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Destiny and Love Part 28

10 Sep

Maan and guru went to mall to buy gifts for preeti and geet. But the mall is filled with police. Then they came to know that some Politician is coming and these people are his security. And he is on the hit list so ACP personally taking care of security. Maan and guru went to a jewellery shop and thinking what to buy. Then they both decided to buy a diamond necklace. They both selected for preeti and geet and felt satisfied. When they came out of the shop they saw a politician entered with full security. Maan and Guru waited till he went in. Then they were walking towards exit but they both saw a person with police uniform and rooted on the spot. They are not able to believe their eyes. At the same time even that person saw maan and guru. But showed no emotion. Maan felt guilty and guru is angry. But that person didn’t care and walked past them and didn’t care to even talk with them.

Attitude tho dekho iss ladki ki whispered guru angrily.

No guru its my mistake and I have to apologize to her told maan.

Maan what you did is wrong I accept that, but you told all those in anger and frustration and yes you should apologize her for that. But what she did is wrong and I can never forgive her for that told guru and looked at her angrily who is looking after the security once again.

Guru whats the matter? Asked maan.

I will tell you everything, first we will go home told guru.

But guru, without meeting her how can we go? Asked maan, once he looked back expecting her to come to them. But alas nothing like that happened.

Maan, plz come we will go told guru and once again glared at her and they both left from there, guru with anger and maan with heavy heart. Maan and guru are in the car and maan is driving. Maan is thinking something and suddenly he asked.

Guru, how cum she is a police officer, she studied MBA with us asked maan.

I too don’t know maan, from 1 and half year I am not in contact with her told guru.

Hmmm replied maan and the rest of the drive was silent.

Maan and guru reached KM, when they both were about to go to study room, the land line phone rang. Maan picked the call.


Can I speak to Mrs. Sanjana Singh Khurana? Came a voice.

She is in her parental house, you can call there, Can I know whom I am talking with? Asked maan.

ACP Lavanya Joshi speaking told lavanya.

Maan’s eyes widened in shock. Joshi its really you? Asked maan.

Sorry Mr. Khurana, its ACP Lavanya Joshi told lavanya angrily.

Maan closed his eyes and the way she is talking he can easily guess she is hell angry on him.

Sorry ma’am mumbled maan.

Its ok Mr. Khurana and yes plz it’s a request bring back Mrs. Khurana and her son Abhinav told lavanya.

Maan is confused and asked Why??

Lavanya don’t know how to say and at the same time Veer entered KM and he smiled at maan.

Khurana its not safe for her to stay there told lavanya.

Excuse me, what the hell you are speaking? Yelled maan. Do you know what you are talking. When you don’t know where is she then how can you say that its not safe to stay there? Asked maan angrily.

Veer and Guru looked at maan who is now fuming and yelling.

Tumko tumare gussa ke alawa kisi ki baat ko suntan nahi ho na khurana, kindly give phone to Dr. Veer asked lavanya.

Look Joshi, I want to know whats happening? Asked maan controlling his anger.

At the same time sanju and abhinav in her arms entered KM, she is looking very tensed and feared. Veer went to her and took abhi from her and she sat on the couch still worried and sad.

Joshi, bhabhi is back but she is tensed told maan.

Oh crap, give phone to her told lavanya.

Bhabhi, ACP.. before maan completes sanju snatched the phone from maan.

Hello lavanya cried sanju.

Ma’am are you alright? Asked lavanya.

I am fine sanju and what you told is correct. I am telling you ACP Lavanya, you can arrest Mr. Roshan Rathode and I will be the witness and yes I want security for my family. And mainly for my sister Geet. She will be attending college soon and I don’t want to risk her life told sanju.

I am sorry ma’am and yes I will arrange security right now. thanku ma’am told lavanya.

Here veer and maan are shocked to listen to sanju. Sanju cut the call and took the glass of water which is on the table and gulped it in one go.

Sanju, what happened? Why you are asking ACP to arrest your dad? Asked veer.

Bhabhi, did they try to harm you? Asked maan.

I want to be alone for sometime told sanju without looking at them.


Plz veer.. requested sanju. Veer nodded and took sanju to their room. Abhi is with Maan and is sleeping. Guru saw the tension on maan’s face and placed his hand on his shoulder. Maan looked at him and smiled slightly.

Maan, don’t worry everything will be fine told guru.

But maan is thinking something and not able to find out what happened. Why sanju bhabhi lavanya to arrest her dad. How bhabhi and lavanya know each other. Many questions are going in his mind but he don’t have answer for any. Suddenly abhi got up and looked here and there. He looked at his maan chachu, seeing him opening his eyes maan tried to smile at him. Abhi again looked here and there like searching for someone.

What happened champ? Searching for anyone? Asked maan.

Abhi nodded in a yes and told ma.. ma..

Oh your maa is not feeling well dear, she is resting told maan.

Abhi frowned and started crying. Maan is taken aback and he is very poor in handling children.

Abhi what happened? Why you are crying? Asked maan.

But abhi is just crying and maan is expecting 1 and half old boy to speak. Maan you are expecting abhi to speak? Asked guru controlling his giggle.

Maan glared at him and told what to do now?

We will take him to sanju bhabhi told guru.

Ok.. told maan. When they both were going to veer-sanju room, they heard geet shouting for abhi.

Abhi… shouted geet.

Hearing geet’s shout maan, guru and abhi turned back literally closing their ears. Seeing geet abhi stopped crying and gave her a wide smile. Geet ran to them and took abhi in her arms.

Hey abhi.. exclaimed geet and kissed allover his face. Abhi too kissed her cheeks wetting it. Geet smiled at him widely and asked where is mama abhi? Asked geet.

Hearing mama abhi started crying again. Geet got tensed and asked abhi beta why you are crying? Shhh you are a good boy na don’t cry tried geet to console him.

Abhi stopped his crying and told ma.. be..

No one understood what abhi told. Seeing them confused abhi repeated again.

Maa.. be.. beat.. told abhi again.

Someone beat mama? Asked geet. Abhi nodded in a yes. Geet’s eyes widened in shock and asked who beta?

Na.. na.. told abhi.

Your nanu? Asked maan this time. Abhi again nodded in a yes.

Maan’s blood boiled imagining that someone beat his bhabhi. Geet feared seeing his anger.

Maan..  calm down, we will ask di what happened tried geet to console maan but maan is nowhere to listen. He went near veer-sanju’s room and knocked the door. Sanju who is lying on the bed with tears in her eyes jerked hearing the loud knock on the door. Veer who sat beside her got up and opened the door only to see angry maan.

Maan… before veer say anything maan stopped him and told I want to talk with bhabhi.

Sanju wiped her tears immediately and told come maan.

Veer and maan entered into the room and without any late maan asked bhabhi what happened in your dad’s house?

Maan nothing…

Don’t lie bhabhi warned maan.

Before sanju say anything they heard a voice calling someone.

Ma’am.. came a voice.

Sanju looked at the entrance and looked at her painfully. Sanju got up and went to her and apologized to her.

I am sorry lavanya apologized sanju.

Ma’am its all right, there is nothing wrong in you. As a daughter you will react in the same way told lavanya and smiled at her.

Are you calling me as his father asked sanju disgustingly.


No lavanya, I was never their daughter. Its just my illusion told sanju painfully.

Lavanya can feel her pain and hugged her and consoled her. Ma’am pls everything is going to be fine. Pls calm down when you have your family with you then why you are worried? Asked lavanya.

Sanju broke the hug and told yes lavanya you are right. This is my family and I don’t need anything else.

Lavanya smiled at her and wiped her tears. Sanju turned back and saw veer and maan who are now confused. She smiled at them sadly and told veer, maan I want to say something to you.

They both nodded.

Wo.. I am not Mr. Rathode’s biological daughter, they adopted me as they have no children told sanju with a chocked voice.

Veer and maan are shocked to hear this and they can feel her pain. How much sanju is suffering and how she might be feeling when she came to know the truth.

Veer hugged sanju and told shhh sanju, calm down. We are there with you na. shh.. consoled veer.

Maan and others left from their room to give some private space. Geet who heard all this is in tears now. She made abhi sleep in her room as sanju is not in a state to take care of her child. She need some time to over come her grief.

Lavanya looked at maan and guru, she was about to go from there she felt a hold on her hand. Lavanya turned back to see a guilty maan.

Lavanya I need to talk to you told maan.

I don’t need to told lavanya.

I am sorry joshi, I am so sorry apologized maan.

I don’t care Khurana and who am I and why you are asking me sorry. You should not apologize to a middle class girl like me told lavanya, anger building up in her.

Maan come lets go, we don’t need to talk who don’t care our emotions told guru.

Lavanya shot an angry glare to guru and taunted him. Its so funny see who is here talking about emotions. When you didn’t believe your own sister and don’t know where is she?

Joshi mind your language and its waste of talking with you. You didn’t thought anything when you cheated him and now talking about emotions and feeling retorted guru.

Before lavanya speak anything, they heard geet’s voice.

Anna, dare you talk anything about her warned geet angrily.

Geet is climbing down the stairs and lavanya is really shocked and surprised to see anju oops geet here. Geet came to lavanya and hugged her. Guru never expected this from geet. From childhood geet is afraid of lavanya because of her short tempered nature and today she is hugging lavanya.

Geet.. gasped guru.

Geet broke the hug and looked at guru with angry eyes.

How are you akka? Asked geet.

Lavanya smiled sadly and kissed her forehead.

How are you and what are you doing here? Asked lavanya.

Wo.. I work in KC and.. and.. shied geet.

Geet is my fiancé told maan proudly looking straight into geet’s eyes. He can see the love for him in her eyes and even angry absolutely not on maan but on guru.

Lavanya looked at geet raising her eye brows. Geet nodded shyly. Lavanya hugged geet and exclaimed in joy.

I am very very happy for you anju (geet), very happy. Lavanya couldn’t control her happiness and she hugged maan too. Ohh maan is very happy. I am so happy khurana exclaimed lavanya and broke the hug. Finally you got your true love.

Maan nodded and told I am lucky to have geet in my life. And looked at geet lovingly.

And yes khurana dare you show your anger on my sister. This time I am not gonna spare you understood? Warned lavanya.

Maan looked at her with guilt and murmured a sorry.

Hey khurana chill. Its allright. Yeh tho tab ki baat hain. I forgot everything, its just to tease you. Itna din hogaya khurana tumko chodake, mazaa tho lena hi hain na. who will get a chance to tease you khurana and when we got the chance we have to utilize it na told lavanya and smiled cutely.

Maan is now even more guilty for hurting her and is not able to face her.

Where were you these days? Asked maan.

Lavanya smiled and told I was in Banglore, just a month back transferred to delhi.

Then why you didn’t come to meet us? Asked maan.

Lavanya smiled sadly and told after college I never in contact with anyone.

Can I ask you something? Asked maan.

Lavanya nodded. Tomorrow is rakhi, will you tie me this year. Once when you came to me to tie rakhi I hurted you but not now. I am sorry for that told maan.

Hey Khurana,I told na I am not angry on you told lavanya and turned back controlling her tears. Wo.. actually tomorrow I am going for some meeting, I wont be able to come. Sorry Khurana. Lavanya, a only daughter to her parents and most pampered and a short tempered girl. Geet never talks with her but due to some incident, geet respected her more and she is more concerned and worried for lavanya about her future. Though geet is younger than her and acts like child sometimes but she know lavanya in and out.

Hearing lavanya maan felt bad and thought her duty is also important. But geet didn’t miss to see the pain in lavanya’s eyes.

I have to leave now, have lots of work. Bye.. told lavanya without turning back.

Maan nodded and guru sighed. He just don’t want lavanya to be near. He hates him for cheating on his friend (not maan). Geet hugged lavanya and whispered akka, thinking of past events will give you only pain. Plz try to come out of that. We are here for you. Plz once call your parents they are waiting for your single call.

Lavanya broke the hug and told no anju (geet), NEVER. Saying so she left from there. Geet saw her going and sighed and nodded in a no. Maan and Guru looked at her confused like what is going on. Geet looked at guru with anger.

Anna, do you what the hell you are talking with her. Don’t forget that she is our cousin and you have support her not taunt her. You know nothing about her, so stop talking non-sense yelled geet and left from there.

Maan and Guru looked at her with wide eyes. They never thought that their geet will get angry too that too because of lavanya whom she never liked thought guru.

Geet in her room sat beside abhi who is now sleeping peacefully. What should I do now? Akka is not listening to anyone, should I talk to him. But I don’t know his number and don’t know where does he stay. Anna will not listen anything. He is still thinking that lavanya akka has cheated his friend. But that’s not true. God what should I do now chided geet herself. Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jerked suddenly.

Geet are you fine? Asked maan who came to talk to her. He knows his shona very well. She is angry on her brother and geet getting angry is very rare thing.

I am fine maan told geet smiling at him.

Don’t lie geet, I can easily say that you are worried about something told maan sternly.

Geet looked at him lovingly and hugged him tight. Yes its true she is worried for sanju, for lavanya. She don’t know what happened to sanju and even though she knows what happened with lavanya she cant tell to anyone because of the promise.

Yes maan I am worried confessed geet.

Maan broke the hug and cupped her face and asked what happened?

I cant tell you maan, don’t take me wrong. I promised lavanya that I never tell anything about her told geet feeling guilty for not sharing it with maan.

Geet look at me asked maan.

Geet looked at him. Geet I respect your each and every decision. I too have to talk with lavanya, she is my best friend and sister and I want to see her happy told maan.

Geet smiled sadly and told happy? She can never be happy again in her life maan except any miracle happen.

Maan looked at her confused. Geet, just tell me one thing where is her fiancé? Asked maan.

I don’t know maan answered geet. Maan is silent. He understood something went wrong and geet is hiding it from him. Geet did you take medicines? Asked maan.

Geet looked at him nervously and nodded in a no. Maan shot an angry glare to her for which geet gulped.

I am sorry maan told geet and made a puppy face. Maan smiled at her antics and kissed her cheek. Take care shona, I cant take risk with your health. Geet nodded cutely and maan gave her the medicines. Geet lied down on the bed beside abhi and held maan’s hand.

Maan.. called geet.

Hmmm replied maan looking at her.

Mujhe darr lag raha hain maan told geet.

Why shona? Asked maan.

Don’t know maan, I am feeling something is gonna happen. I am not feeling anything right told geet. Maan pulled geet and made her sit between his thighs and hugged her from back. Geet rested her back on maan’s chest and relaxed.

Geet I am there na, I will take care of everything. You don’t stress much. Ok? Told maan and kissed her ear lobe.

Geet moaned and nodded in a yes. Maan wants her to be relaxed, so he starting kissing her shoulder. Geet is feeling light under his touch and closed her eyes. Maan hugged her more close to him and geet slept in his arms peacefully.


 Maan what’s wrong with you, why you are behaving like this? Did I do anything wrong? Asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Shut up geet just shut up and stay away from me. I don’t want to see your face again. GET LOST roared maan.

Geet sitting on her bed looking lost, her eyes are red but not due to crying but because of ANGER. Geet smirked and thought


Precap 2:

Maan: Geet ke naam ke saath Maan Singh Khurana ka naam jud gaya hain. Geet ko kuch bhi bolne se pehle yaad rakhna tum kisse baat kar rahi ho. Saying so maan took geet with him to KM.

Geet: don’t you dare to touch me Mr. Khurana. For the outside world I am your wife but inside our room we are known strangers.

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