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Destiny and Love part 33

18 Oct

Sam looked at them angrily and told today I am going but I wont leave anyone of you.

Sam left from there angrily. Lavanya smirked and turned her face away. She then looked at kashyap who is looking at her angrily. Geet who is standing outside till now came in. Veer and geet Hi-Fied at the success of their plan. Sanju hugged geet.

Thanku so much geet told sanju.

Di’ pls don thank me told geet and hugged her.

Maan sighed in relief as of now the sam’s problem is solved but he has to do something. He looked at geet who is happy now. He smiled at her and is happy to see her smile. Here 2 persons are really uncomfortable. One is kashyap and other is Lavanya. She want to go from there. Geet is observing them both. Geet signaled guru to talk to kashyap. Guru nodded and walked towards Kashyap.

Hii how r u?? asked guru and hugged kashyap.

I am fine guru told kashyap. There is some awkward silence between them. Lavanya turned towards exit, but geet held her hand and nodded in a no. Lavanya looked at geet angrily. No she is angry on herself, she cant face those questioning eyes. Its killing her from inside.

Geet pushed lavanya towards Kashyap, he held her from falling down.

You both first talk with each other, stop this cold war. Nothing is gonna happen if you wont talk. Kashyap, don’t take any decision in haste. Think before what you do told geet.

Sanju di, we will go now told geet and they nodded. All of them left from there leaving kashyap and lavanya alone. Maan and geet got into one car where as veer, sanju and guru are in another car. Maan drove for sometime and stopped the car in a lonely place. Geet didn’t ask him where they are heading. When he stopped the car she looked at him questioningly.

Geet, this is our farm house. I need to talk to you. Pls come with me asked maan.

Geet nodded, as she too wants to clear all the things to him. They both got down and entered into the farm house. Geet sat on the couch looking here and there.

When maan was about to go to kitchen to make coffee for both geet stopped him.

Maan, first we will talk told geet.

But.. geet

Pls maan.

Maan nodded and sat beside her. Geet rested her head on his shoulder.

I am sorry geet, its not to hurt you but i dont want to go in my past and live in those moments again told maan sadly.

Maan, i was angry on you for not telling the truth to me. Its not because I wont trust you. Its because I don’t want to hear anything bad about you. But when lavanya akka told me about that sameera I understood how much you have suffered told geet.

When you know about sam why you want to leave me geet? Asked maan sadly.  

I am afraid maan. When sasha told about dev, I was so afraid what if he comes into my life again. I don’t want you to be in trouble because of me. But I realized my mistake maan, I cant live without you maan told geet with tears in her eyes.

Shut up geet, its the last time you are talking all rubbish. Nothing will happen to me because of you geet. You are my life geet how can you think like that. Samjhi tum??

Geet hugged maan tight and told i am sorry maan, i was scared..

Geet remember one thing, what ever be the situation. Whether it may be sam or dev. We will face them together. Geet our love not that weak ki we will bow our heads infront of them. Ok?? Never think of all these things again. If you think of leaving me again and go then meri kasam told maan seriously.

Geet looked at him and shouted maaan’

Sach shona, geet ke bina maan ki zindagi adoori hain told maan and kissed her forehead. Geet hugged maan tight and they both are in same position feeling each other. Its like these 2 days are roller caster ride for them.



Main aapse ek baat poochu? Asked geet.

Poocho.. told maan.

Maan, how lavanya became your friend. Aapko bhi bohot gussa and usko bhi bohot gussa hain..

Mujhe gussa ata hain??? hmmm? asked maan.

Ha… aapke iss bade bade aankhon mein dekho, bohot gussa ata hain aapko. Main kitna sweet hu aur aap gussa wala..

Maan smiled and told Wo.. joshi pehle itna gusse wali nahi thi. U know on her first day with her craziness she made me smile.. you are same…


CRAZY… told maan and smiled.

Geet made a grumpy face and asked am I crazy??

Ofcourse.. told maan and got up.

Where r you going? Asked geet.

Tumari chakkar main I didn’t eat anything from morning and I am hungry told maan.

Mujhe bhi, I want pasta told geet.

Maan nodded his head and told ok madam. Geet smiled and followed him to kitchen. Maan is busy in preparing pasta and geet asked maan tell me about your college days na. and about sam.. asked geet hesitantly.

First of all promise me that you don’t do anything crazy.

No maan, I told you already my plan. I am not going to back off told geet stubbornly.

Ok fine I will tell you. Its almost 4 years back geet when I went to US for my masters. I and guru met there in the university and we ended up in same room and we both became best buddies told maan.

Geet is listening to him carefully.

Its just a week we joined the University and we became best friends. One day he told his cousin is coming from India. We both went to airport for Lavanya. It’s the first time I met her in the airport told maan.

~~ flashback ~~

Lavanya is waiting for Guru in the airport. She saw guru and other guy coming towards her. lavanya smiled at guru, he waved and smiled back. Guru introduced maan.

Hey lav how r u?? he is my friend maan, and maan she is lavanya my cousin told guru.

Maan smiled at her and shook hands exchanging hi’s.


Precap: their friendship..

Sam and maan’s engagement..

Destiny and Love part 32

18 Oct


Khurana, one minute we know what we are doing. And this is the best way to handle sameera. More than you I know about sameera. As per my information she is going to create problem in your upcoming project told lavanya. Do you know one thing she has each and every information about you. Where you have meeting and whereyou go at what time and all told lavanya.

And do you have any idea who is working under sameera? Asked lavanya.

Maan nodded and told SASHA.

Geet looked at maan shocked.

What?? Sasha ma’am, but why she will do like that? Asked geet.

Maan became uncomfortable with that question. He don’t want to answer but geet wont leave him if he wont answer. Guru and Lavanya saw maan uncomfortable.

Geet, its because sasha loves maan told Guru. Geet remembered mornings incident and guessed why she reacted in that way. A sudden pang of jealousy erupted in geet. He is HER only HER’S. Her hand became a fist.

Will she really go to London or will play any more games now thought geet. I have to do something.

How do you know? Asked lavanya.

Hmm yesterday when I was coming back to office from the site, I saw Sameera and sasha in a coffee shop. So I guessed that sameera trapped sasha told maan.

Hmmm you guessed right told lavanya.

What about the problem in the project you were talking about? Asked geet.

When I went to station yesterday sam and her dad is discussing something about the project. And heard that thye are gonna create problem with your co-partner in the project told lavanya.

Hell.. murmured maan and is in angry. Before that sam does something we have to do something and talk with him told maan.

No problem. Sam cant do anything, I am sure about it told geet confidently.

Maan, lavanya and guru looked at her suspiciously.

Lavanya akka, better you don’t come to office till this project finish told geet concerned.

Why? Asked lavanya confused.

The client is Kashyap told geet. Lavanya is first shocked but composed herself. She made a stren face and told ok I wont come.

There was silence for some time. Lavanya is trying very hard to control her tears. All the past which she spent with kashyap came infront of her. The most memorable days of her life. Guru is shocked to know kashyap is here. But why? He knows very well where lavanya is and he kept a track on her. But never let her know about that, then why today he came to Delhi. This whole thing is confusing him.

Lavanya is kashyap is your fianc ? asked maan.

Lavanya didn’t say anything, her head started spinning. She held her head tight and within no time she fainted. Geet rushed to her and made her sit on the couch. She went to kitchen and brought a glass of water. She made her drink water and caressed her hair.

Maan, guru will you please go out for some time? Asked geet.

They both nodded and left from there. Geet looked at lavanya who is in tears now.

What happened lavanya? Are you ok? Asked geet.

Lavanya tried to get up and sit. She nodded and told I will go now. you be careful. We will meet tomorrow.

Akka, please once listen to me requested geet.

Please geet I don’t need to talk anything now. its over. Did you understand told lavanya.

Hell with your stubbornness akka, don’t you understand what I am saying. Don’t be so stubborn ok. Its not good for anyone. I need you to talk with him and tell him everything now. Just tell everything I am damn sure it works. And no one can understood you more than him told geet angrily.

What should I tell geet, just tell me. I cant face him dammit I cant shouted lavanya. Before geet speak lavanya’s mobile rang.


Ma’am, she is in XYZ hotel told police informer.

Why? Who is there in that Hotel? Asked lavanya.

Mr. Kashyap told informer. Lavanya closed his eyes and told ok I am coming now.

Seeing her face expression geet asked did she reach kashyap?

Lavanya nodded.

Okay I have a plan, I need your and maan’s help told geet.

No you will not come told lavanya.

I am not a kid for god’s sake. I am also coming that’s it told geet stubbornly.

Ok as you wish told lavanya helplessly. Geet smiled at the success of her first plan. They both went out and saw maan and guru are worried. Geet and lavanya went to them.

Sam reached Kashyap told geet. And I have a plan to trap her. I need your help for that told geet.

You are not doing anything geet. Did you understand? Asked maan in anger.

Fine, if you don’t want to help me I will do it by myself told geet stubbornly.

Geeet.. shouted maan in anger.

Geet please listen to us. We should not underestimate sam told guru.

But maan saw the confidence in geet’s eyes and told ok I am with geet.

Geet’s eyes glowed hearing this and guru have no other choice other than to help them. They all got into the car and drove to XYZ hotel. Geet told her plan to maan and others, got they all are really impressed with geet.

In XYZ Hotel:

Kashyap is in his room reading some file. He heard a knock on his door. He closed the file and opened the door. There he saw sameera.


Mr. Kashyap?? Asked sam.

Yes, may I know who you are? Asked kashyap.

Hii, I am maan’s fianc I need to talk to you something important told sam.

Seeing sam he didn’t felt any positive vibes and next she introduced herself as maan’s fianc where as maan and geet are almost married just few hours back. But he allowed her in.

Hello miss.


Miss. Sameera, how can I help you? Asked kashyap. He took his mobile without knowing to her and dialed maan’s number. Here maan who is driving car saw the caller ID and picked the call.

Well Mr. Kashyap, I am here to talk to you about KC. As you know KC is no. 1 company in India.

Yes ma’am that’s the reason I decided to do this joint venture with KC.

Maan who listened this kept his mobile on speaker mode so that all can hear.

Yes, but I need to tell you something about geet, who is maan’s secretary told sam.

Maan’s eyes became red hearing this. He want to kill her on the spot.

Geet?? Asked kashyap.

Yes geet loves maan, but we are engaged. So she somehow wants to break our engagement.

Why you are telling me all there? Asked kashyap controlling his anger.

Simple Mr. Kashyap. I am just here to warn you be careful with geet. She is working for a rival company. She may give the price quotations to the rival company. And you wont get this project. I told to maan many times about her but he didn’t believe me. And I am warning you before hand so that you will be careful. And when there is so much risk doing a project with KC, why don’t you join other company for this project. You can do your work peacefully told sam and smirked seeing kashyap’s reaction.

Well Miss. Sameera, you are maan’s fianc then how can you say about his company? Asked kashyap.

Sameera is shocked with this question, she didn’t expect such type of question.

Wo.. wo.. its just nothing Mr. Kashyap, I want maan to learn the truth about geet that’s it told sam confidently.

Must say Miss. Sameera Rathode, you are intelligent came a voice from the entrance.

Kashyap smirked and sam turned back to see maan, guru and lavanya. She is shocked to wits, her face turned pale. This is very unexpected. She is now literally shivering. Maan, lavanya and guru are looking at her angrily.

Lavanya came forward and slapped her tight.

This I should have done in the college itself, its not too late now. what you think of yourself ha? Very smart. And to tell all non-sense about geet and we believe. Never ever Ms. Rathode, may be you don’t know. Listen carefully Geet is mine and guru’s sister.

This came like a blow on her face. geet is their sister.

And sameera I have warned you before not to interfere in my life. But you did that. Tumari himmat kaise hui meri geet ke baare mein yeh sab kehne ki. Just stay out of my life samjhi tum? Roared maan angrily.

Calm down maan told sanju who just came there along with veer.

di.. whispered sam.

No don’t call me like that. Chi sharam ati hain mujhe told sanju angrily.

Di once listen to me’

No you listen to me. Veer.. veer gave some papers to sanju.

Sanju showed it to sam and told this is restrain orders from court. Now todays onwards you cant come near Khurana family. If you did so then you will be inside bars. Don’t you dare to harm any of use. You have pay for all the deeds you did sam. Just get lost from here shouted sanju.

Sam looked defeated, her whole plan flopped. She left helpless. Sam’s dad did a grave mistake by letting sanju know about his deeds. If she don’t know about their plan then today it might be easy to manipulate.

Now why you are standing here and seeing our faces. Do you want me to call police asked maan.

To sam’s surprise, police inspector came.

Hello ma’am wished inspector. Lavanya nodded and showed the restrain order to him.

Miss. Rathode, will you go from here or do you want us to arrest you warned police. Sam looked at them angrily and told today I am going but I wont leave anyone of you.

Sam left from there angrily. Lavanya smirked and turned her face away. She then looked at kashyap who is looking at her angrily. Geet who is standing outside till now came in.


Precap: maan’s past..


Destiny and Love part 31 (B)

18 Oct


No, maan shouldn’t have done this. I am not worth of maan sir. Though maan sir don’t care of my past, but it will be a problem in our relation. I am sorry maan sir, I cannot accept this relation thought geet.

They heard the sound of clapping. All of them looked at the direction and saw a smiling Kashyap (Guys its not a surname, his actual name is kashyap). Geet is shocked to see him, and on top of that lavanya told she will come now. If they both meet each other, no this should not happen.

He came towards Maan and shook hands with a smile. He looked at geet and hugged her. First maan is angry, how on earth this Kashyap is hugging his geet. Geet too hugged him back and cried.

Shhh geet, don’t cry. See everything is fine now. Don’t think of anything now told kashyap.

Geet broke the hug and looked at him with tears. But maan looked at sasha who is in shock. Dadimaa came forward and told sasha, I never expected such behavior from you. If its not you then I would haved fired. But you are munshiji’s daughter. We are transferred to London branch. Pack your things as soon as possible and leave India. Its your last and final chance, if you repeat such things again then KC will make sure you wont get job anywhere.

Dadimaa warned sasha, she meekly nodded and left from there. Dadimaa turned towards geet and smiled at her. Geet don’t know how to face dadimaa. Because of her so many things are happening.

Geet beta called dadimaa.

I am so sorry dadimaa, I don’t know what is all happening. Because of me sasha ma’am talked like that with maan sir. I am curse for everyone dadimaa. I am not good, plz forgive me dadimaa cried geet.

Dadi cupped geet’s face and told no beta, don’t ever think like that. You are like my daughter and now you are maan’s wife. And you are very lucky for maan, geet.

No dadimaa, today sasha ma’am asked me about my past and tomorrow others will ask. I don’t want maan sir to be insulted because of me. Just 2 months dadimaa, my contract for 2 years will be completed and no one knows what happened here. May maan sir filled my maang, but we will be known strangers from now on told geet.

Maan is looking at her angrily. Has this girl gone mad? Thought maan. From yesterday something has happened to her and talking all rubbish. These 2 sisters lavanya and geet are same, they know how to make others life a living hell with their idiotic thoughts thought maan and sighed.

Kashyap looked at geet and told geet, do you even know what you are talking. Hell with that dev, we all know what happened then why you are affecting your future thinking about that past. Do you even think what you are talking. Does you think before talking anything. If you don’t know how to take your decisions in life then atleast don’t mess it up. What Mrs. Khurana told is exactly right, you should not think in that way. And from where dev came from, he is your past and he don’t have any place I your life now. Then whats the problem? See geet, you are getting an opputunity to live your life again and don’t take any nasty steps like your idiot sister.

Kashyap turned to maan and told Mr. Khurana, I think now we cant have meeting now. can we meet tomorrow?

Sure Mr. Kashyap, its not a problem told maan.

Geet, think again don’t take any nasty steps told kashyap and left from there.

Maan beta, take geet to home and talk with her told dadimaa. Maan nodded as he too wanted to talk with her.

Come geet, lets go told maan. But geet didn’t budge from her place. Stubborn girl thought maan. He smirked and scooped geet in his arms and walked out. Geet looked at him with wide eyes. She is trying hard to get out of his grip but maan tightened his grip. Geet is punching on his chest with her tiny fists but maan didn’t care a bit. He opened the car door and made geet to sit on the passengers seat and put seat belt on. Geet tried to escape from there but maan was fast and closed the door glaring at her.

Maan came to drivers seat and drove to KM. Just then geet’s mobile rang and it is from Lavanya. Geet tried to pick the call but maan snatched it from her and picked the call.


Khurana you, where is geet? Asked lavanya.

We are going to KM told maan.

Is everything alright? Asked lavanya.

Come to KM told maan and cut the call and threw the mobile on the dashboard. Geet twisted her lips and looked at maan angrily. Geet took out chocolate from her bag and started eating. Maan looked at her from corner of his eyes and sighed.

God this girl will drive me crazy one day thought maan.

Soon they reached KM, but geet is geet she didn’t budge from her place. Maan rolled his eyes and got down of the car and opened the door on geet’s side and scooped her in his arms again. Geet looked at him angrily and messed his shirt with chocolate.

Geet what are you doing? Asked maan irritatingly.

Eating chocolate told geet. Maan rolled his eyes and took her to outhouse. He placed her on the couch and went to kitchen to grab something to eat.

He came to hall with bread and butter for himself and geet, he knows she didn’t eat anything from morning and better to eat this than that chocolate.

He took the chocolate which she is eating and throwed it aside and gave her the breakfast. Maan sat beside her and told her to eat. She placed the plate aside and stood up.

Maan sir, aapne yeh sab kyun kiya? Aap ne jo kuch bhi kiya acha nahi kiya. I am not worth of you maan sir. I thought I got my love but sir I am not good for you. My past will always come in the middle. And I cant see you humiliated because of me told geet.

Maan didn’t say anything. Hearing no response from him geet turned back and saw maan in the same position havinf his breakfast.

Sir, I am not joking I am serious told geet angrily.

Maan placed the plate aside and went towards geet. He held her by her shoulders and made her to sit.

Geet, don’t you trust my love. Do you think our love is so weak that because of all this I start hating u? asked maan.

I don’t believe my destny sir told geet.

Geet, let me clear you onething. I think you are angry because of yesterday’s matter but geet I never ever loved anyone other than you told maan.

I know maan sir told geet.

Maan looked at geet shocked and confusingly. Geet looked at him with confidence and told I know about you maan sir, even if god comes and tell me bad about you I wont believe.

Geet held maan’s collar and almost shouted aapko kya laga ki I didn’t trust and told all those yesterday. Maan its just to trap that sameera. When you, veer bhai and sanju di went to police station I came to know that sameera is coming to KM from lavanya. She overheard the convo beween sameera and her dad. She is planning against me and sanju di and the whole khurana family. Myself and lavanya akka made a plan to trap sameera. You were not there in KM and we thought it will be easy but I don’t know how you came so early and heard everything. I acted ifront of sameera so that she believe me and I can join hands with her and can easily we can know her plan. But suddenly you came and listened everything. I couldn’t see the pain in your eyes and ran from there. But today morning when I tried to explain you everything you were not ready to talk with me.

By the time lavanya and Guru came to outhouse. Geet left maan’s collar and sat on the couch crying. Listening all this maan closed his eyes controlling his anger.

When he saw lavanya and guru, he asked them to sit.

Khurana.. before lavanya speaks anything maan shouted.

Shut up lavanya just shut up. What you both are thinking of yourselves. What the hell is your plan to trap that sameera. You are risking urs and geet’s life. And what a great plan before doing anything don’t you both have minimum common sense to inform anyone. Mujhe kaise pata chalta hain ki geet is acting. I have to dream before hand haina that geet and lavanya are planning something. Maan nodded his head unbelievably.

For heaven’s sake let me handle this. I know how to tackle with that sameera. Do you know how dangerous she is? Asked maan.

Ha she is dangerous that’s why I am trying to save you told geet wiping her tears. Maan, Guru looked at her surprisingly. She will save them great.. thought maan.

Don’t act childish geet, this is not that easy tried maan to convince geet. By the way in the office you were saying something, you will leave me and go.

Yes its true and I told after 2 months. My 2 years will be completed in KC told geet not looking at maan.

Just then lavanya noticed geet’s maang filled with blood.

Khurana, one minute we know what we are doing. And this is the best way to handle sameera. More than you I know about sameera. As per my information she is going to create problem in your upcoming project told lavanya. Do you know one thing she has each and every information about you. Where you have meeting and whereyou go at what time and all told lavanya.

And do you have any idea who is working under sameera? Asked lavanya.

Maan nodded and told SASHA.


Precap: getting more complicated but clearing some things.

              Must say sam already in action.


P.S.: The new entry kashyap is lavanya’s ex-fiance. And geet, guru, lavanya and kashyap are friends from childhood.From now on lavanya plays an important role Big smile

Destiny and Love part 31 (A)

18 Oct


Geet collapsed on his knees and requested plz maan listen to me. Maan rushed to geet and made her stand. Thought he is angry on him for not trusting him but he cant see her in pain too.

Geet looked at maan with pain and maan too has the same pain in her eyes.

Maan is hating himself, he is not able to gain her trust. After what happened yesterday he don’t want to talk to anyone. HIS geet, his geet didn’t trust him how can that happen. He never expected that from geet. But what she did was unexpected. Not even in his wildest he expected geet to behave in that way, she doubted him. How?? Why??

Lavanya called him many times but he didn’t pick up the call. He hurted himself yesterday in the gym and his palm is bleeding, but maan didn’t care and geet didn’t notice.

Geet held maan’s arms and looked at him painfully. She was about to speak something.

Geet, plz we will talk later. There is a project by the govt. and any 2 companies have to do that project. And the second next construction company after KC contacted me, and the MD will come today for meeting and he will be at anytime. So we will talk later told maan without looking at her.

Geet just nodded knowing that he wont listen to him now. Geet accompanied him to the conference room and looking after the arrangements. All the arrangements are completed and both are silent, there is some awkwardness which they never felt before. They want to talk to each other but not able to. Maan stood near the window and is looking out.

Geet just stood there in silence. She so much want to talk, but words are not coming out. Tears formed in her eyes. Geet ran and hugged maan from back and is crying.

I am sorry maan, I am so sorry I didn’t mean all those words. I am so sorry for hurting you maan cried geet.

Maan closed his eyes in pain. How can he withstand geet’s tears. He turned back and wiped her tears nodding in a no. Just then they saw some one entered into the conference room without knocking and is shocked to see maan and geet so close. Geet moved away from maan embrassed. She looked up to see who is that person and it is none other than sasha.

Maan got angry. Sasha don’t you have manners to knock the door and come asked maan angrily.

Sasha who is in shock came back to her senses by hearing maan.

Wo.. MK I am sorry, I don’t know you and geet are there here told sasha glaring at geet angrily.

Sasha(st): what is there in this girl, that MK is behind her? He don’t even look at me once but this girl. I have to do something.

Sasha just leave from here and inform me when Mr. Kashyap comes told maan.

MK what geet is doing here? Only we both know about the meeting then how cum? Asked sasha getting angry.

Maan lost his cool and shouted sasha, its none of your business. Do what I say. And now get out from here shouted maan.

Geet looked at him horrified and taken a step backward. But she should not fear, she has to face maan now. Seeing maan shouting infront of others humiliated sasha. She dared and asked

Why MK? What happened if I am here? When geet is here why cant i? Geet is just your secretary, why you are giving so much importance to her. You helped her from the accident and when she was not well you didn’t come to office. What is all this MK? asked sasha.

Maan looked at her with angry, first of all yesterday’s events and today this sasha. All are getting on his nerves.

On the other hand, dadi is worried for maan. She don’t know what happened but she saw maan in gym. When maan is so dis-appointed or heart broken he will be in the gym at that time. And even other in the house are also sad. She is hell worried and thought of talking to maan in the morning. By the time she came down nakul told maan has left for office.

Now she had enough. She decided to go to office and confront maan. She immediately called driver and asked him to drive to KC. Soon dadimaa reached KC.

In conference room:  

We were friends from childhood na MK, geet came in the middle. Then why you are giving more importance to geet? Asked sasha.

Here dadi came to maan’s cabin but she found none. She heard some noises from conference room, she headed towards conference hall.  

Sasha mam shouted geet. But before anyone talk sasha came towards geet and slapped her. Geet is shocked and dadimaa who just entered the conference hall is angry on sasha. And maan his eyes are red due to anger.

Sasha’ how dare you slap geet? Tumari itni himmat. Who are you to ask about me and my geet? Roared maan and came dangerous steps towards sasha.

My geet? Oh then this girl even trapped you. Great geet, must say you are very talented. In banglore you trapped that DEV and then when you didn’t get enough money you trapped maan told sasha sarcastically.

Geet had tears in her eyes and felt herself disgusted. Dev, again this dev. Why god why? Thought geet.

Maan’s anger rised thousand folds, his eyes on dadimaa and he looked at her. Dadimaa looked at him with confidence, as if telling him it’s the time to know the whole world what is geet to him. By that time even Mr. Kashyap came to the office, with whom the meeting is fixed. He too heard the argument and is hell angry on that sasha.

How dare she say those cheap words to geet, but before he react anything something unexpected happened which shocked kashyap but not dadimaa.

Maan’s hand turned into fist digging his nails into the skin hearing to sasha.

Bas.. sasha bas. Bohot hogaya. Tum chati ho na geet mere liye kya hain?

Due to the fist his palm started bleeding opening the wounds due to the vigorous workout. Geet is all silent, she want to run away from there. Because of her this is all happening. I don’t deserve maan sir, my past will always taunt him and I cant see him in pain thought geet.

Maan looked at geet with anger, he pulled geet towards him by her waist. Geet looked at him shocked. He raised his hand and looked at dadimaa once. She blinked assuringly. Maan filled geet’s maang with his blood.

Geet and sasha are shocked to see this. Geet looked maan with wide eyes. Maan looked at sasha angrily and told Aaj se geet ke naam ke saath saath Maan singh khurana ka naam jhud gaya hain. Geet ko kuch bhi bolne se pehle soch lena kit um kisse baat kar rahi ho.

Sasha is so shocked to talk anything. The person whom she loved from childhood is now not hers. Sasha is shattered and tears formed in her eyes.

Here geet is so shocked, she is just staring at maan. In that trance, she touched her forehead which is now filled with his blood. She is not able to understand what happened. Just now she thought to leave maan and go but he filled her maang. How can this happen.

No, maan shouldn’t have done this. I am not worth of maan sir. Though maan sir don’t care of my past, but it will be a problem in our relation. I am sorry maan sir, I cannot accept this relation thought geet.

Destiny and Love part 30

18 Oct


I am geet, maan’s secretary told geet.

Tum geet ho, acha hua ki maan ghar par nahi hain. Good timing sameera thought sameera and smirked evilly.

Maan, don’t you know how to respect your boss? Taunted sameera.

Just then preeti came there asking geet. Geet kaun hain?

Ohh preeti dear, you are at home. Its been a long time I met you. How are you? Asked sameera extra cheesily.

Preeti looked at her angrily.

Ohh Ms. Sameera Rathode, ys its been a very long time we met and I am happy for that because I am not able see a disgusting girl like you retorted back preeti angrily.

Sameera shot an angry glare to preeti and told cool preeti cool. Don’t forget I am your would-be bhabhi.

You and my bhabhi, cut short sameera. The one and only wrong thing the khurana’s did was trusting you and your fake love for us told preeti.

Don’t forget preeti, your bhai Maan Singh Khurana loves me and no one can forget their first love told sameera and smirked looking at geet. Geet who is listening the argument widened her eyes to know the piece of information.

Tum bhi batao geet, can anyone forget their first love ever in their life. No na? then its true that maan too loves me. Hain na geet? Asked sameera smiling evilly.

Geet just stood there dumb don’t know what to say. Maan loved sameera once.

And its true that our engagement bhi hagaya told sameera.

Preeti is trying very hard to control her anger.

SAMEERA’ roared Guru who has listened all the argument.

Sameera looked back and looked horrified at guru.

Omg.. how on earth this guru is here? Thought sam.

Not even a single word, dare you talk against anything maan roared guru.

But sam composed herself and told come on guru, don’t be foolish. What I am saying is true.

Guru slapped sam hard. Sam fell down holding her cheek. Preeti and Geet are horrified to see Guru so angry.

Guru what you are doing? Asked preeti.

Anna, stop it just stop it. Why you slapped her? Asked geet.

Anju you don’t know anything about sameera, so you better be out of this told guru.

Just then maan, veer and sanju along with lavanya came to KM. They are shocked to see sameera.

Sameera, what the hell you are doing here shouted sanju.

Why di? Should I not come here? Asked sam getting up.

Get lost from here sam shouted sanju angrily.

I didn’t expect this from you di, how could you do this? You got dad arrested? Asked sanju.

He deserves that told sanju.

Oh I know who deserves what told sam and smiled evilly. Thought these people came but she did what she wanted, that is polluting geet’s mind and by seeing geet she knows she succeeded in her plan.

Here maan is not listening all these. He looked at geet who is now expressionless. He is worried about her, before they came sameera is here in the KM. What sameera told to geet? Thought maan.

But sam didn’t see lavanya, when lavanya saw sam she hid beside the pillar.

Well well, I just came to inform you that mera aur maan ka engagement hogaya. Its maan who broke the engagement but not me. So that means I am the future daughter-in-law of this house. No one can stop me from coming here told sam.

This broke the last piece of patience in lavanya. She came and stood infront of sam. Sam is literally shaking seeing lavanya.

Oh all the best sam. You are our best friend and I know how much you love maan. I will convince him don’t worry. For now will you get out from here told lavanya.

Lavanya looked at geet and blinked her eyes.

Yes lavanya you are right sameera will be maan’s wife soon. We are here sameeraji don’t worry told geet.

All are shocked listening geet.

Geet whispered maan.

Geet rised her hand stopping him. Geet looked at maan angrily, she is not able to digest the fact that maan loved someone and whole family knows that. No one told her till date.

Sorry Mr. khurana, I hate those who lie to me. I never expected this from you. I thought you truly loved me but no. I am not your first love and you can never love me. I don’t want to marry you Mr. Khurana. Samjhe aap? I told you my past to you, I didn’t hide it from you. But what you did? You never talked to me about this told geet angrily. Her heart cried.

Maan is not able to believe what geet is talking so as others. Geet, who loved maan to no extent is now accusing him. Though guru is angry on geet but she is his sister. Sameera smirked as her plan is success. More than what she imagined. Preeti is angry on geet. Sam left from there happily. But one thing sam don’t know is geet is sister of guru.

Sam got into her car and drove back to her house happily.

Here maan looked at her in pain. He didn’t expect geet to talk all these. He though geet will understand him but no she accused him and told I don’t want to marry maan. He want to talk to geet and make understand her that what sam told is all fake. Nothing is true, he never ever loved sam. Geet is his FIRST LOVE.

Geet had tears in her eyes and left from there. Guru followed her. Geet took cab and went to her house. Guru followed her in his car. He is worried for her.

Soon geet reached house and paid for cab driver and ran inside. She went to her room and collapsed on the bed lying bitterly.

Here maan went to gym angrily and started his work out.

I never expected this from you Mr. Khurana.

I don’t want to marry you maan.

Maan is vigourously doing his thai-chi. Geet’s words are ringing in his mind. He broke the ice slab with his hand. His hand started bleeding, but didn’t care. The pain which geet gave him is nothing more than this. Geet doubted him, did she ever trust me? If she did then she would have never doubted me. Why geet? Ek baar mera baat sun leti, tum khud faisla le liya. Meri jaan tumme basti hain geet. Jab tum hi nahi ho mere paas main kuch bhi nahi hu geet. Galti tho meri hain geet, main tumari vishwas nahi jeet payi. Meri pyaar mein kuch kami hain. I am sorry geet, its true that I never told you about sameera because I don’t want to see you in pain. But today because of me you are in pain. I cant tolerate this geet.

Lavanya tried to talk with maan but he is not ready to listen anything. He is not picking her call either.

Dammit, yeh maan bhi kisi ka baat bhi nahi sunta. Ab main kya karu thought lavanya.

She immediately called Guru.


Hello guru its me lavanya.


I want to talk to geet.

Hell, she is not opening her door. I tried convince her but she is not listening told guru.

Actually its my mistake, I know that sam will come to KM but I thought by the time we come she might have gone. But she spoiled my whole plan dammit told lavanya.

What you are talking about? Asked guru.

I will explain you everything tomorrow. Come to maan’s office told lavanya.

Ok I will told guru and cut the call.

That day no one slept. All are in their own thought. Preeti and Vicky are angry on geet. Veer and sanju are not able to under why geet did this way? Maan is angry on himself and geet too. She didn’t even give a chance to maan to explain. He is still in gym sat on the ground dejected. His hands are bleeding but he didn’t care.

Here geet is in her room crying. She wiped her tears and told to herself.

Till now you faced only geet, BUT NOW YOU HAVE TO FACE GEETANJALI SHARMA, BE READY I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL LIVE YOUR REST OF YOUR LIFE IN HELL. You tried to cheat me but not now. I have my ”..

Next day morning:

Maan got ready for office and geet too in her house. She want to go to office today. When she called lavanya she too told she is coming to office.

Maan without informing anyone went to office. Geet took the cab and went to office. For their luck both maan and geet reached office at the same time.

Geet got down from the cab and maan from his car. He looked the other side and noticed geet. Geet paid to the driver and walked towards the entrance. When she looked at maan, he gave a cold glare at her. Geet gulped her saliva frightened.

Iski himmat kaise hu office aane ki thought maan angrily and went towards the elevator followed by his bodyguards. Geet looked at him with anger for ignoring her. Geet looked up and cribbed.

She went to maan’s floor through steps. She knocked maan’s door.

Come in told maan. His voice is cold. Geet never saw this side of maan.

Geet went in and feared seeing his anger.

What do you want? Asked maan.




Maan sir, I am your boss not your friend told maan.

Geet’s eyes filled with tears. She composed herself and told sir I came here to give you this file. I completed.

Maan took the file and checked. His anger rised. What the hell is this? Is that the way you complete the work. Maan throwed the file on the table. What can I expect from you.

Tears rolled down of the cheeks.

Maan what’s wrong with you, why you are behaving like this? Did I do anything wrong? Asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Shut up geet just shut up and stay away from me. I don’t want to see your face again. GET LOST roared maan.

Maan, plz listen to me requested geet.

I told get out roared maan. He is not able to digest the fact that his geet didn’t trust him. But her tears are hurting him. He stood up and closed his eyes. He so want to wipe those tears. But he questioned himself do I have the right?

Geet collapsed on his knees and requested plz maan listen to me. Maan rushed to geet and made her stand. Thought he is angry on him for not trusting him but he cant see her in pain too.

Geet looked at maan with pain and maan too has the same pain in her eyes.


Precap: I know you know what is the next. Yes yes maan fills geet’s maang.


Destiny and Love part 29

18 Oct


Geet I am there na, I will take care of everything. You don’t stress much. Ok? Told maan and kissed her ear lobe.

Geet moaned and nodded in a yes. Maan wants her to be relaxed, so he starting kissing her shoulder. Geet is feeling light under his touch and closed her eyes. Maan hugged her more close to him and geet slept in his arms peacefully.

In sanju-veer’s room:

Sanju hugged veer and closed her eyes, she is so tired of the things happening around her. Veer is caressing her hair soothing her pain. He knows she loved her dad and sister a lot. But today she came to know that she is not Mr. Rathode’s biological daughter. Veer don’t care about all those, even from before he don’t have much impression on that family but he respected them just because that is sanju’s family.

After some time sanju opened her eyes and looked here and there. She found herself in veer’s arms. She smiled feeling relaxed but immediately frowned not finding abhi in the room. She got up with a jerk. Veer looked at her and cupped her face.

How are you feeling now? Asked veer.

Abhi. Where is abhi? Asked sanju worriedly.

He is with geet, don’t worry told veer and caressed her face. Sanju sighed in relief and hugged veer tight. Veer too reciprocated the hug rubbing her back. After some time they broke the hug and sanju told what all happened in Mr. Rathode’s house. By the time she finished veer is seething in anger.

How dare they? They tired to kill you and abhi. No I will make sure that your dad’s hospital will be closed as soon as possible, not even a single patient will suffer because of that hospital now. Sanju you should not interfere in that told veer.

Veer, relax. I tested the medicines there without knowing to dad. And the report says those medicines are fake and should not be used for treatment. Because of those medicines many people died. I have the report of those medicines. Dad came to know about this and he tried to take that file from me, but I didn’t give him. He tried to snatch that file by using abhi. I was there in his house only so it became easy for him to take the file. But today morning without knowing him I took that file and was coming to KM, dad saw me and told his men to kill me and abhi and get that file. But somehow I reached KM and told lavanya to arrest dad told sanju.

But how you and lavanya met? Asked veer.

Actually 2 days back, after meeting geet in the hospital, I went back to our hospital as dad asked me to come. But due to some urgent meeting he went out. At the same time lavanya came to hospital to arrest dad. As one of the patient’s relative has complained against the hospital about the fake medicines. First I didn’t believe and shouted on lavanya. But she didn’t say any thing, she convinced me and gave me 2 days time to check the medicines as I am also a doctor. From 2 days she is in touch with me. Next day I took some medicines to lab and found the truth. Immediately I called lavanya and told the truth. I argued with dad what he is doing is wrong but he didn’t listen and in that anger he told I am not his biological daughter. He slapped me and abhi was also there and he was so frightened told sanju.

Veer thought for a while and told we will go and meet lavanya now.

Why?? Asked sanju.

We should file a case against your so called dad for attempt murder and I will make sure that he will rot in jail for rest of his life told veer in anger.

Veer but sameera?? Asked sanju.

We will think about her later told veer don’t want to argue more. Sanju if anything happened to you or abhi today, then I would have killed your dad for sure. He did a grave mistake by raising hand on you. He stoop so low and killed many people with those medicines. Not any more, give me those reports asked veer. Sanju gave those reports to veer.

Sanju you don’t come, take rest. Me and maan will go and meet lavanya told veer.

I will also come veer asked sanju.

You are tired told veer.

No problem told sanju.

Ok come, I will ask maan to call lawyer told veer and left for geet’s room.

In geet’s room:

Geet got up and saw maan with abhi, both are playing. She then saw veer and sanju are entering into the room. She smiled at them. She can see sanju little bit relieved, geet is happy for that. She smiled at them, but geet can see that veer is angry. Seeing geet, veer smiled at her.

Veer took abhi in his arms and kissed her forehead and hugged him tight, confirming that he is fine.

Where are preeti and Vicky? Asked veer.

Don’t know bro, I didn’t see them from morning told maan.

What the hell is this? What’s happening in this house. Kisi ko nahi pata what does that mean? Call and tell them to come immediately told veer sternly. Maan and geet are taken abak with his behavior. Maan just nodded and went outside to call them. Before he call them, they both had come and saw maan.

Hiii bro wished preeti and Vicky.

Where were you both? Asked maan.

Bro, we need to talk to you told Vicky.

Whats the matter? Asked maan.

First you come with us told preeti and took maan to other room. Maan is confused with their behavior but just followed them. They 3 went to next room and closed the door.

Bro, see this video told preeti and gave maan her mobile. Maan saw the video and is shocked. His blood bolied seeing that. Its actually a video of sameera and her dad Mr. Rathode. They are planning against geet. They want geet to be out of maan’s life so that sam can marry maan. And that’s the main reason why they approved for the alliance of sanju with veer, so that sam can be the daughter-in-law of khurana family.

Dammit’ sam and Mr. Rathode are playing something. What is that? Thought maan. How do sam know about geet, except our family and guru’s family no one knows. Then??

Bro what all this happening? Asked Vicky.

Wait Vicky, when you recorded this video? Asked maan.

Today morning bro told Vicky.

Where? Asked maan.

In their house, actually we went to meet sanju bhabhi told preeti.

Maan thought for a while and asked where were you both till now?

Wo.. bro we waited there only without their knowledge so that we would come to know more, but something unexpected happened told preeti.

What is that? Asked maan.

Police arrested Mr.Rathode told Vicky.

Maan smirked and thought thanku joshi.

Ok fine, come with me and don’t tell about this video to anyone not even bro. ok?? Told maan.

They both nodded and they left for geet’s room. Veer saw preeti and Vicky and sighed in relief.

Where were you both till now? Asked veer.

Wo.. bro we went to meet our friend lied Vicky.

Don’t you know that you have to inform at house and go asked veer sternly.

Sorry bro mumbled both preeti and Vicky.

Wo.. bro Mr. Rathode is arrested told maan. Veer looked at maan confused. Wo, Ms. Joshi called me and told.

Ok, but we need to meet her told veer.

Ok told maan, veer is serious about something and he don’t want to argue further about this matter. Anyways he too need to talk to lavanya.

Geet, preeti and Vicky you be there at home. If dadimaa comes don’t tell her anything. She should not stress much told maan.

They 3 nodded and preeti took abhi from veer. Maan, veer and sanju went to meet Lavanya. In the car maan messaged to adi about some thing. Soon they went to ACP office, maan knocked her cabin door.

Come in said lavanya.

They 3 entered in to her cabin and she thought they would come to meet her for sure. Lavanya smiled at them and asked them to take their seat.

Ms. Joshi we need to talk to you something important told veer.

I know sir, before you say anything I would like to tell you some thing told lavanya and stood up. Mr. Rathode is under our custody now. And its hard for him to get even bail. And you have those reports with you. So it will be very easy to close the hospital told lavanya.

Thanku ma’am, and we want to file a case against him. An attempt Murder case told veer.

Lavanya nodded amd told sure sir. They filed a case against him. Thought sanju was sad but she has to do this. Culprits should be punished for sure. Sanju signed on those papers and told lavanya security..

No need of that bhabhi, I have arranged bodyguards for all told maan.

Lavanya looked at him and rolled her eyes.

Khurana, don’t you think that we can arrange security? Asked lavanya.

I know but I have my personal body guards and I know them very well. I cant take risk on bhabhi or geet now told maan.

Geet?? Asked lavanya.

Ha your sister told maan.

I know who is geet, but why security for her? Asked lavanya.

Sameera.. told maan. Listening her name lavanya blood boiled, she hate her to no extent. And again sameera in her sister’s life.

What did she is doing now? Asked lavanya.


In KM:

Geet, preeti and Vicky are in hall watching TV with abhi. Just then the bell rang. They thought veer and others are back. Geet went to open the door. She saw a lady there.

Is maan there? Asked that lady.

Ji no he is not at home. Plz come in told geet.

Who are you? Asked that lady rudely.

I am geet, maan’s secretary told geet.

Tum geet ho, acha hua ki maan ghar par nahi hain. Good timing sameera thought sameera and smirked evilly.


Rishtey part 2

18 Oct

Maan, u don’t think of work I will handle everything. You just go and enjoy there warned naina and maan nodded like a obedient child.

Ok, I will enjoy there. Fine, now you are happy? Asked maan.

Hmm, I want to ask you something told naina.


Why you decided to go to India? Asked naina curiously.

Maan looked at her for a while and told I don’t know, when annie told me about dadimaa I felt very bad. And I wanna meet her. Dad told many times about dadimaa, but today I am getting a chance to see her. Maa promised annie that we will come for her marriage. These 26 years I don’t know anything about any relationship. Its just your family, maa, papa and tammy are there for me. But now I want to see my whole family, talk with them, tell them how papa use to miss them. And even its papa’s last wish’ stopped maan and turned the other side. Its not that naina never saw emotional maan. But there is so much pain in his voice when he was saying about his papa.

Naina hugged maan and rubbing his back to calm down. Maan calm down.. shhh…

Maan came out of the hug and told I am fine naina. An idea popped in naina’s head to cheer up or rather say divert maan’s mind.

Maan, tomorrow I cant come to office. I have some important work told naina.

Don’t tell me again shopping told maan shocked.

No not shopping told naina and blushed.

Then?? Asked maan and looked at her suspiciously.

She then looked at clock and told maan its very late I have to go now.

First tell me where are you going tomorrow? Asked maan seriously.

Hey leave it maan told Naina and was about to leave the room. Maan held her hand and asked do you love’. Before maan complete naina said if he is ok for you only and left from there.

Maan saw her going and murmured crazy girl.

Naina and Harshad love each other from the college days. But they never expressed their love. Days passed their college got over and settled in the lives. Maan too knows Harshad and has a good opinion on him. Harshad is planning to propose Naina soon.

On the other side Tammy is busy in packing her bag. Priya is asusual listening her blabbering.

Tammy we are going to India for marriage, you are packing these many things which will be enough for 3-4 people told priya sarcastically.

Tammy made a angry face and looked at her mother. Maa is it a joke? Then a very bad one. I just packed only one bag told tammy making baby face.

Do whatever you want I am going to sleep now told priya and left from there. Tammy made a grumpy face and murmured no on is there to help me. She sat on the bed and took her papa’s photo which is on her table. She hugged the photo close to her heart and started speaking to her dad.

Papa, your dream is going to be fulfilled. Yes papa we are going to India. You know I am so excited to meet all of them. Papa we all are very happy for their invitation after so many years but you are not there with us papa and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She felt a hand on her head. She looked up to see maan. She smiled through tears and hugged him by his waist.

Maan caressed her hair. Tammy looked at maan and then her papa’s pic. She made a baby face and complained papa, see maan bhai always tease me for everything. And mama is his support. No one is here to support me.

In India:

I am there na..

What? What you do? Asked an elderly lady in her late 60’s.

Arey dadi chill, I will go to delhi and pick up annie. Tell me timing of the flight told a girl.

No no GEET beta, you will not go alone. I will send some one with you told dadi savitri singh khurana.

Dadi I am not a kid ok. And I will leave tomorrow morning so that I can reach by car by the time annie reach Delhi told geet like a stubborn child and left from there.

Maa, you pamper her so much, now she wont listen to anyone complained geet’s mom.

Savitri smiled and told she is a kid, don’t worry about her. Meri geet samajdar ladki hain (my geet will understand everything).

In Australia:

Maan rolled his eyes at his sis cute complaints. He sat on the bed to help her in packing. Tammy saw that and smiled.

Who will believe THE MSK is packing his sister’s luggage. I don’t understand why all your employees are afraid of you told tammy thinking deep.

Maan just nodded his head at his nautanki sister. Don’t think too much and don’t strain your little brain too much told maan sarcastically.

Tammy twisted her lips and made a face. Later they completed their packing and slept in their respective rooms.

Next day morning :

Here annie got up and freshed. She checked everything before leaving. She had a breakfast and was about to leave her mobile rang. She saw the caller ID and got tensed.

Why maan sir is calling me? Thought annie. She picked up the call.

Hello, good morning sir wished annie.

Good morning annie, Is everything set ? asked maan.

Yes sir, thanku sir.

Ok annie, be in airport in 2 hours we are going to delhi in our private plane told maan.

Ji??? Gasped annie.

Airport in 2 hours told maan and cut the call.

Maan this is too much, you are scaring her told naina shaking her head.

Just shut up and help me in putting the luggage in the car told maan.

Excuse me???

Bring that bag told maan and left. Naina stomped and helped maan. After breakfast everyone left for airport. Tammy is jumping in joy and priya is also happy and maan is also excited but thinking how will the family receive them. Soon they reached airport and saw annie is waiting for them.

Annie saw them and smiled. Naina hugged her and wished.

All the best annie. Happy married life.

Why you are wishing me now, don’t you come for my marriage? Asked annie sadly.

No no, nothing like that. I will come for sure told naina and smiled.

Thanku naina. Namaste badi maa wished annie.

God bless you beta. She is tamanna, your sister. Tammy she is annie your cousin priya introduced them.

Hii annie di. Congratulations wished tammy and hugged her.

Thanku tamanna.

You can call me tammy yaar told tammy.

Annie smiled, she never met tamanna and badi maa till today but now she liked them a lot. She is sure her family, oops their family gonna like them. But maan sir, how can he live without work there that too for a month. And how should we stay under the same roof. I get tensed just by seeing him thought annie.

All of them went in and Naina bod good bye to them. Tammy hugged naina.

Miss you so much di, you too come to India we will enjoy there.

Sure princess. I will come told naina and kissed her forehead.

Naina hugged priya and annie. She then goes to maan.

You first don’t worry about me and work. I will take care after all I am Naina Kapoor friend of the great MSK.

Maan smiled at her and hugged. Miss you.

Miss you too. Careful, don’t get angry on anyone. I know you wont but who knows sir ka mood kab kaisa hoga.

Oho stop it yaar. Take care ok, and ya a surprise is waiting for you. After the surprise tell me how is it? Told maan.

What is the surprise? Asked naina.

I am going to India told maan and laughed out loud.


Bye dear, maa chale? Asked maan.

Priya nodded and they bid good bye to naina and they all boarded the flight.

Here geet took car and driving by herself. She is so excited to meet annie after many years. She switched on the FM and her favorite song is playing. Geet is humming the song and enjoying herself. She is feeling humgry, she stopped the car near by dhaba and had her fav Punjabi khana. Again she started her journey. Soon she reached delhi and its more an hour for the flight to arrive.

She is waiting for annie to come. Here maan and others reached delhi. The journey was awesome. Tammy and annie became good friends. They almost talked all the random things in the whole journey. Maan just saw them unbelievably listening to them. How can they talk during whole journey.

They collected their luggage and came out. Geet saw annie coming and exclaimed in joy.

Annieee’. Shouted geet.

Annie smiled widely. Geet ran to annie and hugged her tight.

Annie’ I missed you so much yaar.

Me too geet. Missed you so much..

Priya, tammy and maan saw them and smiled.

Maan bhai, when you and naina meet after a month. Your both reaction will be same told tammy. Maan smiled.

Lets go I came by car, we can enjoy our journey told geet happily.

Geet, badi maa and her children came told annie.

Badi maa?? Asked geet confusingly.

Ha. Dadimaa’s elder son told annie.

Oh.. where are they? Asked geet.

Annie turned back and introduced them to geet. Badi maa, she is my best friend geet. Geet she is badi maa, my sister tamanna and my br.. boss maan introduced annie.

She is scared if she introduces him as bro he may not like it.

Annie, I am your brother told maan. You call me bhai, you are also like tammy. Annie is happy and overwhelmed. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): cant he smile and say. See babaji how he is glaring.


Precap: maan: tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha.

               Geet: ji nahi mujhe kisika sunne ka aadat nahi hain. Samjhe??  

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