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Rishtey part 6

28 Feb


Tch tch, what happened geet? your nose is red, are you angry on me? asked maan innocently.

Geet who is holding cricket bat throwed on maan. maan caught it and smiled sweetly at her.

Aww thankyou so much geet, I was about to ask you told maan and started playing with children.

Geet went to annie and others who are watching their fight silently.

Tammy, tumko pata hain, your brother is one the dhust danav I have ever seen shouted geet angrily. But the 3 girls laughed out loud.

I just hate you pouted geet. Maan who listened this shouted. The feeling is mutual geet, so chill and laughed out loud. Geet fumed more and pouted looking at her sisters who are not even supported her. Maan is busy in playing with children. After some time children are tired and they ran to their respective houses. Maan saw geet is still angry on him and he loved teasing her.

Geet I want to tell you something told maan as he walked towards her. Geet looked at him so as others.

Your name is geet means song which is sweet. But see your attitude always shouting and fighting with others. Your name should not be geet but devil geet teased maan. Geet looked at him in anger and pouted seeing annie and tammy laughing. She stomped her foot and left from there cursing maan. seeing her pouting face maan laughed out loud.

Here geet went to dadi’s room and sat beside her.

Dadi, your grandson is very bad. I hate him complained geet making crying face.

Why what happened? Asked dadi seeing her face.

See dadi he is calling me devil geet complained geet.

Ohh why so? Asked dadi.

Don’t know dadi but he is very very bad told geet making baby face.

Geet, chodo yeh sab. He is my grandson ek baat poochu geet ? asked dadi.

Ha dadi told geet.

Will you marry my maan asked dadi smiling.

Dadi shouted geet and stood up. I think you are joking. Mein aur uss chimpanzee se shaadi no way dadi. I want my prince charming but not that chimpanzee shouted geet making dadi laugh out loud.

Dadi you are laughing at me pouted geet and left from there too. She went to her room and lied down on the bed complaining to her babaji.

Dekha babaji aapne, see how all are teasing me. I will go back to delhi she pouted and looked up.

Hey geet, what are you doing here when all are waiting for you outside asked tammy coming in.

The brother of yours I just hate him, how dare he tease me pouted geet making tammy laugh.

Tammy came and sat beside geet. Geet I am sorry on behalf of bro told tammy getting emotional.

Hey what happened to you yaar? I was just joking told geet wiping her tears.

Tammy smiled slightly at her and told no geet you don’t know anything. After so many years bro is laughing and smiling. After dad’s death everything changed, bro joined business and naina di helped bro. if naina di is not there then we would have never came here and she is the one who knows bro in and out. Today I don’t regret coming here geet because I am able to see my bro happy again.

Geet felt bad for tammy and her respect for maan increased. He is very responsible and loves his family a lot. Tammy saw geet lose in some thoughts.

Arey yaar, I came here to call you and see you are lost in your thoughts. Come lets go told tammy getting up.

Where? Geet asked confused.

Geet, did you forget we have to go to temple told tammy.

Oh yes I forgot. Just 5 minutes I will change and come told geet.

Ok come fast, we will wait outside told tammy and left from there. Geet immediately got changed and ran outside to see all are waiting for her and maan is annoyed as he don’t like waiting. But when he saw geet, he is just lost in her beauty. She is looking beautiful in the while color salwar suit and her hair open. For a second he lost in her but composed himself.

Annie, anita, geet and tammy left for temple in jeep and maan is driving. Today he has become driver for these ladies. He is cursing his fate as he don’t have any other work to do here other than to roam. How happy he was with his files and laptop but now he don’t have net access in his mobile and laptop. He made a annoyed face and is driving to the temple. But soon his expressions are changed when he saw the beauty of village. Being in abroad from start he don’t know anything about village, but now he is really enjoying the atmosphere.

But maan stopped the car in the middle making the girls confused, they all saw maan and his gaze. There they saw their dadaji and some village people arguing discussing on something which made maan curious as there was a lawyer there. Maan got down of the jeep and walked to them without dadaji’s knowledge followed by the girls. Listening their talks maan came to know that they are talking about some land issue.

Geet is more curious and stepped into the discussion. She took the documents from lawyer and read them. Due to the technical terms over there she didn’t exactly understood what is the matter.

Geet you go from here told dadaji. Geet nodded and left from there with the documents with her. Maan took those papers from geet and read them. Being a business tycoon he understood the situation and it is not that complicated too. But he was little hesitant to talk with dadaji after today’s incident. But somehow he walked ahead. Dadaji saw maan but didn’t talk anything. He saw those papers.

Excuse me Mr. Lawyer called out maan. Hearing maan’s authoritive voice every one became silent and looked at maan. Lawyer looked at maan.

Yes? Asked lawyer. Maan gave those documents to lawyer.

Mr ?? asked maan.

Arjun Joshi told lawyer.

Mr. Joshi, what is the problem here? As per documents every thing is clear and you can go to court and solve the issue right? Then what is discussion going on here? Asked maan.

Actually Mr?

Maan Singh Khurana

Mr. Khurana, the opposite client is creating an issue on this land issue. Their village has sufficient water but even then filed a case against your dadaji. They want to construct a dam here but so many farmers will lose their land. We tried to explain them but they are adamant told maan.

Look Mr. Joshi, we can win this case easily. You just get the proves that many people are dependent on this land and submit it in the court. Then the problem is solved told maan. Lawyer looked at him in awe and nodded.

Lawyer turned to dadaji and told the same. Khurana ji, agar hum aisa kiya tho we can win this case told lawyer. Dadaji nodded and felt proud of maan. Maan once looked at dadaji and left from there feeling satisfied. Geet looked at maan and followed him fast while others are walking slowly towards jeep.

Yaar can I ask you something? Asked geet to maan.

Hmm came as maan’s reply.

Along with your construction business why don’t you practice law, dekho you solved this problem so easily told geet innocently. Maan at once looked at maan and made a weird face.

Are you really a doctor? Asked maan.

Yes told geet proudly but again asked why?

Tum itni bewakoof ho, how did you pass in the exams? Asked maan.

Geet looked at him angrily. He will be always ready to taunt her.

Tum apne app ko samajthe kya ho? Shouted geet in anger. But maan pulled geet towards him in a jerk, geet decided to blast on him but next second she hugged maan tight in fear. There a car passed by rashly. If maan didn’t pull geet then she might have hit by the car.

Girls rushed towards them. Geet came out and looked at him in fear.

Are you fine geet? asked maan. Geet just nodded and soon came into her sherni mood. Geet sat on the driver’s seat and ordered others to have their seat.

Geet let me drive told maan calmly.

Maan, don’t argue get into the car soon ordered geet and maan didn’t argue much seeing her anger. Geet took a stone and kept it with her. She accelerated and drove the car in full speed. She is chasing that car and soon when she saw the car stopped in the middle and the people from that car stood outside. Geet smirked and took the stone. Geet too stopped the car and thrown the stone on that car breaking its window glass. Geet was fast enough to drive the jeep in normal speed so that those people might not recognize who it is?

Maan and others looked at geet in shock. Once they crossed the other car and saw that they are in safe distance burst out into laughter.

Geet that was awesome girl told tammy laughing out loud.

Aur nahi tho kya? They took panga with geet told geet with attitude.

She is such a kid thought maan and smiled at himself. Soon they reached temple and went inside to pray for god.

Precap: Oops geet hurted her leg…


Rishtey Part 5

11 Feb

Maan, geet, annie, anita, tammy enjoyed their time with maan’s bua. Maan is feeling so happy to see his family. He always heard from his dad that his family is so big and he hurted all of them. Maan who was all lonely till today and don’t know how a family will be is now experiencing their love and care. He forgot all the pain which he suffered after his dad’s death. Till today his mom, tammy and naina was his life but now there are so many people who care for him and love. All these relations were with him from long but he don’t know and today when he came to know the value of relations, value of RISHTEY he felt so happy, a unknown happiness engulfed in him.

Next day morning was as usual busy, all elderly ladies were busy in kitchen and the girls were in their masti mood tammy too joined them. Maan had a smile on his face seeing his little sis happily enjoying with them. Suddenly the whole hall became silent, there comes maan’s dadaji from the morning walk. When maan saw him a small fear engulfed in him thinking will dadaji accept him or not. Thinking the same he and tammy went near dadaji, who now sat on the couch.

Dadaji called maan, dadaji looked up at them. Dadi came there with a coffee. Ji, yeh hamare Veer ke bache told dadi. Listening that dadaji stiffened a bit. He looked at maan and tammy blankly. They both bent to take blessings from dadaji, but he just got up angrily. Tammy feared seeing his angry face. He left from there giving an angry glare to maan and tammy.

Seeing his angry face tammy is literally shaking, everyone treated as princess but now she is facing someones anger. Though maan is famous for his angry but he was always a loving and caring brother. She is having tears in her eyes. Maan saw that and closed his eyes knowing how sensitive tammy is when it comes to something emotional. When they lost their dad it took 2 months for tammy to come back to normal.

Maan took tammy to his room, by now she is crying.

Bhai, we will go back I don’t want to stay here told tammy crying and hugged maan.

Princess look here asked maan and cupped her face. You know na dad hurted dadaji and others and came out of this house and married mom. So obviously dadaji will be angry on dad right? And he has right to show his anger on us told maan and kissed her forehead.

Tammy is little convinced but still sad seeing her dadaji’s anger. Will you talk with naina, shall I call her? asked maan.

Tammy nodded for a yes. Ok, I am calling her told maan and took out his mobile to call her. she is the one who can handle tammy when she is emotional or upset.

Hey maan, how is everything? Asked naina picking up the call.

Hii everything is fine, tammy wants to talk to you told maan and gave the phone to tammy.

Hello di came a voice of tammy which is sad, naina got alerted hearing her sad voice and understood why maan called now.

Hey princess how are you? Asked naina.

Di I want to come back told tammy.

What happened dear ? asked naina.

You know dadaji is angry on us and explained how angry he was. Naina heard everything silently.

Ohh so my princess is sad for that asked naina for which tammy nodded. Hmmm tammy dear, you should give some time for them and I know my tammy is strong and she will win her dadaji’s heart soon told naina trying to convince her. Tammy thought for a while and smiled at maan cutely.

Yes di I will told tammy happily. Maan sighed in relief seeing her smile. He can face everything but not his sis tears.

Tammy yaar, come fast shouted geet from outside.

Naina di, geet is calling me. I will talk to you later told tammy and gave the mobile to maan, she ran outside. Maan smiled at her.


So, how is everything there? I think you must be angry by now asked naina.

Yes, but I am here because of maa ad except dadaji all are talking to us nicely. So happy to see all of them now told maan.

Wow, that’s great. Hey maan, need to attend meeting now. I will call you in the evening told naina.

Ok no probs. Bye take care told maan.

You too bye told naina and cut the call.

Maan comes of the room to see geet, tammy and annie are talking and cracking jokes around. Its been long since maan is standing. Priya came to maan and asks about morning incident.

No maa, I am not angry. Its our responsibility to win dadaji’s heart told maan and smiled at his maa. Maan decided to go for a walk, but when he saw girls are playing cricket there. He is amused to see their playing skills. They are playing with small kids in the village. Geet was caught out but no she is not accepting and stood there making baby face to give her one another chance. An idea popped in maan’s mind to tease geet.

Maan went there and gathered childrens attention there.

Hello pyaare bachon, mera naam hain maan. kya main aapke saath cricket khel sakta hu? Asked maan.

Bachon, you should not allow him to play. From many years we are playing and I am the caption and I allow no one to play fumed geet.

Iss ghar ki bada beta hu main, so I have right to play retorted maan.

Ohh hello, I came first to this house. So I am first and you cant play that’s it told geet angrily.

Anita, annie and tammy are listening to their argument silently. They decided not to interfere. When geet and other children again started to play game, maan sat on the bench and he is facing geet’s back. Maan who is having chocolates in his pocket took them out. When geet is ready for bating, when a boy is bowling. He stopped in the middle and looked at maan with a smile on his face. Geet got confused and looked back. When geet is turning back, maan kept the chocolates inside his pocket and sat there innocently as if nothing happened.

Oyy why you stopped shouted geet. that boy again went back for bowling. Again maan took out the chocolates and that boy stopped. This happened for 2-3 times. Finally geet is frustrated and looked back this time before time and red-handedly caught maan bribing children with his chocolates. All the children ran to maan and took chocolates from him.

Bhaiya, you are only our caption told children. Maan smiled at them and winked at geet who is now fuming at him.

Geet, tumko bhi chocolate chahiye? Asked maan laughing out loud.

Geet gave an angry glare at him. maan is still laughing holding his stomach.

Tch tch, what happened geet? your nose is red, are you angry on me? asked maan innocently.

Geet who is holding cricket bat throwed on maan. maan caught it and smiled sweetly at her.

Aww thankyou so much geet, I was about to ask you told maan and started playing with children.

Geet went to annie and others who are watching their fight silently.

Tammy, tumko pata hain, your brother is one the dhust danav I have ever seen shouted geet angrily. But the 3 girls laughed out loud.

Precap: Ufffff geet totally mad at maan and thinking to take revenge.

Maan helping dadaji.

Rishtey part 4

26 Oct




Later all of them got busy in talking with each other. Annie and geet are full on masti mood. This shows how much they missed each other. Maan smiled at them. In 3 hours they reached HP. Annie told the way to Haveli, they reached Khurana Haveli and maan stopped the car.

All of them got up and annie smiled widely, finally she is back at home. A girl came out hearing the car sound. She is so happy to see annie and shouted.

Annie… tum aagayi shouted that girl and hugged her tight.

Geet pouted and told I am also here. That girl smiled and told awww my baby and hugged her.

Waise when did you come di? Where is jiju? Asked geet.

Just yesterday when you left from here, your jiju is inside. Some problem is there regarding some land issue and dadu is so tensed told di.

Anita, sister of annie and married to Vishal a year back.

Annie turned to priya and told badimaa, she is my sister anita. Di badimaa.

Namste badimaa wished anita and took blessings. She is tamanna and he is maan bhai introduced annie.

Hii wished anita. They both smiled at her.

Chaliye andar chalte hain told anita. Maan was about to take the luggage anita stopped him.

Bhai, aap rehne dijiye I will tell ramu to bring those told anita.

Its ok no problem told maan.

Nai bhai, pls told anita.  Maan smiled and nodded.

Ramu get the luggage from the car shouted anita. Ramu came running there and looked at anita with anger.

Kya hain asked anita.

Didi, you told me to make coffee and again asking me to bring the luggage. I am only one and how can I do all the works at a time. This is not fair told ramu, who is the son of Nakul and came for annie’s marriage. He is studying 10th class.

Na na beta, aaj tho tumara punishment day hain so you have to do what I say told anita.

This is too much didi pouted ramu and again told I just lost one game that’s it.

Thik hain chal bring that luggage in. hogaya tumara punishment told geet.

You are the best geet didi, waise you are looking smart in this dress told ramu and winked at her. before she turn to her sherni mode ramu ran from there. Annie di, I will talk to you later shouted ramu.

Annie, geet and anita laughed out loud.

Anita looked at maan and others and told oh sorry, come I will take to you to dadimaa. They nodded. Anita took them to dadimaa’s room who is reading some book.

Dadiiii shouted annie and hugged her from back.

Annie, you came asked dadi smiling. Annie came front and took dadi’s blessings.

Kitni patli hogayi ho tum, I told you many times no need to work. But you don’t listen to me complained dadi.

Dadi there is a surprise for you told annie.

What is that? Asked dadi like a kid.

Annie pointed towards the entrance where priya, maan and tammy are standing. Dadi saw them and smiled through tears in her eyes. Finally she is able to meet her elder sons family.

Bahu.. called dadi.

Priya came in and took her blessings. How are you maa? Asked priya.

After seeing you I am fine priya. You don’t know how happy I am? Told dadi and wiped priya’s tears.

Priya turned back and asked maan and tammy to come in.

Maa, he is your grand son maan and she is tamanna introduced them to dadi. Dadi smiled at them. Maan and tammy sat on either side of dadi. Dadi caressed their hair and hugged them. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Today she is so happy to see her full family.

This is all new to maan, he was always free from childhood. But seeing all of them he felt very happy but strange.

What are you doing maan beta? Asked dadi.

Dadimaa I am looking after KC in Australia told maan. Dadi smiled at priya and told Hamara beta uska papa ka icha poori kar diya.

Priya nodded with a smile. Aur aap tamanna? Asked dadi.

Dadi I am doing my MBBS 3rd year told tammy.

Dadi kissed their forehead and told raat bohot hogayi hain. Aap log aaram kijiye. Hum khana apke kamre mein bhejte hain.

Maa, papaji asked priya.

Don’t worry bahu, I will talk to him told dadi.

Priya nodded and anita showed them their room. Ramu kept their luggage in their respective room. There are many people in the house but no one talked with them except dadi. Maan felt angry and he went to his room angrily. Priya saw that and knows why he is angry.

Tammy looked at priya and sighed.

Tammy you go to your room and take rest I will come in a while told priya.

Ok mom told tammy and left from there.

Tammy went to her room and sat on the bed thinking something. Just then geet and anita entered tammy’s roomto ask if she needs any help. When they entered into the room saw tammy thinking some thing.

Hey tammy? Whats up asked geet.

Are you ok? You seemed to be lost? Asked anita.

Umm nothing told tammy.

Is there any problem? Asked anita.

Why did you called us here? Asked tammy with tears.

Anita wiped her tears and told don’t feel bad tammy, today they may be angry on you, maan bhai and badimaa. But all of them loves you. You don’t know hamari maa, buaji they all are so eager to meet you but afraid of dadu. Because he is still angry, its just because he loves his son a lot. He couldn’t tolerate the fact that his son left this house and got married. Bade papa too didn’t tell anyone about his love. So all are kinda shocked but no one hates you tammy.

Sach?? Asked tammy.

Anita nodded and hugged her.

Ohoo.. now stop it all emotional talks. Tammy you freshen up, we will have dinner together told geet and smiled.

Tammy nodded and told just 10 min geet.

Come fast told geet and dragged anita with her.

Here in maan’s room:

Priya went in and saw a angry maan there. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

Maa, we are going back tomorrow told maan angrily.

Maan gasped priya.

Maan turned to priya and told ha maa we are going tomorrow I will call naina and ask her book tickets. We came here because they called us, we didn’t come here on our own wish. Not even a single person is there to talk with us. Leave us maa, you are daughter-in-law of this house. I cant see my maa sad, if we are here for more time then you will be sad thinking they all are still angry on you. I don’t want anything such kind happen. Dadimaa wants to see us, she saw that’s enough.

Maan listen to me beta asked priya.

Maa, don’t try to convince me told maan angrily not ready to listen to her.

Geet and Anita stood there listening to maan and then they both looked at each other and smiled. Just then tammy came there and looked at them in confusion.

What happened? Asked tammy.

Maan, didn’t you see how happy your dadi is? Think about her beta. Maan till today you never met anyone from this family. I know beta, because of all this you are angry but think in their way. They too need some time, everything will be fine soon. Just give them time maan tried priya to convince maan.

Maan turned other side. Priya smiled at her stubborn son.

Is it ok fur you right? Asked priya.

Maan looked at her from corner of his eyes but maintained a straight face and nodded in a yes.

Only for you maa, if you are hurt in any way then the next minute we will go from here told maan.

Thanku beta told priya.

Bhai is again angry told tammy and made a sad face.

But our dear geet is lost in his words,  the care for his maa in his each every word made her lost in him. All of them had dinner and retired in their respective rooms.

Here maan’s buaji came near maan’s room and knocked his room door. Maan got confused who might be in this hour. He got up from the bed and opened the door. He saw some lady there and asked ji aap?

Can I come in? asked buaji not wanting dadaji to see her talking to maan.

Ji.. come told maan. Buaji entered and looked at maan. She had tears in her eyes.

You are my brother’s son, you know you same like veerji told buaji and hugged him.

Maan too felt happy and hugged her back.

I am sorry beta, I couldn’t meet you, bhabhi in the evening. Darr gayi thi, no one came to talk to you so I had to hold back myself told bua apologetically.

Maan broke the hug and told no problem buaji, I am happy that you are not angry on us.

How can I be? Even I am not angry on veerji too. Because he was not at fault told bua.

Maan smiled.

Acha leave all those. I brought halwa for you, will you eat? Asked bua hopefully.

Only on one condition told maan.

What is that? Asked bua.

I want you to come with me to MELA told maan.

Mela?? Gasped buaji.

Don’t act buaji, I know everything. You, chachaji and papa use to go to mela without knowing to anyone in the house and enjoy there. Haina? Asked maan.

Buaji smiled and asked your papa told you everything?

Ha buaji, he use to think of you everytime. He was so depressed thinking he couldn’t come for your marriage told maan sadly.

We too missed him a lot beta told bua and became emotional. Maan hugged her and told no buaji, today we all met and we should be happy haina?

Ha maan, yeh sab baatein chodo. Eat this halwa told bua.

Buaji I will call tammy too, nahi tho she will eat my brain told maan.

Tammy?? Asked buaji.

My sister buaji told maan.

Buaji smiled widely and told yes call her too. Maan called her and asked her to come to his room. Tammy who is sleeping disturbed with his call and murmured kya bhai, I am sleeping.

Chup chap aajao yaha ordered maan.

Ek tho you are disturbing me and again shouting on me complained tammy and got up. she dragged herself to maan’s room and by closing her eyes she is walking. She reached maan’s room entered in and asked what bhai? She is still closing her eyes.

Buaji smiled and caressed her hair. Tammy suddenly opened her eyes and saw buaji.

Ohh, sorry this is not bhai’s room told tammy.

No no this is your bhai’s room and I am your buaji told tammy.

Tammy smiled at her. then they heard maan.

Buaji halwa..

Halwa.. exclaimed tammy. Where where? Asked tammy. Here it is showed buaji the halwa bowl. Buaji fed two of them and smiled. Tammy and maan are so happy to see the love for them. But to their luck they found 3 angry glares but not on them but on buaji.

When buaji turned back to see why tammy is staring at the entrance, buaji gulped to see annie, anita and geet.

Geet stomped inside and told aunty I didn’t expect this from you. This is cheating. Hmmph.

Buaji rolled her eyes at her antics.

Aap humse itna pyaar nahi karte complained anita and annie making baby face.

Ofcourse because we are the best told maan mainly looking at geet.

Anita and geet looked at maan as if they will kill him then and there but annie is shocked. before her marriage how many avatars of maan she has to see.

Do you gals want halwa? Asked maan.

The 3 girls nodded vigorously for yes. Maan smiled and took a spoon and asked who is youngest of all?

All turned towards annie and geet. Maan took the spoon towards them but before they open their mouth, he ate the spoonful of halwa and told ummm yummy. Buaji you are the best.

Annie and geet fumed while tammy, buaji and anita along with maan laughed their heart out. Annie forgot all the fear towards maan and started hitting him with the pillow.

Bhai this is too much, I didn’t expect this from you and hitting him.

Maan is shocked with the sudden act and told arey annie annie, I am sorry I am sorry. But annie is no where to listen.

Hehehe maan used his trick to stop her.

Annie, don’t forget that I am your boss told maan.

Annie stopped hitting him and realized in anger of not getting her fav halwa what she did. She looked at him nervously and told I am sorry sir.

Seeing her scared face maan laughed out loud.


Precap: Oops these girls are unbelievable. They are giving punishment to MSK… :O

Rishtey part 3

19 Oct


Annie turned back and introduced them to geet. Badi maa, she is my best friend geet. Geet she is badi maa, my sister tamanna and my br.. boss maan introduced annie.

She is scared if she introduces him as bro he may not like it.

Annie, I am your brother told maan. You call me bhai, you are also like tammy. Annie is happy and overwhelmed. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): cant he smile and say. See babaji how he is glaring.

Listening to maan, priya and tammy are happy.

Jii Namaste wished geet and smiled at priya and tammy. They both smiled at her, but maan is busy checking his mobile. His face looked irritated, tammy saw that and asked bro, what happened?

I don’t know net is not connecting told maan. Tammy smiled mutely. Maan looked at her suspiciously.

Why you are smiling? Asked maan.

Umm.. nothing bro told tammy and tried to walk away. But now maan is more suspicious.

Tammy tell me what is the matter? Asked maan.

I will tell you, if you don’t scold me told tammy.

Till now geet is listening to him smiled silently. But unknowingly she blurted out.

Arey yaar, how you are expecting that he wont scold you. See his face, he is all angry angry types told geet. She then realized what she told and bit her tongue. Now maan actually noticed geet. First impression tho gaya kaam se. Maan looked at geet angrily.

Good one ji told tammy and laughed. But annie is worried. She nudged geet and asked her to shut up fearing of his anger.

Bro naina di, disconnected net access from your mobile told tammy.

What?? Has she gone mad?? Asked maan. No problem I will buy a new mobile told maan and smirked.

Oops I don’t know how to disconnect told tammy making a baby face.

Well.. don’t worry ji, I know how to do it told geet.

Wow.. that’s great. And yes my name is tammy and we both are not that old to call each other ji ji told tammy.

Yeah, even I was thinking the same told geet and smiled. Annie is happy seeing tammy and geet’s friendship. But maan is irritated and on top of that net connection and now this girl whom he don’t know but she started helping tammy against him.

He is glaring at geet angrily but she ignored. They all came out and kept the luggage in the car. Geet is on the driver seat. Annie sat in the passenger seat, maan, priya and tammy in the back seat. They started their journey to Hoshiyarpur. Tammy and priya are so happy to meet their family but maan is still thinking of the families reaction. His dad told him many time that his dadaji is very angry on them but maan cant refuse when his maa promise. Some where he is also very happy going to his family whom he never met in his life time.

Here geet is driving car in full speed and she love driving car.

Geet, slow down the car told annie.

Ohh annie, stop it yaar. Let me drive told geet and concentrated on driving again.

Are we going by car or flying in air thought maan.

Tammy giggled mutely seeing maan’s face. she still remember when she asked maan to drive fast, maan told we should not drive too fast. It is not good and we should not violate traffic rules.

Geet switched on the music system in the car. But she saw a small girl is crying sitting on the side of the road. Geet stopped the car and got down to see what happened to that girl. Maan too got down to see what is the problem. Geet went near the small girl and saw she got hurted on her leg and is crying. Geet felt bad seeing her crying.

Hello baby, what happened did you fell down? Asked geet bending to her level.

That baby nodded cutely still crying.

See good girls don’t cry, wait I will put medicine now and it wont pain told geet.

Sachi??? Asked that girl.

Maan who is upto now listening to them came to that girl and took her in his arms and made her sit on the car bonnet.

Yes baby if you apply medicine, it wont pain told maan.

Baby nodded cutely and geet went to bring the first aid box. She took the cotton and cleaned the wound and applied medicine. Baby flinched in pain some times but maan diverted her mind by asking her various questions. Finally geet completed applying medicine.

See baby its over told geet and smiled at her.

Baby smiled at both of them and kissed their cheek and thanked her.

Where is your house? Asked maan.

Near by uncle told baby.

Come I will drop you told maan and took her in his arms.

They both walked to her house. Baby’s parents saw her wound and got panicked but maan told not to worry. They thanked him and baby bid good bye to maan. Maan walked to the car. Geet, annie and tammy are talking with each other.

Maan took the opportunity and told come lets go, I will drive the car. Atleast we will go on road. Geet glared at him for his sarcastic comment.

No problem I know how to drive so I will only drive told geet.

No I will told maan.

No I will retorted geet.

I will drive told maan glaring at her.

I will

I will

I will

Maan got angry at her stubbornness, but tammy is surprised to see maan fighting like a small child and this side of maan is new for annie. Priya smiled at maan, seeing his childish behavior. He was the same from childhood but because of business and other things he changed a lot.

Tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha? Asked maan angrily.

Ji nahi, mujhe kisi ka sunne ka aadat nahi hain told geet and smirked seeing his face.

How dare you? How dare you argue with Maan Singh Khurana asked maan angrily and coming close to her.

So.. If you are Maan singh khurana then I am Geet Sharma retorded geet back.


Yes its me geet, if you want to come with us then sit in the back seat nahi tho we will go leaving you here told geet.

This girl is really getting on my nerves thought maan. Maan opened the back door, geet saw that and smirked. But before she reach maan opened the front door pushing geet aside and sat on the driver seat smirking at geet.

Geet who saw this opened her mouth in a O shape.

Close your mouth ma’am, well if you want to come with us then get in to the car nahi tho.. laughed maan.

This is my dialogue told geet.

Ohh any copyrights teased maan.

I wont leave you told geet and silently sat on the back seat. All of them got into the car and maan drove the car. He is just driving in an normal speed.

If we go in this speed then we wont reach HP today muttered geet. Maan listened to this but ignored. He is enjoying his driving and the greenery around.

Later all of them got busy in talking with each other. Annie and geet are full on masti mood. This shows how much they missed each other. Maan smiled at them. In 3 hours they reached HP. Annie told the way to Haveli, they reached Khurana Haveli and maan stopped the car.

Rishtey part 2

18 Oct

Maan, u don’t think of work I will handle everything. You just go and enjoy there warned naina and maan nodded like a obedient child.

Ok, I will enjoy there. Fine, now you are happy? Asked maan.

Hmm, I want to ask you something told naina.


Why you decided to go to India? Asked naina curiously.

Maan looked at her for a while and told I don’t know, when annie told me about dadimaa I felt very bad. And I wanna meet her. Dad told many times about dadimaa, but today I am getting a chance to see her. Maa promised annie that we will come for her marriage. These 26 years I don’t know anything about any relationship. Its just your family, maa, papa and tammy are there for me. But now I want to see my whole family, talk with them, tell them how papa use to miss them. And even its papa’s last wish’ stopped maan and turned the other side. Its not that naina never saw emotional maan. But there is so much pain in his voice when he was saying about his papa.

Naina hugged maan and rubbing his back to calm down. Maan calm down.. shhh…

Maan came out of the hug and told I am fine naina. An idea popped in naina’s head to cheer up or rather say divert maan’s mind.

Maan, tomorrow I cant come to office. I have some important work told naina.

Don’t tell me again shopping told maan shocked.

No not shopping told naina and blushed.

Then?? Asked maan and looked at her suspiciously.

She then looked at clock and told maan its very late I have to go now.

First tell me where are you going tomorrow? Asked maan seriously.

Hey leave it maan told Naina and was about to leave the room. Maan held her hand and asked do you love’. Before maan complete naina said if he is ok for you only and left from there.

Maan saw her going and murmured crazy girl.

Naina and Harshad love each other from the college days. But they never expressed their love. Days passed their college got over and settled in the lives. Maan too knows Harshad and has a good opinion on him. Harshad is planning to propose Naina soon.

On the other side Tammy is busy in packing her bag. Priya is asusual listening her blabbering.

Tammy we are going to India for marriage, you are packing these many things which will be enough for 3-4 people told priya sarcastically.

Tammy made a angry face and looked at her mother. Maa is it a joke? Then a very bad one. I just packed only one bag told tammy making baby face.

Do whatever you want I am going to sleep now told priya and left from there. Tammy made a grumpy face and murmured no on is there to help me. She sat on the bed and took her papa’s photo which is on her table. She hugged the photo close to her heart and started speaking to her dad.

Papa, your dream is going to be fulfilled. Yes papa we are going to India. You know I am so excited to meet all of them. Papa we all are very happy for their invitation after so many years but you are not there with us papa and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. She felt a hand on her head. She looked up to see maan. She smiled through tears and hugged him by his waist.

Maan caressed her hair. Tammy looked at maan and then her papa’s pic. She made a baby face and complained papa, see maan bhai always tease me for everything. And mama is his support. No one is here to support me.

In India:

I am there na..

What? What you do? Asked an elderly lady in her late 60’s.

Arey dadi chill, I will go to delhi and pick up annie. Tell me timing of the flight told a girl.

No no GEET beta, you will not go alone. I will send some one with you told dadi savitri singh khurana.

Dadi I am not a kid ok. And I will leave tomorrow morning so that I can reach by car by the time annie reach Delhi told geet like a stubborn child and left from there.

Maa, you pamper her so much, now she wont listen to anyone complained geet’s mom.

Savitri smiled and told she is a kid, don’t worry about her. Meri geet samajdar ladki hain (my geet will understand everything).

In Australia:

Maan rolled his eyes at his sis cute complaints. He sat on the bed to help her in packing. Tammy saw that and smiled.

Who will believe THE MSK is packing his sister’s luggage. I don’t understand why all your employees are afraid of you told tammy thinking deep.

Maan just nodded his head at his nautanki sister. Don’t think too much and don’t strain your little brain too much told maan sarcastically.

Tammy twisted her lips and made a face. Later they completed their packing and slept in their respective rooms.

Next day morning :

Here annie got up and freshed. She checked everything before leaving. She had a breakfast and was about to leave her mobile rang. She saw the caller ID and got tensed.

Why maan sir is calling me? Thought annie. She picked up the call.

Hello, good morning sir wished annie.

Good morning annie, Is everything set ? asked maan.

Yes sir, thanku sir.

Ok annie, be in airport in 2 hours we are going to delhi in our private plane told maan.

Ji??? Gasped annie.

Airport in 2 hours told maan and cut the call.

Maan this is too much, you are scaring her told naina shaking her head.

Just shut up and help me in putting the luggage in the car told maan.

Excuse me???

Bring that bag told maan and left. Naina stomped and helped maan. After breakfast everyone left for airport. Tammy is jumping in joy and priya is also happy and maan is also excited but thinking how will the family receive them. Soon they reached airport and saw annie is waiting for them.

Annie saw them and smiled. Naina hugged her and wished.

All the best annie. Happy married life.

Why you are wishing me now, don’t you come for my marriage? Asked annie sadly.

No no, nothing like that. I will come for sure told naina and smiled.

Thanku naina. Namaste badi maa wished annie.

God bless you beta. She is tamanna, your sister. Tammy she is annie your cousin priya introduced them.

Hii annie di. Congratulations wished tammy and hugged her.

Thanku tamanna.

You can call me tammy yaar told tammy.

Annie smiled, she never met tamanna and badi maa till today but now she liked them a lot. She is sure her family, oops their family gonna like them. But maan sir, how can he live without work there that too for a month. And how should we stay under the same roof. I get tensed just by seeing him thought annie.

All of them went in and Naina bod good bye to them. Tammy hugged naina.

Miss you so much di, you too come to India we will enjoy there.

Sure princess. I will come told naina and kissed her forehead.

Naina hugged priya and annie. She then goes to maan.

You first don’t worry about me and work. I will take care after all I am Naina Kapoor friend of the great MSK.

Maan smiled at her and hugged. Miss you.

Miss you too. Careful, don’t get angry on anyone. I know you wont but who knows sir ka mood kab kaisa hoga.

Oho stop it yaar. Take care ok, and ya a surprise is waiting for you. After the surprise tell me how is it? Told maan.

What is the surprise? Asked naina.

I am going to India told maan and laughed out loud.


Bye dear, maa chale? Asked maan.

Priya nodded and they bid good bye to naina and they all boarded the flight.

Here geet took car and driving by herself. She is so excited to meet annie after many years. She switched on the FM and her favorite song is playing. Geet is humming the song and enjoying herself. She is feeling humgry, she stopped the car near by dhaba and had her fav Punjabi khana. Again she started her journey. Soon she reached delhi and its more an hour for the flight to arrive.

She is waiting for annie to come. Here maan and others reached delhi. The journey was awesome. Tammy and annie became good friends. They almost talked all the random things in the whole journey. Maan just saw them unbelievably listening to them. How can they talk during whole journey.

They collected their luggage and came out. Geet saw annie coming and exclaimed in joy.

Annieee’. Shouted geet.

Annie smiled widely. Geet ran to annie and hugged her tight.

Annie’ I missed you so much yaar.

Me too geet. Missed you so much..

Priya, tammy and maan saw them and smiled.

Maan bhai, when you and naina meet after a month. Your both reaction will be same told tammy. Maan smiled.

Lets go I came by car, we can enjoy our journey told geet happily.

Geet, badi maa and her children came told annie.

Badi maa?? Asked geet confusingly.

Ha. Dadimaa’s elder son told annie.

Oh.. where are they? Asked geet.

Annie turned back and introduced them to geet. Badi maa, she is my best friend geet. Geet she is badi maa, my sister tamanna and my br.. boss maan introduced annie.

She is scared if she introduces him as bro he may not like it.

Annie, I am your brother told maan. You call me bhai, you are also like tammy. Annie is happy and overwhelmed. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

Geet (st): cant he smile and say. See babaji how he is glaring.


Precap: maan: tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha.

               Geet: ji nahi mujhe kisika sunne ka aadat nahi hain. Samjhe??  

Rishtey part 1

28 Sep

Part 1:

Maan came out and smiled at annie.

Maan, her marriage is after a month. She needs leave for 2 months told naina.

Sure, why not. You can go annie, and if you need any help then you can contact any of us told maan.

Thanku so much sir thanked annie, then she saw the wedding card in naina’s hand. Annie is confused when she didn’t give her wedding invitation to anyone then how cum it is with naina.

Naina, this card?? Asked annie.

Ohh this one, maan’s cousin marriage in India told naina.

What??? Literally annie shouted.

Huh!! What happened ? asked naina confusingly. Annie looked at maan wide eyes and closed her mouth with her palm.

Annie are you ok? Asked maan.

Sir are you attending this marriage? Asked annie.

No, I don’t want to told maan. Listening this annie is hurt and tears formed in her eyes.

Sir, it’s a request please come for the marriage, atleast for dadimaa told annie.

Dadimaa?? Asked maan confusingly.

Yes sir, I.. I am your cousin and its my marriage told annie and smiled sadly. Maan and naina are shocked. Pls sir come to India for dadimaa, she wants to meet her elder sons family. Few months back she got heart attack sir. We almost lost her, its her last wish to meet you all sir. Pls sir pls come for dadimaa’s sake cried annie. Maan’s mama and Naina’s parents listened and felt bad for her.

Priya came forward and kept her hand on annie’s head and told we will come for sure beta, its my dream that my children should get the love from Khurana’s. we will come beta.

Annie smiled through tears and thanked her. Thanku ma’am, thanku very much.

Annie beta, I am your badi maa told priya and smiled.

Annie is over whelmed and hugged her. Badi maa whispered annie. Maan felt happy seeing his mother happy. Even now he is not to go to India or not. But his mother promised then no back off.

Annie came out of the hug and told I will be waiting for you badi maa, sir.

Though she came to know that maan is her brother but she is not having guts to call him bhai, she is afraid of his anger, after all she is employee in KC and knows about maan’s temper.

I will go now badi maa. Good night wished annie and left from there. Maan immediately called someone and ordered something. Naina looked at him and smiled. She dragged him to her room and closed the door. Priya and naina’s parents smiled at their kids and they know naina will somehow convince maan to go to India.

What was that maan? Asked naina.

What?? Asked maan sitting comfortably on couch.

Don’t act maan, why you asked security to follow annie? Asked naina.

Maan didn’t answer. Naina came and sat beside maan. Maan you should go to India told naina.

Shut up naina told maan irritatingly.

Maan, you cared for annie right? You just came to know she is your cousin. And you sent security behind her for her safety. When you care a lot, then why don’t you go to India and meet your family once? Asked Naina.

I don’t have any family naina. Mama, my princess, you, uncle and aunty are my family which I know told maan with pain. I know that mama and papa had a love marriage without knowing anyone. For that they gave punishment for these many years.

Just one chance maan, they invited you all. If you wont go they may feel bad told naina making maan understand.

Just then someone barged in and came to naina and hugged her tight.

Happy Birthday di, many happy returns of the day wished that girl.

Naina smiled and thanku her. Thanku so much princess.

She then looked at maan and complained. Maan bhai, you didn’t wake me up. See I am so late to wish di and she made a baby face.

Maan rolled his eyes and told when you are sleeping like Kumbakaran how can I wake you up.

Awww bhai, its too much. I wont sleep much told maan’s princess, his sister Tamanna making funny face.

Ya ya true, you just sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 11 am told maan sarcastically.

Maan don’t tease my princess warned naina hugging her. Tammy smiled at her widely and sticked her tongue out.

Maan’s phone rang and its from his security. They informed annie reached home. He nodded and cut the call. Di, can we go for a drive on new car whispered tammy.

I too want but your brother na. huh!! Complained naina.

Hey I am going for a drive now, do anyone want to join? Asked maan. Hearing this they both got so excited and hugged him tight. Maan smiled and they 3 went on a long drive on the new sports car. They enjoyed talking with each other and pulling each others leg. But maan is in deep thinking. At early morning 4 am they went back to naina’s house. Maan and tammy has their rooms in that house. They are more like family rather than friends.

When tammy and naina were about to go in maan stopped them.

Tammy, we are going to India the next week told maan and left from there. Tammy looked at him confused and looked at naina, who looked happy and is smiling.

Di why we are going to India? Asked tammy.

Not we princess, you, maan and mama are going told naina.

Tammy frowned and asked why??

Come in I will tell you everything told naina and they both went to naina’s room. Both changed and lied down on the bed. Naina told everything happened few hours back. Ohh tammy is happy and excited to meet her family atlast.

From the next day both the girls went for shopping and almost purchased half of the mall. Intelligent girls they sent the bill to maan. Poor he, he is literally shocked to see the bill. After the meeting at the office he went to home and saw these 2 crazy girls are packing things.

Excuse me, are you going for any world tour? Asked maan.

No bhai, we are going to India na. so all this shopping is for that told tammy innocently.

Great, do you need to buy anything more? Asked maan.

Maan, today we both are so tired. We will do the rest tomorrow told naina.

Maan is like what??? Still there is left?? Impossible guys. You almost completed my card complained maan.

They smiled shamelessly at him and sweet coated him with their beautiful talks. Maan gave up and gave his card to them for the rest of the shopping and smiled at them. You 2 never change. My wife should not be a shopaholic like you both.

In other place:

A girl in her 20’s is running as fast as possible. Her mother who is waiting at railway station is worried about her.

Hey babaji, keep my beti safe prayed her mother.

Ji, you don’t worry. Our daughter will come soon told her husband who is watching her from past 15 min. who is in tension.

How can I not be worried? She has to come long back and didn’t come upto now, even she is not lifting her phone complained that lady.

Just then the girl who is running came to her mother and hugged her. Maa. I came.

Where were you till now? asked her mother angrily as well as tensed.

She broke the hug and told sorry maa, I went for shopping and I was late she told and made a baby face.

GEET, you never change na? yesterday you did so much of shopping, then again today? Asked her mother angrily.

Maa, I forgot few things told geet looking at her dad for helo.

Arey rano ji, leave it na, see the train is starting told mohan geet’s dad.

Rano got into the train hurriedly and here geet hugged her papaji and thanked him for saving her.

Miss you papaji, you better complete your work fast and come soon told geet.

I will geet, you don’t worry. I will there in annie’s marriage before a week told mohinder and kissed her forehead.

Geet smiled and bid him good bye and got into the train.

In Australia:

Forgot it bhai, my bhabhi will do shopping more than me told tammy and smiled at him.

Tammy beta called priya.

Ji maa, coming shouted tammy and ran out.

Maan, I am very happy with your decision told naina and smiled at him.

But I will miss you told maan and hugged her. Naina had tears in her eyes. They never away from each other and here maan, tammy and priya mama will be away from her for a month.

Maan broke the hug and looked at her. He smiled and wiped her tears and patted her cheek.

Come soon maan told naina with chocked voice.

Hey, don’t cry ok. I will call you daily and if u need me then call me immediately. And ofcourse we will chat through skype call. And my dear co-partner of KC, don’t take stress too much based on work. I will manage everything told maan.

Maan, do don’t think of work I will handle everything. You just go and enjoy there warned naina and maan nodded like a obedient child.

Precap: maan in India, Hoshiyarpur.

MG FF: Rishtey

26 Sep


A man in his mid 25’s is driving his car in a high speed. He never drove car with high speed. But today he did a very very big mistake. He checked his watch and murmured only 5 min left. He drove more fast. If he is late he is definitely admitted in the hospital. He imagined himself in the hospital with bandage all over his body. No no no I will reach in time. Plz save me mama’s babaji that man prayed.

Finally he reached his destination, while driving the car he didn’t put his googles but while getting out of the car he put his googles on and checked himself in the rare view mirror.

Dude, you are looking hansome complimented that man himself.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned back and looked at that person who is hell angry on him. That man made a puppy face and murmured a sorry. But the other person is not ready to accept his apology and glared at him.

You are late today, how can you be late today? Its my birthday MAAN SINGH KHURANA told that person.

Maan made a sorry face and kissed her cheek. I am sorry baba, come lets go inside told maan.

First you tell me what gift you brought for me,  then I will think whether I can forgive you or not told that girl.

Oops I forgot to bring your gift NAINA told maan.

Naina, best friend of maan and is very good at heart. When maan’s parents came to Australia for the first time. Its naina’s family helped them. Maan and naina are best friends from childhood, partners in crime, naughty and doing crazy things always. They have no secrets, no affairs. Must say these two are acha bachas. But cant stay without fighting with each other, they fight for small small things mainly naina, she is more crazy than maan. And today its naina’s birthday and MAAN SINGH KHURANA is famous for what? Ofcourse in doing his work and forgetting his surroundings. Today also the same thing happened. And not to forget naina is black belt in karate, so maan imagined himself in hospital the next day in case he reached late.

How dare you forget my gift? I told to my friends this time maan will give something special to me told naina making a very very sad face.

Ufff my dear drama queen stop all this and come we will go in aunty, uncle and mama will be waiting for us told maan and dragged her in.

Naina followed maan half heartedly. Once they both went their whole gang of friends are waiting for them. Naina cut the cake and all of them sung the birthday song. She fed cake to her parents, maan’s mama but not to maan. Because maan forgot her girf remember? All other friends wished her, hugged her but she is least interested. The main reason is that maan didn’t bug her when she didn’t fed him the cake.

Maan went near his friend Rahul and asked him all set?

Rahul nodded and told waiting outside. Maan smiled at him and casually went near naina and told her to come with him. Naina came out with maan and he closed her eyes with one hand.

Maan what are you doing? Asked naina.

Shut up for some time told maan irritatingly. He then took naina with him and removed his hand and shouted in her ears SURPRISE…

Naina opened her eyes and just staring at the car in front of her. Its her favorite sports car that too her fav color. Omg.. omg.. she just cant believe this, maan you are the best exclaimed naina in excitement and hugged him tight. Maan smiled at her childishness and hugged her and wished her.

Happy Birthday Naina wished maan.

Naina broke the hug and asked can I drive?

Not now naina beti, you can do it afterwards came a voice. Maan and naina turned back to see maan’s mama.

Mama.. plz requested naina.

I need to talk to you both, come in told maan’s mom priya. She is serious and tensed too. They both nodded and followed her.  They went to study room and saw naina’s parents too.

What’s the matter? Is anything serious? Asked maan.

Priya gave maan something, he opened it and read it. He looked at priya confusingly. Seeing maan’s expression naina took that wedding card from maan. Oh now she is also confused.

Maan beta, for the very first time we got this invitation from your dadaji. They called us for the marriage of your cousin (sister) told priya.

Maan looked hurt. 5 years when his father died in an accident, no one came for their support but now they called them but why?

Just then a girl came there and called naina.

Naina.. called that girl.

Naina turned back to see annie her friend. She smiled at her and went out.

Naina, its late now. I have to go home now. Ummm will you ask maan sir regarding my leave. I am very nervous to ask him told annie.

Naina smiled at annie and she called maan. Maan..

Maan came out and smiled at annie.

Maan, her marriage is after a month. She needs leave for 2 months told naina.

Sure, why not. You can go annie, and if you need any help then you can contact any of us told maan.

Precap: will maan go to India.

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