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Do i deserve ur love part 30

28 Oct

(Listen to this song while reading )

 No, my daughter cant leave me told maan and tried to wake up muskaan. Hearing no response from her he collapsed on the chair and hugged muskaan tight and cried. Adi too hugged maan and cried.

Adi, how can my muskaan leave me and go. Please tell her to wake up cried maan, hugging her daughter tight.

Maan, please sambhalo apne aap ko please told adi, tears were flowing down his cheeks. Muskaan is very close to him and pinky. Here after getting the news pinky rushed to hospital. She saw geet just sat there like a statue without any emotions. Pinky rushed to geet and placed her hand on her shoulder. But geet didn’t move. This worried pinky and cupped her face.

Geet, look at me. Once look at me cried pinky. Geet looked at pinky with no expression on her face. Geet pointed towards muskaan. Pinky cried seeing her friends condition. Rano and pari asked geet to cry but she just sat there silently. Inside maan is crying his heart out.

Maan think about geet once told adi.

Then maan looked at adi. Go maan she needs you told adi.

Maan placed muskaan on the bed and rushed to geet. Maan sat infront of geet and looked at her with teary eyes. Seeing maan she hugged him tight and they both cried. They wanted geet to cry, and after seeing maan, geet couldn’t hold back her pain.

Its been a week their muskaan left them. There is only darkness all around. Geet sat on the bed caressing her stomach.

Geet (st): The history has repeated again, in past I lost my dad and now I lost my daughter. Kyun mere saath aisa ho raha hain babaji, kya kiya maine. Maan wont change I am sure. He wont think of consequences and do what ever he thinks. This is all happened because he helped his friend. If he didn’t help his friend then we could have saved our muskaan. I am sorry baby I am so sorry.

Geet still remembers how muskaan was calling maan when she was breathing heavily. She is in so grief that she didn’t think what she is talking.

Maan, you killed my daughter, you killed my daughter mumbled geet.

Here maan is in the hall sitting alone hugging muskaan’s pic. He remembered geet is alone in their room. He placed the pic on the table and went to their room to see what geet is doing.

When he entered he is shocked to see geet is packing her bag.

Geet, where are you going? Asked maan.

Aapka matlab? Asked geet angrily.

I mean why you are packing bag? Asked maan.

Geet didn’t answer and continued packing her things. Maan is confused and held geet’s hand but geet jerked his hand and looked at him angrily.


Don’t don’t touch me shouted geet.


Geet held his collar you killed my daughter maan, you killed my daughter. Jo kuch bhi hua wo sab tumari wajah se hua. My daughter didn’t died because of her health, she died because of you. Jab wo uski aakri saans le rahi thi daddy daddy karke sirf aapko pukar rahi thi.

Geet muskaan is my life how can you say that? Asked maan.

No no no, jab tumne uss raj ko help kiya tha tab tumne kisi ke baare mein soha. Nahi na. agar tum uss din mere aur muskaan ke baare mein socha tho yeh sab nahi hota. For outside world you may be a great friend and you may help to other without thinking of anything. But for me you are murderer of my daughter muskaan shouted geet.


When muskaan left us from that minute there is no relation between us. Samjhe tum?? Shouted geet and cried. Maan stood there like a statue looking painfully at geet. Tears were flowing from their eyes endlessly. From the moment their muskaan left them, everything has changed into darkness. Geet is carrying their baby but she is afraid to tell to maan. And she don’t want anything happen to this baby of hers. So she decided to leave maan forever.

Geet packed her bag and took in her hand and once last time glanced at maan and left from there not able to see his painful face and tears in his eyes. Maan looked at geet who is leaving him, he didn’t dare to stop because of mistake is his.

He collapsed on his knees and hid his face in his palms and cried his heart out. The pain today he is in is not expressed in words. First he lost his daughter and now his geet left him and gone.


zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba

one shouldn’t come in anybody’s life, o god

aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba

and if comes, should never go away

dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoo’

if somebody want to give me tears later

toh pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba – 2

then one shouldn’t make me smile first


Maan sat there on his knees with a picture of geet and muskaan close to his heart.


Why god why you did this to me? everything was going fine then why you took off my daughter. Kya bigada hain hum aapka. And now my geet left me alone and went away. Shayad meri zindagi mein khushiyon ke liye koi jagah nahi hain thought maan and smiled sadly.



dil ke jo armaan the, dil mein hi reh gaye

the desires/wishes of heart remained in heart itself

aashiqui jo kee toh ham, ashqon mein beh gaye

i love somebody, and now i drift in tears

gham ka fasaana hai, dard ye puraana hai

this is the story of sorrow, this pain is old

itna bhi koyi yaad aaye na rabba

one shouldn’t miss somebody so much

zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba
aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba
dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoo’
toh pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba


Aapko tho pata hain na babaji ki meri muskaan aur meri geet ek din mujhe chodkar chale jayenge. Par kyun aapne mujhe itni khushiyan di jab sab kuch katam ho jaane wala tha. Kyun babaji kyun cried maan. His pain is beyond limits today.

Meri geet bhi mujhe samaj nahi payi. Main meri muskaan ko maar diya kya babaji. Aap hi boliye cried maan. Mujhe itna khushiyan kyun di aapne babaji, kyun??? Screamed maan.

ashq aankhon mein bhare hain, jigar jalta hai

my eyes are filled with tears, my heart is burning

kya qayaamat hai, kya qayaamat hai

what a distruction is this

kya qayaamat hai’

what a distruction is this

bhari barsaat mein ghar jalta hai

in the heavy rain a home is burning

yahi sochta hoon kaise usko bhoolaaunga

i always think that how should i forget her

na woh kabhi aayegi, na usse bhool paaunga

she will never come to me, and i will never forget her

jeene ka thheekaana hai na marne ka bahaana hai

there is no source for what i should live, and there is no excuse to die as well

itna bhi koyi bhi sataaye na rabba

one should tease that much, o god

zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba
aaye jo koyi toh phir jaaye na rabba
dene ho gar mujhe baad mein aansoo’
toh pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba
zindagi mein koyi kabhi aaye na rabba
pehele koyi hasaaye na rabba

Muskaan aapne hame akele chodke chale gaye, kyun beta kyun?? Aap apni papa se pyaar nahi karte haina? Aapki mama bhi mujhe chodke chali gayi. Aapki mama ki bolo beta mere paas aajaane ke liye. Pls geet come back to me. I cant live without you geet, I cant.. cried maan and collapsed on the floor and hugged their photo and cried cried. His eyes turned red due to continous crying. But the pain is not reducing. Does his geet ever come back in his life again?

Here geet took rano and pari and left to London as she got posting there. Rano and pari tried to convince geet but she is nowhere to listen. They reached London and geet took promise from rano and pari that they should never contact maan and should not tell about her pregnancy. They nodded having no other option.

Here pinky is angry on geet for doing like this, leaving maan all alone who is in pain. Pinky and adi took care of maan. Maan didn’t had any food for days and his health became worst. But pinky after giving birth to rohan, maan again came back to his normal self. Maan worked hard to earn money. He worked in a construction company and at the same time did choreography in different bollywood movies. Now maan singh khurana is famous choreographer. For all the top movie he is the choreographer. But his name or his picture never came out. He maintained a low profile always. Now maan is a multi milloneir.

~~ Present ~~

Hearing the painful past of maneet and their baby sam had tears in her eyes.

Omg.. they suffered so much, having so much pain inside still maan is acting normal. He is really great. So the foundation is maan’s. MF.. MUSKAAN FOUNDATION.

Yes sam, muskaan died because of lack of money. So maan bhai established MF, so that no other kid die because of lack of money. The operation for children will be free in that foundation told pinky.

Pinky, you don’t worry. I will re-unite maan and geet again. Its my promise told sam and there is a determination in her eyes.


Do i deserve ur love part 29

28 Oct


Doctor you arrange for operation, I will arrange money told maan and got up.

Adi too followed him and stopped maan.

Maan one minute told adi.

Maan turned back and asked him what?

Maan how you arrange money, you just joined the office a month back. We wont get loan in a week told adi.

I know adi, but for time being atleast I get 4-5 lacs loan so that we can arrange for the operation told maan.

Hmm.. I will also apply for loan, once it get sanctioned I will inform you told adi.

But adi how can you’ asked maan.

Maan, muskaan is like my daughter too told adi and hugged him.

Thanku adi thanked maan.

Seeing maan, geet rushed to him. Maan what did doctor tell? Asked geet.

Geet the operation should be done in one week and we need 25 lacs for operation geet told maan.

Hearing this geet gasped, rano and pari became worried. Tears formed in geet’s eyes.

Geet you don’t worry, I will somehow arrange the money told maan.

Yeh kya horaha hain hamari bachi ke saath thought geet. A sudden fear engulfed in geet. When her mamaji cheated her dad, he was unwell and he died because there is no money for his treatment and on top of that her dad was depressed. And now when Raj cheated maan, everything was going fine but suddenly is unwell. And they need money which they don’t have now. Geet ran from there without saying anything.

Geet.. geet called maan.

But geet didn’t listen and running. She reached near by temple. She broke down on her knees and cried her heart out.

Babaji, please save my daughter. Pls babaji, I cant live without her cried geet. She felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked up and saw maan there. Geet got up and looked at him. Her face is blank which worried maan.

Geet, please don’t loose your hope. Our muskaan will be fine. I am here told maan.

But geet snapped his hand and looked at him with anger. She held his collar. Maan is shocked due to her sudden move.


Stop it maan just stop it. Why you did like that maan. How many times I have told you think twice before you do anything. But no why you will listen to me. your friends are important for you na. If you thought before helping that Raj today we wont be in this position. How we will arrange 25 lacs maan, that too in 1 week cried geet.

Maan too had tears in his eyes. He is feeling helpless, his brain is not working, he just stood there numb. What geet told is right, if he would have thought before thinking anything then today he would have paid that amount for operation.

Maan left from there without saying a single word. Geet sat down, and caressed her stomach.

I am sorry baby, I thought to tell about you after the sports event of your sister. But see what happened to your sister. Pls you too pray to babaji for your sister’s health cried geet caressing her stomach and talking with her unborn baby.

Here maan walked out of the temple geet’s words are ringing in his ears.

In that trance he reached office and went to talk with his boss. Maan explained muskaan’s condition, being a nice man he told he will try to give loan to him but 1 week is very less time.

Don’t worry maan, I will try my level best to approve the loan told boss.

Thanku sir, thanku so much told maan and left from there. He called adi and rano and told the same matter. Geet went to muskaan’s ward and sat beside her.

Muskaan opened her eyes and smiled at geet. Geet caressed her hair.

Mama, where is daddy? Asked muskaan.

He will come muski, you take rest told geet.

Mama, I want to go home told muskaan.

Muski we will go in 2-3 days told geet and kissed her forehead.

Okay told muskaan and made a face.

Suddenly muskaan started breathing heavily. Mama.. mama called muskaan.

Geet got up worriedly and asked muskaan, what happened beta, wait I will call doctor.

Geet rushed to doctor’s cabin and called doctor. Doctor came and injected her and placed a oxygen mask.

Now muskaan is fine and is sleeping told doctor. Geet sighed in relief.

Geet beta, we have to operate her as soon as possible, her condition is getting critical day by day told doctor.

Geet nodded with tears. Doctor patted her cheek and left from there. Here pari tried calling yash but he is in abroad for a meeting and is busy. Adi tried for loan but he didn’t get as he took recently for his mom.

4 days passed, there is no improvement. Maan use to stay with muskaan at nights and take care of her. He is so worried, he asked his friends for help but still he didn’t get even 10 lacs.

One day adi came running to maan and told that Raj has come to Delhi. Maan is angry on him but now he need money, he thought of asking him. When adi and maan went to raj’s house they came to know that today is his engagement.

Adi and maan went to his room. Raj is shocked to see them.

Raj I need to talk to you told maan.

Cant you see maan today is my engagement, I don’t have time now told raj rudely.

Raj please, my daughter is not well, I need money told maan.

Oh you came for money, sorry yaar. I cant gove you now. come tomorrow told raj.

In Hospital:

Muskaan condition is getting worst. And today from morning she started breathing heavily. Rano, Geet and pari stood there helpless. Doctor came out and looked at geet sadly.

Doctor what happened? Asked geet.

We are sorry geet, her condition is out of control told doctor.

Geet stood there numb, tears were falling down her cheeks. You can see her now told doctor and left from there.

Geet went inside cabin, saw muskaan who is looking pale. Geet caressed her cheek.

Muskaan opened her eyes and tried to smile. The first word came out of her mouth is daddy.

Where is daddy? Asked muskaan.

He is coming now muskaan told geet.

Her pulse is sinking and is breathing heavily. She held geet’s hand tight and asking for maan.

Daddy daddy asked muskaan breathing heavily.

Geet hugged her tight, pls muskaan you cant leave us thought geet and cried.

Suddenly muskaan stopped talking anything and moving. Geet, hugged her daughter who is no more and cried her heart out.

You cant do this muskaan, you cant cried geet. Rano who saw geet like this broke down completely. Her grand daughter is no more. Pari who came there with medicines is shocked to see her mothers condition. Pari rushed to rano and asked

Maa what happened?

Rano hugged pari and told muskaan’ hame chodke chali gayi. Pari is shattered and hugged rano tight and cried. Immediately pari called adi and pinky and told.

In raj’s house:

Raj.. shouted maan and held his collar.

Leave me maan and go from here. You want money and I told to come tomorrow told raj and left from there. Just then adi’s phone rang.

Maan, we need to go to hospital told adi.

Why?? Asked maan.

Doctor is calling us told adi trying hard to control his tears. How can he tell to maan.

Maan and adi reached hospital. He saw geet is sitting outside, all lost and pale. He didn’t understand anything. He rushed to muskaan’s ward. Maan thought that muskaan is sleeping. He went near her and kissed her forehead.

Muskaan.. called maan.

Maan’ called adi.

Shh she is sleeping told maan.

Maan, she is no more told adi. Maan looked at adi with anger and shouted stop it adi, don’t talk rubbish. She is sleeping wait I will wake her up told maan.

Maan remembers when geet was trying to wake her up she didn’t. finally when maan woke her up saying he will buy ice cream, how she got up.

Muskaan, you are a good girl na wake up told maan.

No reply.

Muskaan, daddy will bring toys for you told maan.

Hmm I know, daddy will buy you ice cream told maan.

But hearing no response from her maan got worried. He looked at adi, he nodded with tears.

No, my daughter cant leave me told maan and tried to wake up muskaan. Hearing no response from her he collapsed on the chair and hugged muskaan tight and cried. Adi too hugged maan and cried.


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