Destiny and Love part 27

5 Sep

This update I want to dedicate to 2 of my special friends: Anu akka, you asked for some maneet moments and reaction of family. Hope I reached your expectation if not sorry. And Rose di.. who waited for this update from yesterday. Sorry for late di and see I gave some present scenes also.


I love you maan sir confessed geet her feelings.

Maan is very very happy, he is over moon. Finally geet confessed her feelings. Today is the most happiest day in his life. He got his love, she too loves him. He immediately came out of the hug and cupped geet’s face.

I love you geet confessed maan and hugged her tight. Geet is happy and she is at peace now. she is in her love’s arms and the most safest place in the whole world. Thought she was nervous to confess her feelings but now everything is back to normal.

I missed you geet, I missed you a lot murmured maan.

Geet broke hug and told maan sir plz never leave me alone and go. I cant live without you.

Never honey I will never leave you, how can I leave my life told maan and kissed her both cheeks. Geet smiled widely at him. Maan is happy and felt contended seeing her smile. Maan is looking at her lovingly. Both are lost in each other. They are happy in each others embrace and don’t want to leave this moment. Maan hugged geet dearly and kissed her hair. Geet found peace in maan’s arms. She felt this is the safest place in the whole world. Maan is also in peace seeing his love in his arms. He is truly happy today, they are lost in their own world. Both are calm geet placed her hand on his heart and hearing his heart beat. She smiled and kissed his heart and thanking god for sending a man like maan in her life. After the dev incident she almost forgot to believe in people but today she is head over heels in love with MAAN SINGH KHURANA, her MAAN SIR.

After like ages they came out of the hug. Maan kissed her forehead, eyes and both the cheeks. Geet shied and lowered her eye lashes. Maan smiled at her and told geet, we should leave now.

Geet nodded and looked at him. They both entwined their fingers and left the office. Maan saw driver is waiting for him. He turned to geet and told geet, get into the car I will drop you.

Its ok maan sir I will go by taxi told geet.

Geet, don’t argue its late. I will drop you told maan.

Sir its just 8’o clock and I can go told geet.

Maan rolled his eyes and whispered If you come with me now then its ok or else…

Or else what you will do? Asked geet stubbornly.

Or else I will take you in my arms in front of all told maan huskily and smirked.

Geet opened her mouth in ‘O’ and looked at him with wide eyes.

Close your mouth geet nahi tho… teased maan.

Geet immediately shut her mouth and looked at him angrily, ofcourse it’s a fake anger. So what you decided, will you come on your own or…

Chaliye, I will come told geet and pouted and cursing under her breath. Rakshas, dhust dhanav always bossing around. Just now I confessed and started bossing and teasing me. I hate him cursed geet.

I am listening told maan.

Geet angrily looked at him and walked away and settled into the back seat. Maan smiled at himself and he asked driver to leave. Maan got into the driver seat and asked geet to come front. She looked at him and then got down of the car and sat in the passengers seat. Maan smiled at her cute pouting face, he just then and there want to taste those rose petals. But he controlled and drove the car to geet’s house. Its just 15 min drive. Soon they reached the house and geet got down of the car.

Andar ayiye na invited geet.

Maan smiled at her and he too want to spend sometime with her.

You go I will park car and come told maan. Geet nodded and went in. Maan parked the car and thought of calling home and inform not to wait for dinner. He dialed KM’s number. Sanju picked the call.

Hey bhabhi, maan here.

Bolo, why you are calling now and plz don’t tell me that you wont come for dinner as you are held up with some meeting told sanju angrily.

Its true that I am not coming for dinner told maan.

I know you never change, I pity geet how will she manage huh!! Told sanju.

Oho bhabhi, listen to me first told maan patiently.

Bolo.. told sanju.

First of all don’t get angry much, my niece will be also be angry like you. And secondly I am at geet’s place now. and its me and geet who is having dinner not any client told maan.

Oho… kya baat hain devarji your first date ahh?? Teased sanju.

Maan rolled his eyes and told I just called to inform I am not coming for dinner. And I informed that and now bye.

Devarji yeh tho cheating hain, boliye na pls pls pls requested maan.

Sorry bhabhiji, this is punishment for you for not listening me fully and unnecessarily scolding me told maan.

Hawww.. exclaimed sanju.

Arey maan, bhabhi se baad mein baat karna enjoy your date dude told veer who is beside sanju and cut the call. Maan smiled and cut the call and went in. He entered into the house and found geet nowhere. He heard sounds from kitchen, he went to kitchen and found her making black coffee and on the other hand she is eating chocolate.

Ufff this girl thought maan. Maan is feeling thirsty and opened the fridge to have some water. But his eyes popped out to see the state of the fridge. God it is almost filled with chocolates. My god thought maan and took a bottle and had water.

Sir, black coffee gave geet.

He took it and settled comfortably on the couch. Geet too came and sat beside him. Geet placed her head on his chest, maan smiled and held her by her shoulder. Maan completed his coffee and found geet is silent which is unusual.

Geet what happened? Asked maan. Geet looked at him and nodded in a no. But maan can see the pain in her eyes. Geet got up and told I will prepare dinner sir. When she was about to go, maan held her wrist and pulled her towards him. Due to the sudden pull geet landed on his lap. Maan made geet look at him and asked what happened geet?

Geet hugged him tight and cried her heart out. Maan didn’t stop her, he want to take all her pain out. He is caressing her back. How much pain she held inside and acting all normal. After some times she stopped crying and came out of hug. Maan wiped her tears and kissed her cheeks. Geet is relaxed in his arms.

Are you ok? Asked maan.

Geet lowered her eye lashes and told tomorrow is raksha bhandan and this is the first time I am away from my brother.

Maan can see the pain in her eyes. Even raksha bhandan has a worst experience in maan’s life. He misunderstood someone. Maan closed his eyes and thought I am sorry, I am really sorry. Plz come back. Maan, think about geet. she is important to you now.

Geet do you want me to talk to your brother asked maan.

No.. that was an instant answer. I don’t want to go there again told geet with anger. I am just feeling bad that’s it. I am ok now, I have you told geet.

Maan smiled at her and pecked on her lips. Geet then realized their position and shied. She got up and told wo.. wo.. I will prepare dinner. Maan nodded. Geet prepared dinner and they both had feeding each other. After dinner they cleaned the table. Geet is very tired and maan saw that. Maan took geet in his arms and made his way to her bed room and made her lie on the bed.

Maan kissed her forehead nad wished good night. Maan was about to go, geet held his wrist. Maan turned back and looked at her questioningly. Geet got up and kissed his cheeks. Maan is surprised yet happy. He smiled widely at her. But seems that geet understood maan and told sir you don’t have to take any permission. And she kissed his lips. Maan is really happy and he too kissed her. After some time, he wished her good night and left from there. This is the most happiest day for maan. He happily went home and by that time all of them slept off. He directly went to his room and changed into the his tracks and lied on the bed.

He closed his eyes with a smile on his face, but he saw the crying face of geet when she told about the raksha bhandan. He opened his eyes and are moist. He went upto his cupboard and opened it. He took out a pic and smiled at that. It’s the pic of maan, guru and other girl who is pulling their hair. I am sorry for hurting you dear, plz come back to your friend. I am sorry and I found my love. If you see her you will be very happy told maan and kissed that pic and placed it back.

He again lied on the bed and drifted to sleep. The night is so peaceful to all and all are very happy.

Next day morning:

Maan got up and freshened and went to dadimaa’s room. He knocked the door.

Maan there is no need to knock the door told dadi. Maan smiled and went in.

Good morning dadi wished maan and sat beside her on the bed.

Good morning maan, and you are early today? Asked dadi.

Wo.. wo.. I need to talk to you told maan.

I am listening told dadi.

Actually wo.. wo.. fumbled maan.

Maan is that really you teased dadi.


Then tell me what is the matter which is making my grandson to fumble teased dadi again.

Maan sighed and told dadi geet accepted my love.

Dadi looked at him surprised like when he confessed his love?

Wo.. actually when we celebrated geet’s birthday that day I proposed her told maan and smiled.

Maan, you didn’t tell your dadi about this complained dadi like a small kid.


I am joking maan, I am very happy for you beta. I cant wait geet to come in this house told dadi.

Dadi, she want to complete her studies after that…

No problem maan, we can wait. And I am happy you are caring for her told dadi and kissed his forehead.

Devarji aapne humo bhi nahi baataya companied sanju who has come to call dadi for breakfast.

Bhabhi why you are roaming here and there, didn’t doctor told you to rest and for heavens sake its your 8th month and you should not stress much scolded maan and made her sit on the bed.

Sanju looked at dadi making baby face. Maan is right sanju beta told dadi.

I am getting bored sitting at one place told sanju making cry face.

Sanju from now on I will handling cases from home told veer coming in.

And I will be working from home told maan.

Are you both crazy no need you both go to office told sanju. Hey babaji if these 2 are at home then I cant go out of my room also. No it should not happen thought sanju.

No way sanju, you wont listen to dadi we know that told veer.

Veer maine kaha na..

Ha wahi tho humne kaha na we will work from home told maan.

Yeh dono ko tho main.. angrhhhhh thought sanju. Chalo today we will have break fast here itself told dadi. All of them nodded. All are settled for breaskfast.

Maan, bring geet here once told dadi.

Maan nodded and told ok dadi, I will ask her to come evening.

Some one is so eager to meet her teased sanju.

Maan just smiled and they had breakfast talking with each other. After break fast maan called geet.


Hey geet, going to office? Asked maan.

Yes have to go na told geet.

No need, from today I am working from home told maan.

Why? Asked geet.

Me and bhai decided to work from home, sanju bhabhi is not taking care of herself told maan.

Why what happened to di? Asked geet.

Geet don’t worry she is absolutely fine and yes dadi wants to meet you told maan.

Ok fine, should I go to office or not? Asked geet.

No, come to KM and I will also inform adi and sasha to come here told maan.

Ok fine, I will be there in one hour told geet.

Ok bye see you soon told maan.

Bye.. told geet and cut the call.

After one hour or so geet came to KM and went to dadi’s room. Good morning dadi wished geet.

Dadi smiled at geet and wished her back. Geet sat beside dadi.

Geet beta thanku very much thanked dadi.

Geet looked at her confusingly. Maan told me everything beta told dadi. Geet shied and hugged her. Beta don’t leave maan, he will be very happy when you are in his life. You both are made for each other.

Maan sir is my life dadimaa, meri zindagi ka anmol hissa, then how can I leave him told geet. dadi had tears in her eyes hearing to geet.

God bless you beta wished dadimaa and kissed her forehead.

Thanku dadimaa told geet and hugged her again. She then saw the time and gasped. What happened geet? asked dadimaa.

Dadimaa, its already late and maan sir will surely scold me. I will go now dadimaa, I will come during lunch told geet and hurriedly left from there.

Dadimaa smiled and murmured pagal ladki. Geet them worked with maan. After noon all had lunch together. After lunch veer and sanju gave Bangles to geet and told welcome to Khurana Family geet.

Geet is overwhelmed and hugged them with tears in her eyes.

They broke the hug and veer wiped her tears and nodded in a no.

Veer bhaiya called geet. veer looked at her.

Wo.. wo.. I brought something for you told geet.

What geet? asked veer.

Today is raksha bhandan and you are like my brother can I tie rakhi to you? Asked geet hesitantly.

All others are surprised and happy too. Veer is very happy and asked her to tie rakhi. Geet happily took out the rakhi from her bag and tied to him. Veer kissed her forehead and blessed her. All of them adored their relation. Maan is happy seeing geet happy.

Days passed and its almost month veer and maan are working from home. sanju cribbed sometimes that she is getting bored but veer and maan are adamant and they didn’t allow her to go out. But geet is there with her. They both saw movies and geet took sanju to garden for walk and entertained with her non stop bak bak and sometimes complaining about her workhalic maan sir.

Then sanju delivered a sweet little boy. And they named him as Abhinav Veer Singh Khurana. He is pampered by all. Veer and sanju and very happy. Even maan too, geet is so so excited. When geet took Abhinav in her arms she became like a kid and played with him. But the sad thing sanju, veer with Abhi had to go to Australia after 2 months. Geet hugged sanju and cried a lot. They both became so close and it became very difficult for them to leave. Somehow they convinced geet and they 3 left for Australia.

On the other side, thought maan is strict in office, but he became naughty and leave no space to tease geet. Geet is all sharam se pani pani. Their bond grew stronger and they understood each other very well. All are very happy and geet resumed her last sem but didn’t take help from maan. she worked for 1 and half year by now and with her salary she paid her fees. Maan and dadi are very proud of her.


Geet’s operation is successful. Maan, guru, veer are taking care of her. Sapna and her husband vinay has to go to banglore due to some important work. Preeti and Vicky are her entertainers. Finally it’s the day of geet’s dis-charge and geet is jumping in joy. But they took geet to KM and guru is very happy with that. Geet settled in guest room.

Again its Raksha Bhandan, this time guru is there with geet. geet is very happy and she want to buy rakhi for guru. Guru want to buy a gift for geet.

Maan and guru went to mall to buy gifts for preeti and geet. But the mall is filled with police. Then they came to know that some Politician is coming and these people are his security. And he is on the hit list so ACP personally taking care of security. Maan and guru went to a jewellery shop and thinking what to buy. Then they both decided to buy a diamond necklace. They both selected for preeti and geet and felt satisfied. When they came out of the shop they saw a politician entered with full security. Maan and Guru waited till he went in. Then they were walking towards exit but they both saw a person with police uniform and rooted on the spot. They are not able to believe their eyes. At the same time even that person saw maan and guru. But showed no emotion. Maan felt guilty and guru is angry. But that person didn’t care and walked past them and didn’t care to even talk with them.

Attitude tho dekho iss ladki ki whispered guru angrily.

No guru its my mistake and I have to apologize to her told maan.

Precap: Maan: I am sorry jo…

              Girl(angrily): I don’t care Khurana and who am I?

              Guru: Come maan let her go. And guru turned to that girl and told You are not less than sameera..

               Geet: Anna, dare you talk anything against her.

Ok friends, this is the new entry and she is Asst. Commisioner of Police. And she plays an important role. And a twist coming soon before that there will be maan’s past. Do you want maan’s past if brief (2 or 3 updates) or in short (1 update).

P.S.: That ACP is not sameera… she is other girl…

Waiting for your response.




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  1. DrRose September 5, 2012 at 11:40 am #


  2. maneetmaniac September 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

    Amazing update….
    Loved geet relation wid maans family….sweet past…..
    In presen her operation is successful good news……n sameera well dont kno how she will be bt hopefully she wont be a problem ft maneet….
    Wondr wy is the twist….

  3. DrRose September 5, 2012 at 12:08 pm #

    wow.. awesome part jyo..

    totally loved it

    maaneet lovely moments and confessions and then maan dropping her home ..

    calling sanju, oh she teases him.. dinner at geet’s home

    geet sad coz of raksha bandhan …

    maan daadi talk ..lovely bond

    geet meeting dadi sweet …

    geet tying rakhi on veer’s hand..

    maan’s past.. rather say maan and guru’s past ..

    ok guru doesn’t like sameera and maan is guilty.. why so???

    precap confusing ..why geet taking sam’s side ??

    chalo chalo am waiting for next part

    thank you for the dedication ….

    and yeah told you make the past scene in 1 and /or 1 and half update…

    love yaa jyo

    much love Rose

  4. ramneek kaur September 5, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    Awsome update..finally both maan nd geet r happy wid each other…nd everyone is happy nd sanju delivered baby boy..great….nd hoelw maan nd his family took care of geet….mast …fibally back to present..acp known to maan nd guru..whts deir elationship..past in 2 update.waiting

  5. trs1391 September 5, 2012 at 1:08 pm #

    superb update happy update

  6. adsshri September 5, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    loved the entire update
    maaneet are happy with each other now waiting for new entry

  7. spvd September 5, 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    part 27
    nice part…………
    so lovely………………
    who is that girl?
    if not Sameera then why did Guru mention Sameera?
    cont soon dear……………

    Deepa (spvd)

  8. mohita September 5, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    love it

  9. divya September 5, 2012 at 6:34 pm #

    woo nice part .. geets confession… their moment… family tym all were good… so sanju delievered a baby boy… how cute… n now past over n.bk to present… ab yeh kon ladki hai yaar…. n y maan is saying sorry?? i think she is maan’s n gurus frnd… bt y guru is angry on her.. oh so many questions….

  10. ritzy09 September 6, 2012 at 8:37 am #

    awesome update dear and precap had me all excited……

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    waiting to know maan’s past

  14. ratna September 6, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    Happy Birthday Jyothi !…..hugsss…..hope u are having a wonderful day……thank u for the lovely update and PM…..loved the Maaneet scenes…..past and present scenes with the family were very touching …..who is this new girl now…. u decide how Maan’s past should be told….plz continue…..TC 🙂

  15. Neelam Banerjee September 6, 2012 at 9:41 am #

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    loved the maaneet moments………..

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    eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt………………

    continue soon plz……………

  17. ffdeewani September 6, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    First of all, Wish You a Very Happy Birthday Jyothi.

    Thank you very much for considering my request and dedicating it to me dear.

    That really was a wonderful update….a beautiful, cute and sweetest past I should say. I just loved everything.

    Maneet moments were too good. Me all sad, sad seeing Geet all upset and sad because of Raksha Bhandan…I completed could think how she would have felt after knowing her past…poor dear she indeed has suffered a lot because of their mistrust.

    Loved the Maan-Daadi convo a lot. And Maan and Veer shifting their wrk to home for Sanju was cho chweet…just luv the Maan-Sanju bond too.

    The highlight of all was Geet tying Rakhi to Veer, which was a very lovable and beautiful moment.

    With the entry of Abhinav…its was so Perfect.

    Very eager to about Maan’s past…what really would have happened..just can’t think about it. The second half of the update was filled with many new things….woww…who is Maan’s this sister and how is she connected to Sameera and what role did Sam play in Maan’s life….and on top of it Geet supporting this new entry…oops…Maan’s sister…its all sounding so we are to get Many revelations of Maan’s past. Me just way to anxious to read about all these. As for Maan’s past, would always want to read more, but would prefer the way you want it and am awaiting for the twist too.

    All said, I am already waiting for the next update….plzzz update soon.

    Luv ya.

  18. ruhakhan September 6, 2012 at 10:57 am #

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    who is this girl…..she is Maan’s past….I want to know the past but in 1 or 2 parts…. it gets boring when in detail…if the past include Geet with Maan then no problem but with other girl a big no from my side for detialing….
    awesome update….they confessed their feelings….Daadi want Maan to marry Geet as soon as possible but Geet want to study so they have to wait….
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  37. mounicasharma September 8, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    awesome update darling…
    wow wow geet too said i love u…hayeee my maanu is soo soo happy iam happy to see him happy….just loved the way maan teased her when he asked her to get in to the car…ha ha geet bhi na…cute girl
    omg omg fridge full of chocolates…very good girl…but i want share ok..dairymilk
    awww my poor baby missing her bro…but veer hai na..iam happy that she got bro in veer..
    wow sanju delivered chota sa baby..abhinav nice name dear..
    aww they went to australia..i too felt sad yar…
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