Destiny and Love part 29

18 Oct


Geet I am there na, I will take care of everything. You don’t stress much. Ok? Told maan and kissed her ear lobe.

Geet moaned and nodded in a yes. Maan wants her to be relaxed, so he starting kissing her shoulder. Geet is feeling light under his touch and closed her eyes. Maan hugged her more close to him and geet slept in his arms peacefully.

In sanju-veer’s room:

Sanju hugged veer and closed her eyes, she is so tired of the things happening around her. Veer is caressing her hair soothing her pain. He knows she loved her dad and sister a lot. But today she came to know that she is not Mr. Rathode’s biological daughter. Veer don’t care about all those, even from before he don’t have much impression on that family but he respected them just because that is sanju’s family.

After some time sanju opened her eyes and looked here and there. She found herself in veer’s arms. She smiled feeling relaxed but immediately frowned not finding abhi in the room. She got up with a jerk. Veer looked at her and cupped her face.

How are you feeling now? Asked veer.

Abhi. Where is abhi? Asked sanju worriedly.

He is with geet, don’t worry told veer and caressed her face. Sanju sighed in relief and hugged veer tight. Veer too reciprocated the hug rubbing her back. After some time they broke the hug and sanju told what all happened in Mr. Rathode’s house. By the time she finished veer is seething in anger.

How dare they? They tired to kill you and abhi. No I will make sure that your dad’s hospital will be closed as soon as possible, not even a single patient will suffer because of that hospital now. Sanju you should not interfere in that told veer.

Veer, relax. I tested the medicines there without knowing to dad. And the report says those medicines are fake and should not be used for treatment. Because of those medicines many people died. I have the report of those medicines. Dad came to know about this and he tried to take that file from me, but I didn’t give him. He tried to snatch that file by using abhi. I was there in his house only so it became easy for him to take the file. But today morning without knowing him I took that file and was coming to KM, dad saw me and told his men to kill me and abhi and get that file. But somehow I reached KM and told lavanya to arrest dad told sanju.

But how you and lavanya met? Asked veer.

Actually 2 days back, after meeting geet in the hospital, I went back to our hospital as dad asked me to come. But due to some urgent meeting he went out. At the same time lavanya came to hospital to arrest dad. As one of the patient’s relative has complained against the hospital about the fake medicines. First I didn’t believe and shouted on lavanya. But she didn’t say any thing, she convinced me and gave me 2 days time to check the medicines as I am also a doctor. From 2 days she is in touch with me. Next day I took some medicines to lab and found the truth. Immediately I called lavanya and told the truth. I argued with dad what he is doing is wrong but he didn’t listen and in that anger he told I am not his biological daughter. He slapped me and abhi was also there and he was so frightened told sanju.

Veer thought for a while and told we will go and meet lavanya now.

Why?? Asked sanju.

We should file a case against your so called dad for attempt murder and I will make sure that he will rot in jail for rest of his life told veer in anger.

Veer but sameera?? Asked sanju.

We will think about her later told veer don’t want to argue more. Sanju if anything happened to you or abhi today, then I would have killed your dad for sure. He did a grave mistake by raising hand on you. He stoop so low and killed many people with those medicines. Not any more, give me those reports asked veer. Sanju gave those reports to veer.

Sanju you don’t come, take rest. Me and maan will go and meet lavanya told veer.

I will also come veer asked sanju.

You are tired told veer.

No problem told sanju.

Ok come, I will ask maan to call lawyer told veer and left for geet’s room.

In geet’s room:

Geet got up and saw maan with abhi, both are playing. She then saw veer and sanju are entering into the room. She smiled at them. She can see sanju little bit relieved, geet is happy for that. She smiled at them, but geet can see that veer is angry. Seeing geet, veer smiled at her.

Veer took abhi in his arms and kissed her forehead and hugged him tight, confirming that he is fine.

Where are preeti and Vicky? Asked veer.

Don’t know bro, I didn’t see them from morning told maan.

What the hell is this? What’s happening in this house. Kisi ko nahi pata what does that mean? Call and tell them to come immediately told veer sternly. Maan and geet are taken abak with his behavior. Maan just nodded and went outside to call them. Before he call them, they both had come and saw maan.

Hiii bro wished preeti and Vicky.

Where were you both? Asked maan.

Bro, we need to talk to you told Vicky.

Whats the matter? Asked maan.

First you come with us told preeti and took maan to other room. Maan is confused with their behavior but just followed them. They 3 went to next room and closed the door.

Bro, see this video told preeti and gave maan her mobile. Maan saw the video and is shocked. His blood bolied seeing that. Its actually a video of sameera and her dad Mr. Rathode. They are planning against geet. They want geet to be out of maan’s life so that sam can marry maan. And that’s the main reason why they approved for the alliance of sanju with veer, so that sam can be the daughter-in-law of khurana family.

Dammit’ sam and Mr. Rathode are playing something. What is that? Thought maan. How do sam know about geet, except our family and guru’s family no one knows. Then??

Bro what all this happening? Asked Vicky.

Wait Vicky, when you recorded this video? Asked maan.

Today morning bro told Vicky.

Where? Asked maan.

In their house, actually we went to meet sanju bhabhi told preeti.

Maan thought for a while and asked where were you both till now?

Wo.. bro we waited there only without their knowledge so that we would come to know more, but something unexpected happened told preeti.

What is that? Asked maan.

Police arrested Mr.Rathode told Vicky.

Maan smirked and thought thanku joshi.

Ok fine, come with me and don’t tell about this video to anyone not even bro. ok?? Told maan.

They both nodded and they left for geet’s room. Veer saw preeti and Vicky and sighed in relief.

Where were you both till now? Asked veer.

Wo.. bro we went to meet our friend lied Vicky.

Don’t you know that you have to inform at house and go asked veer sternly.

Sorry bro mumbled both preeti and Vicky.

Wo.. bro Mr. Rathode is arrested told maan. Veer looked at maan confused. Wo, Ms. Joshi called me and told.

Ok, but we need to meet her told veer.

Ok told maan, veer is serious about something and he don’t want to argue further about this matter. Anyways he too need to talk to lavanya.

Geet, preeti and Vicky you be there at home. If dadimaa comes don’t tell her anything. She should not stress much told maan.

They 3 nodded and preeti took abhi from veer. Maan, veer and sanju went to meet Lavanya. In the car maan messaged to adi about some thing. Soon they went to ACP office, maan knocked her cabin door.

Come in said lavanya.

They 3 entered in to her cabin and she thought they would come to meet her for sure. Lavanya smiled at them and asked them to take their seat.

Ms. Joshi we need to talk to you something important told veer.

I know sir, before you say anything I would like to tell you some thing told lavanya and stood up. Mr. Rathode is under our custody now. And its hard for him to get even bail. And you have those reports with you. So it will be very easy to close the hospital told lavanya.

Thanku ma’am, and we want to file a case against him. An attempt Murder case told veer.

Lavanya nodded amd told sure sir. They filed a case against him. Thought sanju was sad but she has to do this. Culprits should be punished for sure. Sanju signed on those papers and told lavanya security..

No need of that bhabhi, I have arranged bodyguards for all told maan.

Lavanya looked at him and rolled her eyes.

Khurana, don’t you think that we can arrange security? Asked lavanya.

I know but I have my personal body guards and I know them very well. I cant take risk on bhabhi or geet now told maan.

Geet?? Asked lavanya.

Ha your sister told maan.

I know who is geet, but why security for her? Asked lavanya.

Sameera.. told maan. Listening her name lavanya blood boiled, she hate her to no extent. And again sameera in her sister’s life.

What did she is doing now? Asked lavanya.


In KM:

Geet, preeti and Vicky are in hall watching TV with abhi. Just then the bell rang. They thought veer and others are back. Geet went to open the door. She saw a lady there.

Is maan there? Asked that lady.

Ji no he is not at home. Plz come in told geet.

Who are you? Asked that lady rudely.

I am geet, maan’s secretary told geet.

Tum geet ho, acha hua ki maan ghar par nahi hain. Good timing sameera thought sameera and smirked evilly.



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