Do i deserve ur love part 28

21 Oct

P.S.: The medical issues are purely my imagination.. Tongue


Maan is so guilty and don’t know what to do. Geet came to maan and sat beside him. Maan hugged geet and told I am sorry geet, I never expected Raj will cheat me.

Geet caressed his back and told shhh maan, calm down. We will think some way to come out of this problem.

May be geet is angry on maan, but at this time maan needs her and she should be his strength but not weakness.

Shhh maan relax, what has happened is happened. We cant change it now. Pls aap shaant hojayiye tried geet to convince him.

Seeing geet near him made him feel relax, he didn’t expect that raj will cheat on him. He is hell angry on him but cant do anything. Maan slept on geet’s lap mumbling sorry continously. Geet is caressing his hair making him feel relax.

In the evening adi came to meet maan. They both talked for some time.

I need to find a job yaar told maan.

Maan, are you sure? Asked adi.

Yes adi, I have my architecture degree with me. I will apply in any firms. I don’t want to trouble rano maa more told maan.

Maan if you need any help then tell me ok? Told adi.

Maan nodded and thanked him.

Its been a month since that incident, maan took a small flat and they shifted there. Maan got a job in one of the construction firm but its useful for their expenses and muskaan school fee. At present they are not having any problem. Rano and Pari supported them in every way. Yash insisted that he will pay back that money but maan told

Yash I am happy that you came forward to help me but dude everything is fine now. And if at all I needed I will ask you for sure told maan.

Yash hugged maan and told remember maan, I you need anything you just call me, I will be there ok??

Maan nodded and thanked him. Pari saw this and looked at yash with a proud smile and mouthed a thanku. Yash nodded in assurance. Here muskaan, joined her school back and geet too applied for a job where she resigned before. She will be getting her call letter in a month or two.

One day maan and geet are in the hall relaxing. Its been month maan joined office, just then muskaan came from school. She is looking very happy.

Daddy.. shouted muskaan and jumped on his lap.

Hii princess, how was the day today? Asked maan.

Fine daddy, tomorrow there is a sports day in our school and I am participating told muskaan smiling.

Wow that’s great, I know you will come first this time too told maan and kissed her forehead.

Daddy you know, I liked this place very much. All my friends are here and I can play with them daily told muskaan smiling broadly.

Acha, really?? Nice smiled maan. But sad that their life is not like before where he can give all the luxuries to his princess. Geet noticed the pain in his face and placed her hand on his shoulder blinking her eyes. Maan smiled and nodded.

Muski, go and change your dress I will brings milk for you told geet. Muskaan nodded and left from there.

Maan, you please don’t think of what happened. See now everything is fine told geet and smiled.

Thanku for understanding geet but sorry for what I did told maan feeling guilty.

Maan please don’t be sorry. But think before what you do told geet nervously. Maan looked at her with serious face and then smiled.

Yes geet I will told maan and hugged her.

Geet gave milk to muskaan and she drank making faces. But geet is stubborn.

Next day:

Muskaan is very excited for her sports day and even parents are allowed to watch the event. So maan and geet too accompanied her to the school. The events have started in the school and muskaan is busy with her friends. Maan and geet are settled in the audience encouraging muskaan. Now it’s the time for running race and muskaan is participating.

The race has started and muskaan is leading, and all are shouting muskaan muskaan, maan and geet too. She looked at maan and waved. Maan smiled and waved back.

But all of a sudden she fell down. Maan and Geet got worried and got up.

Muskaan’ shouted maan. But to their relief, muskaan got up and smiled at them. They both sighed in relief. But the next moment they are hell shocked to see the blood coming out of her nose. Muskaan sense something wet near her nose and touches it. Maan rushes to muskaan and takes out his hand kerchief and wipes the blood.

Daddy’ called muskaan and fainted in his arms.

Muskaan muskaan called maan but listening no response from her maan took her in his arms and both maan and geet rushed to the hospital in a taxi. Maan is calling her but she is not at all responding.

Maan, what happened to her. why she is not opening her eyes asked geet in the verge of crying and maan is also in the same condition. Soon they reached hospital.

They admitted muskaan and doctor checked her. he cleaned the blood and completed few tests. Here maan is sitting beside muskaan caressing her hair. Geet is outside as muskaan is in ICU and only one person is allowed. Soon rano and pari reached hospital only to see crying geet.

Geet beta what happened? Asked rano.

Maa.. cried geet and hugged her. I don’t know maa, its been 2 hours we came here and no one is saying anything told geet.

Di, where is jiju? Asked pari.

He is with muskaan inside told geet.

Geet, don’t worry everything will be fine told rano and made her drink some water.

Maan came out and saw rano and pari with geet. Geet looked at maan and rushed to him.

Maan, how is muskaan? What doctor told? Asked geet.

Geet, relax doctor called us to his cabin, come lets go told maan.

Maa.. muskaan’

Don’t worry maan, we will be there with her told rano.

Maan and geet went to doctors cabin.

Doctor what happened to my daughter? Asked maan.

Mr. Khurana the wounds are not that serious told doctor.

Maan smiled but frowned when doctor said but..

But what doctor? Asked maan.

Maan relax, when we doing her check up we observed that she is having breathing problem told doctor.

Breathing problem? Asked maan confused.

Yes Mr. maan, then Dr. Mehra asked us to do some tests. And your daughter is having some problem. See Mr. Khurana some children have a narrow valve from birth and that will become more narrow as they grow up’ but he was cut by maan.

See doctor I am maan and my daughter is muskaan, pls check the reports once again. I think the reports are mis-placed told maan not able to believe what doctor is saying.

No Mr. Khurana, we are not wrong. Your daughter is in critical condition told doctor.

Just stop it doctor,  you people are lying. Till today she didn’t had any problem and all of a sudden you are saying that she has a heart problem. Are you guys joking asked maan angrily.

Look maan, why do we lie. Its true that your daughter is having problem and she should be operated immediately told doctor.

I know this, I am expecting something like this. See doctor my daughter is perfectly alright. My muskaan is fine, she don’t have any problem don’t try to cheat me told maan and got up.

Come geet we will go to told maan.

Go we are not stopping you told Dr. Mehra who is silent till now.

Maan turned back.

You can go now, but after a week or so don’t come with your daughter again who will be in critical condition told Dr. Mehra.

How dare you doctor. How can you say like that? Roared maan.

Geet got tensed listening to him.

Look maan, we saw your daughters condition that’s why we are saying. If we didn’t observe then we could have just treated for her wounds and prescribe some medicines but we didn’t do that. We care for each and every patient who come here told Dr. Mehra.

Doctor that means our daughter is really having problem asked geet.

Yes ma’am she really has, its truth and we have to believe told Dr. M.

Maan collapsed on the chair.

He then looked at maan and told we have to do operation in a week. Nahi tho her condition will be more critical.

Doctor but till yesterday she was fine then all of a sudden? Asked maan not able to believe his daughter, his muskaan is in critical condition.

Maan, some things we don’t observe till it reaches last stage told doctor.

Maan closed his eyes in pain and got up and walked out of the cabin like a life less body. Geet followed him. He directly went to muskaan’s ward and held her hand and kissed it.

Muskaan opened her eyes and smiled at maan. Maan too smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

Sorry daddy told muskaan.

Maan looked at her confused.

I lost the race this time. But I will win next time pakka told muskaan making cute face.

Maan smiled at her and told I know darling, you will win for sure.

Daddy when we will go home, I am liking the hospital smell told muskaan.

We will go soon muskaan told maan trying hard to control his tears. Baby I will come now, you take rest told maan and muskaan nodded and closed her eyes. Adi who came to hospital listened what doctor told. He followed him to muskaan’s ward. He had tears in his eyes seeing them.

Maan came out and saw adi there. He hugged him and cried his heart out.

Adi.. my muskaan. What happened to her? she will be fine na, nothing will happen to her na? asked maan.

Maan calm down nothing will happen to her. be strong maan told adi. Come we will go and talk to doctor.

Maan and adi went to doctors cabin.

I am sorry doctor, I overreacted before apologized maan.

Its ok maan, we understand. All of a sudden when you listen your daughter is not well it happens told doctor.

Doctor what we should do now? asked adi.

See the operation which charge very high, we have buy the valves from other country as we don’t get in india. And each valve will be 6 lakhs and we need 2. And the doctor at present he is in abroad. We have to call him and he will charge high. So totally we need 25 lakhs for operation and we have to do it in 1 week told doctor.

Maan is shocked. if his didn’t cheated on him then 25 lakhs he would arrange in within hours. But now his salary is enough for daily expenses then 25 lakhs is impossible for him but he didn’t loose his strength. He can do anything for his muskaan.

Doctor you arrange for operation, I will arrange money told maan and got up.


Precap: We are’


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  1. dona86 October 22, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    awesome update..

  2. Chetna October 23, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    Superb update 🙂 Khwaishfan (IF)

  3. trs1391 October 24, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    raj bas….. muskan sick

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