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Do i deserve ur love part 32

8 Mar

Now I will see geet, how much you want your daughter not to meet her father but this time I wont listen you, father-daughter duo meet for sure thought rano and left from there to meet someone. Rano took taxi from aishu’s school and went to meet her son-in-law maan. She very well knows after what happened yesterday maan might be lost in their past and blaming himself for what happened.

When rano stepped inside maan’s house, she saw nothing is changed. Not even a single thing, everything is as per geet’s and muskaan’s choice. Rano smiled sadly and went to maan’s room, she didn’t find him there.

May be he is in muskaan’s room thought rano and went to muskaan’s room which is filled with her toys and her pictures. Maan sat near the bed his face in his palms. Whole night he didn’t sleep, he sat in muskaan’s room feeling dejected, not knowing how much he has to suffer more. He want to hug his daughter aishu and shower her all his love but here he cant tell her he is her daddy.

“Daddy” such a beautiful word. “I love you daddy” whenever muskaan says this to maan, his heart swelled with happiness and proud. But one day he lost her, he is not murderer. How can he kill his own child, he tried everywhere for money. He was ready to beg raj because nothing is important for him other than his muskaan, but nothing worked.

After geet left him, one day raj came to maan’s house to return his money. Then told everything what happened. He didn’t cheat him but it was geet’s mamaji who blackmailed him not to give money to them. That was the main reason for his rejection of giving money on his engagement day when he came for money. But what is the use of knowing the truth or getting money now, so maan immediately rejected to take money, but raj was adamant and said he is his friend and help him to reach geet and tell everything happened. Raj deposited the money in maan’s account.

Once he was famous for his dance school and he did programs in everywhere possible in India he got into bollywood so easily and in no time he became successful choreographer. Maan made sure that his name don’t come out as he don’t want any media hype.

Days to years passed, one fine day he met geet again. Her love for maan changed into hatred to such extent that she didn’t tell about his own daughter. The past is flashing in front of him, which is making him more and more depressed and making his life more dark. He sensed someone opened the door allowing the sun light to enter in the room making the darkness fade away. Maan looked up with his heavy eyes and saw rano there.

His heart overjoyed to see his MIL, whom he treated as his mother there.

Maa a whisper came out of his mouth making rano cry seeing her sons state. Why he is suffering for her brother’s deeds.

Rano came and sat next to maan, hugging her son tight trying to take away his pain and give him some relief.

Maan beta, what is all this? Cried rano.

Maa, aishu is my daughter is the first thing maan asked. Mujhe kyun nahi bataya maa cried maan in her embrace.

Maa, am I that cruel that no one told about this. How I survived these many years I don’t know maa. Mujhe meri geet ko wapas la do maa. I want my geet cried maan resting his head on her lap. Even rano is also crying with him.

Maan, we should tell truth to geet told rano wiping her tears. Maan instantly lifted his head and stared at her.

No maa, geet cant handle this. Life long she will feel guilty thinking she is responsible for what happened told maan.

Maan, till how long we will hide this from her. day by day her actions are getting worst. I will never ever forgive bhai for this cried rano.

What is there to forgive maa, we lost our muskaan and he met with an accident and is bed ridden now. chakar bhi hum kuch nai kar sakte maa told maan.

Rano wiped maan’s tears and told finally why she came here.

Maan, I want to tell you something told rano.

Maan looked at rano.

Maan you should be aishu’s dance teacher as she is so much interested in her school competition told rano.

Maan is first thrilled then hesitated thinking how can he? What if geet comes to know about this.

But maa’ maan was cut by rano.

Maan, this is the only way to meet your daughter and I cant see you in pain. Tum kuch bhi kaho maan mai zaroor geet ko sach batakar hi rahungi. Please fulfill your daughter’s wish requested rano.

Even thought maan is hesitant thinking geet don’t like it. But his heart is saying to accept so that he can see his daughter daily. Maan smiled slightly at rano which is enough for her to know maan is ok with this idea.

Maan, be ready in the evening to meet your daughter told rano and kissed her forehead. Maan got up from the floor so as rano. He hugged and thanked for trusting him and allowing him to meet his daughter. Maan forgot all his worries and pains and is so excited to meet his aishu. Rano left from there smiling as her first plan to unite father-daughter is successful.

Day passed so slowly for maan, he cancelled all his appointments for that day and is waiting for the clock to strike 3pm. Now the time is 2:30 pm and maan is already waiting for aishu near school where stil one hour time is there for aishu to complete her classes. Anxiety is all over written on his face. He is rubbing his hands and looking over the entrance gate again and again.

He saw rano getting down from an auto, maan saw her and smiled. Rano paid to the auto driver and walked towards maan.

Maan when did you come? Asked rano.

Half hour back told maan and smiled. Rano didn’t tell anything knowing how excited he is. The time passed and finally aishu came out running to her nani. Rano smiled and took her in her arms. Maan smiled at them.

Nanii kissed aishu on her cheek.

Meri bachi kaisi hai, aapko ek surprise hai told rano.

What nani? Asked aishu excitedly.

Rano turned towards maan and told he is your dance teacher aishu.

At first aishu got so excited and is smiling widely. But soon her face became gloomy. Maan and rano didn’t miss the sadness in her face.

What happened beta? Asked rano.

Mumma gussa karegi told aishu sadly, even with aishu maan too became sad knowing why geet hates dance. She hates everything which relates maan.

We will not tell to mumma now, when your program finishes that time we will tell. Ok? Told rano.

Par nani, you told we should not lie to anyone? Asked aishu innocently.

We are not lying beta, we are not telling to your mumma that’s it rano convinced aishu and she accepted happily.

Aishu looked at maan and smiled.

Hello aishu wished maan.

Hello baby, I am maan introduced maan himself.

I am aishwarya told aishu and smiled at him again.

Maan talked with aishu animatedly telling her different things while going to his house. Aishu loved maan instantly and she too talking with him. Rano told she has some work and she will be back in an hour or so. Maan just nodded taking aishu inside.

Maan made aishu sit on the couch and he went to kitchen to bring juice for her.

Aishu, this is for you told maan and gave her juice. Aishu had it as she is feeling hungry too.

What should I call you? Asked aishu looking at maan with her innocent eyes. Maan’s heart screamed to call him as dad but outside he just smiled and told whatever you like.

Aishu patted her chin thinking.

I will call you as friend told aishu and smiled at him.

Maan kissed her forehead and he took her to his dance room, where he and muskaan use to practice dance before.

Days passed to weeks. Aishu daily visit maan and learn dance for her school competition. They use to play on Sundays and maan use to take her to park. Rano lied to geet that she is taking aishu to music classes as she has music competition in her school and aishu is very excited to participate. Though she felt bad for lying to geet but she want to unite father and daughter first.

Aishu became so close to maan, that in the evening maan use to pick her up daily and take her with him to ice cream parlour some days, to park or they just go on a ride on his bike. She use to tell everything to him what happened in school. This whole month is not less than a bliss to maan, he forgot everything about his past and just enjoying with his aishu. Even adi and pinky too observed change in him and they are happy for him. sometimes maan takes both rohan and aishu outside so that both friends enjoy.

On the other hand sameera shifted to the same apartment as of geet, so that she can befriend with geet. Though geet didn’t talk to her much as she was busy with her office work and all but she liked sam for her chirpiness. Sam used to spend most of her Sundays with geet as she is staying alone there. It is one of such Sunday, rano took aishu for her dance class and geet is busy in cooking while sam is munching an apple and talking with geet.

Geet, next Sunday is my birthday. You and aishu darling has to come. Ok? Told sam.

Ok sam I will come smiled geet.

Sam made a plan to call maan too so that they both can meet. Sam patted for back for her plan and smiled at geet happily.


Precap: Aishu with maan. Will geet sees them??? Shocked

Do i deserve ur love part 31

3 Mar


Hearing the painful past of maneet and their baby sam had tears in her eyes.

Omg.. they suffered so much, having so much pain inside still maan is acting normal. He is really great. So the foundation is maan’s. MF.. MUSKAAN FOUNDATION.

Yes sam, muskaan died because of lack of money. So maan bhai established MF, so that no other kid die because of lack of money. The operation for children will be free in that foundation told pinky.

Pinky, you don’t worry. I will re-unite maan and geet again. Its my promise told sam and there is a determination in her eyes.

But that is not so easy sam, you don’t know how stubborn geet is told pinky but hoping one day her friend and her bhai will unite and live their life happily like before.

Sam turned to pinky.  Pinky there in nothing impossible in love. How much be stubborn geet be, she should bow her head in front of love told sam.

Pinky smiled and hugged her. Sam, I am there with you to help you in the mission unite maneet told pinky.

Thank you pinky told sam and smiled at herself. I too will see how geet wont come to maan thought sam and left from there with heavy heart. That day was a long day for everyone. Here adi is still searching for maan, when he came to know about aishu being his daughter, he is shattered once again with geet’s words.

“You are a murderer maan” those words are ringing in maan’s ears making his state more and more vulnerable. Maan stood on the middle of the road all alone once again lost in his darkness. He don’t know what is there in his destiny, when he is happy with his family god snatched his muskaan, his daughter, his princess from him. When again after 6 years when he came to know about aishu geet didn’t even allow him to take his daughter into his arms. She once again broke his heart with her words which are killing maan inwards.

Tears are not taking a name of stopping. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he knows who is it. He is only person who is there with him in all odds or say in each and every part of his life. He turned to look at adi who came in search of maan.

Maan hugged adi not able to control his pain, maan completely broke down and fell on his knees crying bitterly. Adi too is crying with maan, how destiny is so cruel to his friend.

Maan sambhalo apne aap ko told adi wiping maan’s tears.

Maan stood up and looked at adi with pain.

What is happening with me adi, I am not able to understand. Before my muskaan left me and then geet. Now my another daughter is 5 years old and I don’t know she exists. Adi uss din main apni muskaan ko aakri baar nai mil paya ab darr lag raha hain ki meri aishu ka yeh pehli mulakat aakri na ho jaye cried maan.

Maan aisa mat socho, you and geet will be happy once again I am sure told adi consoling his friend.

Maan smiled sadly and told you saw geet today na adi and you are still thinking geet will come to me. adi don’t have any words to say, but he has to do something so that geet comes to know the truth that maan is innocent. Adi dropped maan to his house and be offered maan that he will stay with him but maan asked him to go home saying he want to leave alone for some time. Adi didn’t pesture much as maan is so shattered and he needs to be alone for some time.

Here geet went to her room and closed the door not even hearing the call of rano. She thumped on the bed crying bitterly. Pari followed geet with aishu in her arms. When rano asked what happened to geet. Then pari said how they met maan jiju and how rude geet was.

Rano is angry on geet, 6 years passed even now she is angry on maan for no reason. Just for one mistake of maan she is punishing him for his life time. This is the heights of ridiculous.

Come out geet shouted rano going towards geet’s room.

Maa please leave me alone, I don’t want to talk anything now shouted geet back.

Cry geet cry, how much you want you cry because the pain you gave to maan is much more bigger than your tears told rano cursing her fate and her daughters.

I lost my muskaan because of maan maa cried geet.

Even maan lost his muskaan geet, she is yours and maan’s daughter not alone yours told rano and left from there haring no response from geet.

Here geet is crying and crying thinking about muskaan.

I cant forgive you maan, you are the reason for my muskaan’s death and I wont allow you to meet aishu. She is mine only mine and this time I cant lose her because of you thought geet and wiped her tears. That day no one is able to sleep, all are lost in their own thoughts.

Next day morning, geet woke up and she heard some music from aishu’s room. She rubbed her eyes and went to her room to see her dancing on the bed with her music system on. Geet got angry seeing that and switched off the music system splitting fire on aishu.

Aishu, how many time I told you don’t dance. I told you I hate dance and I don’t want you to repeat it again shouted geet. Aishu started crying hearing her maa’s shouting. Rano rushed to aishu’s room hearing geet’s shouting and saw aishu crying. Rano hugged aishu rubbing her back to calm her grand daughter. She shot an angry glare on geet. Geet left from there not able see her daughter crying that too because of her.

Aishu aise rote nahi, dekho good girls don’t cry tried rano to convince her.

Nani, I love dancing why maa don’t allow me asked aishu innocently.

Rano don’t know what to answer. How can she answer that her mother will remember her father because he is also a dancer. Rano still remember how muskaan use to dance with maan with her small small steps. Maan and muskaan’s bond is so special. Maan loves muskaan more than geet, his day starts with muskaan and ends with her, pampering her and fulfilling all her dreams. But one day he lost her. Here aishu is waiting for her nani’s answer but how can she tell so she kept quite and made her ready to school.

That day rano dropped aishu to school. Aishu is dull all the day as in her school annual day is coming soon and she want to participate in dance competition but her mother don’t allow her. Rano cant see her grand daughter all sad and an idea popped in her mind and smiled at herself.

Now I will see geet, how much you want your daughter not to meet her father but this time I wont listen you, father-daughter duo meet for sure thought rano and left from there to meet someone.

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