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Ajeeb prem kahaani part 2

22 Oct



Maan dropped mona to her house and went to KM. when he stepped inside he saw angry dadi who sat on the couch waiting for her laadla pota. Maan tip toed and went inside and wished dadi.

Hii dadi..

Dadi gave him an angry glare and maan smiled at her cheekily. Maan sat beside dadi and rested his head on her lap and told sorry dadi, tomorrow we r going to shimla na, so I am completing the last minute work.

Dadi brushed his hair and told got and freshen up we will have dinner.

Immediately maan got up and asked what dadi u didn’t have dinner ?

Dadi nodded in a no and sweet sweet maan came to his MSK mode and asked what is this dadi? U have to take medicines on time and why u r doing all this? Why u r neglecting ur health?

Dadi made a baby face and told sorry I wont repeat it again.

Better’ told maan and looked at dadi seriously. Dadi too looked at him and both burst out into laughter. Just then some one came there.

Aww dadi I thought u will scold maan, but here u r laughing with him complained mona who came with her mom.

Maan rolled his eyes seeing mona’s nautanki. He went to mom and took blessings from her.

Maan beta I bought sweet for u, tomorrow u r going to shimla na. phir 2 months ke baad told mom and fed him sweet. Maan happily ate and sticked out his tongue at mona. Mona made a baby face and looked at dadi. Dadi smiled at her and told koi baat nahi mona main hu na, fridge mein aapke liye chocolate hain, go and take it.

Mona smiled widely and told u r the best dadi and she ran to the kitchen. She took the chocolate and came out and started eating like a kid.

Oyy zyada chocolate mat ka moti ho jaogi taunted maan.

Ha mujhe pata hain, aur waise bhi eating chocolate is good to health rather than black coffee told mona and giggled.

Mere black coffee ke baare mein kuch mat bolo told maan.

Same pinch, mere chocolate ke baare mein kuch mat bolo told mona and hi-fied with dadi.

Mona, maan beta se aisa koi baat karta hain kya. Hmmm?? Scolded mom.

Mona made a baby face and murmured sorry.

Later they all had dinner and maan finished his packing and dozed off. Here mona helped dadi in her packing and warned her dadi u should take medicines in time and eat food properly and on time.

Offo mona beta u too’ aap bhi maan se training lekar aye ho kya asked dadi annoyed by their continous dhamkis.

Ohh sholly dadi told mona making a cute face.

Dadi caressed her hair and told next week se aapko exams hain na, so all the best. If u r bored here then tell me I will arrange a ticket for u to shimla ok?

Ok dadi, I will surely come told mona.

Ok beta, raat bohot ho chuki hain. Good night wished dadi.

Good night dadi and happy journey told mona and hugged dadi. Mona left from there and dadi too slept.


Next day morning:


Maan got up and went to his gym asusual and started practicing his tai-chi. After that he went to washroom and took the shower and came out. He selected casuals to wear as he is going for holiday. After getting ready he climed down the stairs and saw dadi is waiting for him for breakfast.

Good morning dadi wished maan and kissed her forehead.

Good morning beta wished dadi too.

All set dadi, did u pack ur medicines and all asked maan.

Yes maan, mona did everything told dadi.

Oh so its ok. She might have packed all told maan and smiled.

After breakfast dadi and maan left for the airprort and reached there after 45 min drive. When he was about to go inside he got a msg to his mobile. He saw the msg and smiled, its from mona.

Hey good morning maan, I am so sorry u know na I was sleeping so I couldn’t come to airport. Waise tum na dadimaa ka khyal rakhna. HAPPY JOURNEY. Shimla jaane ke baad call karna. Tc.. msged mona.

Thanku madam, u sleep now I will call u after I reach shimla.

Mona read the msg and smiled and again she is back to her sleep.

Here maan and dadi boarded the flight and their journey started to shimla.


In shimla:


Geet got up very lazily and wished her babaji.

Good morning babaji. Ohh babaji I forgot aaj yash veerji is going to delhi for some business meeting, plz make his deal success. Ok babaji pakka na? prayed geet and smiled.

Hogaya tumara prayer? Asked meera who is coming inside.

Hey meer, tum itni jaldi ready kyun hogayi? Asked geet.

Pagal ladki time dekho 8:15am, humko college jaana hain told meer.

Oh ya ya aur u completed my assignment na? asked geet smiling cheekily.

Meer glared angrily at her. Geet smiled and hugged her and told I know meer u will complete my work too. I love u yaar.

Meer smiled at her antics and geet broke the hug and told to meera hey meer I wont be coming for first hour yaar. Main yash veerji ke saath airport jaa rahi hu. Thik hain.

Hmmm aaj ek aur bahana taunted meer.

Nahi meer sach mein told geet and pinched her throat.

Bas bas I know ur nautanki, thik hain second hour par aajana ok? Warned meer.

Ha meer surely I will come told geet and went to washroom to freshen up. She came out wearing a simple baby pink color salwar suit with matching ear rings and not to forget matching bangle which is so simple. She is looking not less than a angel.

Later geet went to airport and meera went to college. Geet met yash in the airport and at the same time delhi flight landed in shimla. Maan helped dadimaa to come out and they both took their luggage.

Here geet is talking with yash.

Veerji u have to come early ok? And I have prayed to babaji ur deal will be success. So don’t worry about that told geet and smiled at him sweetly.

Yash caressed her hair and told I don’t have any problem with business deal I am worried about u. why don’t u come with me, its just for 4 days na? asked yash.

No veerji meer will be alone here na, I will manage u don’t worry about me ok? Told geet.

Ziddi ho tum told yash and geet pouted for that. Yash smiled at her and told if u have any problem then call me ok? Don’t hesitate.

Ok veerji I will call u told geet.

Hmm.. then they heard the announcement for delhi flight. Yash kissed her forehead and bid her good bye and left from there.

Geet is feeling thristy so she thought of buying a water bottle when she turned back, she then bumped into something rather say someone before he hit the floor that person held her by her waist. Geet closed her eyes in fear and clutched his shirt tight.

Here maan and dadimaa who were coming out of the airport, then maan suddenly bumped into a girl who turned back. When she was about to fall down he saved her before falling and protected her in his safe arms. When he saw her face, her eyes are closed due to fear and she clutched his shirt tight.

Geet slowly opened her eyes and saw herself in a strangers arms. She saw his face and composed herself and came back to senses. Here maan too came back to his senses and saw that whole crowd is watching them, maan got embrassed and left her immediately. Oops that’s the big mistake he did. Maan left her immediately and geet fell down as she held his shirt maan too fell on top of geet.

Both maneet are shocked and dadi’s head is almost spinning.

Hey babaji kaun hain yeh gadha, dekhiye aap zara mera upar se hathiye told geet angrily.

But maan is not able to get up because of geet;s grip on his shirt.

If u leave my shirt then I can get up told maan.

Geet realized what she is doing and immediately released his shirt. Maan got up and stood on his feet. Maan offered his hand to geet but she gave an angey glare to him and she got up by herself.

Umm.. sorry miss.. I didn’t saw u coming told maan.

Sorry?? U made a big tamasha here and now saying sorry. Mujhe pata hain tum sab ladke ek jaise hain, jo karna hain kardo last mein ek sorry blasted geet angrily.

Maan got angry listening to this and told hello miss mera mistake nahi tha u turned back suddenly and bumped into me. But I told u sorry and u r shouting on me blasted maan.

Oh hello, what do u mean sab galti meri hain. Aap tho bade shareef ho na, ek acha sa dressing karne se kuch nahi hota. U should have manners to talk with girls told geet.

Maan’s anger rised how dare she tell that MSK don’t have manners. Here dadi who is listening all thinking that she is the first person to shout on maan and she thought if she don’t stop now then they do a war here.



Ajeeb prem kahaani part 1

22 Oct



It’s a chilled winter and the weather is so pleasant. Small small children are playing in the park with their friends and some children are running to their school after their lunch break. Some aew busy in their house hold work and some are busy in their office. Love are are roaming on the hills of shimla enjoying the weather. But a girl her face is so sad as if she is forced to do that. A class filled with students and the whole class is listening to the class seriously except one girl who sat on the last bench and looking here and there. It’s a torture for her sitting in the class and listening the class which she hate the most. Her eyes are dropping due to sleep. Another girl who sat beside that girl is listening to the class. She turned aside and asusual found her not listening the class.

Oyyy don’t look here and there listen to the class told that girl 2.

Yaar what we will listen bolo.. the same lines, the same story daily. We r in last year no need to listen told girl 1.

Oh just shut up yaar, I don’t understand why u r not at all interested in studies. Did u see ur marks all border marks told girl 2.

Arey yaar what will I do after studies waise I am sure that my family will get me married after this year. And I don’t want to do job and all mera pati karega wo sab told girl 1 with a dreamy look on her face.

Ufff tum na.. just leave it told girl 2 and again concentrated on class.

After sometime the class got over and girl 1 sighed in relief.

Yaar what a boring class huh!! Don’t how u all r listening told girl 1 while both are going out. Oyyy teri yaar its 4 pm. I have to go home badimaa will be waiting for me.

GEET ruko ek minute told girl 2.

Kya hain meera? Asked geet.

Geet I know what work u have after going home, no need. U r staying in hostel and go there directly told meera.

What r u talking meera badimaa will scold me if I wont go there told geet.

What the hell geet.. u will go there and do all the house-hold work and come back to hostel hell tired. Why u will do all these things when she don’t care for u told meera.

Geet smiled at her and told she is my badimaa yaar, mere ghar mein kaam karna koi paap hain kya?

U think like that but not ur so called badimaa told meera.

Chill na yaar u go to hostel I will be back in an hour. Main tumse ek baat poochu? Asked geet making baby face.

No way told meera as she knows what she gonna ask.

Geet made a puppy face and told meri sweet meera, plz yaar. U r my best friend na. I know u cant say no to me.

Ahaa.. hey who r u? I don’t know I am seeing u for the first time. R u new to college? Asked meera all innocently.

Geet made a baby sad face and told dramatically u.. u don’t know who am i? she again smiled and told but I know who r u. she kissed her cheeks and told u r my cute meera. And I know that u will do my assignment. Ok ok I am going now. Kal subah tak mera assignment complete karna. Ok? Bye dear love u. hostel main milte hain.

Saying that geet rushed from there leaving a smiling meera behind.

Meera (st): pagal ladki, hey babaji now I have to do 2-2 assignments, again night out today. Koi baat nahi babaji geet ke liye kuch bhi.

When geet was going to her badimaa’s house she saw a big cutout of beautiful wedding bangles of different. She just lost in those bangles. Geet is crazy of bangles. She just love to wear them, when she was small her mother use to buy her variety of bangles but after her parents death her badimaa didn’t care geet much. But cant say that she hate geet but she don’t like her too. But geet always love her badimaa, badepapa and her veerji. But she is princess of veerji. She will get her pocket money from her veerji.

Geet came out of her BANGLES thought when driver told that they reached home. When she entered the house she saw no one is there in the house except her veerji reading some file. Geet smiled widely and shouted VEERJI..

Yash turned back and saw his princess and smiled widely.

Hey gudi…before yash speak geet started her blaberring.

Veerji veerji mujhe jald se jald shaadi karni hain told geet.

Hearing this yash dropped the file which is there in his hand and shouted what?

Ha veerji when I was coming from college I saw a big cutout (she stretched her hand showing big) with beautiful wedding bangles. Agar aapne meri shaadi karenge tho u can buy me those bangles na told geet dreamily.

Yash sighed in relief.

Geet tum bhi na mujhe dara hi diya told yash while caressing her hair.

Really veerji that set.. wowww.. Exclaimed geet.

Ufff tum aur tumari pagalpan told yash shaking his head.

Seeing him geet laughed out loud and yash too joined him. Later geet did her work and left to hostel. Yesh dropped her in the hostel.

Yash (st): kitni pyaari hain par mom I don’t know why she don’t like her. But geet never complaints anything. She wants people around her happy. Atleast after larriage she should be happy.

Yash sighed and left from there.

In another city:

A man doing his work in office and his mobile is ringing continuously. But he didn’t care to pick the call. For him when it comes to work he don’t want any disturbance. He is so immersed in the work that he didn’t notice that someone came into his cabin and waiting for his single glimpse from past 5 min. suddenly he shot his head up and was shocked to see that person infront of him. Seeing that person’s angry face he smiled nervously. Seeing his smiled her anger rised. Basically she wont get angry but today..

What the hell u r thinking of urself huh!! Shouted that person.

He got up and went near her and said I am sorry making baby face.

She turned her face aside indicating that still she is angry. But he made her sit and asked do u need anything?

She nodded in a no and told what r u thinking of urself ha? Do u know how tensed we r? dadimaa is trying to call from 2 hours. And I too tried many times but nahi aap kyun phone uthayenge.

I am having work so didn’t see the phone told that maan.

Mr. MAAN SINGH KHURANA tell me when u don’t have work told that girl making annoyed face.

MONA I am sorry yaar.. dekho just 10 min I will complete my work told maan.

Mona and maan are neighbours from childhood. They both are best friends. Mona is studying her architecture 2nd year. She wants maan to get married and live his life happily but not like a machine. Mona is like a family member to maan.

No no no no no work now. Come we will go home told mona.

By the way how u came here asked maan.

Oops hey babaji maan ko ab yeh question kyun poochna tha? Thought mona.

Wo.. wo.. I came on bike told mona and made a baby face.

Maan’s anger rised and shouted what the hell are u thinking. Last week u met with an accident did u forget that.

I am sorry.. told mona.

Sorry my foot.. chalo ghar chalo first. I want to talk to uncle now told maan and smiled inwardly.

R u mad? U will tell dad no no way. Plz maan plz requested mona.

Maan gave I don’t care look and told chalo my dear mona.

Mona made a baby face and followed him. After a short journey they reached home.

Maan plzz told mona.

Maan smiled and told ok from next time don’t’

Wow maan u r the best. Thanku so much told mona and hugged him.

Maan smiled at her antics.

Waise tomorrow u r going to shimla na? asked mona.

Ya yaar.. for 2 months. Other wise dadi will kill me told maan with baby face.

Aww don’t worry.. enjoy ur holidays. Don’t think about office and all ok? Adi and sasha will take care told mona.

Ok madam, anything else? Asked maan.

Nothing nothing.. ok bye good night told mona and left from there.

Maan too went to KM and wished dadi.

(P.S.: Dont worry guys mona is only friend of maan.. )

Ajeeb prem kahaani concept

22 Oct




A girl with full of life,

A boy who is always busy in his life,

A girl not so serious in her life,

A boy for whom work is his life,

This girl is a chatter box,

This boy is silent,

This girl is like chalta phirta disaster,

This boy is always her savior,

Two different people with entirely different character met with each other became friends with great difficulty. They exchanged their numbers, daily they will talk with each other, will they really talk or fight. Strange thing is that, that girl don’t know his name and the boy too. They both call with their nick names which they kept for each other in their first meeting. If that boy calls that girl or if that girl calls the boy their first dialogue is”..


will they both have feelings for each other ? will they be able to know each other? What happens when the girl know his real identity?

If you want to know all these things then welcome to the journey of MANEET in AJEEB PREM KAHANI

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