry beta I never tried to understand you told rano.

Nahi maa don’t say like that, I was afraid maa. What if any thing happens when you come to know all this told geet looking at her.

Kuch nahi hua beta mujhe, nothing will happen to me when my geet is with me told rano and kissed her forehead, but its true that a volcano is erupting in rano, she want to meet her brother and ask him why he did so? How can he do with his own sister? Don’t he love her? If he wants property he would have asked them, why he cheated his own brother-in-law?


Precap: mamaji and rano confrontation. 

             Maan’s dhamki to mamaji..

             Dulhe ka sehra suhaana lagta hain, dulhan ka tho dil deewana lagta hain’


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