Silent Love Part 2

16 Jan

“Arey arey Sharma rahe ho?” laughed maan. “Chup kar, I am sleepy. Good night” wished karan and ran to his room. Maan laughed out loud seeing his friends condition and he too retired to his room. Maan went to his room but sleep is very far away from him, daily by this time he would have slept but today he is not. Maan took out his mobile and switched on RM radio. Just then maan’s mobile rang and saw it is from ritz.

“Hey ritz, you are calling at this time? Is everything fine?” asked maan.

“Yes maan, I need a small help from you guys. Can you 3 come to orphanage tomorrow evening?” asked ritz.

Of course we are coming tomorrow, but is there anything urgent?” asked maan.

“Nooo dude, remember last week we attended our orphanage annual function. That time we saw dance performance by a girl?” asked ritz.

“Come on ritz how can I forget, after that we searched for her in the auditorium. But we didn’t find her” told maan sadly.

“Yes maan, just now I had a talk with pari. She told that girl is pari’s friend” told ritz excitedly.

“Omg.. what you are saying yaar. Sachi? Than please I want to meet her” told maan excitedly.

“Yup pari we will ask pari about her, and we can also ask if she can perform for our hospital function” told ritz.

“Exactly, ok then see you tomorrow” told maan.

“Ok good night” smiled ritz.

“Good night” wished maan and cut the call. “Wow lady, I am getting a chance to meet you tomorrow. I am excited” thought maan and lied on his bed closing his eyes.

Next day:


All the four friends met in the hospital after some time karan left to college and in the after noon maan too. Maan is teaching for 4th years while karan is teaching 3rd year students. After the class they both met and headed towards the orphanage. Soon they reached, karan’s eyes are searching for his lady love and maan is waiting for that lady. Armaan and ritz too reached and thankfully they are not fighting this time.

Before they wish each other they heard someone scolding someone. “Nisha, are you mad? How many times I told you not to send her alone that too on the bike. Hey bhagwan she didn’t reach till now. where is she?” asked pari angrily to her friend.

“Pari yaar, calm down. she is not a kid” told nisha annoyingly.

“Just shut up nisha” told pari angrily and cut the call. “Babaji uski raksha karna” prayed pari. Awww karan is not able to see her tensed. He went towards her and asked “Pari ji, you are looking tensed?” asked karan.

“Ohh hello, sorry maine aapko dekha hi nahi. You guys sit there. I will just come now” told pari.

“No problem pari ji” told karan. Bechara he don’t know what to ask lol.

Just then pari and others saw a girl coming on her bike wearing helmet. Pari sighed in relief seeing her.

“I will just come now” told pari and ran to that girl.

The girl who came on bike got down and removed her helmet exposing her beautiful face with a small smile playing on her lips. pari went to that girl and is staring at her angrily.

“Gadhi, ek call nahi kar sakti. Why you are so late? You know how worried I am?” asked pari angrily. That girl pouted cutely and held her years making sorry face.

“Don’t make that face, I am not gonna melt. You and your bike, huh” told pari and walked off from there.

That girl followed her making sorry faces but pari is showing her attitude. That girl is running behind her holding her ears. Finally that girl caught her wrist and stopped her. pari looked at her asking “now what?”

She took out some envelope from her bag and showed it to her smiling widely. Pari looked at her confused and then at the envelope.

“Omg.. call letter?” shouted pari for which the girl smiled at her widely. When pari was about to snatch the call letter from her but that girl acted fast and ran from there not giving her.

“Yaar please give me na” shouted pari chasing her. Here doctor’s gang is smiling seeing their cute rootna-manana. They both are panting heavily and stopped chasing each other. Finally pari hugged that girl tight and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you so much geet” told pari. But geet came out of the hug and pointed towards her bike, she is angry on pari for scolding her bike.

“Acha baba, sorry dhanno for scolding you” told pari and smiled. Geet smiled widely.

“Acha geet I forgot, someone came to meet you” told pari and took geet to maan and his geet.

“Doctor, you asked about geet. Here she is” told pari, geet smiled at them. “Hii geet” wished all the 4 in chorus. Geet again smiled at them.

“Geet actually we want to ask you something. Wo actually last week we saw your dance performance and we are so impressed. We loved your performance” told ritz. Geet’s eyes twinkled in joy.

“There is a function in our hospital next week. We would like to have your performance” told ritz. Geet looked at pari and blinked her eyes.

“Ma’am she is ready” told pari. “Geet, how much you take for performance” asked armaan.

Geet smiled at him and nodded for a no. “Sir she wont take anything” told pari. All the 4 looked at her surprised. Mainly maan he is impressed by her small small gestures, he saw the twinkle in her eyes when they were telling about her dance, his respect on her increased when she told she don’t take any renumeration for any performance.

“Geet, you go inside. Children are waiting for you” told pari. Geet nodded, she once again smiled at them and left from there. Maan’s gaze is still on geet, when she went inside all the children came and hugged her. When children are asking something she is signaling through her hands. First maan got confused why she is not speaking anything. Maan out of curiousity asked pari.

“Pari, she cant speak” told maan. its statement rather than a question. All others looked at maan surprised. Pari too looked at him surprised.

“Yes doctor” told pari tears forming in her eyes. She again looked at 4 of them there is no pity look in her face. they all are smiling looking at her which pari liked very much. Unlike other they didn’t show any pity on her.

“God gave her beautiful art called Dance, she can tell anything through her dance” told karan.

“But not all think like you doctor, they will taunt her and show pity on her” told pari.

“Pari, so many types of people are there in this world. We should not take them to heart. We should see the people around us are happy” told maan, pari smiled at him. Maan is still looking at geet. Geet, just geet she is a dancer and working as a dance teacher in a school. Her aim is to open dance school on her own and teach many students. She is basically a classical dancer but can dance any type. People pity her that she cannot talk, but she don’t care about them. Pari, her best friend from childhood, who cares for her a lot. They both just cant live without each other. Pari is a bit possessive about geet. She will be always worried about her, she treats geet as her sister.

But geet is bindass type, her life is filled with masti. She loves playing pranks on pari, she loves teasing her. And last but not least she loves her bike dhanno a lot. If anyone touch her that’s it, she will definitely make their life hell by giving her sweet sweet angry glares.


Precap: Tongue


8 Responses to “Silent Love Part 2”

  1. DrRose January 16, 2013 at 7:10 pm #

    finally i read this … couldn’t open pm yet as IF is troubling me and meanwhile i got this link so here i am…
    nice part ritz called maan .. and they found out abt a girl.. of course geet …
    poor karan lol …. pari was too good …
    geet met with maan and his friends and they praised her .. she felt good …
    pari was really sweet …
    loving geet’s nature even when she is not like others …
    where is precap ?????

    much love Rose

  2. ffdeewani January 16, 2013 at 8:38 pm #

    Hey happy to have u back…will b back after reading

  3. Payal January 16, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

    Maan like her. Geet ready to do dance performance. Let see how Maan fall for her.

  4. Kathrina Pheonix (dumas) January 17, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    geet is mute and maan likes her dance awesome update loved how you are unfolding the story

  5. divya January 18, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    Awesome part…
    So gert is a dancer… Intresting… N liked hr dhanno…..
    Dekh le maan …. After all she is all yours

  6. ffdeewani January 19, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    Nice update dear.

    So Karan met his Pari, Pari and is all lost in her..awww.

    Geet is dumb, but still the way she is enjoying her life and care for others is a beauty of her heart, which Maan and his frnds have recognized and admire her for that and not pity, which again shows a good nature of all.

    Loved Pari-Geet bond, their gussa, teasings and love for each other

  7. adsshri January 21, 2013 at 3:34 pm #

    geet can’t speak
    pari and geet bond were too cute and her dhanno which she loved
    maan and his frndz admired geet

  8. Pihu January 23, 2013 at 6:26 am #

    lovely update dear..:-)
    Luvd d bonding b/w Geet & Pari…
    Our geet is totally bindaas…i luv dis type of geet…
    Hmare Maan babu to abi se flat ho gye..geet pe..dekhte h..kab realise hoti h unhe unki feeling…n hw both wil cme close 2 each other…

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