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Love and Revenge part 19

23 Feb

Maan took geet to his room and carefully laid her on the bed. Geet smiled at him, maan caressed her face and told sleep for some time geet. I will just come now. But geet held maan’s hand. Maan looked at her and can see the pain in her eyes, the fear of loosing their baby. Maan too lied down next to geet, pulled her close to him. Geet snuggled more to maan, placing her head on his chest feeling the warmth. She is still in shock of losing their baby. If dev didn’t come on time then the doctor might have aborted their child long back. The mere thought sent shiver through her spine and geet’s hand securely rounded her stomach like saving their baby from all the odds. Maan hugged her tight, Geet our baby is fine. No one can harm our baby told maan trying to console her but she is lost in her own world.

Geet, look at me asked maan cupping her face.

Geet looked at him with tearful eyes, Maan, th.. they tried to kill our baby. Why maan? why it is happening with us. First it was you who tried to stay away from me, when I got you then some one is trying to harm our baby. Why it is happening with me. I am tired maan, fighting with all odds. Till when I have to fight. I want to go away from here to save our baby cried geet clinging onto maan. Maan closed his eyes in pain, somewhere he is the reason for all her pain. If he didn’t sent her away from him she might be happy all these years. But he is worried sick because of geet’s safety and had to act rude with her and hurt her in all the way. When they thought everything is back to normal some one tried to harm their baby. Something happening to baby boiled maan’s blood.

The question which geet asked him ringing in his ears and he too is having same question. Will they ever be happy in their life again and live a happy life with no tensions and revenge thing. He shrugged all his thought when he heard the sobs of geet.

Maan cupped her face and made her look at him. He kissed her eyes wiping off those tears.

Geet, I know what you are going through. And I am the reason behind it told maan looking at her with guilt. I promise you geet, everything will be fine soon and we will have a happy life. I wont let anything happen to you, our baby or our family. I will keep them safe from everyone. I promise mishty told maan and kissed her forehead. Geet just rested her head on his chest due to tiredness. The whole thing happened from today morning have taken a toll on her. And her pregnancy harmones are also not helping her. She is getting hyper but is controlling herself and closed her eyes feeling her love close to her.

Maan slowly caressing her hair and patting her to sleep. He don’t want to see her in pain anymore, she has suffered enough. So decided to take geet away from this environment for few days at least. Only maan and geet, geet needs him the most. If he is here then he cant give more time to geet. So decided to take her out somewhere and for few days arnav and dev will manage the things. And he has to double the security and have to arrange personal body guards to everyone. Mainly for khushi, prem and anjali as they are college going.

Maan looked at geet who is now sleeping peacefully hugging him tight. Maan caressed her face, pecking on her lips. He made her sleep on the bed and he got up glancing at geet, making sure that she don’t get up. He went out of the room to see arnav, sasha and dev are talking something.

I don’t know arnav, what they are talking about? When I went to talk with doctor about dad, there I saw the doctor and some guy talking with each other. Then I heard geet’s name and got alert. I just came to know that they are planning something against her told sasha.

Can you recognize that guy, sasha? Asked arnav.

Wait, I have his pic. I took without knowing anyone told sasha and fished her mobile in her bag. She showed the pic to arnav and maan who is listening their convo came there to know who the person is.

When maan saw the photo, he went to deep thought thinking he saw him somewhere but not able to remember where he saw. He thought to talk with police once and keep a track on this person. Arnav never saw that person before. But thought to ask khushi, she might be knowing. Because she knows her bade papa and his family.

Is khushi at home? Asked arnav.

I think’ yes she is coming told maan and pointed towards entrance where prem and khushi are coming from terrace.

Khushi came in and smiled at them and sat beside maan. He kissed her forehead and asked how is college?

Good VJ, finally I am able to continue my studies told khushi smiling at him.

Bhai, yeh padhai kam aur batein jyada karti hain complained prem.

Aur tum padhai aur batein kam and ghoomna jyada karte ho. Hain na? asked maan making him realize who has helped him to study during his exams. Prem smiled at him sheepishly.

Bhai, hum dono tho architects hain. But she is fashion designer, who will help her if she don’t study asked prem and patted his back for such a intelligent question. But his happiness is short lived.

I think I run a company. Hain na prem? Asked arnav.

Prem made a baby face and nodded for a yes for which khushi giggled. They talked for some time. After that prem left from there.

Khushi, we need to ask you something? Asked maan.

Ji VJ?

Maan showed the photo to khushi and asked do you know who he is?

Khushi saw the picture and recognized him. He is her so called cousin, who didn’t even treated her like a human when she was in their house.

VJ, he is Rohan told khushi.

Rohan? Asked maan.

Ha bade papa’s elder son told khushi, her face color changed. Those horrible days of her life flashed in front of her. Maan stiffened hearing it and looked at khushi who lost the color of her face.

Sasha left from there as she has to attend her dad, who is gonna dis-charged today. Maan hugged khushi side ways and calmed her.

Shhh..  don’t think of the past dear, we all are there with you now. Relax shhh convinced maan.

Khushi calmed down and smiled slightly at him. Maan caressed her hair and asked to go to her room. She nodded and left from there.

Bhai, I arranged a camera in senior doctor’s cabin. If he again comes to meet him then we will come to know told dev.

Dev, I don’t want you to be in any type of risk told maan concerned.

No bro nothing will happen. Those who tried to harm my family, how can I leave them told dev with rage.

But careful dev warned maan.

Sure bro don’t worry told dev. Maan nodded and left from there thinking something. He want to get rid of them as soon as possible mainly geet needs rest, she should not stress at this time. And he cant take geet out of country as a case is filed against her. So he decided to go to farm house.

Maan called arnav to his study.

Bolo maan.

Arnav, I am thinking to take geet to our farm house, as she needs rest now told maan.

That’s good idea maan, and change in the surrounding also help her told arnav.

Yes, we will be back in a week. Arnav I have talked with security agency and increased the security and also arranged personal bodyguards for prem, anjali and khushi. I want you to talk with them when they come here and ask them not to allow any outsiders to meet them in the college told maan.

Ok, I will talk with them. You don’t worry. From now I will be extra careful with them told arnav. Maan nodded.

Maan, you be careful and take care of geet. she needs you the most now told arnav worried for geet and at her state. She is undergoing emotional turmoil.

I will told maan. they talked about the things for some time and arnav left to RM leaving geet with maan. when maan went to their room, he saw geet is still sleeping and cuddled up like a baby. He smiled and went near her. He kissed her forehead and tried to wake her up.

Mishty, get up dear. Have some food tried maan to wake up geet. Geet moved little held his hand and placed it under her cheek and slept again. Maan chuckled, his hands slowly went under her kurti touching her stomach. He is tickling her now. Geet opened her eyes wide and glared at maan.

Maan stop it.. please told geet in between her laughter.

But maan is tickling her more as he is enjoying her smiling after a long time. He want to see that smile on her face forever.

Maan see I got up, now please stop told geet. Maan stopped finally, smiled at her. Geet pouted and got up not looking at maan.

Is my mishty is angry? Asked maan.

Geet nodded ever so cutely. Awww now what should I do? Asked maan patting his chin.

Geet looked at maan from corner of her eyes. Maan pulled geet towards him holding her waist. It happened so suddenly that even geet didn’t realize when she fell on maan. Their bodies are glued, maan tucked her hair strands which are falling on her lips and disturbing him.

Farm house chale? Asked maan huskily caressing her exposed skin sensuously.

Ummm moaned geet losing herself in his touch.

Then get ready fast told maan kissing her cheek. Geet smiled and got up. Maan asked nakul to bring dinner to their room, while maan went to talk to his mom and dadimaa. He informed them that they are going to farm house for a week or 2. They agreed and told him not to worry.

After dinner geet packed few cloths of maan’s but she don’t have her any cloths in KM.

Uff ab main kya karu? Thought geet.

She saw maan entering into the room. Maan called geet.

Yes jaan.

I don’t have any cloths to pack told geet sadly.

Maan hugged her from back and told jaan, when I am with you what is the use of cloths. Waise tho I don’t mind seeing you without any’.

Geet is all now sharam se pani pani. She whacked his arm and gave an angry glare.

Boliye na maan asked geet again.

I told anjali and your bag is already lying in the car told maan sadly. Seeing his sad face geet felt like pulling his cheeks. He is looking like a small kid who lost his favorite candy or a doll.

Maan main aapse ek baat bolu asked geet.

Ha bolo na, agar main nahi tho kaun sunega teri bak bak told maan.

Hawww geet opened her mouth in a exact O shape.

Geet close your mouth or else *maan smirking* I wont mind entering your mouth winked maan. Geet closed her mouth.

Chalo chalo we are getting late told geet.

Geet ek kiss dedo na requested maan. Geet smiled and gave a flying kiss and told ab chale.

Maan made a angry face. yeh bhi koi kiss hota hain kya thought maan. Don’t worry geet once we reach farm house’. Maan left his thought there itself to control himself.

Geet and maan got into the car. He don’t want anyone to disturb them, so maan is driving the car while geet is as usual busy in her non-stop bak bak. Maan smiled seeing her happy again.


Precap: Ufff naughty maan and angry geet. What a combo sirji’ *wink*


Love and Revenge part 18

20 Oct


Doctor looked at her dis-appointedly and told we are so sorry sir, but stress a early stage of pregnancy is very harmful for baby. We have to abort the baby.

Maan held doctor’s collar and shouted what the hell you are talking. Why you are here. I don’t want to listen anything my geet and my baby should be safe and he left hs collar.

Doctor looked at him horrified. Arnav apologized to doctor and asked him to leave. Arnav had tears in his eyes just 2 days back they all were so happy listening to the arrival of baby but today they have to abort the baby. How can maan and geet tolerate. Though arnav is breaking from inside, but he has to be strong for maan and geet.

Arnav see what doctor is saying, we have to kill our baby. How arnav? Meri geet, how can she tolerate? Cried maan and hugged arnav.

Maan please calm down, guess what will be the condition of geet if she sees you like this. You have to be strong for geet maan told arnav trying very hard to control his tears.

Maan came out of the hug and told I will go and check on geet.

Arnav nodded and called to Anjali.

Hello bro, how is geet di? Asked anjali.

Anjali, we are in hospital. Geet is not well told arnav.

Bro, what happened? I am coming to hospital now told anjali.

No anju, just listen did you reach home? Asked arnav.

Yes bro, I am in KM. Maan bro told me to be here told anjali.

That’s good, don’t tell to anyone about geet ok. All will be tensed unnecessarily. We are trying for geet’s bail and once she gets bail we will come home. Please manage for some time ok? Asked arnav.

Bro, you don’t worry about dadimaa I will take care of her. But bro, geet di cried anjali.

She will be fine anju, don’t worry. Acha I will call you later have to talk with doctor told arnav.

Ok bro, take care told anjali and cut the call.

In geet’s ward:

Geet is sleeping on the bed and her face is looking tired. Maan went and sat beside her. he took her hand in his and kissed it. A lone tear escaped from his eyes.

Geet, you have to get up now and save our child. I don’t know but you have to get up. If you don’t then I don’t talk to you and behave with you as before. Samjhi tum? Stop sleeping and get up told maan with tears in his eyes. Maan sat there for some time caressing her hair and kissed her forehead.

Maan came out of the ward and saw dev coming. Seeing dev a new hope raised in him.

Dev reached there hearing geet’s news. Maan rushed to him.


Dev, you check geet once. They are saying to abort the baby told maan not in his senses.

Baby?? Asked a confused dev but decided to check on geet once.

Bro, you don’t worry I will check her once. Nothing will happen to geet di told dev and rushed to emergency ward.

Doctor called maan and arnav to his cabin.

Pls control Mr. Khurana, Dr. Geet’s condition is very critical. If we don’t abort the baby their both lives will be in danger told doctor.

Maan just nodded, he remembered how they both were happy listening to the baby news. Arnav placed his hand on his shoulder, he looked at maan in pain.

God, I am not able to understand why it is happening to maan? When he tries to be happy again but its not happening. Both maan and geet were happy after ages but its short lived. Not even two days I saw them happy and again geet’s arrest and abortion. Why god? Why you are doing this? When my geet and maan will be happy in their life? Thought arnav.

But suddenly someone entered into the cabin. Maan and arnav turned back to see its dev who is hell angry, the anger is visible in his eyes. They are confused, but the next minute geet came infront of them. She is perfectly alright.

Doctor is shocked to see her.

Dr. Geet ?? asked doctor.

But geet didn’t reply anything and walked towards them. Maan and arnav are happy to see her but at the same time tensed thinking what will geet do when she will come to know about baby. Geet walked towards doctor and slapped him hard on his cheek. Maan and Arnav are shocked but dev is angry.

Shame on you, chii you are calling yourself roared geet holding his collar.


Shut up just shut up, don’t forget that I am also a doctor and I know the condition of my baby told geet and left his collar.

Geet, what is the matter? Asked maan.

Maan, out baby is absolutely fine, he.. he tried kill our baby told geet.

Maan is happy as well as shocked so as arnav. They both looked at doctor with rage. Maan made geet sit and he punched on doc’s face. Now the doctor is horrified, he is not able to understand what to do.

Sir, plz there is no fault of mine. I did what I am told, I am sorry sir I don’t know nothing. The chief  doctor blackmailed me if I didn’t do what he told then my job will be at stake told doctor.

Maan looked at geet who is shocked.

Why he is doing all this? I am not able to understand anything. I need to talk to him thought geet and got up. Maan knows what geet is going to do now. He stopped her by holding her hand. Geet looked at maan in confusion.

You are not going anywhere now, let me and arnav handle this. You go and rest told maan seriously.

But maan…

Go geet told maan sternly.

The police who listened all this took the doctor under custody.

Here sangita reached hospital. When she asked about geet in the reception they informed her she is in the emergency ward. Sangita panicked and rushed to ward. But she saw maan, geet, arnav and dev are coming out of doc’s cabin.

Geet beta, are you fine? Asked sangita cupping her face. Worry and fear is visible on her face.

Ji maa, I am perfectly fine. Nothing happened to me told geet and hugged her.

Sangita looked at maan and gave him the bail papers. Maan smiled at her.

Thanku so much maa told maan and he showed the same papers to police who is there. He took those papers and smiled.

Sir, now we will look after who did this told police.

No inspector I will find out who did this, but I need your help asked maan.

Sure sir we are here to help you told the police and took that doctor with him.

Maan what is all this? Asked sangita.

Maa I will tell you everything, come with me told maan.

When they all are about to go home, they saw sasha’s father there in one of the ward.

Why sasha di’s dad is here? Thought geet.

Maan, bhai sasha di’s father told geet and pointed towards the ward. Sangita is happy to see their munshiji again.

They went into the room. Sasha’s dad saw them and smiled.

Uncle aap yaha? What happened asked geet.

Nothing geet beta, some health problem nothing more told sasha’s dad. He then saw sangita who is smiling at him.

Sangita ji?? Asked munshij shocked.

Ji munshiji, how are you now? how is your health? Asked sangita.

Ji ma’am I am fine now, I am very happy to see you back ma’am told munshiji happily.

Sangita smiled. Where is your daughter? Asked sangita.

She is in office ma’am told munshiji.

You are alone here? Asked sangita.

Ji, my daughter will come in the evening, its almost time now. Meri beti ke alawa koi tho nahi hain hame told munshiji.

Ji hum sab hain na aapke paas told sangita.

Uncle, agar aapko kuch chahiye. You don’t hesitate to ask us told maan.

Sure beta smiled munshiji.

Just then sasha entered into the room and is shocked to see maan and others there.

Oh god what they all are doing here? Thought sasha.

Geet saw sasha and went to her. Sasha di you didn’t tell us uncle is not well? Asked geet.

Geet looked back towards the door and looked here and there.

Di you are looking tensed, why??? Asked geet.

Shh, you go home fast. Its not good for you to be here told sasha.

Di? What are you saying? Asked geet confusingly.

MK, Arnav pls take geet home, I will tell you everything but not now. Its not safe for anyone to be here. Ma’am pls requested sasha.

Maan thought something is fishy because sasha was never this tensed and she don’t behave in this way. They took geet and sangita home. They went from the back door of the hospital as sasha told them. But dev who is in the hospital kept an eye on chief doctor to know what he is upto.

Maan and others reached KM. Hearing the car sound, anjali came out running. She saw geet and sighed in relief. She hugged geet. Geet smiled and hugged her back.

All went in and settled on the couch. There is a silence in the room. No one dared to talk. Geet placed her hand on the stomach and caressed. The thought of someone tried to kill her child made her shiver due to fear. She held maan’s arm tight and closed her eyes. Maan saw the fear on her face and hugged her sideways.

Sangita looked at them and felt happy. But so many questions are there in her mind. But she thought not to disturb them now.

Geet beta you need rest, go to your room. I will send food told sangita.

Geet nodded and got up. But maan held her hand. Geet looked at maan confused. Maan got up and took geet’s hand and stood infront of sangita. She understood maan wants to tell something. But now geet’s health is important than any other thing.

Maan, geet needs rest let her rest for some time told maa.

Nai maa, we need to talk to you told maan.

But maan..

Please maa requested maan.

Sangita nodded.

Maa, we had a register marriage before geet went to London for studies told maan.

Anjali and Sangita are shocked.

Maan… gasped maa.

Geet looked at sangita worried. May be she may misunderstand maan, she want to clear everything before something unexpected happen.

Maa there is no mistake of maan, its my zid because of which we both got married told geet.

Sangita don’t know what to do, to be happy or to be angry. And both are defending each other.

Maa, you don’t know he is not the same maan which we all know from childhood. He changed a lot. After that day everything has changed maa. We came to know that who did all that and maan didn’t take any help from dad (Mr. Raizada). But dad was stubborn so he helped dadimaa to start a new firm again. And maan became aloof and never talked with anyone. I was so worried about him. He bottled up all his pain and acted normal. But how can I do not understand his pain maa. And on top of that he decided to send me to London thinking my life is in danger. If I am here atleast I see him and talk with him once in a while. I was so worried and asked him to marry me so that he wont allow me to go to London. But I couldn’t understand his plans. We had a register marriage one day, I was happy but that was short lived. He told me that, or marriage is fixed long back so he married me. if not today some other day he have to marry me. he told all the crap and his plan succeeded in sending me to London.

Even after coming back he turned to worst. But I want to be close to him, so made a plan of hospital construction. After that he found you and is happy again told geet.

Maan is shocked to listen all this. To be with him in every thick and thin she married him but what he did, he always hurted her. But he too loves her a lot, more than his life. But feared of what happened today. Those people who want to take revenge or try to kill maan and his family who once killed his dad and dadaji will trouble geet. And as expected the same happened today.

Sangita who listened to geet looked at her son painfully. She hugged maan and geet and cried.

As a mother I didn’t do anything beta. I am so sorry for that. Geet beta, thanku so much for taking care of maan. Maan you did so much for our family, you deserve happiness in you life beta. But you troubled geet but not now. Take care of my bahu and coming grand child. Ok?? Asked sangita.

Maan hugged her tight and told never say sorry maa, I know how much you have suffered. But maa, I will be happy but I need to… told maan angrily.

Maan.. no don’t think of all these things now. past is past told sangita.

Sorry maa, its past but which affected our lives fully. I need to teach them a lesson. They should know what can Ranbir Singh Khurana’s sons can do told maan with rage.

Geet and sangita are taken aback with the intensity of rage in his eyes. Geet thought of changing the topic.

Maa, I am hungry told geet making baby face.

Maan came back to his senses hearing to geet. He looked at her worried.

Geet, why you are standing from long time asked maan and scooped her in his arms.

Maan, what are you doing? Asked geet feeling shy.

Just shut up, you don’t take of your self and troubling my daughter told maan climbing the strairs.

Daughter nai son, and he loves me more told geet.

Others smiled at them seeing their fight. But here arnav is thinking who made all this and called sasha and dev to come to KM ASAP.



Precap: Sasha in KM.

Love and Revenge part 17

20 Oct



Bhai, careful. Di is not feeling well from 2-3 days told anjali.

I know the reason anjali, don’t worry told maan and rushed to parking lot. He reached station within no time and went in. He saw his geet is sitting just like a motionless person. Maan’s heart pained seeing his geet in that condition.

He walked towards geet and placed his hand on her shoulder. Geet looked up and saw maan. Geet tried to smile at him but couldn’t.

Maan, I didn’t do.. before she completes maan cut her.

I know geet, you don’t worry our lawyer will be coming soon. Maa is talking with him told maan.

Geet just nodded. Maan sat beside her and asked are you fine geet? Don’t think about all these things I will manage everything.

I am sorry maan, I don’t know how this all has happened told geet apologetically.

Maan side hugged her and caressed her hair. Shh geet, don’t worry consoled maan. Geet how are you feeling now? Did you take medicines? Asked maan.

Geet nodded I am worried about OUR BABY maan told geet.

Before maan say anything he sensed her grip on his shirt is loosening. He looked at geet, her eyes are closed. Within no time she fainted. Maan patted her cheeks calling her.

Geet’ geet’ listening to maan even inspector also came there. Though inspector saw maan when he came but didn’t disturb them as he knows about maan’s anger and his reputation.

Sir we should take her to hospital told inspector.

Maan looked at him and nodded. And maan took geet in his car and placed her on the passengers seat.

Sir, can you follow my car. I know your duty, hope you don’t have any problem told maan.

Sure sir why not told inspector and followed maan’s car in their jeep. Soon they reached hospital and maan carried geet and called for a doctor. Doctor took geet to emergency ward and checked on her.

Here is maan is pacing outside and he is so worried. He remembered his meet with geet in his office 2 days back.

~~  2 days back ~~

Maan is in his cabin and doing his work. That day was hell busy for maan, he is working on new projects and told Naina not to allow anyone till noon. Its 11 am geet came to KC. She looked here and there the whole office seemed to be busy. She sighed knowing its common if maan is there in the office. But she is excited to meet maan.

She asked receptionist about maan.

Ma’am sir told not to allow anyone till noon told receptionist.

I want to meet him told geet stubbornly. Poor receptionist stuck between maan and geet. She is praying god to keep her job safe. She didn’t dare to stop geet too. Geet barged into maan’s cabin and opened the door without knocking. But maan didn’t look at her. This annoyed geet.

Geet marched towards maan and closed the file and placed her hands on her hips.

Mr. Khurana don’t you think you should answer to my call shouted geet angrily.

Maan looked at geet coolly and told if I wont answer your call you will come here na.

Awww’ geet opened her mouth O shape. Maan pulled geet holding her waist, she handed on his lap. Geet made a baby face and looked at him snacking her arms round his neck.

I want to tell you something told geet.

Tell me told maan and pulled her close.

Wo.. wo.. ma.. main.. aap.. aap.. stammered geet.

Geet whats wrong with you asked maan. Sherni billi ban gayi hain laughed maan.

You are thinking its all funny. Sab kuch aapki wajah se hua shouted geet angrily.

Arey baba hua kya hain asked maan. Today you are so angry, you shouted on even receptionist asked maan.

Geet looked down playing with maan’s shirt button and asked hamara shaadi kab hain?

Kisi ko itni jaldi hain teased maan.

Geet looked at him annoyed. Maan be serious told geet.

Geet what happened? Asked maan this time he is also serious.

Wo’ wo.. main..

This time maan is annoyed with her continous stammering.

Tumari CD atak gayi hain kya shouted maan almost.

Geet looked at him angrily and got up from his lap and stood up. Maan looked at geet confusingly. Tum papa banne wale ho shouted geet and sat on the couch angrily.

Wo.. yeh baat hain. Main papa’ then it striked maan. What exactly she told now. He is going to be papa. That means geet is going to become maa. That means their baby. Omg.. omg.. is it really true. Maan got up and rushed to geet. He sat on his knees infront of geet and cupped her face.

Really?? Asked maan.

Geet nodded and lowered her eye lashes. Maan hugged geet tight and beamed in happiness.

Geet, you don’t know how happy I am. I am going to be papa. Omg.. thanku so much thanku so much. Our child geet our child beamed maan excitedly.

Geet broke the hug and got up. She looked worried and tensed thinking about others reaction.

Maan, what will maa and dadimaa will think. I am so worried maan told geet almost on the verge of crying.

Geet, maa don’t know about our relation but dadimaa knows. I told her about our register marriage told maan.

Geet looked at maan shocked. Kya??? Shouted geet.

Maan chuckled seeing her reaction. He made geet sit on the couch and sat beside her. Yes geet, I told to dadimaa about everything. That before you left for London, we had register marriage.

But’ but you never told me about this pouted geet.

Geet, now don’t think about anything. First of all you need rest. Wait first let me talk with my baby told maan and kissed her stomach.

Hii baby I am maan singh khurana, aapke papa. Baby, papa aapko bohot pyaar karte hain. I am so excited to see you baby. Come soon told maan and kissed her stomach again.

Geet smiled at maan and told maan, baby is just 1 month15 days. He cant listen anything.

My princess will listen her papa told maan insisted the word princess.

Geet frowned ad retorded My prince.

My princess retorded maan back. They both are fighting like little kids, just then maan’s mobile rang. He looked at the caller ID and its from arnav.

Your brother told maan and picked the call.

Hello arnav..

Agar tum dono ka talking ya jhagda ya taunting katam hogaya tho main andar aao (if your talking or fighting or teasing is over, can I come in?) taunted arnav.

Ab tum yeh poochne ke liye yeh call kiya (just to ask this you have called me) asked maan unbelievably. These 2 brother and sister will drive me crazy one day thought maan.

Ha aur nahi tho kya? (then what?) Asked arnav.

Thik hain andar aa (ok, come in) told maan.

Maan got up and stood. Arnav entered into maan’s cabin and looked at both. Maan and geet are looking normal so they didn’t fight thought arnav.

Why you both are so normal today? Asked arnav.

Kya?? What do you mean? Asked maan.

Nahi, whenever you both meet you will fight na isiliye asked arnav suppressing his laugh.

Ha but today your sister told me some news and now I cant fight with her told maan smiling broadly.

Wow, what is that? If it not your personal teased arnav.

Bhai’ chided geet.

No arnav its actually something serious told maan.

I am listening told arnav.

Actually tum mama banne wale ho told maan and looked at him to read his expressions. Arnav looked at him confusingly, it took some time for him to think what exactly maan told. Tum mama banne wale ho. Omg.. that means geet?? He looked at geet. But geet looked at him nervously. She don’t know how to react.

Bhai.. wo.. wo..

Arnav hugged geet and told I am so happy sweety. We should inform to maa and DM soon.

Geet smiled at him with tears, arnav nodded in a no and wiped her tears. They 3 had a group hug and happy too.

~~ flashback ends ~~

A small smiled formed on maan’s lips when he thought about that day, from that day he use to call time to time and keep reminding about her medicines and all. But today what happened is something unexpected. He is worried for geet and the baby.

In Arnav’s office, the meeting got completed and arnav left the conference hall. He is going to his cabin, he took out this mobile and checked. He saw many missed calls from anjali. He is confused thinking why anjali called him many times. He immediately called her.

In one ring anjali picked the call.

Hello bhai’

Hello anjali, what happened you called me many times asked arnav.

Bhai, geet di cried anjali and told what ever happened in RM. Arnav is shocked beyond limits.

What the’ ok anjali relax I am going there now. Everything will be fine, I am going told arnav and cut the call and left the office hurriedly.

In the hospital:

Maan is pacing here and there. Suddenly he remembered about lawyer and called to sangita.

Sangita picked the call. Hello maan.

Hello maa, has lawyer came? Asked maan.

Yes maan, but he is telling its difficult to get a bail for geet and the case is against her strongly told sangita.

Maan closed his eyes. (guys I am not a law student, its just a fiction so these are the rules made by me)

Unless it is very necessary for bail we wont get maan told sangita. Even she is also not able to understand how to save geet.

I don’t know maa, I want bail for geet at any cost. Tell lawyer we will give him how much money he need. But I want geet to be bailed. And she is in hospital now told maan.

Hospital?? What happened to geet? Asked sangita worriedly.

Maa, geet is pregnant. She is carrying my child told maan.

Sangita gasped hearing this, but its not time to ask any questions thought sangita.

Ok maan, we will think something. I am coming to hospital now told sangita and cut the call.

Here arnav went to police station and asked for geet. One of the constable told she is admitted in the hospital. Armav became more worried and left from there and drove as fast as possible. Soon he reached hospital and rushed towards maan.

Maan’ called arnav.

Maan turned back and saw worried arnav there.

Maan, how is geet? Is she alright? Speak up dammit shouted arnav.

Just then doctor came out. Maan and arnav rushed to him and asked how is geet doctor?

Doctor looked at her dis-appointedly and told we are so sorry sir, but stress a early stage of pregnancy is very harmful for baby. We have to abort the baby.

Maan held doctor’s collar and shouted what the hell you are talking. Why you are here. I don’t want to listen anything my geet and my baby should be safe and he left hs collar.

Doctor looked at him horrified. Arnav apologized to doctor and asked him to leave. Arnav had tears in his eyes just 2 days back they all were so happy listening to the arrival of baby but today they have to abort the baby. How can maan and geet tolerate. Though arnav is breaking from inside, but he has to be strong for maan and geet.

Arnav see what doctor is saying, we have to kill our baby. How arnav? Meri geet, how can she tolerate? Cried maan and hugged arnav.


Precap: sangita in hospital.

              Maan in geet’s ward’ but baby??

Love and Revenge Part 16

11 Sep

P.S.: I m sorry if there are any mistakes regarding medical issues, its purely fictional. Pls take it in a fictional way…. 🙂


Maan and geet opened their eyes thinking of their bitter past in their respective rooms. Both are sweating  and they took a glass of water and gulped it in one go. Maan went towards his cupboard and took their family photo. He hugged it close to his heart and stood there for a long time. Here in sangita’s (maan’s mom) room she is tossing in the bed not able to sleep. She wants to talk to maan but maan is busy with his work and all.

She just got up and sat on the bed thinking something. Here maan also lied on the bed but is not able to sleep, he thought of doing some work. He took his laptop and a file and decided to go to his study room. He went out of his room and was about to go to the study but he saw the lights on in mom’a room.

Maa is still awake? Thought maan and went near her room to check on her once. He found that the door is opened which made him confused. Maan entered into the room and saw his maa in deep thoughts.

Maa.. called maan.

Hearing maan’s voice, she jerked and looked at him and smiled.

Maa, is everything alright? Asked maan worriedly moving towards her. Maa smiled at him and told I am fine maan, not feeling sleepy. Come sit here.

Maan smiled slightly and sat beside her. He kept the laptop and file aside.

Maan you are working at this hour? Asked maa.

Yes maa, wo I am not feeling sleepy so thought of completing some pending work told maan.

Maa caressed his hair and told maan don’t stress much, you can work later. Rest is also needed maan told maa.

Maan nodded and told ha maa, par aaj papa ka bohot yaad aaraha hain. Sangita had tears in her eyes but controlled she should not be weak. She should be strong for maan, for this family.

Maa hugged maan and told your papa will very proud beta. I am sure he will be very happy seeing you successful and strong. I am sorry son, I didn’t do anything to you as a maa.

Maan broke the hug and wiped her tears and told never say that again maa. You are everything to me. The hope of seeing you again made me strong. The hope of meeting my sister again made me strong.

Sangita looked at maan with proud in her eyes and kissed her forehead. Maan rested his head on her lap and closed his eyes feeling pleasure and relief. Now maan is in the most safest place in the whole universe. Sangita is caressing his hair and maan slept peacefully forgetting about everything.

Sangita took the file which maan kept aside and read the file. After sometime she kept the file aside and slept in the sitting position. Both mother and son are sleeping peacefully.

Next day morning, maan woke up and saw his maa is sleeping uncomfortably. He got up and made her sleep on the bed comfortably and covered her with quilt. He went to his room o freshen up and went for his workout.

At 8’o clock all are ready at the breakfast table waiting for maan. Soon maan arrived and all of them are having breakfast. The whole family is together and happy. After breakfast when maan was about to get up sangita called him.


Ha maa..

I am coming to office with you told sangita.

Office.. but wh… before maan ask anything sangita got up and stopped him by raising her hand in air. She turned to maan and told I am not listening anything. I am coming to office with you and yes arrange the meeting with head architects told sangita sternly. Authority is oozing out with her each and every word. Maan and others are taken aback with her stern voice.

I will coming in 10 min told sangita and went upstairs. Maan looked at dadi shocked. Dadi chuckled at his reaction and told now you came to know from where all this arrogance and authority came from.

Maan nodded understanding her statement.

Bro, all the best wished prem and giggled.

Why?? Asked maan.

See mom once, how she is? Now I think she will be more strict than you in office told prem and laughed out loud.

Maan rolled his eyes at his nautanki brother. Haha, everyone is not a joker like you right? Retorded khushi.

Oyyy.. shup kar warned prem.

Why?? Darr gaye?? Laughed khushi.

Prem Singh Khurana and scared (oyy prem yeh maan ka dialogue hain.. don’t copy him haa). What a joke laughed prem.

Khushi glared at him and was about to retort back dev inturrepted.

Maan bro, I need a small help from you told dev.

Yes dev, tell asked maan.

Plz prem and khushi ko zara sambhalna, they are not at all concentrating on studies complained dev and smirked at both.

Prem and khushi gulped sensing a big trouble has erupted. Maan glared at 2 and warned listen you both in the study at 8pm. Understood?

They both pouted and nodded in a yes.

Maan, he loves his siblings but don’t want any negligence in their studies and career. So he is strict when it comes to them. But he is ready to give anything to them. Even prem, dev and khushi wont have any problem. But being younger khush tries to do some emotional drama. But whom she is fooling MSK, never.

Then they saw sangita is climbing down the stairs with a elegant cream color saree and a matching ear rings. She is now looking exactly like Sangita Rishab Singh Khurana. Maan smiled at her maa and they both left to office bidding good bye to everyone. Dev left to hospital and prem and khushi left for college.

Soon maan and maa reached office, both got down the car and entered into the lift. They reached 10th floor and walked towards maan’s cabin. All of them are dumbstuck to see maan’s mother, the same attitude maan got and even more. When the staff wished them they just nodded.

They entered into the cabin and maan asked sangita to sit on the MD’S place.

Maan its your place beta told sangita.

Maa, whenever you come to office its yours told maan and made her sit. Sangita is proud of his son. Soon Naina arranged the meeting with head architects in conference room. When sangita and maan entered into the room they all wished them. Soon the meeting started. Maan asked sangita to speak.

Good morning everyone. Directly coming to the point, I have seen that some of them are not working efficiently.

Maan and others are shocked.

Sangita maintained a straight face and took a file which maan left in sangita’s room yesterday. She placed the file on the table and asked can I know who designed this ??

Sasha got up and told its me ma’am.

Well miss.


Ok miss. Sasha, did you go through all the details of the land asked sangita.

Yes ma’am ofcourse I did told sasha.

Sangita got up and almost shouted then how can you do such a blunder?

Sasha looked at her confused and told ma’am its actually a shopping mall in the city. The land is very good and even clients are happy with the designs.

Ok Miss. Sasha, can u tell me something, when the soil is soft and which cant bear heavy weight. Then how can you construct 7 floors. Do you think the building will withstand?

Sasha looked at her with wide eyes. She didn’t see which type of soil is it for the first time. Maan took the file and studied. Yes its true. Oh crap, I was about to read this file yesterday and forgot thought maan.

I am sorry ma’am, I forgot to study the type of soil told sasha and admitted her mistake. Sangita can see the sincerity in her eyes. She calmed down and told Ok miss. Sasha this will be the last chance you are getting. If you repeat it again then you will be out of this office warned sangita.

Sorry ma’am I will never repeat it and thanku ma’am fo giving me a chance again told sasha and lowered her head in shame. How can she forget such a big thing thought sasha.

Ok told sangita and left from there. Maan stood up, sasha I never expected such type of negligence from you shouted maan in anger.

I am sorry MK apologized sasha.

I want the designs by today evening warned maan and left from there. Adi who witnessed all went to sasha and tried to console her.

Sasha, its ok. Relax and re-work on the designs told adi.

Sasha nodded and told I don’t know how it slipped from my mind. On top of that dad is in hospital, he is not well.

Sasha is anything serious? Asked adi.

Dad suffered with a heart attack 2 days before and he is under observation. Surgery is needed told sasha.

Sasha, how come maan don’t know about it? Asked adi.

Adi, MK is busy these days I didn’t get a chance to inform him or apply for a leave told sasha.

Sasha, you better go to the hospital. I will talk with maan told adi.

No adi, its ok I have to complete these designs anyway. Dad will be fine told sasha and left from there.

Adi sighed and went to his cabin to continue his work.

Here in Raizada Mansion, Geet got up late, she is not feeling well from past 2 ways. She is throwing up and feeling dizzy. She is not feeling like eating anything. She freshened up and went downstairs only to see anjali talking on phone.

Bhai, when you are coming? Asked anjali.

When you are coming what do you mean? I am in office that means I will come in the evening told arnav confused.

Lo aagayi geet di, bhai now a days she is sleeping more and see her face how pale it is? Told anjali.

Geet rolled her eyes and sat beside her. She is still feeling dizzy, she closed her eyes. Geet took the phone and told bhai, I am going to hospital now, can you come to hospital in the evening. I am going by taxi now.

Geet when you are not feeling well, then take rest na? told arnav.

No bhai, I have meeting with chief doctor told geet.

Ok fine, I will come in the evening. Acha I have meeting now. Ask anjali not to call for 2 hours I will be in the meeting told arnav.

Ok bhai. Bye.. told geet and cut the call.

Geet got up and took her bag to go to hospital. Suddenly the door bell rang. Geet opened the door and is confused to see the police outside.

Miss. Geet Singh Raizada?? Asked the police inspector.

Yes?? Asked geet confused.

You are under arrest ma’am told the police.

Geet is shocked and confused and asked excuse me? Can I know the reason?

You and your chief doctor are doing some research and it is also completed few days back right?

Yes.. so?? Asked geet.

Your chief doctor has put a case on you saying that without his permission you have signed a contract with one of the lab to continue the further research told inspector.

Geet is utterly shocked to hear this. She knows the research is confidential and she didn’t even share it with dev. Excuse me inspector, I think you heard it wrong. I didn’t do anything like that told geet.

Sorry miss. Raizada, here are the contract papers. Inspector showed those papers to geet, yes it is her signature. But the question is when did she sign? She just stood there blank. She saw anjali snatched the papers from inspector. She is also shocked. Her geet di never do such things, then what is this? What is happening? No one is there at home. Both geet and anjali stood there shocked.

Before they react anything, the inspector took geet with them. Anjali cried and shouted for geet but nothing helped. Geet is gone. Anjali rushed inside and tried to call Arnav but his mobile is switched off. God he told before not to call him for 2 hours. She tried calling maan but he kept his mobile in silent as maan and sangita are discussing about a project and told not to disturb them.

Going to arnav bhai’s office will take 1 hour. Its better I go to maan bhai’s office thought anjali and rushed to the car. She asked driver to go to KC. Anjali is crying bitterly. She is continously trying arnav’s number but no luck. Finally after 20 min drive she reached maan’s office. She asked in the reception about maan, she told maan and sangita are in a meeting.

I want to meet him immediately told anjali.

But ma’am you cant sir told not to disturb him told receptionist.

But anjali didn’t listen anything, she rushed towards maan’s cabin. She opened the door and fell down. Here maan and sangita who are discussing over a project saw the door opened and they got angry. But seeing anjali all in tears they became alert and they saw her fell down on the floor. Maan immediately got up and ran to her. Maan made anjali stand.

Maan got worried seeing anjali in that state. He made her sit on the couch and gave her some water. Sangita sat beside anjali and caressed her hair. Anjali gulped water and looked at maan.

Anjali what happened? Asked maan.

Bhai.. wo.. geet di.. anjali is so much shocked that the words are not coming out.

Hearing geet’s name maan became alert.

Anjali relax and tell me asked maan, though he is impatient but anjali’s condition is also not good.

Bhai, geet di is arrested told anjali finally.

It came like a blow to maan and sangita is shocked.

Anjali what are you saying? Asked maan shocked.

Anjali told what all happened in RM. Maan and sangita are left speechless. Before anjali continue further maan took his mobile and called to his Lawyer and asked him to come to office immediately.

Here geet is taken to police station. They asked her to sit, but geet is feeling dizzy. First of all she is weak and on top of that all this is taking a toll on her. She sat on the chair and held her head tight.

Maan, bhai whispered geet. Here maan is restless, his geet needed him and he cant waste time waiting for lawyer. Today is Friday and he have to act fast, Saturday and Sunday court holiday.

Maa, will you plz talk with lawyer and come to police station asked maan.

Maan, you go I will take care of everything, as soon as lawyer comes we will apply for bail told maa.

Anjali you be here. I will inform to Arnav. You don’t worry geet will come soon told maan.

Bhai, careful. Di is not feeling well from 2-3 days told anjali.

I know the reason anjali, don’t worry told maan and rushed to parking lot. He reached station within no time and went in. He saw his geet is sitting just like a motionless person.

Precap: What will maan and arnav do now?

Will geet get bail??

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Love and Revenge part 15

4 Sep


Mr. R hugged Mrs. R and told what’s happening, I am not able to understand anything. They are small kids and maa. And how can I say this truth to maan, but he has every right to know about this. Wo tuth jayega devi wo bacha. Itni choti umr mein itna kuch jhelna padh raha hain.

What truth uncle asked maan with serious voice.

Mr. R turned back and saw maan and arnav. He closed his eyes for not seeing them before speaking anything. He don’t now how to tell maan about those things which only he knows.

Maan beta come told Mr. R. He is trying very hard to divert the topic. Maan and arnav went towards him. Maan understood that Mr. R wants to divert the topic but maan is adamant to know what is that Mr. R is talking about.

Uncle plz tell what is the matter? Asked maan.

Mr. R sighed, he has no other option he has to tell maan and support him in each and every possible way and at the same time he has to protect geet from those monsters.

Maan I will tell you everything before that bring your papa’s mobile told Mr. R.

Maan nodded and went to his room and gave that mobile to Mr. R. First of all maan is confused why uncle is asking papa’s mobile and second what is there in that mobile.

Maan, you might be thinking that in that accident your dad might have unknowingly slipped his mobile? Maan just nodded yes. No son your told something to you, he recorded something which is very important.

What is that uncle? Asked maan.

Mr. R switched on the speaker there comes the voice of maan’s dad. Maan beta, I know what you are thinking and by the time the mobile reaches you me and your dadaji will not be there.

Hearing his dad maan’s eyes became moist. Maan’s dad voice is trembling, maan felt terrible. Maan I am warning you to be careful beta, this is not an accident as you are thinking but it’s a murder. Your bade papa and bade maa want our property and they planned to kill all if us. Be careful beta take care of all beta. I am sorry maan I am leaving a big responsibility on you and take care of yourself beta. I will there as your support always.

There the record ended and maan’s dad throwed the mobile far so that no one can see it. Then all of them heard the blast sound. No one knows that his dad recorded all this. In the middle they heard dadaji’s shouting, jao geet just go from here.

Tears rolled down and no one is able to talk anything. Maan is in shock, his own bade papa and bade maa did, that too because of mere property. Arnav looked at his friend, his brother maan who is in tears, he is not able to see him like that. Arnav touched his shoulder but maan jerked. It came like a shock to arnav.

Khushi, maa mumbled maan.

Maan beta called Mrs. R. Maan is not listening to anyone. So many things are going on in his mind. He has to search for his sister and maa but where. Mrs. R came towards maan and cupped his face.

Maan listen to me beta, listen cried Mrs. R.

Maan looked at her blankly without any emotions on his face. He can see the motherly love and maan hugged Mrs. R and cried. Seeing their son in that position brought tears in their eyes.

Why maa? Why they did like this? They killed papa and dadaji, I don’t know where is khushi and maa. How can I say this to dadimaa? How can she tolerate all this? Cried maan in Mrs. R’s embrace. Geet who is watching all this from the terrace broke down completely. In front of her eyes they died. Its dadaji who pushed geet out of car and asked her to escape. Geet is crying loud seeing maan in that position.

Here maan is also in the same position. But he composed he broke the hug and made a straight face.

Maan beta, I know everything happened so fast and we will search for khushi and sagita. I am sure they are safe somewhere told Mr. R.

No uncle I will search for them. But uncle I need a small help from you? Asked maan.

Yes beta, tell me we are there with you told Mr. R patted his cheek. But he can see some fire in his eyes and pain in his eyes. His face is expressionless.

Uncle plz sell KM told maan.

Mr. R looked at him with shock. Yes uncle, with that money we will start a construction company and dadimaa is also a architect told maan.

Maan but maa wont be able to… before he completes dadimaa interrupted.

I will take care of that vishal (Mr. R) told dadimaa. Maan and others looked at dadimaa.

Maa but..

Plz vishal beta, I have to take care of my family and I can do anything for them told dadimaa.

Ok maa, but you are selling KM, I will help you financially told vishal.

No uncle.. but before maan completes vishal cut him.

No maan, you have to agree with it. Maa you forgot that mansion is papa’s dream how can you sell that. So its final that I am helping you financially told vishal.

Dadimaa smiled slightly and patted his cheeks. Maan is silent, elders took the decision and he didn’t interfere in the middle. Dadimaa left from there and went in with heavy heart. Maan turned to vishal and told uncle pls dadimaa, dev ya Vicky no should know what papa told me. Promise me uncle you will never tell them about this.

Vishal looked at him proudly and told I promise beta. Maan and arnav left from there and went to their respective rooms. But arnav is feeling something odd and decided to go to maan’s room. The door is slightly open and he saw maan holding his parents photo close to his heart and crying. But next happened shocked arnav to no extent.

Maan’s eyes turned red due to anger.

Papa, I promise I will fulfill all my duties. These are not my duties now, this is my family and I can do anything for my family. Aaj se jo kuch bhi bura ho I will suffer alone, I will never let our family to suffer. And papa I promise that I will take revenge on bade paa and bade maa. I will destroy them, from today I am not maan, BUT MAAN SINGH KHURANA, I will destroy all those who caused pain to you and our family. They killed you papa. I wont leave them. Its my promise promised maan to himself.

They took our property and I don’t care and I don’t want that money. But I will show them rishab singh khurana ka beta and rajveer singh khurana ka pota kuch bhi kar sakta hain. I will earn that money again and keep my family happy. But dad and dadaji you don’t worry aapka beta kabhi galat kaam nahi karega. And I wont spare anyone coming on my way. Before they think to destroy me I will destroy them told maan with rage in his eyes.

Arnav who heard this got worried and tensed seeing his friend. But he cant do anything maan suffered a lot and is suffering.

Maan, do whatever you want. But I am there for you always, when you need a support I will be there for you. When you need a shoulder to share your pain I will be there for you. Main tumko kabhi akela nahi chodunga maan. Hamesha tumare saath rahunga. Yeh mera waada hain maan. Uncle, dadaji aap maan ka chinta mat kijiye, wo kabhi akela nahi hain.

Unknown to maan and arnav even geet is also behind the door. She too promised to herself she will never leave maan alone. She will be there with him in every step of his life. Then they heard maan again.

Papa, dadaji I have to help dadimaa in business and I can t do medicine. I am sorry papa I promised you that I will become doctor, but I cant do it now. I have to go to architecture field and you will be proud of me I know told maan to his dad looking at the photo and hugged it tight and slept on the bed cuddled himself.

Don’t worry maan, I will fulfill your dream, I will become doctor thought geet and came out behind the door. She saw arnav in tears and she can guess he too heard maan.

Bhai.. called geet. Arnav who is thinking till now came out of his trance and looked at geet. Geet hugged arnav. Before arnav speak geet told bhai I will fulfill maan’s dream I will study medicine. I will become doctor, atleast he will be happy someone from his family studied medicine hain na?

Arnav kissed her forehead and they both left from there. From that day, from that second everything change. Maan changed, he is not anymore the old maan. As per his promise he became MAAN SINGH KHURANA, the ruthless, stubborn business man born in him. He never thought that his life will take such a turn but it happened. Dadimaa, maan, dev and prem shifted to KM. with the help of Mr. R they started a construction company. They faced losses at the first but neither maan or dadimaa loose hope.

They got small contracts at first, they took  every small and big contract came on their way. Slowly they succeeded. They got big projects due to their quality of service and KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS is now the top most construction company in India. Even there is a branch in London too for foreign clients. This is the success of good over bad. Maan and dadimaa worked very hard for it. they worked day and night but didn’t get tired they want to prove themselves and finally they proved. Dadimaa was a great helping hand for maan, her ideas, her each and every step made KC a top most company.

Thought they were busy in business but never neglected dev or prem. They spent a quality time with them. This made dev and prem respect them more and more. Arnav was always a support tp maan. After 5 years maan told dadimaa to take rest and from now on he will take care of business. She had established the company and now its time for maan to concentrate only on business.

Arnav took incharge of his dad’s business. Here maan and there arnav are going great, they had no hurdles inbetween. Which made them more and more success. Here dadimaa and arnav’s parents are proud of their kids. Geet, dev, prem and anjali were also successful in their career. Geet was sent to London by maan for studies. They loved each other, but never expressed their love. From the day he came to know the truth he is cold with geet. Because he knows she can read his eyes and he don’t want to show any emotion to any one and become weak.

If he becomes weak then, he cant take care of family. But whom he is cheating his love, his mishty and his soul. Thought he never cared for geet, but the fact is he did. Each and every thing which is happening in her life maan kept a track. Its not that he doubts her but for her safety, as per maan’s dad words geet saw the person who killed his dad and dadaji, if they came to know that she is geet then they may harm her and he cant loose his mishty.

But he never tried to understand geet, maan is always bossy. But the situations made him like that. Each and every day he is suffering, the pain of his dad’s death. The pain of not finding his sister and maa. The pain of being away from his love. The pain of not caring for anyone. The pain of being alone is eating him alive. He is tired, he is tired of fighting alone from past 10 years. But at the same time he don’t want anyone to suffer, he wants others to be happy. Dadi thought that he will be normal once he is succseeded in his life. But no he didn’t change, this worried dadimaa. She is so worried about maan.

Day by day his suffering increased but he never shared with anyone and he is becoming more and more angry. Even his friend adi who are college mates and is working under maan is also afraid of talking with him. The person who talks with maan freely is anjali. She never cares of his anger. Maan never mind, infact he is happy atleast she don’t care if he is angry. Geet, even when she tries to talk with him he never cared. That doesn’t mean he hates her but he is afraid. Afraid of showing any emotions. He can see the pain in her eyes, his heart pierced but he didn’t showed any emotions.

But he is happy one day, the day he found his sister and mother. They are back into his life and he said yes to dadimaa for marrying geet. But geet is angry, they confronted they talked and they became one. Finally his love, his sister and his mother is back in his life. His dad’s wish is fulfilled. He is successful now, but will his love, his sister and his mother will be with him forever. What is the play of destiny now. no one knows. But maan singh khurana writes his own destiny. His game started now. THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA’S GAME STARTED NOW. No one can stop him now. Its true, unknown to anyone the destiny has involved geet, arnav and khushi in this game. Will they survive. Will these 2 friends be able to save their family.


Precap: may be maneet’s marriage.


Hii here is part 15. Hope you liked it. This is all about maan’s life from past 10 years. From next update the present starts. Plz atleast comment on blog friends. REGULAR READERS PLZ ATLEAST YOU GUYS COMMENT. TELL ME SHOULD I CONTINUE MY WORKS OR NOT TELL ME FRANKLY.



Love and Revenge Part 14

28 Aug

Maan’s bade paa, Rudra Singh Khurana, he is elder brother of Maan’s dad, Rishab singh Khurana. Rudra is not so intelligent, he always wastes money in gambling. He always asks dadimaa or rishab for money. He got married to sapna from the same village hoshiyarpur.

She is a greedy women, she came to the rich family so that she can enjoy her status as a khurana bahu but when she came to know about rudra she was very dis-appointed. After few years Rishab got married to sangita, she is sweet girl and she is liked by everyone in the family. She use to help rishab and dadaji in the business. Dadaji and rishab use to take care of business and rudra use to sit at home. It irked sapna and she filled rudra mind with venom and he was so enraged and thought that if he don’t care of business, then the whole property will go to the name of Rishab. He couldn’t think more than that. Sapna just wants whole khurana property into her name.

But later she came to know that Rudra and his sister pooja are not maan’s dadaji’s son and daughter. They are his elder brothers children who died in an accident when they were just 2 years old. But maan’s dadaji never differentiated between them, he loves all the 3.

But they thought they are just acting, what if they throw out of the house. This worried Rudra and he want to do something for the property. So he discussed some plan with his wife sapna. They both set with a plan and waiting for a opportunity to execute the plan. Seems that even god is also with them. Rishab, sangita, khushi came to hoshiyarpur for holidays. Maan, dev and prem are in delhi with arnav as maan and arnav are having some exams. But khushi is so adamant to visit dadaji and dadi. So they left 3 brothers in arnav’s home. and maan promised they will come after a week, till then their exams will be completed.

Khushi with her parents went to hoshiyarpur. A week passed and khushi is missing her brothers a lot mainly maan, his pampering and all she is missing.

Mom, when will vj come asked khushi.

They will come day after tomorrow  beta told mom.

Khushi made a sad face and thought more 2 days, no I will call them and will ask them to come today. Immediately she took sangita’s mobile and called to RM. Mr. Raizada picked the call.


Hello uncle, how are u? asked khushi.

Arey khushi beta, I am fine how are you? Asked Mr. Raizada.

Uncle I need to talk to vj told khushi sadly.

Ok beta I will call maan now told Mr. Raizada. Khushi smiled, soon maan took the phone from Mr. Raizada.

Hello princess, how are you? Asked maan.

Khushi almost in the verge of crying told Vj you pls come today I am missing you. Hearing her sad voice, maan got worried.

Princess why you are crying? See you don’t worry we will come day after tomorrow  told maan.

No vj, pls come today told khushi sadly.

Just then dev came who heard their convo. He wanted to tease khushi. Hehehe khushi, we know you cant stay away from us for more days then why you went to hoshiyarpur, we told na after bro’s exams we will go.

Now khushi started crying. I am.. sob.. sorry.. you 3 plz come soon told khushi. Now dev too got alert hearing her cry. Maan shot him an angry glare.

Princess I have last exam tomorrow then immediately we will come ok? You are a good girl na you should not cry, dekho I am scolding dev tried maan to console her.

Vj, I will come to bus station told khushi smiling listening to her vj.

But princess you never come to Bus station na asked dev.

You teased me na, I will tell to dadaji and he will scold you for sure. When he is scolding you how can I miss that told khushi smiling cheekily.

Maan and dev didn’t help but smile at her cute antics. They talked for some more time and cut the call. Next day maan gave his last exam of 10th class. Without wasting time, they 3 packed their bags and geet too accompanied them. Here khushi is very excited to meet her brothers. Rudra and sapna got a exact time to execute their plan.

Its almost time for maan and others to reach hoshiyarpur. So they started from home with khushi leaving dadimaa and sangita at home. Here geet, maan, dev and prem reached hoshiyarpur and waiting for dadaji. Dadaji, rishab and khushi reached bus stop. Khushi got excited seeing them. She ran to them and all the four hugged, geet is just watching them with a smile and a slight pain. If she is with her parents then today.. but she immediately wiped that thought because she has Mr. and Mrs Raizada, arnav and anjali with her. She is happy with them, when she is with them she never remembered her family. All the four came out of hug, dev, prem and khushi ran towards their dad.

How are my children? Asked dad.

Fine dad they both replied.

He hugged both dev and prem, he is feeling some thing odd today. He don’t want to leave his children. All the children got into one car. Geet came into dadji’s car as prem and khushi started their fight got the seat. Dad smiled at her and started the car. Maan’s car is following them. Just then rishab’s mobile rang, he stopped the car aside and picked the call.

Ji aap kaha ho? Asked sangita with a tensed voice. Here maan’s car went across rishab’s car and maan is now ahead. He looked back why his dad stopped the car, but rishab seeing him looking back signaled him to go ahead. Maan smiled and asked driver to start the car.

Sangita, tum itni pareshan kyun ho? Sab kuch thik hain na? asked rishab.

But the other side, sangita didn’t answer anything and the phone got dis-connected. Rishab got worried and tried to call again but the phone is switched off.

Rishab kya hua? Asked dadaji.

Pata nahi papaji, sangita kuch pareshan lag rahi hain, hame jaldi jaana hain told rishab and started the car.

Suddenly the whole atmosphere got tensed, there is some uneasiness, some fear but don’t know what is that. Here dadimaa is running, her face is covered with tears. She is coming in the same way where maan’s car is coming. Maan saw his dadimaa is running and he asked to stop the car. He immediately got down and ran towards dadimaa. Due to running dadimaa is out of breath and she was about to fall. Maan ran to her and held her shoulders.

Dadi.. dadi.. what happened? Asked maan worriedly.

Dadimaa is breathing heavily. Maan took her near car and made her sit. Even dev, prem and khushi got down from the car and came towards dadimaa’s side. Maan gave her some water and she calmed down.

Maan, save your dadaji and papa told dadi.

Dadimaa what happened? Asked maan. But khushi felt something is wrong and when she turned back, some one closed her mouth and took her away. But due to the tension no one observed khushi.

Suddenly they heard a blast and on the other side geet is running crying bitterly. All went blank and dadimaa collapsed. She knows what might happened. Geet came running to maan and told maan, papa and dadaji and she too fainted. Maan told driver to take dadimaa and geet to hospital with dev and prem.

Suddenly he noticed khushi is missing but he didn’t tell to anyone as all are tensed. Maan ran back and saw the whole car has turned into ashes. He collapsed on the ground and cried bitterly. His papa and dadaji are no more. Maan cried cried and cried. A 16 years boy it is very hard for him to accept the truth. He thought it’s an accident, how can he think that its not an accident but a murder. Still he don’t know about this cruel world. But he is mature enough to understand if and only if he knows the true colors of people mainly his bade maa and bade paa.

He don’t know what to do, he found his dad’s mobile on the ground. Its like he throwed the mobile on the ground before. But maan don’t know that, he couldn’t guess its all pre-planned. How can he when he don’t know the real faces of his bade paa and bade maa. He took the mobile and immediately called to Mr. Raizada.

Hello rishab bolo asked Mr. R.

Uncle.. uncle cried maan.

Mr. R got alert hearing his crying. Maan beta, what happened. Why you are crying? Asked Mr. R

Uncle papa and dadaji accident tried maan to tell something but he couldn’t complete due to crying. Mr. R sensed something is wrong and without wasting time he made his way to car and started to Hoshiyarpur.

Maan you don’t worry, I am coming beta, I am coming tried Mr. R to console maan. Due to low battery the maan’s mobile got switched off. Maan then stood up and searching here and there for khushi, but he didn’t find her. Here on the other hand Rudra and Sapna are celebrating their success. But they don’t know that maan, dev, prem and dadimaa are still alive. They had send their men to kill the whole family. Rudra went to his sleeping sons and thought from today you both are the owners of Khurana property, you will get the best and smiled evilly at his success of the plan.

Maan felt dejected by not finding khushi, when he went home he didn’t find her mother.

Maaa shouted maan in anger, pain and grief of loosing his loved ones and not finding his mother. But he is sure, his conscience is saying that his maa and khushi are alive somewhere and waiting for him. He went to hospital, he is tired due to this sudden turn of events. How happy he was when he came here, but now just in matter of minutes everything has changed.

He found dadimaa and geet are alright, because of stress they fainted and nothing more. But the question is how should he tell them about his dad and dadaji. But for dadi, there is no need to tell she guessed everything when she saw maan, the pain in his eyes said it all and geet too know. But how should he tell about khushi.

There is silence all around. No one dared to talk, infact they don’t know what to say now. All of them stood there in a silence, maan didn’t dare to utter a word, he knows he will broke down for sure. But here he has to tell, he cant be silent. For the first time maan is feeling helpless, why this happened? How can they live without parents. He don’t know where his mom is? He is feeling like screaming out loud. No he should be strong for his family, his dadimaa, his brothers.

He walked towards dadimaa and held her hand and made her stand.

Ghar chale dadimaa told maan. Geet looked at him blankly so as maan. They reached home, its not home now. it seems like they are in some hell, mainly dadimaa. After coming home dadimaa broke down completely. But all are kids there how can they control her, dev and prem is not able to understand anything. Mr. R came home at the right time. He found dadimaa and understood everything what might have happened in the accident. He lost his friend, the mere thought brought tears in her eyes but he has to be strong for the sake of this family, no this is now HIS family.

Mr. R went to dadi and called her maa. She looked at him in pain. Dev went to maan and asked bro, why dadi is crying?

Oh god, how can they tolerate the truth thought maan. But some or the other day they have to know.

Dev papa and dadaji ka accident hua told maan.

How bro? how are they now? asked dev. Maan nodded his head in a no. dev looked at him in horror yes ofcourse he understood. Khushi and mom kaha hain bro? asked dev.

Khushi went towards papa’s car and maa ran is before dadi and she also… maan couldn’t complete because he is lying. He don’t want anyone to know about khushi, but he has to tell Mr. R now maan needs his help. Even though what maan told is illogical but they believed because they are in no position to think of anything.

Days passed, months passed they went to Delhi and living in RM. Mrs. R took care of them. One day Mr. and Mrs. R are in the garden talking with each other. Just then arnav and maan are coming towards them but they didn’t notice maan and arnav.

Mr. R hugged Mrs. R and told what’s happening, I am not able to understand anything. They are small kids and maa. And how can I say this truth to maan, but he has every right to know about this. Wo tuth jayega devi wo bacha. Itni choti umr mein itna kuch jhelna padh raha hain.

What truth uncle asked maan with serious voice.



Precap: some more truth.

Sorry If the update is confusing, i tried to express the emotions of maan. And by now you understood what happened in the past. 🙂

Love and Revenge part 13

27 Aug


Naina, u don’t worry, do what I say told maan. Now the actual game starts, be ready to face MSK. From now, I will make sure, u all suffer each and every second in your life told maan.

VJ, arnav I need to tell you something, and geet di, its important for you told khushi.

No di, plz don’t told naina. Nahi naina its high time now told khushi and assured her.

Di its not time to tell all those thigs requested naina.

Khushi cupped her face and told naina, let me handle it. she has right to know.

Naina smiled sadly and told what will be the difference di, I can only see the hatred in her eyes.

Shhh, don’t talk anything, no one will hate you, samjhi? Told khushi and turned to geet.

Geet di, I have to tell you some important told khushi.

Bolo khushi, whats the matter asked geet caressing her hair.

Wo.. di, naina  is your younger sister told khushi and looked at her.

I didn’t get you khushi told geet.

She is mohinder uncle and rano’s aunty’s daughter told khushi. Hearing those names geet stiffened and her eyes got teary. Maan and arnav saw her change of expressions on her face from anger to hatred. They know what she might be thinking now. But they want to know what khushi is saying because it is important.

Khushi too observed her expression and told di, u pls don’t get angry.. but before khushi completes geet shouted.

How do you expect me not to get angry khushi. How? Shouted geet in helplessness. How much she want to forget her past but it is coming in front of her in some way.

Nafrat hain mujhe uss parivaar se, I hate them shouted geet and ran from there and went to her room and closed the door.

I told you na di, i can see the hatred in her eyes for us told naina sadly.

Maan followed geet, he is really worried for her, how much he want to see his geet happy but she is getting only pain. After a long time, she is again happy but now her past is in front of her. How can a girl tolerate when her own family dis-owned her because she is a girl.

Maan knocked the door but he got no response. Maan saw the door is not locked so, he opened the door and entered into the room and locked the door. He can see geet buried her face in the pillow and crying thinking about her parents. She is always sensitive in this matter.

Maan sat on the bed and placed his hand on her shoulder. Geet knows that it is maan and she didn’t say anything. She just got up and looked at him with tear filled eyes and tear strained face. Maan couldn’t see her in that position, his heart ached seeing her like that.

Geet’ called maan, she broke down and hugged him tight crying bitterly.

Why maan, why this is happening to me? I don’t anyone from that family, then why they are coming infront of me? Cried geet.

Shhh geet, no one will come now, I am here na consoled maan.

Geet hugged him tight and placed her head on his chest hearing his heart beats, which is giving her peace. Maan is rubbing her back to calm her down, after some time geet stopped crying and closed her eyes.

Here naina is also crying and she is sad to see her sister in that state. She never thought to come infront of her sister but the fate has different plans.

Naina, you please calm down, geet needs some time to accept you all told arnav.

No arnav bhai, I don’t want geet di to face any problem now. Jo hona wo hoga I am going back to Shimla told naina and got up.

Ruko naina stopped khushi.

Di plz.. requested naina.

Listen naina, if you go from here the problem will get complicated. Geet di will understand for sure just give her some time, let her think for some time. Accepting the relations is not that easy dear convinced khushi.

Naina nodded and hugged her, khushi too hugged her and looked at arnav, who blinked his eyes assuring her.

Geet broke the hug and looked at maan, maan looked at her lovingly and wiped her tears with his thumb and kissed her forehead.

I am sorry maan, I over reacted and I know what I did is wrong I shouldn’t react that way told geet apologetically.

Geet we understand no need to be sorry. Geet ek baat suno, what have happened in the past, we cannot erase that, but what naina did? When you left your house you are just 6 years old and naina is not yet born. There is no mistake of hers. And as per dadimaa told us even your parents too love you, but because of your other family members they dis-owned you and I know what they did is wrong. They should have not done that. But jo hua so hogaya, I will be happy with what decision you take and I am always with you, and I need not to tell you all these things. You know what is right and wrong told maan looking straight into her eyes.

Maan I know what you are trying to tell, and I respect your decision but maan I need time to think and maan I wont let anything happen to them told geet.

I know geet, I am there for you always told maan.

Geet hugged maan and mumbled thanku.

Ab yeh rona band karo aur chalo they will be worried for you told maan.

Hmmm’ mumbled geet and got up and went to washroom to wash her face. Maan and geet went to study and saw worried khushi, naina and arnav.

Naina sighed in relief seeing geet and rushed to her and hugged her. I am sorry di, I know that you hate me but we all love you di. I know that mama, papa jo kuch bhi kiya wo galat hain. Par uss din se woe k pal ke liye bhi khush nahi the. If possible forgive us di.

Naina broke the hug and told I will never come infront of you and trouble you again di. Sorry for everything happened. I am going back to Shimla. She looked at khushi and told sorry di, I must go.

She was about to leave the room geet stopped her.

Ruko Naina..

Naina stopped in her tracks and turned back happily thinking her sister might have forgiven her. But when she saw her stren face she got disappointed.

I don’t want anyone to be in trouble because of me, do what maan says told geet and looked away, even though she hate her family for what they did but she cant hate her little sister, who is not at fault. When she saw her hurt face, it pained her and looked away.

Ji di replied naina meekly and left from there. And maan arranged security for naina without knowing anyone, he called to an agency and arranged 2 body guards for naina. Even naina too don’t know about that.

Di I am sorry for hurting you.. told khushi.

No khushi you did nothing, but they are crossing their limits, we have to do something fast told geet looking at maan and arnav.

But this whole scene which happened from past one hour didn’t miss by dadimaa who came to meet arnav to talk about maneet marriage. Now she don’t want to talk anything so she silently left from there.

Bhai, I want to know something told geet looking at arnav.

Arnav knows this is coming and told I will tell everything to you sweety but I want even prem and dev to be here.

Maan and geet nodded. Khushi looked at him shocked and thought is he seriously going to tell them the truth, then VJ will surely kill them for sure. He don’t spare even a single second. Omg..

Khushi I want to ask you something told maan looking at her.

Ji VJ..

Where were you these many days? Asked maan.

Khushi closed his eyes, yes she knows this question would be coming one day or other.

She looked at maan and told Shimla main VJ. Buaji ke ghar.

Aur maa? Asked maan.

Mom is also in shimla told khushi. She is answering his question nothing more.

How did you come to delhi? Asked maan.

Khushi got tensed and her face turned pale hearing that question. She then looked at arnav for some help.

Arnav came in the middle of maan and khushi, maan looked at him sternly and told I am asking something to khushi.

Dude, I know what you want to know. I will tell you how she came to delhi. Khushi ki shaadi ho rahi thi, aur wo khushi ko nahi pasand. Your bade papa and buaji fixed that marriage because she is 21 and if she gets married then her whole property will shifts to her husband. So your buaji fixed her marriage with his son.. so that she will get hold of the property and.. Arnav closed his eyes in abger.  (gals in south, a girl can marry her bua’s son, so I am using that logic here).

And’ asked geet. But maan didn’t ask anything because he knows what is coming next.

Kill her told arnav and looked at maan whose eyes are red due to anger.

Bhai, I am not able to understand one thing, how you know all this, how you know khushi asked geet confused.

Kyun ki your brother ASR loves my sister Khushi answered maan.

Now khushi’s head started to spin, how on earth her VJ came to know this. She looked at arnav making baby face.

Maan and arnav looked at her. Arnav told khushi don’t make that face, when I realized I am in love with you, that time I don’t know that you are his sister and I called to maan and told about my love to you. That time he was a big sadu and kadoos and didn’t care my words. But now see how he is saying everything as if he knows all.

Hello ASR, that time I didn’t care because I know if you are in love then you will get your love for sure and ha now she is my sister, so you have to take extra care. Agar future main khushi is ankhon mein ek bhi aansu aya tho you have to face the wrath of MSK warned maan.

Hello MSK, same goes to you too , you have to take care of my sister geet told arnav.

Both the girls are thinking, wah I thought there will be some serious discussion going to happen. But yeh dono tho ek dusro ko dhamki de raha hain.

Aur mera khyal kaun rakhega? Came a voice from entrance.

Aagayi nautanki.. mumbled geet.

Ha ha main nautanki hi hu retorted anjali.

Geet rolled her eyes, maan and arnav smiled at her.

Hayeee mere liye bhi koi aisa aajaye, where he will treat me as his princess told anjali dreamily.

 Oyyy tumari liye prince waste yaar, tum na ek mobile shop ki owner se shaadi karle told prem entering into the room.

Geet and prem hi-fied and anjali made a grumpy face, she went to maan and told dekho apne bhai ko. No one loves me.

Arey gudiys, don’t worry chinta kyun jab main hu. I will search a perfect boy for you told maan and kissed her forehead. Later all of them had dinner and maan, prem and khushi left to KM.

Geet is in her room lied on the bed and thinking about the things happened today. Naina who thought maan as rival is her sister and she came here as maan’s bade paa and buaji threathened her by kidnapping her parents. Means they kidnapped geet’s parents. If she comes here as maan’s secretary, she can watch him closely and getting the opportunity she can trap maan and get the blank documents signed.

Maan’s bade paa, Rudra Singh Khurana, he is elder brother of Maan’s dad, Rishab singh Khurana. Rudra is not so intelligent, he always wastes money in gambling. He always asks dadimaa or rishab for money. He got married to sapna from the same village hoshiyarpur.

She is a greedy women, she came to the rich family so that she can enjoy her status as a khurana bahu but when she came to know about rudra she was very dis-appointed. After few years Rishab got married to sangita, she is sweet girl and she is liked by everyone in the family. She use to help rishab and dadaji in the business. Dadaji and rishab use to take care of business and rudra use to sit at home. It irked sapna and she filled rudra mind with venom and he was so enraged and thought that if he don’t care of business, then the whole property will go to the name of Rishab. He couldn’t think more than that. Sapna just wants whole khurana property into her name.

But later she came to know that Rudra and his sister pooja are not maan’s dadaji’s son and daughter. They are his elder brothers children who died in an accident when they were just 2 years old. But maan’s dadaji never differentiated between them, he loves all the 3.

But they thought they are just acting, what if they throw out of the house. This worried Rudra and he want to do something for the property.


Precap: what did Rudra do to Rishab and Dadaji..

             Dadimaa talk with maan and knowing something..

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