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Rishtey part 3

19 Oct


Annie turned back and introduced them to geet. Badi maa, she is my best friend geet. Geet she is badi maa, my sister tamanna and my br.. boss maan introduced annie.

She is scared if she introduces him as bro he may not like it.

Annie, I am your brother told maan. You call me bhai, you are also like tammy. Annie is happy and overwhelmed. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): cant he smile and say. See babaji how he is glaring.

Listening to maan, priya and tammy are happy.

Jii Namaste wished geet and smiled at priya and tammy. They both smiled at her, but maan is busy checking his mobile. His face looked irritated, tammy saw that and asked bro, what happened?

I don’t know net is not connecting told maan. Tammy smiled mutely. Maan looked at her suspiciously.

Why you are smiling? Asked maan.

Umm.. nothing bro told tammy and tried to walk away. But now maan is more suspicious.

Tammy tell me what is the matter? Asked maan.

I will tell you, if you don’t scold me told tammy.

Till now geet is listening to him smiled silently. But unknowingly she blurted out.

Arey yaar, how you are expecting that he wont scold you. See his face, he is all angry angry types told geet. She then realized what she told and bit her tongue. Now maan actually noticed geet. First impression tho gaya kaam se. Maan looked at geet angrily.

Good one ji told tammy and laughed. But annie is worried. She nudged geet and asked her to shut up fearing of his anger.

Bro naina di, disconnected net access from your mobile told tammy.

What?? Has she gone mad?? Asked maan. No problem I will buy a new mobile told maan and smirked.

Oops I don’t know how to disconnect told tammy making a baby face.

Well.. don’t worry ji, I know how to do it told geet.

Wow.. that’s great. And yes my name is tammy and we both are not that old to call each other ji ji told tammy.

Yeah, even I was thinking the same told geet and smiled. Annie is happy seeing tammy and geet’s friendship. But maan is irritated and on top of that net connection and now this girl whom he don’t know but she started helping tammy against him.

He is glaring at geet angrily but she ignored. They all came out and kept the luggage in the car. Geet is on the driver seat. Annie sat in the passenger seat, maan, priya and tammy in the back seat. They started their journey to Hoshiyarpur. Tammy and priya are so happy to meet their family but maan is still thinking of the families reaction. His dad told him many time that his dadaji is very angry on them but maan cant refuse when his maa promise. Some where he is also very happy going to his family whom he never met in his life time.

Here geet is driving car in full speed and she love driving car.

Geet, slow down the car told annie.

Ohh annie, stop it yaar. Let me drive told geet and concentrated on driving again.

Are we going by car or flying in air thought maan.

Tammy giggled mutely seeing maan’s face. she still remember when she asked maan to drive fast, maan told we should not drive too fast. It is not good and we should not violate traffic rules.

Geet switched on the music system in the car. But she saw a small girl is crying sitting on the side of the road. Geet stopped the car and got down to see what happened to that girl. Maan too got down to see what is the problem. Geet went near the small girl and saw she got hurted on her leg and is crying. Geet felt bad seeing her crying.

Hello baby, what happened did you fell down? Asked geet bending to her level.

That baby nodded cutely still crying.

See good girls don’t cry, wait I will put medicine now and it wont pain told geet.

Sachi??? Asked that girl.

Maan who is upto now listening to them came to that girl and took her in his arms and made her sit on the car bonnet.

Yes baby if you apply medicine, it wont pain told maan.

Baby nodded cutely and geet went to bring the first aid box. She took the cotton and cleaned the wound and applied medicine. Baby flinched in pain some times but maan diverted her mind by asking her various questions. Finally geet completed applying medicine.

See baby its over told geet and smiled at her.

Baby smiled at both of them and kissed their cheek and thanked her.

Where is your house? Asked maan.

Near by uncle told baby.

Come I will drop you told maan and took her in his arms.

They both walked to her house. Baby’s parents saw her wound and got panicked but maan told not to worry. They thanked him and baby bid good bye to maan. Maan walked to the car. Geet, annie and tammy are talking with each other.

Maan took the opportunity and told come lets go, I will drive the car. Atleast we will go on road. Geet glared at him for his sarcastic comment.

No problem I know how to drive so I will only drive told geet.

No I will told maan.

No I will retorted geet.

I will drive told maan glaring at her.

I will

I will

I will

Maan got angry at her stubbornness, but tammy is surprised to see maan fighting like a small child and this side of maan is new for annie. Priya smiled at maan, seeing his childish behavior. He was the same from childhood but because of business and other things he changed a lot.

Tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha? Asked maan angrily.

Ji nahi, mujhe kisi ka sunne ka aadat nahi hain told geet and smirked seeing his face.

How dare you? How dare you argue with Maan Singh Khurana asked maan angrily and coming close to her.

So.. If you are Maan singh khurana then I am Geet Sharma retorded geet back.


Yes its me geet, if you want to come with us then sit in the back seat nahi tho we will go leaving you here told geet.

This girl is really getting on my nerves thought maan. Maan opened the back door, geet saw that and smirked. But before she reach maan opened the front door pushing geet aside and sat on the driver seat smirking at geet.

Geet who saw this opened her mouth in a O shape.

Close your mouth ma’am, well if you want to come with us then get in to the car nahi tho.. laughed maan.

This is my dialogue told geet.

Ohh any copyrights teased maan.

I wont leave you told geet and silently sat on the back seat. All of them got into the car and maan drove the car. He is just driving in an normal speed.

If we go in this speed then we wont reach HP today muttered geet. Maan listened to this but ignored. He is enjoying his driving and the greenery around.

Later all of them got busy in talking with each other. Annie and geet are full on masti mood. This shows how much they missed each other. Maan smiled at them. In 3 hours they reached HP. Annie told the way to Haveli, they reached Khurana Haveli and maan stopped the car.

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