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MG FF: Rishtey

26 Sep


A man in his mid 25’s is driving his car in a high speed. He never drove car with high speed. But today he did a very very big mistake. He checked his watch and murmured only 5 min left. He drove more fast. If he is late he is definitely admitted in the hospital. He imagined himself in the hospital with bandage all over his body. No no no I will reach in time. Plz save me mama’s babaji that man prayed.

Finally he reached his destination, while driving the car he didn’t put his googles but while getting out of the car he put his googles on and checked himself in the rare view mirror.

Dude, you are looking hansome complimented that man himself.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned back and looked at that person who is hell angry on him. That man made a puppy face and murmured a sorry. But the other person is not ready to accept his apology and glared at him.

You are late today, how can you be late today? Its my birthday MAAN SINGH KHURANA told that person.

Maan made a sorry face and kissed her cheek. I am sorry baba, come lets go inside told maan.

First you tell me what gift you brought for me,  then I will think whether I can forgive you or not told that girl.

Oops I forgot to bring your gift NAINA told maan.

Naina, best friend of maan and is very good at heart. When maan’s parents came to Australia for the first time. Its naina’s family helped them. Maan and naina are best friends from childhood, partners in crime, naughty and doing crazy things always. They have no secrets, no affairs. Must say these two are acha bachas. But cant stay without fighting with each other, they fight for small small things mainly naina, she is more crazy than maan. And today its naina’s birthday and MAAN SINGH KHURANA is famous for what? Ofcourse in doing his work and forgetting his surroundings. Today also the same thing happened. And not to forget naina is black belt in karate, so maan imagined himself in hospital the next day in case he reached late.

How dare you forget my gift? I told to my friends this time maan will give something special to me told naina making a very very sad face.

Ufff my dear drama queen stop all this and come we will go in aunty, uncle and mama will be waiting for us told maan and dragged her in.

Naina followed maan half heartedly. Once they both went their whole gang of friends are waiting for them. Naina cut the cake and all of them sung the birthday song. She fed cake to her parents, maan’s mama but not to maan. Because maan forgot her girf remember? All other friends wished her, hugged her but she is least interested. The main reason is that maan didn’t bug her when she didn’t fed him the cake.

Maan went near his friend Rahul and asked him all set?

Rahul nodded and told waiting outside. Maan smiled at him and casually went near naina and told her to come with him. Naina came out with maan and he closed her eyes with one hand.

Maan what are you doing? Asked naina.

Shut up for some time told maan irritatingly. He then took naina with him and removed his hand and shouted in her ears SURPRISE…

Naina opened her eyes and just staring at the car in front of her. Its her favorite sports car that too her fav color. Omg.. omg.. she just cant believe this, maan you are the best exclaimed naina in excitement and hugged him tight. Maan smiled at her childishness and hugged her and wished her.

Happy Birthday Naina wished maan.

Naina broke the hug and asked can I drive?

Not now naina beti, you can do it afterwards came a voice. Maan and naina turned back to see maan’s mama.

Mama.. plz requested naina.

I need to talk to you both, come in told maan’s mom priya. She is serious and tensed too. They both nodded and followed her.  They went to study room and saw naina’s parents too.

What’s the matter? Is anything serious? Asked maan.

Priya gave maan something, he opened it and read it. He looked at priya confusingly. Seeing maan’s expression naina took that wedding card from maan. Oh now she is also confused.

Maan beta, for the very first time we got this invitation from your dadaji. They called us for the marriage of your cousin (sister) told priya.

Maan looked hurt. 5 years when his father died in an accident, no one came for their support but now they called them but why?

Just then a girl came there and called naina.

Naina.. called that girl.

Naina turned back to see annie her friend. She smiled at her and went out.

Naina, its late now. I have to go home now. Ummm will you ask maan sir regarding my leave. I am very nervous to ask him told annie.

Naina smiled at annie and she called maan. Maan..

Maan came out and smiled at annie.

Maan, her marriage is after a month. She needs leave for 2 months told naina.

Sure, why not. You can go annie, and if you need any help then you can contact any of us told maan.

Precap: will maan go to India.

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