Destiny and Love part 26

2 Sep

Bro pls don’t say a word against out anju, you don’t know about her so pls I request you to not to talk about her told Vicky angrily.

Maan was taken aback seeing his anger and thought he is very possessive about his friend. But maan is not interested about her because of her his sister is in pain. Sigh when maan comes to know about their friend he cant hate her. Infact he will make their life hell because of whom his geet is in this condition now.

Next day preeti became normal and all the 3 brothers sighed in relief. They started their masti. All the 4 went to plat volley ball and sanju is the umpire. They enjoyed each and every second with each other. Dadimaa who is seeing all this from far had a smile on her face and tears of happiness seeing maan happy. She prayed to god to keep his smile forever on his face. She was so worried about maan and his future, now he too started living his life. She wants her family to be safe and happy.

Geet went to office the next day half heartedly. She don’t want to go because maan wont be there. But she has lots of work at office so she cannot skip and on top of that she is pissed off with sasha. Sasha is hell bent in taunting her for each and every work geet does.

Geet went to office and directly went to her cabin, started her work. First of all sasha is angry on geet as she got scolding from maan yesterday. She want to utilize this oppurtunity and send geet out of this office. Sasha entered into geet’s cabin without knocking the door. Geet looked up and saw sasha who is angry on her as expected.

Geet, don’t you know you have to inform in the office before taking leave? Asked sasha.

Geet stood up and murmured a sorry as she is in no mood to argue with her. Frankly speaking still she is afraid of speaking to some one.

Nothing will happen with your stupid sorry, because of you there is so much work pending. Where is the Chopra file, MK gave you before leaving? Asked sasha.

Geet took out the file from her table and gave it to her. Sasha took and gave other file to geet.

Complete the file by today evening told sasha and left from there.

Geet sat on the chair sadly, firstly she is missing maan. Yes its true she is missing maan, and secondly this sasha is getting on her nerves. She lied on the table and closed her eyes. When she closed her eyes she saw maan’s face, she instantly opened her eyes and looked here and there. She slapped her head and thought geet just concentrate on work. Then her thoughts again went to her birthday night. Maan proposed her, its true that maan sir loves me but how can i? thought geet.

I don’t know whats happening to me? Why I am missing maan sir? Whatever I do, wherever I go I can see only maan sir? But why? Do I love him? But..

She heard someone and looked at that direction. Hey geet, you love your maan sir, then why you are struggling with yourself came her inner voice.

But how can he love me? When he comes to know about my past, he hates me for sure told geet.

Listen geet did you forget what maan told that day? He don’t care about your past told her inner voice.

But I care, I cant ruin his life. He and his family helped to in every way. I cant cheat on them told geet.

Geet you are not cheating anyone understood? Ok when maan comes you tell about your past told her inner voice.

But I am not ready to tell about my past told geet.

But why? Asked her inner voice.

I don’t know told geet.

Geet, don’t be stupid, you are getting a chance to live again and no can love you like maan do, then why you are still thinking told her inner voice.

Geet just closed her ears and shouted just go, let me think. She looked aside and there is no one. Geet is hell confused one side she loves maan more than her life and on the other side she is afraid of her DESTINY. This is a fight between DESTINT AND LOVE. Which one will win destiny or love or the love which has in her destiny. She don’t know with whom she should this. She is feeling alone. She want a shoulder to share her pain, but she has no one. In her entire life she never felt lonely but today she don’t know what is bothering her.

To forget all this she started doing work assigned by sasha. She had lunch with pinky and in the evening she left alone after the office hours. This became her routine for one week. She is missing maan like hell, when she gets a call from him she use to jump in joy. Its only one day left for maan to come back to India. Geet is lying on the bed.

She closed her eyes and thought to herself I tried to forget about maan sir, how much I try I am falling for him more. I cant live without you maan sir I am crazily and madly in love with you. I love my maan sir thought geet and hid her face in the pillow. She realized her feeling now no she realized long back but today she understood she cant live without maan.

Here maan who is lying on the bed is also thinking about geet, he is tensed what would be geet’s answer. He is worried and tensed for the first time in his life, the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA, who don’t care damn for anything is now scared. Is that possible, yes love made it possible. He can fight with the whole world if she is with him. To divert his mind he took laptop and started to do his work. But he heard knock on the door.

Come in told maan.

Dadimaa entered his room and smiled at him. Maan saw dadimaa and kept the laptop aside. He stood up and they both settled on the couch. Dadimaa saw that maan is worried on something so she decided to ask what is the matter and what is troubling him?

Maan, I am very happy seeing you smiling, always be happy son. I want you too settle in your life and lead a happy life told dadimaa.

Maan smiled at her and told I know dadimaa what you want to say but I need some time.

Ok beta, atleast this time you asked time without rejecting it told dadimaa happily.

Maan was silent, he knows he hurted dadimaa many times with his rude behavior. His face fell and he is guilty for his own behavior. Dadimaa cupped his face and told maan don’t think about past, whatever happened we cant change it, we have to go on in our life. Waise I observed you are disturbed from morning, is anything bothering you beta?

Nothing dadi, everything is ok told maan.

Whom you are lying maan? asked dadimaa.

Now he cant escape and he cant tell now. Yes dadi I am worried and tensed about a matter, but dadi I cant tell you now. Trust me dadi, if that matter clears then you will be the first person to know told maan.

Dadi kissed his forehead and told maan all I wanted is your happiness. Don’t worry son everything will be fine soon.

Maan hugged dadimaa and thanked her. Dadi bid good night to him and went to her room happily. Maan felt light talking with dadimaa, though he didn’t tell anything to her but he is happy listening her words. He is not in a mood to do any work so he lied down and closed his eyes, drifting into a dream world with his geet.

Next day morning:

Geet got up early because today maan is gonna come and is very happy, excited and nervous. God, today he will come na then what should I tell to him. Should I express my love? Geet get ready first you can think about it later chided geet.

She had shower and wore a beautiful baby pink color salwar suit looking not less than a angel. She wore simple small ear rings and a single bangle. She looked herself in the mirror and smiled. She prepared breakfast for herself and had it. Its just 8am but geet already started for office. She reached office in half an hour and saw no one came. She went to her cabin and sat on her chair. She then looked towards maan’s cabin and smiled. She is feeling butterflies in her stomach with the excitement. But at the same time she is shivering. To forget all these things she took and file and started working on it but she is not able to concentrate. She is frustrated with her own behavior and closed her eyes.

Here in London maan and others are all set to go. Preeti and Vicky are sad seeing them going. Veer and maan hugged both preeti and Vicky, preeti is now crying. Maan wiped her tears and told no preeti just one more year we will come again na, don’t cry. If you cry how we go?

Preeti wiped her tears and hugged him. After that they all gone to airport. Dadimaa and sanju too hugged them and bid good bye. They all boarded the flight and took their respective seats and settled down. Within few hours they reached india, delhi. Driver is already waiting for them. They kept the luggage in the car and drove to home.

Sanju is so tired, she went to her room freshened up and slept. Maan too went to his room freshened up and got ready in his office attire. He came down and told dadimaa that he is going to office.

Maan, you just came now. take some rest son told dadimaa.

No dadimaa I have important meeting told maan and left from there.

He got into the car and drove by his own. He didn’t asked driver to drop that day. He want to be alone. Here geet is still waiting for maan to come. Its afternoon and still maan didn’t come. Is maan sir ok? Uska tabiyat tho thik hain na? thought geet worriedly. The mere though of maan not feeling well brought tears in her eyes. She wiped her tears, geet don’t be stupid nothing happened to maan sir, I think he is tired of journey and all. Might be he wont come today thought geet.

Suddenly the whole office became silent and all the staff are in their own cabins and desks even sasha. Geet understood maan is back, she can sense it, he is back. Her heart jumped in joy. Her maan sir is back. The mere thought brought a shiver through her spine. Maan entered in his famous MSK style with 6 body guards around him and his black googles on.

He entered into his cabin and called sasha, adi and geet. They 3 entered his cabin and wished him. He just nodded and looked up to see his geet. Seeing her pale face he frowned soon he composed himself and asked them to have seat. Sasha explained about all the projects and their meeting which were held. Adi showed him all the files and maan is impressed with their work. Geet gave him a file with all the meeting which are held in this week.

Maan checked the file and gave back to her and asked them to leave. Geet turned back half heartedly and maan expected that geet will stay in his cabin but neither happened. Both are sad. After that all of them are back to their work and maan too got busy in checking all the blue prints and new project files.

Its already 7pm and all the staff one by one are leaving the office, but maan is still busy in his files and geet is waiting for maan to leave so that she can leave. But when she saw towards his cabin he is so engrossed in his work. Maan sir, I want to talk to you geet wants to tell him this. But she don’t have enough courage to tell this.

Its 8pm and finally maan completed his work. He saw geet’s cabin lights are on. He closed the laptop and went towards geet cabin and slightly opened the door and entered into her cabin. He saw her in deep thought, he went close to her and tapped her shoulder. Geet came out of her thoughts and stood up immediately.

Lets go geet told maan and turned back.

Maan sir.. called geet.

Maan turned back with some hope and asked yes geet?

Wo.. wo.. nothing sir, lets go told geet. Maan sighed sadly and nodded. He turned back and started walking. Geet closed her eyes because of her foolish behavior. She wanted to shout I LOVE YOU MAAN SIR, but she stood there silent. When she told nothing sir, she can see the disappointment in his eyes and his face fell.

Geet tried to follow him but she stood still near her cabin door. Maan turned back and saw geet is not coming and stood there like a statue. Geet do you want to stay here in the office whole night? Asked maan.

Geet nodded in a no.

Then plz come fast I have other works to do told maan and walked ahead. By now geet is in tears. Without thinking anything she ran towards the way he is walking and hugged him tight from back. Maan was first shocked to see geet hugging him and he don’t know what to do. He just stood still expecting geet to talk something.

I am sorry maan sir cried geet. Maan can sense she is crying by her voice. He made her him by turning her around. He cupped her face and asked what happened geet?

Geet didn’t say anything just hugged him tight. Maan too held her tight in his embrace.

I cant live without you maan sir, I really cant. In this one week I realized. I was alone without you. I cant live without you maan sir cried geet by now she is sobbing.

Shhh geet, I am here now and you are not alone geet. you are not alone honey told maan caressing her hair.

I love you maan sir confessed geet her feelings.

Maan is very very happy, he is over moon. Finally geet confessed her feelings. Today is the most happiest day in his life. He got his love, she too loves him. He immediately came out of the hug and cupped geet’s face.

I love you geet confessed maan and hugged her tight. Geet is happy and she is at peace now. she is in her love’s arms and the most safest place in the whole world. Thought she was nervous to confess her feelings but now everything is back to normal.

I missed you geet, I missed you a lot murmured maan.

Geet broke hug and told maan sir plz never leave me alone and go. I cant live without you.

Never honey I will never leave you, how can I leave my life told maan and kissed her both cheeks. Geet smiled widely at him. Maan is happy and felt contended seeing her smile.

Precap: back to present.

New track and a new entry (friend of maan and guru).

Waiting for ur response..

Requesting all the readers to comment.. 🙂 it is easy to comment here.. pretty plz..




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