Destiny and Love part 32

18 Oct


Khurana, one minute we know what we are doing. And this is the best way to handle sameera. More than you I know about sameera. As per my information she is going to create problem in your upcoming project told lavanya. Do you know one thing she has each and every information about you. Where you have meeting and whereyou go at what time and all told lavanya.

And do you have any idea who is working under sameera? Asked lavanya.

Maan nodded and told SASHA.

Geet looked at maan shocked.

What?? Sasha ma’am, but why she will do like that? Asked geet.

Maan became uncomfortable with that question. He don’t want to answer but geet wont leave him if he wont answer. Guru and Lavanya saw maan uncomfortable.

Geet, its because sasha loves maan told Guru. Geet remembered mornings incident and guessed why she reacted in that way. A sudden pang of jealousy erupted in geet. He is HER only HER’S. Her hand became a fist.

Will she really go to London or will play any more games now thought geet. I have to do something.

How do you know? Asked lavanya.

Hmm yesterday when I was coming back to office from the site, I saw Sameera and sasha in a coffee shop. So I guessed that sameera trapped sasha told maan.

Hmmm you guessed right told lavanya.

What about the problem in the project you were talking about? Asked geet.

When I went to station yesterday sam and her dad is discussing something about the project. And heard that thye are gonna create problem with your co-partner in the project told lavanya.

Hell.. murmured maan and is in angry. Before that sam does something we have to do something and talk with him told maan.

No problem. Sam cant do anything, I am sure about it told geet confidently.

Maan, lavanya and guru looked at her suspiciously.

Lavanya akka, better you don’t come to office till this project finish told geet concerned.

Why? Asked lavanya confused.

The client is Kashyap told geet. Lavanya is first shocked but composed herself. She made a stren face and told ok I wont come.

There was silence for some time. Lavanya is trying very hard to control her tears. All the past which she spent with kashyap came infront of her. The most memorable days of her life. Guru is shocked to know kashyap is here. But why? He knows very well where lavanya is and he kept a track on her. But never let her know about that, then why today he came to Delhi. This whole thing is confusing him.

Lavanya is kashyap is your fianc ? asked maan.

Lavanya didn’t say anything, her head started spinning. She held her head tight and within no time she fainted. Geet rushed to her and made her sit on the couch. She went to kitchen and brought a glass of water. She made her drink water and caressed her hair.

Maan, guru will you please go out for some time? Asked geet.

They both nodded and left from there. Geet looked at lavanya who is in tears now.

What happened lavanya? Are you ok? Asked geet.

Lavanya tried to get up and sit. She nodded and told I will go now. you be careful. We will meet tomorrow.

Akka, please once listen to me requested geet.

Please geet I don’t need to talk anything now. its over. Did you understand told lavanya.

Hell with your stubbornness akka, don’t you understand what I am saying. Don’t be so stubborn ok. Its not good for anyone. I need you to talk with him and tell him everything now. Just tell everything I am damn sure it works. And no one can understood you more than him told geet angrily.

What should I tell geet, just tell me. I cant face him dammit I cant shouted lavanya. Before geet speak lavanya’s mobile rang.


Ma’am, she is in XYZ hotel told police informer.

Why? Who is there in that Hotel? Asked lavanya.

Mr. Kashyap told informer. Lavanya closed his eyes and told ok I am coming now.

Seeing her face expression geet asked did she reach kashyap?

Lavanya nodded.

Okay I have a plan, I need your and maan’s help told geet.

No you will not come told lavanya.

I am not a kid for god’s sake. I am also coming that’s it told geet stubbornly.

Ok as you wish told lavanya helplessly. Geet smiled at the success of her first plan. They both went out and saw maan and guru are worried. Geet and lavanya went to them.

Sam reached Kashyap told geet. And I have a plan to trap her. I need your help for that told geet.

You are not doing anything geet. Did you understand? Asked maan in anger.

Fine, if you don’t want to help me I will do it by myself told geet stubbornly.

Geeet.. shouted maan in anger.

Geet please listen to us. We should not underestimate sam told guru.

But maan saw the confidence in geet’s eyes and told ok I am with geet.

Geet’s eyes glowed hearing this and guru have no other choice other than to help them. They all got into the car and drove to XYZ hotel. Geet told her plan to maan and others, got they all are really impressed with geet.

In XYZ Hotel:

Kashyap is in his room reading some file. He heard a knock on his door. He closed the file and opened the door. There he saw sameera.


Mr. Kashyap?? Asked sam.

Yes, may I know who you are? Asked kashyap.

Hii, I am maan’s fianc I need to talk to you something important told sam.

Seeing sam he didn’t felt any positive vibes and next she introduced herself as maan’s fianc where as maan and geet are almost married just few hours back. But he allowed her in.

Hello miss.


Miss. Sameera, how can I help you? Asked kashyap. He took his mobile without knowing to her and dialed maan’s number. Here maan who is driving car saw the caller ID and picked the call.

Well Mr. Kashyap, I am here to talk to you about KC. As you know KC is no. 1 company in India.

Yes ma’am that’s the reason I decided to do this joint venture with KC.

Maan who listened this kept his mobile on speaker mode so that all can hear.

Yes, but I need to tell you something about geet, who is maan’s secretary told sam.

Maan’s eyes became red hearing this. He want to kill her on the spot.

Geet?? Asked kashyap.

Yes geet loves maan, but we are engaged. So she somehow wants to break our engagement.

Why you are telling me all there? Asked kashyap controlling his anger.

Simple Mr. Kashyap. I am just here to warn you be careful with geet. She is working for a rival company. She may give the price quotations to the rival company. And you wont get this project. I told to maan many times about her but he didn’t believe me. And I am warning you before hand so that you will be careful. And when there is so much risk doing a project with KC, why don’t you join other company for this project. You can do your work peacefully told sam and smirked seeing kashyap’s reaction.

Well Miss. Sameera, you are maan’s fianc then how can you say about his company? Asked kashyap.

Sameera is shocked with this question, she didn’t expect such type of question.

Wo.. wo.. its just nothing Mr. Kashyap, I want maan to learn the truth about geet that’s it told sam confidently.

Must say Miss. Sameera Rathode, you are intelligent came a voice from the entrance.

Kashyap smirked and sam turned back to see maan, guru and lavanya. She is shocked to wits, her face turned pale. This is very unexpected. She is now literally shivering. Maan, lavanya and guru are looking at her angrily.

Lavanya came forward and slapped her tight.

This I should have done in the college itself, its not too late now. what you think of yourself ha? Very smart. And to tell all non-sense about geet and we believe. Never ever Ms. Rathode, may be you don’t know. Listen carefully Geet is mine and guru’s sister.

This came like a blow on her face. geet is their sister.

And sameera I have warned you before not to interfere in my life. But you did that. Tumari himmat kaise hui meri geet ke baare mein yeh sab kehne ki. Just stay out of my life samjhi tum? Roared maan angrily.

Calm down maan told sanju who just came there along with veer.

di.. whispered sam.

No don’t call me like that. Chi sharam ati hain mujhe told sanju angrily.

Di once listen to me’

No you listen to me. Veer.. veer gave some papers to sanju.

Sanju showed it to sam and told this is restrain orders from court. Now todays onwards you cant come near Khurana family. If you did so then you will be inside bars. Don’t you dare to harm any of use. You have pay for all the deeds you did sam. Just get lost from here shouted sanju.

Sam looked defeated, her whole plan flopped. She left helpless. Sam’s dad did a grave mistake by letting sanju know about his deeds. If she don’t know about their plan then today it might be easy to manipulate.

Now why you are standing here and seeing our faces. Do you want me to call police asked maan.

To sam’s surprise, police inspector came.

Hello ma’am wished inspector. Lavanya nodded and showed the restrain order to him.

Miss. Rathode, will you go from here or do you want us to arrest you warned police. Sam looked at them angrily and told today I am going but I wont leave anyone of you.

Sam left from there angrily. Lavanya smirked and turned her face away. She then looked at kashyap who is looking at her angrily. Geet who is standing outside till now came in.


Precap: maan’s past..



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