Mystery of MSK part 1

26 Oct



It is a pleasant morning but not for all, few people are running here and there holding files. They all were free from 4 days as their boss is out of country for a meeting. But today their boss is coming and if their boss sees the office files here and there their job will be at stake.

A person entered into the office with full of attitude followed by 4 bodyguards. The boss entered into the cabin, glancing at the office and the staff. All of them could sense that their boss is angry. Their breath stuck into their throat seeing the angry eyes. The staff gulped and literally shaking from head to toe. Just then an another person entered into the office holding a file in the hand and looked at the staff confusingly.

What happened ? asked that person.

You are late told his friend.

No, I am on time told that man.

Maan dude, our boss is here told his friend Adi.

So what, if our boss is early then what should I do told maan coolly not caring about his boss.

To their luck, their boss came out and shouted on maan.

Mr. MK into my cabin NOW.

Yes MA’AM told maan and gave the file to adi.

Good luck dude wished their friends. Maan nodded and went into her cabin.

Good morning ma’am wished maan. She nodded and asked him to sit.

What happened? Why she is in bad mood? Yesterday when I talked with her she was happy for getting the London project, then what happened suddenly? Thought maan.

Ma’am is everything ok? Asked maan.

Nothing is ok MK, the Government project in Gurgoan, the quotations which we have quoted has been leaked told his boss.

Maan looked at her, he can see the anger in her eyes. Maan is thinking how can this happen when they worked on the project.

Outside the cabin:

Adi, yash are thinking why their boss is so angry and why she called MK.

Yaar, I am not able to understand why ma’am is so angry, that too when she came today morning from London told adi.

Adi yaar, just tell me one thing. When ma’am is not angry. The Great Geet Kapoor is famous for what? Getting angry and firing her staff told yash.

Guys, I don’t want to be alone in this office. So please do your work before you get fired told pari.

Geet Kapoor, MD of Kapoor Constructions (KC), The only Heir of Kapoor family. Lost her parents when she was very small. Her buaji is taking care of her, she has a son who is studying in abroad. Geet prefers to stay alone, she will be always busy with her business and projects. She hate to attend parties except business parties as they are must for her business.

Maan Khurana, The Head Architect in Kapoor Constructions. Working for this company from past 2 years. Very good at heart and ready to help others. Right hand of geet. When it comes to work geet believes more than anyone. She has a soft corner towards maan. Maan living with his 2 years old daughter (Niece), who lost her parents when she was 3 months old. Maan lost his parents 2 and half years ago. He has no one except his niece who he treats as his own daughter. He never shares his pain with anyone.

In the cabin:

Ma’am only we 4 are working on the project, I mean you, me, adi and rakesh. Then how the quotations will be leaked told maan thinking.

MK call the security and ask him to bring the footage of CCTV from past 2 days, if we check them then we will come to know who did this told geet.

Yes ma’am I will call him now told maan and called the security to bring the CCTV footage.

The security brought the CD’s and gave them to maan. They played the CD in the laptop. Seeing the CD geet’s anger raised but maan kept his cool. He knows geet will be very angry seeing this.

How dare he? He cheated me, I am not going to spare him. I will show him what will happen when anyone tries to cheat Geet Kapoor roared geet.

She called her secretary sasha and asked her to come into her cabin.

Sasha knocked the door. Come in told geet.

Good morning ma’am wished sasha.

Sasha, where is Rakesh? Asked geet.

Ma’am he is on leave for a week, you approved his leave told sasha.

Geet closed her eyes and told call him immediately and ask him to come to office, there is some urgent work.

Yes ma’am told sasha. Anything else ma’am asked sasha.

Nothing you can go now told geet. Sasha left from there and geet closed his eyes.

Maan (st): Some one tried to cheated geet, why this is happening again and again in front of me. I cant see this, god please do something. I am feeling helpless, I want to do something. But I cant leave geet here alone. She will be in danger, I shouldn’t leave her.

MK what you are thinking? Asked geet.

Princess’ murmured maan.

What?? Asked geet.

Uhh huhh nothing ma’am told maan.

Nothing?? But I know what you are thinking told geet.

Maan (st): You can never know what I am thinking geet.

You are thinking about your princess right?? Asked geet.

Maan smiled a little and told yes ma’am, she is the only one I have in my life. My daughter, my princess.

Geet (st): Lucky you MK, atleast you have someone in your life. But my life, I have many but all are behind my money and status. Not even a single person is not there with me to understand me. Even in office too everyone are scared of me. Its only you who dares to talk with me and tell me if I am anywhere wrong. That’s why I tell you if I have any problem MK, only office problem.

MK, I want to meet your princess. I been a long time I met her told geet. 

Geet (st): I don’t know I find peace when I am with her.

Sure ma’am, even she too miss you. She will be asking about you told maan. Just then they heard a knock on the door.

Adi with Rakesh entered into the cabin.

Good morning ma’am wished Rakesh.

Hello Rakesh, pls have your seat told geet sweetly. Maan and adi thought Rakesh tut ho gaya.

Ma’am you called me, is there any work asked rakesh.

Geet turned her lappy screen towards him and played the video. By seeing that Rakesh is sweating and is nervous.

Wo.. ma’am.. I.. I.. fumbled Rakesh.

Shut up just shut up roared geet and got up. Seeing her anger rakesh is now shaking with fear. He got up and told I am sorry ma’am, I never do this again.

Never do this again?? Great, don’t worry Mr. Rakesh you wont be in this office to do it again told geet and smirked.

Ma’am, please. Don’t do this please ma’am requested rakesh.

For whom you are working? Asked geet.

Wo.. wo..

Speak up dammit shouted geet.

****** constructions ma’am told Rakesh. (I am revealing the name now).

Geet is shocked and maan anger rise, he punched Rakesh on his face. Adi and geet are shocked seeing maan angry.

Dare you not do this again. I am sorry ma’am I will call police and Rakesh tell your boss not to play cheap tricks when MK is here told maan.

That’s not needed MK, I have already called them told geet.

Maan nodded and Rakesh is begging them not to handover him to police but no one listened to him. Soon the police arrived and arrested Rakesh.

Geet and Maan you did a grave mistake, when I told you who did this also you got me arrested. One day I will come out and your count down starts told rakesh angrily. Geet came to him and slapped him hard on his cheek.

Lets see when you come out rakesh told geet and smirked. Police dragged him out. This topic became a hot topic in the whole office. But geet’s one glare is enough for them to shut.

MK, you worked in that company right? Asked geet.

Yes ma’am before I come to India, I worked there. I left that office 2 years back told maan.

Ohh, do you know about the boss there? Asked geet curiously.

Maan looked at her curious face and told my boss met with a car accident and died, now I don’t know who is the MD.


Precap: New Project.

             Geet-princess meet.


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