Destiny and Love part 30

18 Oct


I am geet, maan’s secretary told geet.

Tum geet ho, acha hua ki maan ghar par nahi hain. Good timing sameera thought sameera and smirked evilly.

Maan, don’t you know how to respect your boss? Taunted sameera.

Just then preeti came there asking geet. Geet kaun hain?

Ohh preeti dear, you are at home. Its been a long time I met you. How are you? Asked sameera extra cheesily.

Preeti looked at her angrily.

Ohh Ms. Sameera Rathode, ys its been a very long time we met and I am happy for that because I am not able see a disgusting girl like you retorted back preeti angrily.

Sameera shot an angry glare to preeti and told cool preeti cool. Don’t forget I am your would-be bhabhi.

You and my bhabhi, cut short sameera. The one and only wrong thing the khurana’s did was trusting you and your fake love for us told preeti.

Don’t forget preeti, your bhai Maan Singh Khurana loves me and no one can forget their first love told sameera and smirked looking at geet. Geet who is listening the argument widened her eyes to know the piece of information.

Tum bhi batao geet, can anyone forget their first love ever in their life. No na? then its true that maan too loves me. Hain na geet? Asked sameera smiling evilly.

Geet just stood there dumb don’t know what to say. Maan loved sameera once.

And its true that our engagement bhi hagaya told sameera.

Preeti is trying very hard to control her anger.

SAMEERA’ roared Guru who has listened all the argument.

Sameera looked back and looked horrified at guru.

Omg.. how on earth this guru is here? Thought sam.

Not even a single word, dare you talk against anything maan roared guru.

But sam composed herself and told come on guru, don’t be foolish. What I am saying is true.

Guru slapped sam hard. Sam fell down holding her cheek. Preeti and Geet are horrified to see Guru so angry.

Guru what you are doing? Asked preeti.

Anna, stop it just stop it. Why you slapped her? Asked geet.

Anju you don’t know anything about sameera, so you better be out of this told guru.

Just then maan, veer and sanju along with lavanya came to KM. They are shocked to see sameera.

Sameera, what the hell you are doing here shouted sanju.

Why di? Should I not come here? Asked sam getting up.

Get lost from here sam shouted sanju angrily.

I didn’t expect this from you di, how could you do this? You got dad arrested? Asked sanju.

He deserves that told sanju.

Oh I know who deserves what told sam and smiled evilly. Thought these people came but she did what she wanted, that is polluting geet’s mind and by seeing geet she knows she succeeded in her plan.

Here maan is not listening all these. He looked at geet who is now expressionless. He is worried about her, before they came sameera is here in the KM. What sameera told to geet? Thought maan.

But sam didn’t see lavanya, when lavanya saw sam she hid beside the pillar.

Well well, I just came to inform you that mera aur maan ka engagement hogaya. Its maan who broke the engagement but not me. So that means I am the future daughter-in-law of this house. No one can stop me from coming here told sam.

This broke the last piece of patience in lavanya. She came and stood infront of sam. Sam is literally shaking seeing lavanya.

Oh all the best sam. You are our best friend and I know how much you love maan. I will convince him don’t worry. For now will you get out from here told lavanya.

Lavanya looked at geet and blinked her eyes.

Yes lavanya you are right sameera will be maan’s wife soon. We are here sameeraji don’t worry told geet.

All are shocked listening geet.

Geet whispered maan.

Geet rised her hand stopping him. Geet looked at maan angrily, she is not able to digest the fact that maan loved someone and whole family knows that. No one told her till date.

Sorry Mr. khurana, I hate those who lie to me. I never expected this from you. I thought you truly loved me but no. I am not your first love and you can never love me. I don’t want to marry you Mr. Khurana. Samjhe aap? I told you my past to you, I didn’t hide it from you. But what you did? You never talked to me about this told geet angrily. Her heart cried.

Maan is not able to believe what geet is talking so as others. Geet, who loved maan to no extent is now accusing him. Though guru is angry on geet but she is his sister. Sameera smirked as her plan is success. More than what she imagined. Preeti is angry on geet. Sam left from there happily. But one thing sam don’t know is geet is sister of guru.

Sam got into her car and drove back to her house happily.

Here maan looked at her in pain. He didn’t expect geet to talk all these. He though geet will understand him but no she accused him and told I don’t want to marry maan. He want to talk to geet and make understand her that what sam told is all fake. Nothing is true, he never ever loved sam. Geet is his FIRST LOVE.

Geet had tears in her eyes and left from there. Guru followed her. Geet took cab and went to her house. Guru followed her in his car. He is worried for her.

Soon geet reached house and paid for cab driver and ran inside. She went to her room and collapsed on the bed lying bitterly.

Here maan went to gym angrily and started his work out.

I never expected this from you Mr. Khurana.

I don’t want to marry you maan.

Maan is vigourously doing his thai-chi. Geet’s words are ringing in his mind. He broke the ice slab with his hand. His hand started bleeding, but didn’t care. The pain which geet gave him is nothing more than this. Geet doubted him, did she ever trust me? If she did then she would have never doubted me. Why geet? Ek baar mera baat sun leti, tum khud faisla le liya. Meri jaan tumme basti hain geet. Jab tum hi nahi ho mere paas main kuch bhi nahi hu geet. Galti tho meri hain geet, main tumari vishwas nahi jeet payi. Meri pyaar mein kuch kami hain. I am sorry geet, its true that I never told you about sameera because I don’t want to see you in pain. But today because of me you are in pain. I cant tolerate this geet.

Lavanya tried to talk with maan but he is not ready to listen anything. He is not picking her call either.

Dammit, yeh maan bhi kisi ka baat bhi nahi sunta. Ab main kya karu thought lavanya.

She immediately called Guru.


Hello guru its me lavanya.


I want to talk to geet.

Hell, she is not opening her door. I tried convince her but she is not listening told guru.

Actually its my mistake, I know that sam will come to KM but I thought by the time we come she might have gone. But she spoiled my whole plan dammit told lavanya.

What you are talking about? Asked guru.

I will explain you everything tomorrow. Come to maan’s office told lavanya.

Ok I will told guru and cut the call.

That day no one slept. All are in their own thought. Preeti and Vicky are angry on geet. Veer and sanju are not able to under why geet did this way? Maan is angry on himself and geet too. She didn’t even give a chance to maan to explain. He is still in gym sat on the ground dejected. His hands are bleeding but he didn’t care.

Here geet is in her room crying. She wiped her tears and told to herself.

Till now you faced only geet, BUT NOW YOU HAVE TO FACE GEETANJALI SHARMA, BE READY I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL LIVE YOUR REST OF YOUR LIFE IN HELL. You tried to cheat me but not now. I have my ”..

Next day morning:

Maan got ready for office and geet too in her house. She want to go to office today. When she called lavanya she too told she is coming to office.

Maan without informing anyone went to office. Geet took the cab and went to office. For their luck both maan and geet reached office at the same time.

Geet got down from the cab and maan from his car. He looked the other side and noticed geet. Geet paid to the driver and walked towards the entrance. When she looked at maan, he gave a cold glare at her. Geet gulped her saliva frightened.

Iski himmat kaise hu office aane ki thought maan angrily and went towards the elevator followed by his bodyguards. Geet looked at him with anger for ignoring her. Geet looked up and cribbed.

She went to maan’s floor through steps. She knocked maan’s door.

Come in told maan. His voice is cold. Geet never saw this side of maan.

Geet went in and feared seeing his anger.

What do you want? Asked maan.




Maan sir, I am your boss not your friend told maan.

Geet’s eyes filled with tears. She composed herself and told sir I came here to give you this file. I completed.

Maan took the file and checked. His anger rised. What the hell is this? Is that the way you complete the work. Maan throwed the file on the table. What can I expect from you.

Tears rolled down of the cheeks.

Maan what’s wrong with you, why you are behaving like this? Did I do anything wrong? Asked geet with tears in her eyes.

Shut up geet just shut up and stay away from me. I don’t want to see your face again. GET LOST roared maan.

Maan, plz listen to me requested geet.

I told get out roared maan. He is not able to digest the fact that his geet didn’t trust him. But her tears are hurting him. He stood up and closed his eyes. He so want to wipe those tears. But he questioned himself do I have the right?

Geet collapsed on his knees and requested plz maan listen to me. Maan rushed to geet and made her stand. Thought he is angry on him for not trusting him but he cant see her in pain too.

Geet looked at maan with pain and maan too has the same pain in her eyes.


Precap: I know you know what is the next. Yes yes maan fills geet’s maang.



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