Do i deserve ur love part 27

21 Oct



Why you shouted on mama? Asked muskaan.

Maan closed his eyes, gosh thought maan.

Till you say sorry to mama, I wont talk to you daddy told muskaan.

Ufff he is stuck between his mishty and his princess.

I am sorry princess, it was just tried maan to say something.

No I don’t want to listen anything daddy, you have to say sorry to mama told muskaan sternly and held maan’s hand and dragged him towards their room.

I will stand here only, you go and say sorry told muskaan.

But.. princess..

I wont talk to you warned muskaan.

Maan cursed himself under his breath and smiled at muskaan. But muskaan didn’t smile and glared at him.

Ok ok I am going told maan and went inside his room. He saw geet lying on the bed, maan is facing her back. He turned back to see muskaan is there or not. But muskaan is watching him placing her hands on her hips.

Ge.. geet called maan. Geet heard him but didn’t turn back.

Geet.. maan called again. Geet got up still facing her back to him. She wiped her tears. Maan felt bad seeing her in tears and his heard.

Maan went towards geet and knelt on his knees in front of her and looked at her apologetically.

I am sorry geet, I didn’t mean all those. Just in anger I talked all rubbish apologized maan. Geet knows what he all spoke is in anger and he rarely gets angry.

She asked how cum you apologized me this early.

Maan smiled and told wo.. muskaan told me if I wont say sorry to you she wont talk to me.

Geet glared at him and told uthiye.. I have work.

Here outside muskaan slapped her forehead and thought nothing can happen now. ufff daddy grow up.

Arey now what happened? Asked maan.

What happened ? you are not regretting what you told, just because of muskaan you apologized me? Asked geet angrily.

Muskaan giggled mutely seeing her daddy’s plight.

Arey geet, its not like that told maan.

Then what?? You better sleep on couch today. And I have work I am going told geet. Muskaan left from there seeing their fight. Ufff daddy thought muskaan.

Maan held geet’s wrist and pulled her to him and she collided to his rock chest.

I am sorry geet apologized maan.

Geet with teary eyes asked I am your wife na, then how can you say its your personal matter. Don’t I mean anything to you.

Maan is shocked listening to her and told nothing like that geet, woo I don’t know what I was talking at that time. I promise I will never repeat it again.

Geet looked at him and hugged him tight. If she asks about that matter again, then there will be a problem. For time being geet thought to be quiet. Maan too hugged her back and kissed her forehead.

Later at night, all the 3 maan, geet and their princess went to restaurant for dinner. They enjoyed the food and after that they went to icecream parlour and ordered their favorite icecream. And enjoyed the cool breeze having icecream. They all got into the car and muskaan slept on maan’s shoulders. He slowly made her sleep on the back seat, maan and geet settled in the driver and passenger seat. After half and hour journey, they reached home. Geet carried muskaan in her arms and placed her on the bed in her room. Geet went to her room and changed. Maan too changed and lied on the bed beside geet.

Geet rested her head on maan’s chest and they both slept peacefully after making love. 1 month has passed everything is going well. Muskaan went to dance class with maan to practice dance for her school function. She is very excited. She danced with her daddy. Maan is very impressed by her dancing skills. She learned every step very fast.

Later in the evening they went back home. Muskaan is so excited, she went to geet who is doing her work in the kitchen talking with rano on phone.

Mama.. called muskaan.

Coming beta geet shouted back and told to rano she will call later.

Geet went to hall and saw very much excited muskaan.

Geet hugged muskaan and asked what happened? My baby is so happy.

Mama, today I did dance with daddy. You know I learned many steps told muskaan. And showed what she learned. Geet and maan smiled at their princess and they both hugged her tight.

Its been 3 month after the Raj incident and  geet is all nervous thinking about that incident. As expected the worst day has come. Geet is at home and that day maan came home for lunch. They heard the door bell ring. Geet went and opened the door. There are some officers on the door.


Is Mr. Khurana at home? Asked one of the officer.

Yes, plz come in told geet and went in for calling maan.

They came in and maan has come to hall.

Mr. Khurana?


Are you the one who signed the surety papers for Mr. Raj asked the officer.

Yes sir told maan.

I am sorry Mr. Khurana, Mr. Raj didn’t pay his loan account from past 3 months. We tried to contact him but he is unavailable. Now as you signed these papers its you who have pay the loan amount with interest told officer.

Maan and geet are utterly shocked hear this. Maan has nothing to say, he has to pay the amount at any cost.

We have to put your house and dance school for auction Mr. Khurana and we are giving you one week time to leave this house told officer and gave some papers to him and left from there.

Maan stood there rooted and geet collapsed on the couch. Geet remembered how her mamaji cheated her dad. And here Raj cheated Maan. Again the same history repeated. Babaji, now what should we do? How can we pay 5 crores. If we leave this house where should we go? Thought geet and cried.

Maine kaha tha maan, just think once you do anything. But no you never think anything before helping and see the consequences now. where we should go now? speak up maan cried geet.

Maan looked at geet with pain, how can this happen? No raj cant do this. Maan tried calling Raj, how his phone is unavailable. He called his office, but no one is picking the call. Geet called rano and told what all happened. Rano is sad hearing this and asked maan and geet to come to their house with muskaan.

And maan tried for money but he didn’t get 5 crores any where. And one week passed with the same. Muskaan and geet are with rano. Rano tried to control geet but geet’s anger is rising day by day. Finally it’s the day maan and geet have to leave their house forever and the house is kept under auction. Maan is so shattered and adi came there to talk to maan. But adi cant do anything other than consoling him.

Maan is so guilty and don’t know what to do. Geet came to maan and sat beside him. Maan hugged geet and told I am sorry geet, I never expected Raj will cheat me.

Geet caressed his back and told shhh maan, calm down. We will think some way to come out of this problem.

May be geet is angry on maan, but at this time maan needs her and she should be his strength but not weakness.



One Response to “Do i deserve ur love part 27”

  1. Chetna October 23, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Hey fab intense update! Poor Maan! Geet angry n blasts Maan bt den realises dat she shld b der 4 him! Geet assures Maan! Well written! khwaishfan (IF)

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