Do i deserve ur love part 26

21 Oct



Everything is going well in maneet’s life. Its been 6 years of their marriage. Geet delivered a baby girl who is now 5 years old. She is MUSKAAN MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Princess of her papa. Maan and muskaan are partners in crime, when it comes to geet, they both don’t leave no stone unturned to tease her. Yash proposed pari and she happily accepted. Maan knows about their relation and is happy. Maan insisted pari to tell geet, but she is scared of her anger. And pari took promise from maan that she will only tell geet. Maan’s tongue tied and he is helpless.

Adi and pinky are married a year back with the blessing of their families. Maan’s friends dev and raj are settled in their life. Raj started his own business and is in full of profits. But he is not satisfied, he want to earn more and more money. Dev is married to meera and is happy in his life.

it’s a typical Monday morning. Maan’s princess muskaan is still sleeping and here geet is shouting on her.

Muskaan, be a good girl and get up. Its already 8am and you are still sleeping. Don’t you want to go to school. Bus will arrive in 30 min. Muskaan get up shouted geet. But no response this is happening from past 30 min.

But baby muskaan covered her face with a blanket and closed her eyes.

Just then maan entered muskaan’s room.

Geet why you are shouting at my princess asked maan.

I am shouting right? Didn’t you see the time, its 8 am and she is still sleeping. You spoiled her maan. Now wake up your daughter told geet angrily.

Maan sat on the bed and leaned close to muskaan and whispered princess, mama is so angry dear. Plz get up. You are a good girl na tried maan.

But no response.

Ok.. daddy will buy teddy for you.

No response.


No response.

Maan smiled at himself and shouted ICECREAM..

Hearing the word icecream. Muskaan uncovered her blanket and shouted Yayyy.. and smiled widely at maan.

You are the best daddy shouted an excited muskaan and hugged maan. Maan too hugged her. They both looked at geet and sticked their tongue out.

No one can change you both, chaddo.. told geet and left muskaan’s room.

Maan and muskaan hi-fied and shook their hands saying both at a time DADDY PRINCESS BOTH ARE FRIENDS and smiled at each other. Later geet cooked breakfast, maan and muskaan came to dining hall all ready. Geet fed muskaan and gave lunch box to both maan and muskaan. Soon the school bus arrived. Muskaan bid good bye to maan and geet.

Maan you have spoilt muskaan a lot told geet.

Maan smiled and hugged her from back and told no geet nothing like that. She is a kid still, she will understand when she grow up.

Hmmm sighed geet.

Waise, next Sunday you and muskaan are coming to dance school right? Asked maan.

Yes we are coming, muskaan is giving dance performance in her school for cultural day, so have to come na told geet and smiled at him.

Yeah right told maan and kissed her cheek.

Maan main aao aaj dance school par asked geet.

Yeh koi poochne ki baat hain. Come lets go told maan smiling widely.

Geet got ready and they both went to dance school. They both reached in an hour. Maan got busy with his students and geet is watching them sitting on the steps.

Its almost lunch time, adi and raj came to dance school. Geet looked at them and smiled. She frowned seeing raj there. She never liked him but he is maan’s friend.

Hiii geet..

Hii adi bhai. How are you and how is pinky? Asked geet.

She is fine and me too smiled adi.

Where is maan? Asked raj. Geet pointed towards dance floor.

Kuch kaam hain? Asked geet.

Yes I need to talk to maan told raj.

Geet just nodded and called maan. Maan looked at adi and raj and waved them. After 5 min he came to them.

Hey adi, hii raj wished maan.

Hii maan, I need to talk to you told raj.

Ya sure come,we will sit in office told maan.

Maan, adi and raj went to office and settled. Geet just looked at them from downstairs.

Bolo Raj what is the matter? Asked maan.

Wo.. maan.. wo stammered raj.

Maan looked at him and raj looked tensed.

Maan placed his hand on his shoulder and told tell raj kya hua?

Actually I got a very big project for my company told raj.

That’s good then what is the problem asked maan.

The problem is that I don’t have much money for that. The project is for 5 crores and I have very less money. When I approached a bank for loan they asked me for surety told raj.

Ohh that’s the matter, you want me to sign on the surety papers? Asked maan.

Raj nodded in a yes.

And you are hesitating to ask me this. Come on raj we are friends yaar. Give me those papers I will sign them told maan.

Raj smiled at him widely and gave those papers. Maan read those papers and sighed them. The deal is that if Raj wont pay the loan in 3 months then maan have to pay. In case if maan is not able to pay that money then his whole property will be ceased and kept under auction.

Maan without thinking anything he signed those papers. Raj thanked him and left from there smiling. Adi looked at maan seriously.

Now what happened to you? Asked adi.

Maan, do you know what you are doing? Asked adi.

What happened ? asked maan.

How can you sign those papers maan? Asked adi.

Whats wrong in it? Helping a friend is crime or what? Asked maan surprisingly.

Maan, helping is not wrong. Without knowing anything about that project how can you sign? Asked adi.

Don’t be stupid adi. He is our friend, how can I cant help him? Told maan.

Adi shook his head and went down. Geet who saw adi called him.

Adi bhai called geet.

Adi went towards geet. What happened bhai? You are looking sad? Asked geet.

Try to make your stubborn husband understand the things. All are not good in this world told adi angrily.

Geet looked at him confused. Adi sighed and told her what all happened just few minutes back.

I will talk to maan, bhai told geet.

Better replied adi and left from there. Geet sat there thinking. She is feeling some thing is not good. 5 crores is not a joke. They are not that rich to sign for a 5 crores surety. What if raj is not able to pay that money. Geet thoughts went to her mamaji, how he cheated her father.

No, the history should not repeat again thought geet. She was silent the next half day. Evening they picked up muskaan from school and went back home. As promised maan brought ice cream for muskaan.

Daddy my report card, I got first rank told muskaan.

Maan took her report card and looked at her proudly. He kissed muskaan’s cheek and told my princess is the best. Maan saw geet is silent. He called her.

Geet called maan.

But she didn’t respond anything.

Mama shouted muskaan loudly. Geet jerked with sudden noise and looked at them.

Why you are shouting? Asked geet.

Mama, daddy is calling you from long time told muskaan.

So what? You go to your room and complete your home work told geet sternly.

Muskaan looked at maan with sad face. Maan kissed her forehead and told her to go. Muskaan nodded and left from there.

Once she left maan came near geet and asked what’s wrong geet?

Whats wrong? That you are asking me asked geet.

Geet’ but geet rised her hand asking him to stop.

Maan, once you thought about muskaan and me when you are signing those surety papers? Didn’t you once think of telling me asked geet looking hurt.

Geet, don’t be ridiculous. He is my friend and asked me for help. There is no time to think and take decision. What if in the mean time, he looses his contract asked maan.

Maan, what if he is not able to pay that money in 3 months asked geet.

Geet he will pay told maan now really getting irritated with her continous questions.

Maan’ but before she say anything, maan held geet’s shoulders and told geet, its my personal matter and don’t interfere in this. He is my friend and I helped him that’s it. I don’t want to discussion regarding this. He left her and went to garden frustrated. He is not able to understand why all are talking about this. Morning adi and now geet.

Geet stood there rooted. Its my personal matter and don’t interfere in this.

Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Its his personal matter? Then who am i? thought geet to herself. But their fight didn’t miss by our sherni Muskaan. She is angry on her daddy for shouting on her mama. She followed maan to garden. Maan who sat on the swing saw muskaan and smiled at her.

But muskaan gave angry glare to him. Ufff now what happened to my princess thought maan and tried to take her in his arms. But she jerked.

Why you shouted on mama? Asked muskaan.

Maan closed his eyes, gosh thought maan.

Till you say sorry to mama, I wont talk to you daddy told muskaan.

Ufff he is stuck between his mishty and his princess.


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