Rishtey part 2

18 Oct

Maan, u don’t think of work I will handle everything. You just go and enjoy there warned naina and maan nodded like a obedient child.

Ok, I will enjoy there. Fine, now you are happy? Asked maan.

Hmm, I want to ask you something told naina.


Why you decided to go to India? Asked naina curiously.

Maan looked at her for a while and told I don’t know, when annie told me about dadimaa I felt very bad. And I wanna meet her. Dad told many times about dadimaa, but today I am getting a chance to see her. Maa promised annie that we will come for her marriage. These 26 years I don’t know anything about any relationship. Its just your family, maa, papa and tammy are there for me. But now I want to see my whole family, talk with them, tell them how papa use to miss them. And even its papa’s last wish’ stopped maan and turned the other side. Its not that naina never saw emotional maan. But there is so much pain in his voice when he was saying about his papa.

Naina hugged maan and rubbing his back to calm down. Maan calm down.. shhh…

Maan came out of the hug and told I am fine naina. An idea popped in naina’s head to cheer up or rather say divert maan’s mind.

Maan, tomorrow I cant come to office. I have some important work told naina.

Don’t tell me again shopping told maan shocked.

No not shopping told naina and blushed.

Then?? Asked maan and looked at her suspiciously.

She then looked at clock and told maan its very late I have to go now.

First tell me where are you going tomorrow? Asked maan seriously.

Hey leave it maan told Naina and was about to leave the room. Maan held her hand and asked do you love’. Before maan complete naina said if he is ok for you only and left from there.

Maan saw her going and murmured crazy girl.

Naina and Harshad love each other from the college days. But they never expressed their love. Days passed their college got over and settled in the lives. Maan too knows Harshad and has a good opinion on him. Harshad is planning to propose Naina soon.

On the other side Tammy is busy in packing her bag. Priya is asusual listening her blabbering.

Tammy we are going to India for marriage, you are packing these many things which will be enough for 3-4 people told priya sarcastically.

Tammy made a angry face and looked at her mother. Maa is it a joke? Then a very bad one. I just packed only one bag told tammy making baby face.

Do whatever you want I am going to sleep now told priya and left from there. Tammy made a grumpy face and murmured no on is there to help me. She sat on the bed and took her papa’s photo which is on her table. She hugged the photo close to her heart and started speaking to her dad.

Papa, your dream is going to be fulfilled. Yes papa we are going to India. You know I am so excited to meet all of them. Papa we all are very happy for their invitation after so many years but you are not there with us papa and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She felt a hand on her head. She looked up to see maan. She smiled through tears and hugged him by his waist.

Maan caressed her hair. Tammy looked at maan and then her papa’s pic. She made a baby face and complained papa, see maan bhai always tease me for everything. And mama is his support. No one is here to support me.

In India:

I am there na..

What? What you do? Asked an elderly lady in her late 60’s.

Arey dadi chill, I will go to delhi and pick up annie. Tell me timing of the flight told a girl.

No no GEET beta, you will not go alone. I will send some one with you told dadi savitri singh khurana.

Dadi I am not a kid ok. And I will leave tomorrow morning so that I can reach by car by the time annie reach Delhi told geet like a stubborn child and left from there.

Maa, you pamper her so much, now she wont listen to anyone complained geet’s mom.

Savitri smiled and told she is a kid, don’t worry about her. Meri geet samajdar ladki hain (my geet will understand everything).

In Australia:

Maan rolled his eyes at his sis cute complaints. He sat on the bed to help her in packing. Tammy saw that and smiled.

Who will believe THE MSK is packing his sister’s luggage. I don’t understand why all your employees are afraid of you told tammy thinking deep.

Maan just nodded his head at his nautanki sister. Don’t think too much and don’t strain your little brain too much told maan sarcastically.

Tammy twisted her lips and made a face. Later they completed their packing and slept in their respective rooms.

Next day morning :

Here annie got up and freshed. She checked everything before leaving. She had a breakfast and was about to leave her mobile rang. She saw the caller ID and got tensed.

Why maan sir is calling me? Thought annie. She picked up the call.

Hello, good morning sir wished annie.

Good morning annie, Is everything set ? asked maan.

Yes sir, thanku sir.

Ok annie, be in airport in 2 hours we are going to delhi in our private plane told maan.

Ji??? Gasped annie.

Airport in 2 hours told maan and cut the call.

Maan this is too much, you are scaring her told naina shaking her head.

Just shut up and help me in putting the luggage in the car told maan.

Excuse me???

Bring that bag told maan and left. Naina stomped and helped maan. After breakfast everyone left for airport. Tammy is jumping in joy and priya is also happy and maan is also excited but thinking how will the family receive them. Soon they reached airport and saw annie is waiting for them.

Annie saw them and smiled. Naina hugged her and wished.

All the best annie. Happy married life.

Why you are wishing me now, don’t you come for my marriage? Asked annie sadly.

No no, nothing like that. I will come for sure told naina and smiled.

Thanku naina. Namaste badi maa wished annie.

God bless you beta. She is tamanna, your sister. Tammy she is annie your cousin priya introduced them.

Hii annie di. Congratulations wished tammy and hugged her.

Thanku tamanna.

You can call me tammy yaar told tammy.

Annie smiled, she never met tamanna and badi maa till today but now she liked them a lot. She is sure her family, oops their family gonna like them. But maan sir, how can he live without work there that too for a month. And how should we stay under the same roof. I get tensed just by seeing him thought annie.

All of them went in and Naina bod good bye to them. Tammy hugged naina.

Miss you so much di, you too come to India we will enjoy there.

Sure princess. I will come told naina and kissed her forehead.

Naina hugged priya and annie. She then goes to maan.

You first don’t worry about me and work. I will take care after all I am Naina Kapoor friend of the great MSK.

Maan smiled at her and hugged. Miss you.

Miss you too. Careful, don’t get angry on anyone. I know you wont but who knows sir ka mood kab kaisa hoga.

Oho stop it yaar. Take care ok, and ya a surprise is waiting for you. After the surprise tell me how is it? Told maan.

What is the surprise? Asked naina.

I am going to India told maan and laughed out loud.


Bye dear, maa chale? Asked maan.

Priya nodded and they bid good bye to naina and they all boarded the flight.

Here geet took car and driving by herself. She is so excited to meet annie after many years. She switched on the FM and her favorite song is playing. Geet is humming the song and enjoying herself. She is feeling humgry, she stopped the car near by dhaba and had her fav Punjabi khana. Again she started her journey. Soon she reached delhi and its more an hour for the flight to arrive.

She is waiting for annie to come. Here maan and others reached delhi. The journey was awesome. Tammy and annie became good friends. They almost talked all the random things in the whole journey. Maan just saw them unbelievably listening to them. How can they talk during whole journey.

They collected their luggage and came out. Geet saw annie coming and exclaimed in joy.

Annieee’. Shouted geet.

Annie smiled widely. Geet ran to annie and hugged her tight.

Annie’ I missed you so much yaar.

Me too geet. Missed you so much..

Priya, tammy and maan saw them and smiled.

Maan bhai, when you and naina meet after a month. Your both reaction will be same told tammy. Maan smiled.

Lets go I came by car, we can enjoy our journey told geet happily.

Geet, badi maa and her children came told annie.

Badi maa?? Asked geet confusingly.

Ha. Dadimaa’s elder son told annie.

Oh.. where are they? Asked geet.

Annie turned back and introduced them to geet. Badi maa, she is my best friend geet. Geet she is badi maa, my sister tamanna and my br.. boss maan introduced annie.

She is scared if she introduces him as bro he may not like it.

Annie, I am your brother told maan. You call me bhai, you are also like tammy. Annie is happy and overwhelmed. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): cant he smile and say. See babaji how he is glaring.


Precap: maan: tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha.

               Geet: ji nahi mujhe kisika sunne ka aadat nahi hain. Samjhe??  


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  1. trs1391 October 20, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    awsem update

  2. dona86 October 20, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    loved it..

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