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Rishtey part 6

28 Feb


Tch tch, what happened geet? your nose is red, are you angry on me? asked maan innocently.

Geet who is holding cricket bat throwed on maan. maan caught it and smiled sweetly at her.

Aww thankyou so much geet, I was about to ask you told maan and started playing with children.

Geet went to annie and others who are watching their fight silently.

Tammy, tumko pata hain, your brother is one the dhust danav I have ever seen shouted geet angrily. But the 3 girls laughed out loud.

I just hate you pouted geet. Maan who listened this shouted. The feeling is mutual geet, so chill and laughed out loud. Geet fumed more and pouted looking at her sisters who are not even supported her. Maan is busy in playing with children. After some time children are tired and they ran to their respective houses. Maan saw geet is still angry on him and he loved teasing her.

Geet I want to tell you something told maan as he walked towards her. Geet looked at him so as others.

Your name is geet means song which is sweet. But see your attitude always shouting and fighting with others. Your name should not be geet but devil geet teased maan. Geet looked at him in anger and pouted seeing annie and tammy laughing. She stomped her foot and left from there cursing maan. seeing her pouting face maan laughed out loud.

Here geet went to dadi’s room and sat beside her.

Dadi, your grandson is very bad. I hate him complained geet making crying face.

Why what happened? Asked dadi seeing her face.

See dadi he is calling me devil geet complained geet.

Ohh why so? Asked dadi.

Don’t know dadi but he is very very bad told geet making baby face.

Geet, chodo yeh sab. He is my grandson ek baat poochu geet ? asked dadi.

Ha dadi told geet.

Will you marry my maan asked dadi smiling.

Dadi shouted geet and stood up. I think you are joking. Mein aur uss chimpanzee se shaadi no way dadi. I want my prince charming but not that chimpanzee shouted geet making dadi laugh out loud.

Dadi you are laughing at me pouted geet and left from there too. She went to her room and lied down on the bed complaining to her babaji.

Dekha babaji aapne, see how all are teasing me. I will go back to delhi she pouted and looked up.

Hey geet, what are you doing here when all are waiting for you outside asked tammy coming in.

The brother of yours I just hate him, how dare he tease me pouted geet making tammy laugh.

Tammy came and sat beside geet. Geet I am sorry on behalf of bro told tammy getting emotional.

Hey what happened to you yaar? I was just joking told geet wiping her tears.

Tammy smiled slightly at her and told no geet you don’t know anything. After so many years bro is laughing and smiling. After dad’s death everything changed, bro joined business and naina di helped bro. if naina di is not there then we would have never came here and she is the one who knows bro in and out. Today I don’t regret coming here geet because I am able to see my bro happy again.

Geet felt bad for tammy and her respect for maan increased. He is very responsible and loves his family a lot. Tammy saw geet lose in some thoughts.

Arey yaar, I came here to call you and see you are lost in your thoughts. Come lets go told tammy getting up.

Where? Geet asked confused.

Geet, did you forget we have to go to temple told tammy.

Oh yes I forgot. Just 5 minutes I will change and come told geet.

Ok come fast, we will wait outside told tammy and left from there. Geet immediately got changed and ran outside to see all are waiting for her and maan is annoyed as he don’t like waiting. But when he saw geet, he is just lost in her beauty. She is looking beautiful in the while color salwar suit and her hair open. For a second he lost in her but composed himself.

Annie, anita, geet and tammy left for temple in jeep and maan is driving. Today he has become driver for these ladies. He is cursing his fate as he don’t have any other work to do here other than to roam. How happy he was with his files and laptop but now he don’t have net access in his mobile and laptop. He made a annoyed face and is driving to the temple. But soon his expressions are changed when he saw the beauty of village. Being in abroad from start he don’t know anything about village, but now he is really enjoying the atmosphere.

But maan stopped the car in the middle making the girls confused, they all saw maan and his gaze. There they saw their dadaji and some village people arguing discussing on something which made maan curious as there was a lawyer there. Maan got down of the jeep and walked to them without dadaji’s knowledge followed by the girls. Listening their talks maan came to know that they are talking about some land issue.

Geet is more curious and stepped into the discussion. She took the documents from lawyer and read them. Due to the technical terms over there she didn’t exactly understood what is the matter.

Geet you go from here told dadaji. Geet nodded and left from there with the documents with her. Maan took those papers from geet and read them. Being a business tycoon he understood the situation and it is not that complicated too. But he was little hesitant to talk with dadaji after today’s incident. But somehow he walked ahead. Dadaji saw maan but didn’t talk anything. He saw those papers.

Excuse me Mr. Lawyer called out maan. Hearing maan’s authoritive voice every one became silent and looked at maan. Lawyer looked at maan.

Yes? Asked lawyer. Maan gave those documents to lawyer.

Mr ?? asked maan.

Arjun Joshi told lawyer.

Mr. Joshi, what is the problem here? As per documents every thing is clear and you can go to court and solve the issue right? Then what is discussion going on here? Asked maan.

Actually Mr?

Maan Singh Khurana

Mr. Khurana, the opposite client is creating an issue on this land issue. Their village has sufficient water but even then filed a case against your dadaji. They want to construct a dam here but so many farmers will lose their land. We tried to explain them but they are adamant told maan.

Look Mr. Joshi, we can win this case easily. You just get the proves that many people are dependent on this land and submit it in the court. Then the problem is solved told maan. Lawyer looked at him in awe and nodded.

Lawyer turned to dadaji and told the same. Khurana ji, agar hum aisa kiya tho we can win this case told lawyer. Dadaji nodded and felt proud of maan. Maan once looked at dadaji and left from there feeling satisfied. Geet looked at maan and followed him fast while others are walking slowly towards jeep.

Yaar can I ask you something? Asked geet to maan.

Hmm came as maan’s reply.

Along with your construction business why don’t you practice law, dekho you solved this problem so easily told geet innocently. Maan at once looked at maan and made a weird face.

Are you really a doctor? Asked maan.

Yes told geet proudly but again asked why?

Tum itni bewakoof ho, how did you pass in the exams? Asked maan.

Geet looked at him angrily. He will be always ready to taunt her.

Tum apne app ko samajthe kya ho? Shouted geet in anger. But maan pulled geet towards him in a jerk, geet decided to blast on him but next second she hugged maan tight in fear. There a car passed by rashly. If maan didn’t pull geet then she might have hit by the car.

Girls rushed towards them. Geet came out and looked at him in fear.

Are you fine geet? asked maan. Geet just nodded and soon came into her sherni mood. Geet sat on the driver’s seat and ordered others to have their seat.

Geet let me drive told maan calmly.

Maan, don’t argue get into the car soon ordered geet and maan didn’t argue much seeing her anger. Geet took a stone and kept it with her. She accelerated and drove the car in full speed. She is chasing that car and soon when she saw the car stopped in the middle and the people from that car stood outside. Geet smirked and took the stone. Geet too stopped the car and thrown the stone on that car breaking its window glass. Geet was fast enough to drive the jeep in normal speed so that those people might not recognize who it is?

Maan and others looked at geet in shock. Once they crossed the other car and saw that they are in safe distance burst out into laughter.

Geet that was awesome girl told tammy laughing out loud.

Aur nahi tho kya? They took panga with geet told geet with attitude.

She is such a kid thought maan and smiled at himself. Soon they reached temple and went inside to pray for god.

Precap: Oops geet hurted her leg…

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