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Do i deserve ur love part 34

24 May

Still you didn’t forget this maan? why maan why you are making it difficult for me. I hate this helplessness. I don’t deserve your love maan, I really don’t. please don’t force me to come to you maan thought geet. when aishu’s dance completed there was a huge round of applause. Suddenly geet turned back as she is feeling instant gaze on her. She saw maan averted his gaze when she turned back and is clapping smiling at aishu. Aishu is searching for her nani and mumma. When she saw them, she smiled widely and waved at them.

The next second her eyes caught maan standing there at the back. Her smile broadened and she waved at him too. Maan smiled at her. its the results time and maan is praying aishu to win as he cant see her sad. And as expected aishu got the first prize and she is on cloud 9. Maan sighed and left from don’t want to upset geet more. After some time geet with rano and aishu left home. Geet is quite till the way to home. Even after reaching home she went to her room and locked herself.

She lied on the bed closing her eyes and in deep thought.

I am not able to understand anything, what should I do? Maan I just want to come to know and be in your arms forever. But I hurted you so much still why you love me so much maan? I know that I did a mistake by leaving you alone. That time I couldn’t think anything else other than muskaan and I was scared to loose our aishu too. Dad was also like you maan he don’t think anything before doing things after that he repent. I lost dad, then muskaan I cant afford to loose anyone in my life again maan and I cant change your life too. I know how you are? The fear of mine is overcoming my love maan. I am feeling so helpless seeing you in pain geet cried her heart out feeling helpless her fear is overcoming her love.

Here aishu wants to show her prize to her friend maan and she asked rano the same. Rano dropped aishu at maan’s house and came back and decided to talk to geet. Aishu rang the bell but the door is ajar. She opened the door and tip toed inside to surprise maan. Maan saw aishu and hid behind the door. Aishu looked here and there and felt sad not finding maan. But maan took her in his arms from back and kissed her cheek.

Aishu showed her prize to maan, he looked at her proudly and kissed her cheek appreciating her. Maan took her to kitchen and gave her an apple and thought to prepare pasta as she might be hungry.

Aishu is watching him thinking what he is doing. Aishu added salt in the pasta, added veges which maan chopped and started stirring it with her tiny tiny hands. Maan is just adoring her and helping her. when pasta is finished they both bend down to smell it.

Ummm yummy both said at a time and laughed at each other. Maan is feeding aishu and she is happily eating. Aishu took spoon from maan and offered him. Maan just stared at her, muskaan always does that. He became emotional and controlled his tears with great difficulty and ate from aishu’s hand. She smiled at him.

After eating maan cleaned up everything and when he came back to hall he saw aishu sleeping on the floor itself. Maan took her in his arms and settled himself on the couch with aishu sleeping on his chest. He kept caressing her hair. Aishu slept peacefully holding his collar in her tiny fists. Just then sam came to maan’s house to invite maan to her birthday party. She is happy to see aishu with maan.

Here geet came out of her room washing her face. when she didn’t find aishu she understood where she might be and went out to bring aishu with her. At the same time she is feeling tensed and nervous to face maan, today she want to talk with him and pour her heart in front of him. Today she want to put full stop to all their sufferings. She is excited to meet him now.

When geet parked the car in front of their house and climbed the steps. As the door is open she saw a beautiful sight in front of her, aishu sleeping in maan’s arms. She smiled at them and felt contended. When she was about to enter into the house, she saw sam coming out of the kitchen with a glass of water in her hand. Geet frowned seeing sam there and a pang of jealousy erupted in her. When sam bent down to clean the pasta on aishu’s dress, but geet assumed that she is cleaning maan’s shirt and that angered geet.

She knocked the door loudly and went inside before anyone react and took aishu from maan. Seeing her angry face maan thought geet is again angry on him for meeting aishu but that is not the true.

Seeing aishu holding maan’s collar tight in her fist, she released it hurriedly and left from there giving angry glares to both maan and sam. Poor maan is thinking she is angry on him again but sam understood she is angry on her and jealous as she is close to maan when she came there. Sam smiled widely and thought her plan is working and tomorrow’s bday party will take a step ahead in their relation.

The day passed peacefully, geet though didn’t talk to maan today but decided to talk to him later. The D-day has come. The birthday girl is so excited, today maan and geet will come face to face and seeing her reaction yesterday sam is more curious. Evening everyone gathered for the party. Geet along with aishu came there and after sometime maan too arrived. Sam smiled at him and she cut the cake. Sam first fed maan, geet looked at sam angrily, she just want to stangle sam with her bare hands. Here sam is observing geet from corner of her eyes and is thoroughly enjoying her restlessness.

Sam fed geet and aishu too. Sam smiled at her plan now and its time to execute.

Hiii friends, let us play a small game. Here there are chits with me. everyone should take one and what ever they gets they should do that or answer that question told sam.

All of them clapped and everyone took one chit.

Ok now lets start, hmmm with whom we will start asked sam and looked at aishu.

Yes we will start with aishu told sam and went near her. aishu smiled at sam broadly. When sam took the chit from aishu and opened it.

Aishu, whom do you love? Mumma or papa? Asked sam. Aishu looked at geet and geet smiled in return.

I love mumma told aishu. Maan smiled widely hearing aishu’s answer. Who don’t love his geet.

Why you don’t love your papa? Asked sam.

Aishu nodded in a no. why? Asked sam.

Bad daddy, he don’t love us. He never came to me told aishu which shocked everyone. Sam never expected this answer she looked at geet disgusted. Maan looked at aishu painfully. Geet is also shocked to listen aishu. She remembered once in anger she shouted on aishu telling he doesn’t loves us and he killed her didi. After that never that topic came and she never clarified to aishu about maan and geet never expected that aishu still remembers those words which she told in anger.

Maan immediately left from there not even glancing at geet once. Till today there was a small hope that he will get his geet and aishu back but today at this moment all his dreams are shattered and only pain engulfed him.


Precap: Rano slaps geet.

                Maan leaving delhi and accident.


Do i deserve ur love part 33

9 May

Part 33


One side sam and rano are busy in planning sam’s birthday party so that maan and geet can come close.

Aunty, I am not able to understand what should I do now? I invited geet but will maan come? Asked sam nervously to rano who rolled her eyes as this is the nth time sam asking the same question.

Sam, we will plan something. First we should make them face each other, then we can do something told rano patting her cheek.

Done aunty I will inform maan too about party as well as adi and pinky too so that they can be a helping hand told sam.

Yes that’s a good idea and still one week is left, some idea will strike till then told rano smiling at her. So her second plan is also success, now geet will face maan and vice versa.

It was Monday morning, aishu is in no mood to go to school. She is still on the bed rubbing her eyes and cutely pouting at her mama who is staring at her.

What happened? Today my aishu is so lazy? Asked geet tying her messy hair which is falling on her face.

Mumma, I don’t want to go to school today told aishu making puppy face to melt her mumma.

Acha? Why? Asked geet.

Don’t know mumma, please mumma requested aishu. Geet is melting from one side, as aishu never ask that she will not go to school.

But what about your homework and all? Asked geet.

Mumma, I will ask rohan told aishu excitedly. Geet’s face became dull with the name of rohan but she cant tell aishu not to talk with him. And children don’t have anything to do with all the matters. So geet agreed aishu to stay at home only for today. Aishu nodded happily, geet went to her room to get ready for office as she had to attend the clients today for the presentation.

Geet went to her office, rano and aishu are at home. Aishu is practicing her dance with the help of sam as geet is not there at home. Maan is busy in hospital so he didn’t come to meet aishu. Later geet came back in the afternoon as the meeting got over and her aishu is also at home, so she decided to spend sometime with aishu and take her out for shopping.

Geet took aishu for lunch, after that she took her for shopping. Aishu is all excited to send the time with her mumma, after coming to delhi she saw geet is always serious and even shouted on her for dancing. Today she took her for lunch outside.

Mumma I want icecream asked aishu pointing towards icecream corner.

Geet smiled and took her to parlour, she made aishu sit on the chair and she went to order icecream. But before she order anything, icecream is on their table making geet confused and aishu excited.

Excuse me I didn’t order anything told geet looking at that man confused. That man turned back and looked at geet smiling. Geet is shocked to see its maan who brought icecream for them. Though aishu saw maan but didn’t react as her mumma will get angry if she come to know she is learning dance. Maan winked at aishu without geet’s knowledge. Aishu smiled widely at him.

Aishu come we should go now told geet, but aishu made a baby face and showed her icecream is not finished yet. Geet sighed in helplessness. Maan looked at geet lovingly moving away from them, geet didn’t look at him for once this made him sad but composed himself and looking at them till they left ice cream parlour. Aishu is running here and there and geet is following her.

Aishu was about to fall on the ground when geet caught her immediately. Maan saw her falling and ran towards them but stopped seeing aishu in geet’s arms securely. Maan is looking at them longingly, geet sensed maan near her and turned aside, their eyes met. She can see his longing for her and love for aishu. Geet averted her gaze immediately and went to dresses mall for aishu.

Aishu is making geet’s life hell by not liking any dress.

Aishu, what ever I am showing you are not liking anything. Tell me what you wany? Asked geet placing her hands on hips.

Aishu’s eyes caught a white color frock and she liked instantly.

Mumma called aishu and pointed towards that dress. Geet smiled and asked the sales girl to pack that dress. Geet selected few more dresses and went to pay the bill. By the time she reached bill counter maan already paid their bill.

Ma’am your bill is already paid, here is your purchase told that man and gave their shopping bag. Geet looked at maan who is standing outside the shop and flashing his smile. Geet is getting angry with every passing second. Geet took the baggage and left from there hurriedly with aishu.

Geet went to parking lot and drove back to home. When geet reached home she sighed. They rested for some time. Aishu got up in the evening and saw her nani is making her fav pakodas.

Nani pakoda exclaimed aishu excitedly. Rano smiled at her and filled plate with pakodas and gave to aishu. Aishu is having pakodas happily.

Later pari took aishu to her dance class, unknown to them even geet is also following them. when pari with aishu entered into maan’s house geet stood there speechless. Even her maa lied to her, this is the reason she never entertained in coming to delhi again but this job of hers made her come to delhi.

Geet barged into maan’s house angrily and the scene which she saw in front of her made her froze in her tracks. Maan and aishu are dancing, a smile playing on their lips. Maan took aishu in his arms and kissed her forehead.

My aishu is dancing very well, so ready for competition asked maan.

Aishu nodded excitedly but her face became sad suddenly making geet and maan frown. Geet want to reach her daughter and take her in his arms.

Friend, I am tensed. What if I loose in the competition? Asked aishu sadly.

You will never lose aishu, because its your father who is with you thought geet, but next second her face hardened and scolded herself for thinking like that.

No dear, don’t think like that. If you win you will be happy and if you lose also you should be happy because you will get to learn and understand more and after that you will make sure that you will not commit that mistake again. Don’t think of winning and losing at the start. Just concentrate on you dance, that’s it told maan smiling and kissed her forehead. Aishu too smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

Geet walked towards them and took aishu from maan. with the sudden entry of geet both maan and pari are shocked and aishu is scared thinking her mother will shout at her.

Pari take aishu with you and sit in the car told geet not looking at them.

Pari obeyed geet and took aishu with her. aishu looked at maan sadly making his heart bleed.

I didn’t expect this from you maan told geet coldly. Maan turned his face away and didn’t talk anything.

You are trying to separate mother-daughter? Asked geet in dis-belief as she never expected maan to do such thing.

Maan looked at geet shocked.

You are thinking like this geet? asked maan not able to bear her accusation.

Don’t act maan, what were you doing all the time meeting my daughter behind my back. And what a tragedy my maa and sister are against me and supporting you told geet.

Why will I try to separate you both geet when I want you and aishu in my life again told maan.

Bas maan I have already told you aishu is my daughter and she will be mine forever warned geet and left from there leaving a heart broken maan. Maan collapsed on the ground and his face shows only pain. He is trying to convince geet but she is not at all ready to listen.

Pari who forgot her mobile there listened geet’s accusations.

No di, enough is enough I cant see you both like this. You have to know the truth, the truth of what mamaji did thought pari and left from there. Geet, aishu and pari reached home. Geet is still angry but didn’t show it on aishu as she is a kid and don’t know anything. She though to confrot rano later about this matter.

Maan walked towards his gym and doing his work out angry on himself for not gaining geet’s trust.

Kuch bhi hojaye geet, I will get back my wife and my child. I am ready to bear anything thought maan.

Next day morning, it was aishu’s dance competition. Geet is not ready to come but seeing aishu’s face she cant deny her. They all got ready and went to school. Performance have started one by one and its turn of aishu. When aishu started with her dance, in her each and every move she can see muskaan. The same dance which muskaan did for maan to surprise him.

Still you didn’t forget this maan? why maan why you are making it difficult for me. I hate this helplessness. I don’t deserve your love maan, I really don’t. please don’t force me to come to you maan thought geet. when aishu’s dance completed there was a huge round of applause. Suddenly geet turned back as she is feeling instant gaze on her. She saw maan averted his gaze when she turned back and is clapping smiling at aishu.


Precap: Maan: You should have told aishu that her father is DEAD geet.

               Rano slaps Geet

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