Rishtey part 4

26 Oct




Later all of them got busy in talking with each other. Annie and geet are full on masti mood. This shows how much they missed each other. Maan smiled at them. In 3 hours they reached HP. Annie told the way to Haveli, they reached Khurana Haveli and maan stopped the car.

All of them got up and annie smiled widely, finally she is back at home. A girl came out hearing the car sound. She is so happy to see annie and shouted.

Annie… tum aagayi shouted that girl and hugged her tight.

Geet pouted and told I am also here. That girl smiled and told awww my baby and hugged her.

Waise when did you come di? Where is jiju? Asked geet.

Just yesterday when you left from here, your jiju is inside. Some problem is there regarding some land issue and dadu is so tensed told di.

Anita, sister of annie and married to Vishal a year back.

Annie turned to priya and told badimaa, she is my sister anita. Di badimaa.

Namste badimaa wished anita and took blessings. She is tamanna and he is maan bhai introduced annie.

Hii wished anita. They both smiled at her.

Chaliye andar chalte hain told anita. Maan was about to take the luggage anita stopped him.

Bhai, aap rehne dijiye I will tell ramu to bring those told anita.

Its ok no problem told maan.

Nai bhai, pls told anita.  Maan smiled and nodded.

Ramu get the luggage from the car shouted anita. Ramu came running there and looked at anita with anger.

Kya hain asked anita.

Didi, you told me to make coffee and again asking me to bring the luggage. I am only one and how can I do all the works at a time. This is not fair told ramu, who is the son of Nakul and came for annie’s marriage. He is studying 10th class.

Na na beta, aaj tho tumara punishment day hain so you have to do what I say told anita.

This is too much didi pouted ramu and again told I just lost one game that’s it.

Thik hain chal bring that luggage in. hogaya tumara punishment told geet.

You are the best geet didi, waise you are looking smart in this dress told ramu and winked at her. before she turn to her sherni mode ramu ran from there. Annie di, I will talk to you later shouted ramu.

Annie, geet and anita laughed out loud.

Anita looked at maan and others and told oh sorry, come I will take to you to dadimaa. They nodded. Anita took them to dadimaa’s room who is reading some book.

Dadiiii shouted annie and hugged her from back.

Annie, you came asked dadi smiling. Annie came front and took dadi’s blessings.

Kitni patli hogayi ho tum, I told you many times no need to work. But you don’t listen to me complained dadi.

Dadi there is a surprise for you told annie.

What is that? Asked dadi like a kid.

Annie pointed towards the entrance where priya, maan and tammy are standing. Dadi saw them and smiled through tears in her eyes. Finally she is able to meet her elder sons family.

Bahu.. called dadi.

Priya came in and took her blessings. How are you maa? Asked priya.

After seeing you I am fine priya. You don’t know how happy I am? Told dadi and wiped priya’s tears.

Priya turned back and asked maan and tammy to come in.

Maa, he is your grand son maan and she is tamanna introduced them to dadi. Dadi smiled at them. Maan and tammy sat on either side of dadi. Dadi caressed their hair and hugged them. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Today she is so happy to see her full family.

This is all new to maan, he was always free from childhood. But seeing all of them he felt very happy but strange.

What are you doing maan beta? Asked dadi.

Dadimaa I am looking after KC in Australia told maan. Dadi smiled at priya and told Hamara beta uska papa ka icha poori kar diya.

Priya nodded with a smile. Aur aap tamanna? Asked dadi.

Dadi I am doing my MBBS 3rd year told tammy.

Dadi kissed their forehead and told raat bohot hogayi hain. Aap log aaram kijiye. Hum khana apke kamre mein bhejte hain.

Maa, papaji asked priya.

Don’t worry bahu, I will talk to him told dadi.

Priya nodded and anita showed them their room. Ramu kept their luggage in their respective room. There are many people in the house but no one talked with them except dadi. Maan felt angry and he went to his room angrily. Priya saw that and knows why he is angry.

Tammy looked at priya and sighed.

Tammy you go to your room and take rest I will come in a while told priya.

Ok mom told tammy and left from there.

Tammy went to her room and sat on the bed thinking something. Just then geet and anita entered tammy’s roomto ask if she needs any help. When they entered into the room saw tammy thinking some thing.

Hey tammy? Whats up asked geet.

Are you ok? You seemed to be lost? Asked anita.

Umm nothing told tammy.

Is there any problem? Asked anita.

Why did you called us here? Asked tammy with tears.

Anita wiped her tears and told don’t feel bad tammy, today they may be angry on you, maan bhai and badimaa. But all of them loves you. You don’t know hamari maa, buaji they all are so eager to meet you but afraid of dadu. Because he is still angry, its just because he loves his son a lot. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that his son left this house and got married. Bade papa too didn’t tell anyone about his love. So all are kinda shocked but no one hates you tammy.

Sach?? Asked tammy.

Anita nodded and hugged her.

Ohoo.. now stop it all emotional talks. Tammy you freshen up, we will have dinner together told geet and smiled.

Tammy nodded and told just 10 min geet.

Come fast told geet and dragged anita with her.

Here in maan’s room:

Priya went in and saw a angry maan there. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

Maa, we are going back tomorrow told maan angrily.

Maan gasped priya.

Maan turned to priya and told ha maa we are going tomorrow I will call naina and ask her book tickets. We came here because they called us, we didn’t come here on our own wish. Not even a single person is there to talk with us. Leave us maa, you are daughter-in-law of this house. I cant see my maa sad, if we are here for more time then you will be sad thinking they all are still angry on you. I don’t want anything such kind happen. Dadimaa wants to see us, she saw that’s enough.

Maan listen to me beta asked priya.

Maa, don’t try to convince me told maan angrily not ready to listen to her.

Geet and Anita stood there listening to maan and then they both looked at each other and smiled. Just then tammy came there and looked at them in confusion.

What happened? Asked tammy.

Maan, didn’t you see how happy your dadi is? Think about her beta. Maan till today you never met anyone from this family. I know beta, because of all this you are angry but think in their way. They too need some time, everything will be fine soon. Just give them time maan tried priya to convince maan.

Maan turned other side. Priya smiled at her stubborn son.

Is it ok fur you right? Asked priya.

Maan looked at her from corner of his eyes but maintained a straight face and nodded in a yes.

Only for you maa, if you are hurt in any way then the next minute we will go from here told maan.

Thanku beta told priya.

Bhai is again angry told tammy and made a sad face.

But our dear geet is lost in his words,  the care for his maa in his each every word made her lost in him. All of them had dinner and retired in their respective rooms.

Here maan’s buaji came near maan’s room and knocked his room door. Maan got confused who might be in this hour. He got up from the bed and opened the door. He saw some lady there and asked ji aap?

Can I come in? asked buaji not wanting dadaji to see her talking to maan.

Ji.. come told maan. Buaji entered and looked at maan. She had tears in her eyes.

You are my brother’s son, you know you same like veerji told buaji and hugged him.

Maan too felt happy and hugged her back.

I am sorry beta, I couldn’t meet you, bhabhi in the evening. Darr gayi thi, no one came to talk to you so I had to hold back myself told bua apologetically.

Maan broke the hug and told no problem buaji, I am happy that you are not angry on us.

How can I be? Even I am not angry on veerji too. Because he was not at fault told bua.

Maan smiled.

Acha leave all those. I brought halwa for you, will you eat? Asked bua hopefully.

Only on one condition told maan.

What is that? Asked bua.

I want you to come with me to MELA told maan.

Mela?? Gasped buaji.

Don’t act buaji, I know everything. You, chachaji and papa use to go to mela without knowing to anyone in the house and enjoy there. Haina? Asked maan.

Buaji smiled and asked your papa told you everything?

Ha buaji, he use to think of you everytime. He was so depressed thinking he couldn’t come for your marriage told maan sadly.

We too missed him a lot beta told bua and became emotional. Maan hugged her and told no buaji, today we all met and we should be happy haina?

Ha maan, yeh sab baatein chodo. Eat this halwa told bua.

Buaji I will call tammy too, nahi tho she will eat my brain told maan.

Tammy?? Asked buaji.

My sister buaji told maan.

Buaji smiled widely and told yes call her too. Maan called her and asked her to come to his room. Tammy who is sleeping disturbed with his call and murmured kya bhai, I am sleeping.

Chup chap aajao yaha ordered maan.

Ek tho you are disturbing me and again shouting on me complained tammy and got up. she dragged herself to maan’s room and by closing her eyes she is walking. She reached maan’s room entered in and asked what bhai? She is still closing her eyes.

Buaji smiled and caressed her hair. Tammy suddenly opened her eyes and saw buaji.

Ohh, sorry this is not bhai’s room told tammy.

No no this is your bhai’s room and I am your buaji told tammy.

Tammy smiled at her. then they heard maan.

Buaji halwa..

Halwa.. exclaimed tammy. Where where? Asked tammy. Here it is showed buaji the halwa bowl. Buaji fed two of them and smiled. Tammy and maan are so happy to see the love for them. But to their luck they found 3 angry glares but not on them but on buaji.

When buaji turned back to see why tammy is staring at the entrance, buaji gulped to see annie, anita and geet.

Geet stomped inside and told aunty I didn’t expect this from you. This is cheating. Hmmph.

Buaji rolled her eyes at her antics.

Aap humse itna pyaar nahi karte complained anita and annie making baby face.

Ofcourse because we are the best told maan mainly looking at geet.

Anita and geet looked at maan as if they will kill him then and there but annie is shocked. before her marriage how many avatars of maan she has to see.

Do you gals want halwa? Asked maan.

The 3 girls nodded vigorously for yes. Maan smiled and took a spoon and asked who is youngest of all?

All turned towards annie and geet. Maan took the spoon towards them but before they open their mouth, he ate the spoonful of halwa and told ummm yummy. Buaji you are the best.

Annie and geet fumed while tammy, buaji and anita along with maan laughed their heart out. Annie forgot all the fear towards maan and started hitting him with the pillow.

Bhai this is too much, I didn’t expect this from you and hitting him.

Maan is shocked with the sudden act and told arey annie annie, I am sorry I am sorry. But annie is no where to listen.

Hehehe maan used his trick to stop her.

Annie, don’t forget that I am your boss told maan.

Annie stopped hitting him and realized in anger of not getting her fav halwa what she did. She looked at him nervously and told I am sorry sir.

Seeing her scared face maan laughed out loud.


Precap: Oops these girls are unbelievable. They are giving punishment to MSK… :O


13 Responses to “Rishtey part 4”

  1. spvd October 26, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    part 4
    awesome part……….
    their dadu is yet to accept them but the rest of the family loves them………..
    where is Maan’s dad?
    cont soon dear……………….

    Deepa (spvd)

  2. Jasmine Rahul October 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    Maan,priya,Tammy meeting dadima was an emotional scene.Bua is also loving them.Joint family is new 2 Maan.But how will dadaji react?Last scene was funny.Maan scaring Annie was funny.halwa scene was nice.But I missed Maaneet scenes

  3. Mansi Tripathi October 26, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    Awesome update……….
    Dadi happy to see maan and family
    Halwa ke upar nok jhok
    loved it
    continue soon

  4. adsshri October 26, 2012 at 6:26 pm #

    Mindblowing dadi is happy to see maan’s family and moreover maan is also aching for the love of the other family members the last halwa wala part wahan bhi nk jok hogaya

  5. DrRose October 26, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    awesome part jyo

    loved it

    so not every one is happy


    but buajii is sweet

    loved maan’s little prank

    threatening annie of him being her boss..lol

    waiting for precap

    cont soon

    much love Rose

  6. amrinderdhami October 26, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    too gud i just love dis ff of urs its simply amazing,,,,,

  7. payal October 27, 2012 at 6:09 am #

    Nice part..Maan’s family love them..only not happy with his dad..I think morning his dadaji also emotional seeing them..I think Geet already like Maan..

  8. ayesha October 27, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Amazing update….
    Hope dadaji accepts them….
    Loved the update….

  9. dona86 October 29, 2012 at 5:43 am #

    awesome update….
    their family loves them but cant show it bcoz of dadaji
    dadaji still angry on them…
    loved it…

  10. Chetna October 30, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    hey dear read this update a while ago bt forgot to comment lol! Nywyays emotional update! Well written! Dadi happy! Buaji is sweet! Maan angry the way his mom is treated! Geet in awe of Maan! Hope Dadaji accepts dem! Maan teasing them! Update soon. Khwaishfan (IF)

  11. nivedithaind91 November 1, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    LOLS !!! OMG !! This is sooooo fun !!!!!! Maan ll soon start to enjoy !! Geet.. oops… someone is falling for MSK !!! ;-D

  12. tabby November 10, 2012 at 1:01 am #

    plz update soon
    maan taesing geet and annie
    awesome part

  13. tabby December 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    when u will be updating dear
    missing rishtey pls update

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