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Destiny and love part 34

24 Oct



~~ flashback ~~

Lavanya is waiting for Guru in the airport. She saw guru and other guy coming towards her. lavanya smiled at guru, he waved and smiled back. Guru introduced maan.

Hey lav how r u?? he is my friend maan, and maan she is lavanya my cousin told guru.

Maan smiled at her and shook hands exchanging hi’s.

3 of them left from there and drove to their house. They are staying in the guest  house. Lavanya is looking nervous, for the first time in her life she is away from her family. Guru saw her and smiled.

Hey, don’t worry I am there here na told guru. Lavanya smiled at him and is silent. Soon they reached guest house. They got out of the car. Lavanya looked around and liked the place.

Come inside told guru and took her luggage inside. Maan parked the car and came in.

Umm.. lavanya come, I will show you your room told maan. She nodded and followed him, maan showed her room and asked her to rest. Lavanya went to her room and took out her mobile. She called to her parents and talked for sometime. She then called to kashyap. They too talked for some time.

Hey I need to talk to guru, give him phone told kashyap.

Why?? Asked lavanya.

Just give him na told kashyap.

Hmm ok wait a minute told lavanya and came down to see guru and maan are cooking.

Hey guru, kashyap wants to talk to you told lav and gave him the phone. Guru smiled and took the phone.

Hey buddy, how r u? asked guru.

Fine dude, how are you? Asked kashyap.

Fine, tell me whats the matter? How cum you are talking with me when your jaan is there? Teased guru.

Stop it guru, acha listen. She is sounding tensed. Pls take care of her requested kashyap.

Hey don’t worry I am there na, and whom you are worrying about, see from tomorrow she will be in her own self bossing around told guru.

Lav glared at him while kashyap smiled. They talked for some time, guru cut the call and gave it to lav.

What you told? I will boss around? Hmm? Asked lav angrily.

Ha yes ofcourse you do, that’s why my anju will be scared of you told guru.

Better you don’t talk about anju, she will be scared of small small things told lav.

You scare her told guru accusingly.

Whatever? Told lav. What are you guys doing? Asked lav. She saw maan is silent. She forwarded her hand and introduced herself.

Hii I am lavanya, u? asked lav. Maan smiled slightly n shook hands and told I am maan, maan singh khurana. Lav raised her brow and murmured attitude. Guru listened to that and smiled.

Two angry persons are with me, god pls save me thought guru.

Go and freshen up, dinner is ready told guru. Lavanya left from there and freshened up. she came down and helped them in arranging. 3 of them had dinner, guru and lav are talking with each other and maan is just listening to them. After dinner maan went to garden and settled on the bench. Just then his mobile rang. He saw the caller ID and smiled.

Hii dadi, how are you? Asked maan.

I am fine maan, why you are sounding dull asked dadi.

Maan is surprised, how she can find everything without even saying anything thought maan. Maan I am your dadi and I know very well about my son told dadi.

Nothing dadi, I am missing you told maan and smiled sadly.

Maan, from when you started missing me asked dadi.

Ohh dadi..

Ok ok I am just kidding told dadi and smiled. They talked for some time and maan cut the call. Here lavnya who is not feeling sleepy came to garden and saw maan talking with some one. Once he cut the call, she went to him.

Hii Khurana wished lav.

Maan smiled and told hii, and asked what are you doing here? Are you not sleepy? Asked maan.

No, I need some time to adjust here told lav.

Hmmm.. replied maan.

Waise, why you are sounding so dull. Any problem asked lav.

No nothing, I am fine told maan.

Kya yaar, atleast you could have told I am fine with a smile. Seeing your face no one will think that you are fine. And you are behaving as if you have loads of problems in your life told lav.

Maan just glared at her.

Thoda smile bhi kiya karo told lav and smiled at him. Maan did not help but smile at her words.

You know, tumko dekke mujhe meri preeti ka yaad aya hain told maan.

Preeti.. Koi GF ka chakkar hain kya? Asked lav.

Arey no no, she is my sister told maan horrified.

Oops sorry sorry told lav.

Waise tum subah itni dari si kyun ho? Asked maan.

Wo kya hain na, pehli baar yaha ayi hut ho thoda darr laga. Jab main kashyap se baat kit ho I felt relaxed told lav.

Hmm tumari BF.. asked maan.

Lav blushed and told yes… waise kal college jaana hain and I am very tensed.

Hey don’t worry, we are there na told maan and smiled at her.

Hey you look good when you smile, kabhi kabhi smile bhi kiya karo told lav and smiled at him. Maan didn’t help but smile at her antics. They both talked for some more time and retired to their respective rooms.

Next day they woke up and got ready for college. By the time guru came down lav is sitting on the couch making a crying face. He got confused and asked lav what happened?

I don’t want to come to college told lav.

Wah first day hi bunk told guru.

Shut up guru, I am scared told lav.

Omg.. how many times I have to tell you don’t worry told guru. Just then maan came down all ready.

Whats up? are you both not yet ready asked maan.

I am, but she is scared of coming to college told guru.

Maan is surprised, yesterday after talking with her, he came to know that she is not scared of almost anything then why she is making issue on coming to college. But maan smirked on his idea.

Hey guru, why you are forcing here dude. Let it be we will go come. She is scared of small small things for that we cant help told maan. He knows she will surely react and come to college with them. As expected she got up and took her bag but not giving an angry glare to maan. Maan just shook his head. They 3 left for college. Though lavanya is scared but she faced them with a confidence.

The day went well, maan and guru met her in the lunch. Lavanya thanked maan. They both become good friends. Maan, guru and lav are like one gang. They use to help each other in assignments. Mainly maan and guru helping in lav’s assignments while she would be happily watching movie or doing some mischief. But if she gets angry then she is worst than maan.

One day maan, guru and lav are in college canteen having their coffee. Just then a girl entered into the canteen. Maan smiled at that girl. She too ordered coffee and sat beside maan. Maan introduced her to lav.

Joshi, she is sameera, sam she is lavanya, guru’s cousin introduced maan. They both exchanged hi’s and smiled at each other.

When the waiter was about to give her coffee suddenly it fell on her dress. Sam got angry and slapped that waiter.

How dare you? Cant you see, you spoiled my dress. Get lost from here shouted sam. The waiter left from there immediately mumbling a sorry.

Lav got angry seeing her behavior and told sam its just your dress got spoiled right, why did you slap him? Asked lav angrily.

Oh, cant you see he spoiled my dress and I will be calm spatted sam. And you need not to tell me what should I do and what should I not. You are a middle class girl, how do you know what my 1 dress costs?? Shouted sam.

Stop it sam, there is no need to talk all this rubbish. And whats wrong in that? You over reacted and its your mistake shouted sam and all the people in the canteen were looking at them.

Come lavanya we will go told maan and they 3 left from there leaving a fuming sam behind. She felt insulted and all the people are looking at her. And it spread in the whole college and all are making fun of sam.

Sam got angry and thought maan, because of you all the people are making fun of me. You will suffer for what you did thought sam and smirked.

The next day sam came to lavanya and apologized her. Lavanya didn’t like sam but when  she came and apologized her she just shook her hands. From that day sam tried to be friendly with them. She some how succeeded, maan is talking with her because she is his Bhabhi’s sister. And he don’t want to hurt his bhabhi.

One day dadi called him.

Hello dadi…

Hii son, how are you? Asked dadi.

Fine dadi, how are you and why don’t you come to London once asked maan.

No maan, you only have to come told dadi.

Why dadi? Asked maan.

Son, you know sam right? She is studying in your college only. Yesterday your bhabhi’s father came and about yours and sam’s alliance. And I was happy, both the sisters will be in the same house, and you know sam too. But I told him I will ask you and tell told dadi.

Dadi, but why this early asked maan.

No maan, marriage will be after completing your studies. But if you are ok with this alliance then we will complete engagement. Maan, I want you to be settled in your life and I want to see you happy son told dadi.

Dadi I need some time to think told maan.

Hoping a positive answer from you maan told dadi.

Ji dadi, bye told maan and cut the call.

Here sam is happy that her dad’a and her wish is coming true. And they are very much sure that maan never says no to dadi. So sam used sanju and dadi to talk with maan. A week passed, maan thought what ever dadi thinks it will be good. And he too thought of sam. He don’t know much about her. but after that incident she was friendly with them and is nice. So maan don’t have any objection and said yes for the alliance.

Hearing this dadi and sanju are very happy. Even veer too is happy and congratulated maan. But lav is not at all happy, some where she knows that sam is doing all this wontedly. And guru always supported maan in all the ways. Even after that too maan was friendly with sam. Sam tried to come close to him but maan was always in his limits, some times he has to avoid her because of her over action. This angered sam and lav is happy. There always a cold war between sam and lav. And seeing maan friendly with lav, this matter angered sam and tried to create rift between them. But their friendship is strong and they were like before.

Maan left to india for engagement and sam too. She is so happy and excited, her dream is coming true to be as khurana bahu. When maan went to KM, he saw an excited sanju. She was so happy.

Hey maan, you came. You don’t know how happy I am, thanku very much maan told sanju and hugged him.

Later that day he met veer and dadi. He came to know that preeti and Vicky are also coming, he is happy not because of engagement but to meet his siblings. They too came and they all went to shopping. They all enjoyed a lot, cracking jokes around, pulling each others leg.

Finally the engagement day has come and they exchanged the rings. All are very happy seeing maan smiling, but preeti and Vicky never liked sam. But they have to be happy for their bro.

Spending few days with family, maan is back to London. There was a news in the college about maan and sam engagement. But maan didn’t care and they got again busy with their studies. The exams are completed, but they didn’t go to India, because of next sem which is very tough. But they got a week holidays. Maan, lav and guru enjoyed those holidays a lot. They went for outing and explored different places. Maan and guru didn’t leave chance to tease lav when she did some thing blunder and caught off. Mainly when it comes to cooking, she is a worst cook of Italian dishes.

But one day lav tried to say something to maan, but maan got busy and lav too so she couldn’t tell.

One day they got news that their friend is not well and is admitted in the hospital. They 3 went to hospital and got the shock of their life.


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