Destiny and Love part 31 (B)

18 Oct


No, maan shouldn’t have done this. I am not worth of maan sir. Though maan sir don’t care of my past, but it will be a problem in our relation. I am sorry maan sir, I cannot accept this relation thought geet.

They heard the sound of clapping. All of them looked at the direction and saw a smiling Kashyap (Guys its not a surname, his actual name is kashyap). Geet is shocked to see him, and on top of that lavanya told she will come now. If they both meet each other, no this should not happen.

He came towards Maan and shook hands with a smile. He looked at geet and hugged her. First maan is angry, how on earth this Kashyap is hugging his geet. Geet too hugged him back and cried.

Shhh geet, don’t cry. See everything is fine now. Don’t think of anything now told kashyap.

Geet broke the hug and looked at him with tears. But maan looked at sasha who is in shock. Dadimaa came forward and told sasha, I never expected such behavior from you. If its not you then I would haved fired. But you are munshiji’s daughter. We are transferred to London branch. Pack your things as soon as possible and leave India. Its your last and final chance, if you repeat such things again then KC will make sure you wont get job anywhere.

Dadimaa warned sasha, she meekly nodded and left from there. Dadimaa turned towards geet and smiled at her. Geet don’t know how to face dadimaa. Because of her so many things are happening.

Geet beta called dadimaa.

I am so sorry dadimaa, I don’t know what is all happening. Because of me sasha ma’am talked like that with maan sir. I am curse for everyone dadimaa. I am not good, plz forgive me dadimaa cried geet.

Dadi cupped geet’s face and told no beta, don’t ever think like that. You are like my daughter and now you are maan’s wife. And you are very lucky for maan, geet.

No dadimaa, today sasha ma’am asked me about my past and tomorrow others will ask. I don’t want maan sir to be insulted because of me. Just 2 months dadimaa, my contract for 2 years will be completed and no one knows what happened here. May maan sir filled my maang, but we will be known strangers from now on told geet.

Maan is looking at her angrily. Has this girl gone mad? Thought maan. From yesterday something has happened to her and talking all rubbish. These 2 sisters lavanya and geet are same, they know how to make others life a living hell with their idiotic thoughts thought maan and sighed.

Kashyap looked at geet and told geet, do you even know what you are talking. Hell with that dev, we all know what happened then why you are affecting your future thinking about that past. Do you even think what you are talking. Does you think before talking anything. If you don’t know how to take your decisions in life then atleast don’t mess it up. What Mrs. Khurana told is exactly right, you should not think in that way. And from where dev came from, he is your past and he don’t have any place I your life now. Then whats the problem? See geet, you are getting an opputunity to live your life again and don’t take any nasty steps like your idiot sister.

Kashyap turned to maan and told Mr. Khurana, I think now we cant have meeting now. can we meet tomorrow?

Sure Mr. Kashyap, its not a problem told maan.

Geet, think again don’t take any nasty steps told kashyap and left from there.

Maan beta, take geet to home and talk with her told dadimaa. Maan nodded as he too wanted to talk with her.

Come geet, lets go told maan. But geet didn’t budge from her place. Stubborn girl thought maan. He smirked and scooped geet in his arms and walked out. Geet looked at him with wide eyes. She is trying hard to get out of his grip but maan tightened his grip. Geet is punching on his chest with her tiny fists but maan didn’t care a bit. He opened the car door and made geet to sit on the passengers seat and put seat belt on. Geet tried to escape from there but maan was fast and closed the door glaring at her.

Maan came to drivers seat and drove to KM. Just then geet’s mobile rang and it is from Lavanya. Geet tried to pick the call but maan snatched it from her and picked the call.


Khurana you, where is geet? Asked lavanya.

We are going to KM told maan.

Is everything alright? Asked lavanya.

Come to KM told maan and cut the call and threw the mobile on the dashboard. Geet twisted her lips and looked at maan angrily. Geet took out chocolate from her bag and started eating. Maan looked at her from corner of his eyes and sighed.

God this girl will drive me crazy one day thought maan.

Soon they reached KM, but geet is geet she didn’t budge from her place. Maan rolled his eyes and got down of the car and opened the door on geet’s side and scooped her in his arms again. Geet looked at him angrily and messed his shirt with chocolate.

Geet what are you doing? Asked maan irritatingly.

Eating chocolate told geet. Maan rolled his eyes and took her to outhouse. He placed her on the couch and went to kitchen to grab something to eat.

He came to hall with bread and butter for himself and geet, he knows she didn’t eat anything from morning and better to eat this than that chocolate.

He took the chocolate which she is eating and throwed it aside and gave her the breakfast. Maan sat beside her and told her to eat. She placed the plate aside and stood up.

Maan sir, aapne yeh sab kyun kiya? Aap ne jo kuch bhi kiya acha nahi kiya. I am not worth of you maan sir. I thought I got my love but sir I am not good for you. My past will always come in the middle. And I cant see you humiliated because of me told geet.

Maan didn’t say anything. Hearing no response from him geet turned back and saw maan in the same position havinf his breakfast.

Sir, I am not joking I am serious told geet angrily.

Maan placed the plate aside and went towards geet. He held her by her shoulders and made her to sit.

Geet, don’t you trust my love. Do you think our love is so weak that because of all this I start hating u? asked maan.

I don’t believe my destny sir told geet.

Geet, let me clear you onething. I think you are angry because of yesterday’s matter but geet I never ever loved anyone other than you told maan.

I know maan sir told geet.

Maan looked at geet shocked and confusingly. Geet looked at him with confidence and told I know about you maan sir, even if god comes and tell me bad about you I wont believe.

Geet held maan’s collar and almost shouted aapko kya laga ki I didn’t trust and told all those yesterday. Maan its just to trap that sameera. When you, veer bhai and sanju di went to police station I came to know that sameera is coming to KM from lavanya. She overheard the convo beween sameera and her dad. She is planning against me and sanju di and the whole khurana family. Myself and lavanya akka made a plan to trap sameera. You were not there in KM and we thought it will be easy but I don’t know how you came so early and heard everything. I acted ifront of sameera so that she believe me and I can join hands with her and can easily we can know her plan. But suddenly you came and listened everything. I couldn’t see the pain in your eyes and ran from there. But today morning when I tried to explain you everything you were not ready to talk with me.

By the time lavanya and Guru came to outhouse. Geet left maan’s collar and sat on the couch crying. Listening all this maan closed his eyes controlling his anger.

When he saw lavanya and guru, he asked them to sit.

Khurana.. before lavanya speaks anything maan shouted.

Shut up lavanya just shut up. What you both are thinking of yourselves. What the hell is your plan to trap that sameera. You are risking urs and geet’s life. And what a great plan before doing anything don’t you both have minimum common sense to inform anyone. Mujhe kaise pata chalta hain ki geet is acting. I have to dream before hand haina that geet and lavanya are planning something. Maan nodded his head unbelievably.

For heaven’s sake let me handle this. I know how to tackle with that sameera. Do you know how dangerous she is? Asked maan.

Ha she is dangerous that’s why I am trying to save you told geet wiping her tears. Maan, Guru looked at her surprisingly. She will save them great.. thought maan.

Don’t act childish geet, this is not that easy tried maan to convince geet. By the way in the office you were saying something, you will leave me and go.

Yes its true and I told after 2 months. My 2 years will be completed in KC told geet not looking at maan.

Just then lavanya noticed geet’s maang filled with blood.

Khurana, one minute we know what we are doing. And this is the best way to handle sameera. More than you I know about sameera. As per my information she is going to create problem in your upcoming project told lavanya. Do you know one thing she has each and every information about you. Where you have meeting and whereyou go at what time and all told lavanya.

And do you have any idea who is working under sameera? Asked lavanya.

Maan nodded and told SASHA.


Precap: getting more complicated but clearing some things.

              Must say sam already in action.


P.S.: The new entry kashyap is lavanya’s ex-fiance. And geet, guru, lavanya and kashyap are friends from childhood.From now on lavanya plays an important role Big smile


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