Destiny and Love part 31 (A)

18 Oct


Geet collapsed on his knees and requested plz maan listen to me. Maan rushed to geet and made her stand. Thought he is angry on him for not trusting him but he cant see her in pain too.

Geet looked at maan with pain and maan too has the same pain in her eyes.

Maan is hating himself, he is not able to gain her trust. After what happened yesterday he don’t want to talk to anyone. HIS geet, his geet didn’t trust him how can that happen. He never expected that from geet. But what she did was unexpected. Not even in his wildest he expected geet to behave in that way, she doubted him. How?? Why??

Lavanya called him many times but he didn’t pick up the call. He hurted himself yesterday in the gym and his palm is bleeding, but maan didn’t care and geet didn’t notice.

Geet held maan’s arms and looked at him painfully. She was about to speak something.

Geet, plz we will talk later. There is a project by the govt. and any 2 companies have to do that project. And the second next construction company after KC contacted me, and the MD will come today for meeting and he will be at anytime. So we will talk later told maan without looking at her.

Geet just nodded knowing that he wont listen to him now. Geet accompanied him to the conference room and looking after the arrangements. All the arrangements are completed and both are silent, there is some awkwardness which they never felt before. They want to talk to each other but not able to. Maan stood near the window and is looking out.

Geet just stood there in silence. She so much want to talk, but words are not coming out. Tears formed in her eyes. Geet ran and hugged maan from back and is crying.

I am sorry maan, I am so sorry I didn’t mean all those words. I am so sorry for hurting you maan cried geet.

Maan closed his eyes in pain. How can he withstand geet’s tears. He turned back and wiped her tears nodding in a no. Just then they saw some one entered into the conference room without knocking and is shocked to see maan and geet so close. Geet moved away from maan embrassed. She looked up to see who is that person and it is none other than sasha.

Maan got angry. Sasha don’t you have manners to knock the door and come asked maan angrily.

Sasha who is in shock came back to her senses by hearing maan.

Wo.. MK I am sorry, I don’t know you and geet are there here told sasha glaring at geet angrily.

Sasha(st): what is there in this girl, that MK is behind her? He don’t even look at me once but this girl. I have to do something.

Sasha just leave from here and inform me when Mr. Kashyap comes told maan.

MK what geet is doing here? Only we both know about the meeting then how cum? Asked sasha getting angry.

Maan lost his cool and shouted sasha, its none of your business. Do what I say. And now get out from here shouted maan.

Geet looked at him horrified and taken a step backward. But she should not fear, she has to face maan now. Seeing maan shouting infront of others humiliated sasha. She dared and asked

Why MK? What happened if I am here? When geet is here why cant i? Geet is just your secretary, why you are giving so much importance to her. You helped her from the accident and when she was not well you didn’t come to office. What is all this MK? asked sasha.

Maan looked at her with angry, first of all yesterday’s events and today this sasha. All are getting on his nerves.

On the other hand, dadi is worried for maan. She don’t know what happened but she saw maan in gym. When maan is so dis-appointed or heart broken he will be in the gym at that time. And even other in the house are also sad. She is hell worried and thought of talking to maan in the morning. By the time she came down nakul told maan has left for office.

Now she had enough. She decided to go to office and confront maan. She immediately called driver and asked him to drive to KC. Soon dadimaa reached KC.

In conference room:  

We were friends from childhood na MK, geet came in the middle. Then why you are giving more importance to geet? Asked sasha.

Here dadi came to maan’s cabin but she found none. She heard some noises from conference room, she headed towards conference hall.  

Sasha mam shouted geet. But before anyone talk sasha came towards geet and slapped her. Geet is shocked and dadimaa who just entered the conference hall is angry on sasha. And maan his eyes are red due to anger.

Sasha’ how dare you slap geet? Tumari itni himmat. Who are you to ask about me and my geet? Roared maan and came dangerous steps towards sasha.

My geet? Oh then this girl even trapped you. Great geet, must say you are very talented. In banglore you trapped that DEV and then when you didn’t get enough money you trapped maan told sasha sarcastically.

Geet had tears in her eyes and felt herself disgusted. Dev, again this dev. Why god why? Thought geet.

Maan’s anger rised thousand folds, his eyes on dadimaa and he looked at her. Dadimaa looked at him with confidence, as if telling him it’s the time to know the whole world what is geet to him. By that time even Mr. Kashyap came to the office, with whom the meeting is fixed. He too heard the argument and is hell angry on that sasha.

How dare she say those cheap words to geet, but before he react anything something unexpected happened which shocked kashyap but not dadimaa.

Maan’s hand turned into fist digging his nails into the skin hearing to sasha.

Bas.. sasha bas. Bohot hogaya. Tum chati ho na geet mere liye kya hain?

Due to the fist his palm started bleeding opening the wounds due to the vigorous workout. Geet is all silent, she want to run away from there. Because of her this is all happening. I don’t deserve maan sir, my past will always taunt him and I cant see him in pain thought geet.

Maan looked at geet with anger, he pulled geet towards him by her waist. Geet looked at him shocked. He raised his hand and looked at dadimaa once. She blinked assuringly. Maan filled geet’s maang with his blood.

Geet and sasha are shocked to see this. Geet looked maan with wide eyes. Maan looked at sasha angrily and told Aaj se geet ke naam ke saath saath Maan singh khurana ka naam jhud gaya hain. Geet ko kuch bhi bolne se pehle soch lena kit um kisse baat kar rahi ho.

Sasha is so shocked to talk anything. The person whom she loved from childhood is now not hers. Sasha is shattered and tears formed in her eyes.

Here geet is so shocked, she is just staring at maan. In that trance, she touched her forehead which is now filled with his blood. She is not able to understand what happened. Just now she thought to leave maan and go but he filled her maang. How can this happen.

No, maan shouldn’t have done this. I am not worth of maan sir. Though maan sir don’t care of my past, but it will be a problem in our relation. I am sorry maan sir, I cannot accept this relation thought geet.


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