Do i deserve ur love part 25

21 Oct



Maan and geet got into the car and started their new journey of their life. The driver started the car and his friends are coming on the other car. Maan and geet settled on the back seat. Rano and pari are watching them, geet saw them from the car window and waved to them till they are out of sight. Geet stopped waving and looked at maan with teary eyes. Maan side hugged rubbing her arms. Geet snuggled close to him and relaxed. After some time geet became normal.

Do you need some water? Asked maan. Geet nodded in a no. Maan kissed her head and smiled at her. They both are silent, feeling each other and dreaming about their new life. Just then geet opened her eyes and looked outside and then looked at maan confusingly.

Where are we going? Asked geet.

Just close your eyes and relax, you are tired. When we reach our destination you will come to know told maan.

Geet pouted and asked maan plz tell na. Maan nodded in a no. Geet looked up and told see babaji, its just few hours our marriage happened and he started irritating me and made a cute baby face.

Maan leaned close to her and whispered in her ears. Geet don’t make those faces. I cant control myself. His voice is husky and full of desires. Geet looked at him wide eyes gulping her saliva. She lowered her eye lashes and blushed hard. Maan hugged her feeling contended seeing her to normal self and smiling. Soon they reached their destination. Maan blindfolded geet an scooped up in his arms.

Maan what are you doing? Asked geet looking here and there. But not able to see anything due to blindfold.

Chup bilkul chup, how much you ask? Chided maan.

Geet made a baby face, maan took her near the door of their new house and made her stand on her feet. Pinky and others who already came there opened the door and smiled at maan. Maan opened her blindfold and it took few seconds for geet to adjust her sight. She then looked around, Her new house which is so beautiful from outside. The garden on the either sides of entrance, different types of flowers. She is looked at maan in awe, who gave his smile in  return.

Bay House Design Designed By Gartner Trovato


Andar chale, HUMARA ghar told maan. Geet nodded while tears are threatening to fall down her cheeks. Maan nodded in a no.

Pinky does aarti and puts tilak on geet’s and maan’s forehead and asks them to enter in to the house.

One minute geet stopped maan. Geet looked at him confused. Just then adi brought the cement plate and kept on the floor.

Our first step in our house should be memorable geet told maan.

Geet smiled happily at him and they both placed their first step on the cement plate and imprinted their feet and entered into the house.

Geet looked around and she is in absolute awe seeing the house simple yet beautiful. It is a 3 bedroom flat, the interior dcor was superb according to the taste of both maan and geet. Geet really loved their new house.


Pinky asked them to go and rest for a while as the other rituals are gonna start in a while. Maan took geet to the other room. They both sat on the couch. Geet placed her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Maan hugged her and closed his eyes. Both are tired so they fell asleep soon.

Here maan’s friends are decorating their bed room. After some time they finished decorating and maneet too got up. Pinky knocked the door. Maan opened and allowed her in.

Geet come with me told pinky and took geet with her. Here maan freshened and changed into cream color sherwani. Here geet too changed into her red color saree selected by maan for their wedding night. She looked herself in the mirror and blushed.

Pinky came and hugged her.

I am so happy for you geet told pinky and kissed her cheek.

Geet smiled at her. Pinky took geet to the bedroom and made her sit on the bed. Geet hugged her knees tight feeling happy, scared and excited too.

Here maan came out of the room and was going to his room. But pinky stopped her.

Bhai entry fees tho dena hi chahiye told pinky.

Maan smiled at her and gave her a packet. Pinky looked at him confused. Open told maan.

Pinky opened the packet and found a beautiful necklace. Bhai yeh sab’

No you asked for fees and I gave it. And you are my sister na, and its my right to give a special gift to my sister on my marriage told maan.

Pinky hugged him and thanked him. She broke the hug and told your geet is waiting for you. Maan shied and opened the door. Pinky left from there. Maan slowly entered into the room. Hearing the click of the door geet became alert. Her heart is thudding hard. She hugged her knees more close. Maan slowly closed the door and bolted it.

He walked towards geet and is mesmerized by her beauty. She wore the saree which he selected for their wedding night. Maan smiled at that. He went close to her and sat infront of her. Geet closed her eyes clutching her pallu close to her chest. Maan placed his fingers on her chin and made her look at him. Feeling his fingers on her skin she felt butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t dare to open her eyes.

But maan is lost in her beauty, her innocence, her cheeks which are red due to blushing, her lips which are shivering due to his touch.

Aankhein kolo geet (open your eyes geet) whispered maan huskily. How can she deny maan, she opened her eyes. She looked direct into maan’s eyes which are ful of love, care and desire. She soon lost in those eyes. Maan inched close to her and kissed her forehead.

Thanku for coming into my life geet.

He kissed her both the eyes.

Thanku for making my life colorful geet.

He kissed her one cheek.

Thanku for making my life worth living.

He kissed her other cheek.

Thanku for being a part of my life geet.

Geet looked at him in awe. Is that she is one who should thank him for making her life worth living again. Geet hugged maan tight. Maan too reciprocated the hug.

Are you ready for our new journey geet? Asked maan.

Geet tightened the hug feeling shy. Maan smiled at her and made her lie on the bed. Maan is looking at her lovingly coming on top of her. Maan pecked on corner of the lips, geet closed her eyes in anticipation. He kissed her lips with full love. Geet’s heart is beating fast. She too responded to him with same passion. They both are lost in their own world. Maan’s hands pallu and removed it while kissing. A moan escaped from geet and maan entered her fully tasting her every secret in the kiss. Maan removed her pallu. His hands went to her back untying the strings. After some time they broke the kiss due to lack of breath. Maan kissed her shoulders, collar bone leaving a love bite. When geet winced in pain, he soothed it with his love.

Maan untied all the strings and slowly removed her blouse. Geet is now blushing furiously hugged maan tight. Maan placed geet’s hands on the sherwani saying her to do whatever she want. Soon their clothes are lying on the ground and they both are lost in their love. The room is filled with their love and moans. Now they became one. They continued their love making late night.

Almost early morning they both are tired and lied on the bed. Geet rested her head on maan’s chest. And maan hugged her holding her waist. Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace with a smile on their face.

Next morning:

Geet slightly opened her eyes and saw herself in maan’s embrace. She blushing thinking of last night. She looked at maan with a smile and caressed his hair and kissed his cheek. When she was about to get up maan held her wrist and pulled her to him. She landed on his chest.

You were awake? Asked geet.

Maan smiled and opened his eyes and kissed her cheek.

Hmmm.. replied maan.

Good morning wished geet.

Good morning wished maan and kissed her lips. Geet too responded to the kiss. After some time they broke the hug and geet is all shy, hide her face in his chest. They both slept for some more time. Geet got up and went to washroom without waking maan. She took shower and came out with a bathrobe. She went near cupboard and opened it. She found all her wardrobe there. Awww how much he arranged everything thought geet and smiled to herself.

She felt a hand on her waist. Geet leaned back and whispered thanku. But maan is in a mood to tease her.

Why you went to shower without me? Asked maan.

Geet looked at him shocked and faced him. She saw a naughty glint in his eyes and slapped on is arm.

Chaliye go and get ready told geet.

No.. told maan like a stubborn child and took her in his arms throwing her bathrobe. They both stood under the shower. Maan opened the shower, feeling the cold water on her skin geet shivered. Maan is drinking her beauty. He saw the love bites here and there and kissed them to sooth her pain.

They had a long shower, making love. Finally they came out of the bathroom and maan selected a dress for her. Geet took it and changed. Geet selected a casuals for him. Geet wore her bangles and was about to apply sindoor. Maan stopped her and he took the pinch on the sindoor and filled her maang.

Geet smiled at him and hugged him tight.

What should I prepare for breakfast? Asked geet.

What ever you like replied maan.

Hmmm.. I will make parathas and kheer told geet. They both went down. First they went to temple in the house and geet lit the light and then aarti. They both prayed to god and then geet left for kitchen. Some how geet successfully prepared parathas and kheer.

Maan, come for breakfast told geet.

Maan who is reading news paper is shocked that geet prepared breakfast so fast. He thought she might call him for help. Maan went near dining table and saw everything is arranged.

Geet, you prepared everything? Asked maan.

Geet nodded yes and asked him to sit. Maan settled down and geet served him parathas, palak paneer and kheer in a bowl. Maan tasted the food and its really delicious.

Geet, when did you learn cooking? Asked maan.

After my birthday party remember you and maa teased me like hell that day. So I learned cooking from the next day told geet.

You never told me asked maan.

I want to surprise you told geet and smiled widely. But immediately frowned you didn’t tell me how is food? Asked geet making sad face.

Maan smiled and pulled her, she landed on his lap. He kissed her lips and told very delicious. I loved the food.

Geet smiled broadly and kissed his cheek. They both fed each other, but maan’s hands became naughty. After a long time they finished their breakfast. Their first day of their marriage went well. Maan and geet are enjoying their life with eachother.

Maan told rano to come to their house but rano told no. maan and geet tried to convince her but she is adamant. They gave in. But they meet at weekends and go out for a movie or shopping. Everything is going good. All are happy.



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