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Rishtey part 1

28 Sep

Part 1:

Maan came out and smiled at annie.

Maan, her marriage is after a month. She needs leave for 2 months told naina.

Sure, why not. You can go annie, and if you need any help then you can contact any of us told maan.

Thanku so much sir thanked annie, then she saw the wedding card in naina’s hand. Annie is confused when she didn’t give her wedding invitation to anyone then how cum it is with naina.

Naina, this card?? Asked annie.

Ohh this one, maan’s cousin marriage in India told naina.

What??? Literally annie shouted.

Huh!! What happened ? asked naina confusingly. Annie looked at maan wide eyes and closed her mouth with her palm.

Annie are you ok? Asked maan.

Sir are you attending this marriage? Asked annie.

No, I don’t want to told maan. Listening this annie is hurt and tears formed in her eyes.

Sir, it’s a request please come for the marriage, atleast for dadimaa told annie.

Dadimaa?? Asked maan confusingly.

Yes sir, I.. I am your cousin and its my marriage told annie and smiled sadly. Maan and naina are shocked. Pls sir come to India for dadimaa, she wants to meet her elder sons family. Few months back she got heart attack sir. We almost lost her, its her last wish to meet you all sir. Pls sir pls come for dadimaa’s sake cried annie. Maan’s mama and Naina’s parents listened and felt bad for her.

Priya came forward and kept her hand on annie’s head and told we will come for sure beta, its my dream that my children should get the love from Khurana’s. we will come beta.

Annie smiled through tears and thanked her. Thanku ma’am, thanku very much.

Annie beta, I am your badi maa told priya and smiled.

Annie is over whelmed and hugged her. Badi maa whispered annie. Maan felt happy seeing his mother happy. Even now he is not to go to India or not. But his mother promised then no back off.

Annie came out of the hug and told I will be waiting for you badi maa, sir.

Though she came to know that maan is her brother but she is not having guts to call him bhai, she is afraid of his anger, after all she is employee in KC and knows about maan’s temper.

I will go now badi maa. Good night wished annie and left from there. Maan immediately called someone and ordered something. Naina looked at him and smiled. She dragged him to her room and closed the door. Priya and naina’s parents smiled at their kids and they know naina will somehow convince maan to go to India.

What was that maan? Asked naina.

What?? Asked maan sitting comfortably on couch.

Don’t act maan, why you asked security to follow annie? Asked naina.

Maan didn’t answer. Naina came and sat beside maan. Maan you should go to India told naina.

Shut up naina told maan irritatingly.

Maan, you cared for annie right? You just came to know she is your cousin. And you sent security behind her for her safety. When you care a lot, then why don’t you go to India and meet your family once? Asked Naina.

I don’t have any family naina. Mama, my princess, you, uncle and aunty are my family which I know told maan with pain. I know that mama and papa had a love marriage without knowing anyone. For that they gave punishment for these many years.

Just one chance maan, they invited you all. If you wont go they may feel bad told naina making maan understand.

Just then someone barged in and came to naina and hugged her tight.

Happy Birthday di, many happy returns of the day wished that girl.

Naina smiled and thanku her. Thanku so much princess.

She then looked at maan and complained. Maan bhai, you didn’t wake me up. See I am so late to wish di and she made a baby face.

Maan rolled his eyes and told when you are sleeping like Kumbakaran how can I wake you up.

Awww bhai, its too much. I wont sleep much told maan’s princess, his sister Tamanna making funny face.

Ya ya true, you just sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 11 am told maan sarcastically.

Maan don’t tease my princess warned naina hugging her. Tammy smiled at her widely and sticked her tongue out.

Maan’s phone rang and its from his security. They informed annie reached home. He nodded and cut the call. Di, can we go for a drive on new car whispered tammy.

I too want but your brother na. huh!! Complained naina.

Hey I am going for a drive now, do anyone want to join? Asked maan. Hearing this they both got so excited and hugged him tight. Maan smiled and they 3 went on a long drive on the new sports car. They enjoyed talking with each other and pulling each others leg. But maan is in deep thinking. At early morning 4 am they went back to naina’s house. Maan and tammy has their rooms in that house. They are more like family rather than friends.

When tammy and naina were about to go in maan stopped them.

Tammy, we are going to India the next week told maan and left from there. Tammy looked at him confused and looked at naina, who looked happy and is smiling.

Di why we are going to India? Asked tammy.

Not we princess, you, maan and mama are going told naina.

Tammy frowned and asked why??

Come in I will tell you everything told naina and they both went to naina’s room. Both changed and lied down on the bed. Naina told everything happened few hours back. Ohh tammy is happy and excited to meet her family atlast.

From the next day both the girls went for shopping and almost purchased half of the mall. Intelligent girls they sent the bill to maan. Poor he, he is literally shocked to see the bill. After the meeting at the office he went to home and saw these 2 crazy girls are packing things.

Excuse me, are you going for any world tour? Asked maan.

No bhai, we are going to India na. so all this shopping is for that told tammy innocently.

Great, do you need to buy anything more? Asked maan.

Maan, today we both are so tired. We will do the rest tomorrow told naina.

Maan is like what??? Still there is left?? Impossible guys. You almost completed my card complained maan.

They smiled shamelessly at him and sweet coated him with their beautiful talks. Maan gave up and gave his card to them for the rest of the shopping and smiled at them. You 2 never change. My wife should not be a shopaholic like you both.

In other place:

A girl in her 20’s is running as fast as possible. Her mother who is waiting at railway station is worried about her.

Hey babaji, keep my beti safe prayed her mother.

Ji, you don’t worry. Our daughter will come soon told her husband who is watching her from past 15 min. who is in tension.

How can I not be worried? She has to come long back and didn’t come upto now, even she is not lifting her phone complained that lady.

Just then the girl who is running came to her mother and hugged her. Maa. I came.

Where were you till now? asked her mother angrily as well as tensed.

She broke the hug and told sorry maa, I went for shopping and I was late she told and made a baby face.

GEET, you never change na? yesterday you did so much of shopping, then again today? Asked her mother angrily.

Maa, I forgot few things told geet looking at her dad for helo.

Arey rano ji, leave it na, see the train is starting told mohan geet’s dad.

Rano got into the train hurriedly and here geet hugged her papaji and thanked him for saving her.

Miss you papaji, you better complete your work fast and come soon told geet.

I will geet, you don’t worry. I will there in annie’s marriage before a week told mohinder and kissed her forehead.

Geet smiled and bid him good bye and got into the train.

In Australia:

Forgot it bhai, my bhabhi will do shopping more than me told tammy and smiled at him.

Tammy beta called priya.

Ji maa, coming shouted tammy and ran out.

Maan, I am very happy with your decision told naina and smiled at him.

But I will miss you told maan and hugged her. Naina had tears in her eyes. They never away from each other and here maan, tammy and priya mama will be away from her for a month.

Maan broke the hug and looked at her. He smiled and wiped her tears and patted her cheek.

Come soon maan told naina with chocked voice.

Hey, don’t cry ok. I will call you daily and if u need me then call me immediately. And ofcourse we will chat through skype call. And my dear co-partner of KC, don’t take stress too much based on work. I will manage everything told maan.

Maan, do don’t think of work I will handle everything. You just go and enjoy there warned naina and maan nodded like a obedient child.

Precap: maan in India, Hoshiyarpur.

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