Destiny and Love part 33

18 Oct

Sam looked at them angrily and told today I am going but I wont leave anyone of you.

Sam left from there angrily. Lavanya smirked and turned her face away. She then looked at kashyap who is looking at her angrily. Geet who is standing outside till now came in. Veer and geet Hi-Fied at the success of their plan. Sanju hugged geet.

Thanku so much geet told sanju.

Di’ pls don thank me told geet and hugged her.

Maan sighed in relief as of now the sam’s problem is solved but he has to do something. He looked at geet who is happy now. He smiled at her and is happy to see her smile. Here 2 persons are really uncomfortable. One is kashyap and other is Lavanya. She want to go from there. Geet is observing them both. Geet signaled guru to talk to kashyap. Guru nodded and walked towards Kashyap.

Hii how r u?? asked guru and hugged kashyap.

I am fine guru told kashyap. There is some awkward silence between them. Lavanya turned towards exit, but geet held her hand and nodded in a no. Lavanya looked at geet angrily. No she is angry on herself, she cant face those questioning eyes. Its killing her from inside.

Geet pushed lavanya towards Kashyap, he held her from falling down.

You both first talk with each other, stop this cold war. Nothing is gonna happen if you wont talk. Kashyap, don’t take any decision in haste. Think before what you do told geet.

Sanju di, we will go now told geet and they nodded. All of them left from there leaving kashyap and lavanya alone. Maan and geet got into one car where as veer, sanju and guru are in another car. Maan drove for sometime and stopped the car in a lonely place. Geet didn’t ask him where they are heading. When he stopped the car she looked at him questioningly.

Geet, this is our farm house. I need to talk to you. Pls come with me asked maan.

Geet nodded, as she too wants to clear all the things to him. They both got down and entered into the farm house. Geet sat on the couch looking here and there.

When maan was about to go to kitchen to make coffee for both geet stopped him.

Maan, first we will talk told geet.

But.. geet

Pls maan.

Maan nodded and sat beside her. Geet rested her head on his shoulder.

I am sorry geet, its not to hurt you but i dont want to go in my past and live in those moments again told maan sadly.

Maan, i was angry on you for not telling the truth to me. Its not because I wont trust you. Its because I don’t want to hear anything bad about you. But when lavanya akka told me about that sameera I understood how much you have suffered told geet.

When you know about sam why you want to leave me geet? Asked maan sadly.  

I am afraid maan. When sasha told about dev, I was so afraid what if he comes into my life again. I don’t want you to be in trouble because of me. But I realized my mistake maan, I cant live without you maan told geet with tears in her eyes.

Shut up geet, its the last time you are talking all rubbish. Nothing will happen to me because of you geet. You are my life geet how can you think like that. Samjhi tum??

Geet hugged maan tight and told i am sorry maan, i was scared..

Geet remember one thing, what ever be the situation. Whether it may be sam or dev. We will face them together. Geet our love not that weak ki we will bow our heads infront of them. Ok?? Never think of all these things again. If you think of leaving me again and go then meri kasam told maan seriously.

Geet looked at him and shouted maaan’

Sach shona, geet ke bina maan ki zindagi adoori hain told maan and kissed her forehead. Geet hugged maan tight and they both are in same position feeling each other. Its like these 2 days are roller caster ride for them.



Main aapse ek baat poochu? Asked geet.

Poocho.. told maan.

Maan, how lavanya became your friend. Aapko bhi bohot gussa and usko bhi bohot gussa hain..

Mujhe gussa ata hain??? hmmm? asked maan.

Ha… aapke iss bade bade aankhon mein dekho, bohot gussa ata hain aapko. Main kitna sweet hu aur aap gussa wala..

Maan smiled and told Wo.. joshi pehle itna gusse wali nahi thi. U know on her first day with her craziness she made me smile.. you are same…


CRAZY… told maan and smiled.

Geet made a grumpy face and asked am I crazy??

Ofcourse.. told maan and got up.

Where r you going? Asked geet.

Tumari chakkar main I didn’t eat anything from morning and I am hungry told maan.

Mujhe bhi, I want pasta told geet.

Maan nodded his head and told ok madam. Geet smiled and followed him to kitchen. Maan is busy in preparing pasta and geet asked maan tell me about your college days na. and about sam.. asked geet hesitantly.

First of all promise me that you don’t do anything crazy.

No maan, I told you already my plan. I am not going to back off told geet stubbornly.

Ok fine I will tell you. Its almost 4 years back geet when I went to US for my masters. I and guru met there in the university and we ended up in same room and we both became best buddies told maan.

Geet is listening to him carefully.

Its just a week we joined the University and we became best friends. One day he told his cousin is coming from India. We both went to airport for Lavanya. It’s the first time I met her in the airport told maan.

~~ flashback ~~

Lavanya is waiting for Guru in the airport. She saw guru and other guy coming towards her. lavanya smiled at guru, he waved and smiled back. Guru introduced maan.

Hey lav how r u?? he is my friend maan, and maan she is lavanya my cousin told guru.

Maan smiled at her and shook hands exchanging hi’s.


Precap: their friendship..

Sam and maan’s engagement..


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