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Love and Revenge part 19

23 Feb

Maan took geet to his room and carefully laid her on the bed. Geet smiled at him, maan caressed her face and told sleep for some time geet. I will just come now. But geet held maan’s hand. Maan looked at her and can see the pain in her eyes, the fear of loosing their baby. Maan too lied down next to geet, pulled her close to him. Geet snuggled more to maan, placing her head on his chest feeling the warmth. She is still in shock of losing their baby. If dev didn’t come on time then the doctor might have aborted their child long back. The mere thought sent shiver through her spine and geet’s hand securely rounded her stomach like saving their baby from all the odds. Maan hugged her tight, Geet our baby is fine. No one can harm our baby told maan trying to console her but she is lost in her own world.

Geet, look at me asked maan cupping her face.

Geet looked at him with tearful eyes, Maan, th.. they tried to kill our baby. Why maan? why it is happening with us. First it was you who tried to stay away from me, when I got you then some one is trying to harm our baby. Why it is happening with me. I am tired maan, fighting with all odds. Till when I have to fight. I want to go away from here to save our baby cried geet clinging onto maan. Maan closed his eyes in pain, somewhere he is the reason for all her pain. If he didn’t sent her away from him she might be happy all these years. But he is worried sick because of geet’s safety and had to act rude with her and hurt her in all the way. When they thought everything is back to normal some one tried to harm their baby. Something happening to baby boiled maan’s blood.

The question which geet asked him ringing in his ears and he too is having same question. Will they ever be happy in their life again and live a happy life with no tensions and revenge thing. He shrugged all his thought when he heard the sobs of geet.

Maan cupped her face and made her look at him. He kissed her eyes wiping off those tears.

Geet, I know what you are going through. And I am the reason behind it told maan looking at her with guilt. I promise you geet, everything will be fine soon and we will have a happy life. I wont let anything happen to you, our baby or our family. I will keep them safe from everyone. I promise mishty told maan and kissed her forehead. Geet just rested her head on his chest due to tiredness. The whole thing happened from today morning have taken a toll on her. And her pregnancy harmones are also not helping her. She is getting hyper but is controlling herself and closed her eyes feeling her love close to her.

Maan slowly caressing her hair and patting her to sleep. He don’t want to see her in pain anymore, she has suffered enough. So decided to take geet away from this environment for few days at least. Only maan and geet, geet needs him the most. If he is here then he cant give more time to geet. So decided to take her out somewhere and for few days arnav and dev will manage the things. And he has to double the security and have to arrange personal body guards to everyone. Mainly for khushi, prem and anjali as they are college going.

Maan looked at geet who is now sleeping peacefully hugging him tight. Maan caressed her face, pecking on her lips. He made her sleep on the bed and he got up glancing at geet, making sure that she don’t get up. He went out of the room to see arnav, sasha and dev are talking something.

I don’t know arnav, what they are talking about? When I went to talk with doctor about dad, there I saw the doctor and some guy talking with each other. Then I heard geet’s name and got alert. I just came to know that they are planning something against her told sasha.

Can you recognize that guy, sasha? Asked arnav.

Wait, I have his pic. I took without knowing anyone told sasha and fished her mobile in her bag. She showed the pic to arnav and maan who is listening their convo came there to know who the person is.

When maan saw the photo, he went to deep thought thinking he saw him somewhere but not able to remember where he saw. He thought to talk with police once and keep a track on this person. Arnav never saw that person before. But thought to ask khushi, she might be knowing. Because she knows her bade papa and his family.

Is khushi at home? Asked arnav.

I think’ yes she is coming told maan and pointed towards entrance where prem and khushi are coming from terrace.

Khushi came in and smiled at them and sat beside maan. He kissed her forehead and asked how is college?

Good VJ, finally I am able to continue my studies told khushi smiling at him.

Bhai, yeh padhai kam aur batein jyada karti hain complained prem.

Aur tum padhai aur batein kam and ghoomna jyada karte ho. Hain na? asked maan making him realize who has helped him to study during his exams. Prem smiled at him sheepishly.

Bhai, hum dono tho architects hain. But she is fashion designer, who will help her if she don’t study asked prem and patted his back for such a intelligent question. But his happiness is short lived.

I think I run a company. Hain na prem? Asked arnav.

Prem made a baby face and nodded for a yes for which khushi giggled. They talked for some time. After that prem left from there.

Khushi, we need to ask you something? Asked maan.

Ji VJ?

Maan showed the photo to khushi and asked do you know who he is?

Khushi saw the picture and recognized him. He is her so called cousin, who didn’t even treated her like a human when she was in their house.

VJ, he is Rohan told khushi.

Rohan? Asked maan.

Ha bade papa’s elder son told khushi, her face color changed. Those horrible days of her life flashed in front of her. Maan stiffened hearing it and looked at khushi who lost the color of her face.

Sasha left from there as she has to attend her dad, who is gonna dis-charged today. Maan hugged khushi side ways and calmed her.

Shhh..  don’t think of the past dear, we all are there with you now. Relax shhh convinced maan.

Khushi calmed down and smiled slightly at him. Maan caressed her hair and asked to go to her room. She nodded and left from there.

Bhai, I arranged a camera in senior doctor’s cabin. If he again comes to meet him then we will come to know told dev.

Dev, I don’t want you to be in any type of risk told maan concerned.

No bro nothing will happen. Those who tried to harm my family, how can I leave them told dev with rage.

But careful dev warned maan.

Sure bro don’t worry told dev. Maan nodded and left from there thinking something. He want to get rid of them as soon as possible mainly geet needs rest, she should not stress at this time. And he cant take geet out of country as a case is filed against her. So he decided to go to farm house.

Maan called arnav to his study.

Bolo maan.

Arnav, I am thinking to take geet to our farm house, as she needs rest now told maan.

That’s good idea maan, and change in the surrounding also help her told arnav.

Yes, we will be back in a week. Arnav I have talked with security agency and increased the security and also arranged personal bodyguards for prem, anjali and khushi. I want you to talk with them when they come here and ask them not to allow any outsiders to meet them in the college told maan.

Ok, I will talk with them. You don’t worry. From now I will be extra careful with them told arnav. Maan nodded.

Maan, you be careful and take care of geet. she needs you the most now told arnav worried for geet and at her state. She is undergoing emotional turmoil.

I will told maan. they talked about the things for some time and arnav left to RM leaving geet with maan. when maan went to their room, he saw geet is still sleeping and cuddled up like a baby. He smiled and went near her. He kissed her forehead and tried to wake her up.

Mishty, get up dear. Have some food tried maan to wake up geet. Geet moved little held his hand and placed it under her cheek and slept again. Maan chuckled, his hands slowly went under her kurti touching her stomach. He is tickling her now. Geet opened her eyes wide and glared at maan.

Maan stop it.. please told geet in between her laughter.

But maan is tickling her more as he is enjoying her smiling after a long time. He want to see that smile on her face forever.

Maan see I got up, now please stop told geet. Maan stopped finally, smiled at her. Geet pouted and got up not looking at maan.

Is my mishty is angry? Asked maan.

Geet nodded ever so cutely. Awww now what should I do? Asked maan patting his chin.

Geet looked at maan from corner of her eyes. Maan pulled geet towards him holding her waist. It happened so suddenly that even geet didn’t realize when she fell on maan. Their bodies are glued, maan tucked her hair strands which are falling on her lips and disturbing him.

Farm house chale? Asked maan huskily caressing her exposed skin sensuously.

Ummm moaned geet losing herself in his touch.

Then get ready fast told maan kissing her cheek. Geet smiled and got up. Maan asked nakul to bring dinner to their room, while maan went to talk to his mom and dadimaa. He informed them that they are going to farm house for a week or 2. They agreed and told him not to worry.

After dinner geet packed few cloths of maan’s but she don’t have her any cloths in KM.

Uff ab main kya karu? Thought geet.

She saw maan entering into the room. Maan called geet.

Yes jaan.

I don’t have any cloths to pack told geet sadly.

Maan hugged her from back and told jaan, when I am with you what is the use of cloths. Waise tho I don’t mind seeing you without any’.

Geet is all now sharam se pani pani. She whacked his arm and gave an angry glare.

Boliye na maan asked geet again.

I told anjali and your bag is already lying in the car told maan sadly. Seeing his sad face geet felt like pulling his cheeks. He is looking like a small kid who lost his favorite candy or a doll.

Maan main aapse ek baat bolu asked geet.

Ha bolo na, agar main nahi tho kaun sunega teri bak bak told maan.

Hawww geet opened her mouth in a exact O shape.

Geet close your mouth or else *maan smirking* I wont mind entering your mouth winked maan. Geet closed her mouth.

Chalo chalo we are getting late told geet.

Geet ek kiss dedo na requested maan. Geet smiled and gave a flying kiss and told ab chale.

Maan made a angry face. yeh bhi koi kiss hota hain kya thought maan. Don’t worry geet once we reach farm house’. Maan left his thought there itself to control himself.

Geet and maan got into the car. He don’t want anyone to disturb them, so maan is driving the car while geet is as usual busy in her non-stop bak bak. Maan smiled seeing her happy again.


Precap: Ufff naughty maan and angry geet. What a combo sirji’ *wink*

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