Silent Love Part 1

16 Jan

A man is sleeping peacefully on his bed, lying on his stomach hugging his pillow. Its almost afternoon but he is sleeping like he didn’t sleep from ages. Because of afternoon sunlight his sleep is getting disturb and he is tossing on the bed. After like 1 hour, he got up and stretched his arms and opened his eyes taking a deep breath. “Good morning Maan” he wished himself. He then looked at his watch. “Oops sorry, good afternoon maan” he wished himself again. “Yaar when we sleep time runs so fast” thought maan and got up to get ready to go to hospital. Oops I forgot to introduce him, he is Maan Singh Khurana, a successful doctor, hot, handsome, cool, fun loving guy. He is an orphan, he studied and got through scholarship to complete his medicine. From him his friends are everything.

He had shower, came out wearing towel around his waist. He opened his wardrobe, thinking what to wear. Anyways he has only one appointment today. He got ready and is checking his mobile. Oops he has 20 missed call. He called immediately. “Hello, is there any emergency?” asked maan.

“No sir, nothing much. Just for confirmation whether you are coming today are not” told his secretary from other side.

“Ok yaar, I am coming in half an hour” told maan.

“Ok sir” told his secretary. “Ok bye, see you soon” told maan and cut the call. He took his white coat and rushed outside. He went towards his car, settled in the driving seat and drove to the hospital. Soon he reached hospital only to see his 2 friends are fighting. He rolled his eyes seeing their usual fighting and thought to avoid them and concentrate on his work. But his fate is not so lucky today. They called him.

“Maan, ruk tu” shouted one of his friend. He turned to them and faked a wide smile.

“Hi guys” wished maan waving his hand.

“When you came? Why you didn’t call us?” asked they both at same time and glared at each other angrily.

“I came today morning, I was so tired so I slept. Is there any problem?” asked maan.

“Why are angry yaar? We tho just asked like that” told his friend.

“Ok Mr. Armaan Malik, get back to your work now. And Ms. Riddhima Gupta, you can fight with him later. Back to work” told maan seriously.

“What happened to maan today?” they both thought and nodded their heads. Maan turned back to go to his cabin smiling inwardly seeing their confused faces. “Oh wow maan, you just scared them. Lol” thought maan and ran to his cabin not able to control his laugh.

He went to his cabin and laughed out remembering their confused faces. “They are looking so funny” thought maan. Ok introducing his friends Armaan, Riddhima, Karan and Maan. These 4 are one group. All are from same college. Armaan stays with his family, Karan and maan stays in the same flat. Riddhima stays in hostel. Her family stays in other city. These 4 are best buddies, maan is more attached to karan. They are friends from childhood.

After some time maan went to rounds. He came back to his cabin making sure everything is fine. He didn’t meet karan still as he is some operation. He heard a knock on his door. “Come in” told maan.

“Hii sir, patients are here, should I send them in?” asked his secretary.

“Yes, send them in” told maan. Soon the patient with her mother entered his cabin. He smiled at them and asked them to sit.

“Hello doctor. She is my daughter priya” told her mother introducing her 5 year old daughter to maan.

“Hii priya, how are you?” asked maan smiling at her. Priya smiled at him back.

“She is having fever sir from yesterday evening” told her mom. Maan nodded and asked priya to come near him. He made her sit on the bed and checked her. He checked her temperature and saw its little high.

“No problem mam, she is perfectly fine. Just change if weather” told maan and prescribed some medicines.

Priya made a sad face seeing medicines. She pulled maan’s shirt. Maan looked at her. “Yes baby”

“Uncle, I don’t want medicines. They will be yuck” told priya making a yucky face. maan smiled at her cuteness.

“Ok baby, if you don’t want medicines then I will give you infection. You know infection, it will pain na. So medicines are best” told maan trying to convince.

“Injection??” she made a crying face. “No uncle, I will take medicines. No injection please” told priya.

“Yes dear, you are a good girl na so no injection. You have to take medicines. Next time when I see you, you should be fit and fine. And anyways priya is a very good girl, by mistake fever came” told maan and smiled. Priya smiled back widely at maan. Seeing both of them priya’s mom smiled, how easily he convinced the little child. Maan gave prescription to her mother. She took priya with her, priya turned back and waved to maan. maan too waved her back. He attended few patients and after an hour he became free.

Karan too completed the operation and came out. He freshened and went to maan’s cabin thinking he might be back from London. As expected he was there in his cabin reading some case file.

“Hey dude” wished karan. Maan smiled and hugged him.

“How are you yaar?” asked maan.

“Fine, tell me how was your trip?” asked karan.

“Ohh it was too cool. Completed your work for today?” asked maan.

“Ohh yes, I am hungry. By the way where are tom and jerry” asked karn smiling. “May be busy in another fight. Ufff even morning when I came they were fighting. Whats the reason today?” asked maan.

“Don’t ask me yaar. Yesterday you were not there and we planned to go to pub. There the great armaan danced with other girl. There starts their fight” told karan rolling his eyes.

“Come on yaar, armaan never changes. Bechari rits don’t know how she will tolerate him” told maan laughing loudly.

“Enough of our discussion guys, chalo we will have lunch I am hungry” told armaan literally dragging them to caf. Soon they both got busy in their talking and not to forget teasing tom and jerry. Their day ended well. Karan and maan dropped rits to her hostel and went to their flat. They freshened and talked for some time.

“Yaar tomorrow going to college. 4th years students ka class” told maan watching tv.

“Ok, I am going to orphanage tomorrow in the evening. Are you coming?” asked karan.

“Of course, I am coming. At least to meet my sis” told maan and winked.

“Who is your sis?” asked karan embrassesd.

“Acha you don’t know who is my sis? Don’t act in front of me. I saw you drolling on my sis openly with out any sharam waram” teased maan.

“Just shut up ok. I am not drolling” replied karan getting up to avoid further teasing.

“Arey arey Sharma rahe ho?” laughed maan. “Chup kar, I am sleepy. Good night” wished karan and ran to his room. Maan laughed out loud seeing his friends condition and he too retired to his room.


6 Responses to “Silent Love Part 1”

  1. Ayesha January 16, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    Awesome start…
    Loved it….waiting fr geets entry….

  2. Kathrina Pheonix (dumas) January 17, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    awesome start very cute medley of character awesome

  3. divya January 18, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    Nyc start…..
    Maan is doc… Hmm.. N his frnds r alsk nyc….

  4. ffdeewani January 19, 2013 at 7:34 am #

    Hi Jyothi..I finally am able to make it..

    Great start…Good to see Maan as a doctor and his dedication with his teasings and cool nature and of course the Tom and Jerry and the shy Karan too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. adsshri January 21, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    Hi di
    Sorry for the late comment
    Awesome start di
    maan is a doc woe armaan,karan and ridz are his friends

  6. Pihu January 23, 2013 at 6:15 am #

    Luvd d concept..cute..funny..lovely..

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