Happy Note to My readers :)

8 Feb

Hiii friends,

I am here with a good news for you all. My exam will be completed on feb 10th and after that i will be free, so i will start updating my works from monday. So friends you will be getting regular updates from now on. I hope you are happy with the news. Hope my regular readers are there with me and support me.


Thank you



Message to my readers

24 Jan



I am coming to the point directly friends, i am continuing my works in the blog just by the request by my friends. Frankly speaking i never thought i will come again to IF after so much happened there. I got bashed very badly even then i tolerated all those not for single day, many a times. At start i enjoyed in IF but now i am thinking that i did a blunder mistake by coming to IF, I am sorry this is not to my friends.. i dont know what you are expecting from me but i am so sorry friends, even the second time too i am disappointed. THIS MSG IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO BASHED ME. Thank you so much, you showed my path. After i quitted IF i am very happy, i concentrated on my studies and able to give time to my family.

Today i would like to tell I AM NOT GONNA CONTINUE MY WORKS ANYMORE. Bashers, a story will have many characters and story will go as i framed the story line. MANEET Will be main characters and that doesnt mean that only maneet should be there in any FF not other characters, if we give importance to other characters that means they are important. Some readers told me i neglected maneet in few updates, as per my knowledge i never did that. Well because of you guys i came to know that i am worst writer and i dont know how to write.

i disappointed my readers many times by giving blunder updates which bored you a lot, now that wont happen. Those who are thinking i will come and continue my works for them i am extremely sorry i am not. I was never so depressed, sometimes i shouted on my mum for unnecessary reasons. i dont want to happen that again. Anyways some people hate to come to my thread also.

I never intended to hurt anyone but at the end of the day i am hurting my self and my readers too. But i wont be again live in peace if i come to IF again, so this will be my last post in this blog, and i never thought i will hate IF. But i love my friends there who supported me. Good Bye Every one..

silent love part 3

18 Jan

Strangely whole day maan kept thinking about geet, he thought he and his gang has to request her for the performance but here she agreed so easily. He liked her simplicity and her courage to fight with the world. “Interesting girl” thought maan and continued his work in the hospital. Here geet is done with her class and is waiting for pari in the garden.

“Geet” called pari. Geet turned back and asked what? Indicating with her hands.

“Come here” called pari again.

Geet lazily went towards pari. “Are you free today?” asked pari. Geet though for a while and nodded for a yes.

“Then we will go for dinner outside” told pari making cute face.

Geet glared at her for a second and smiled at her. “Awww I love you geet” told pari and hugged her.

“chalo we will go home” told pari. Geet nodded for a yes and both went near her bike.

“Geet I will drive today” asked pari. Geet nodded for a no.

“Please geet” requested pari again but geet is stubborn. She started the bike and signaled her to sit in the back. Pari made a grumpy face and sat back.

They both drove to their house. Geet is all exhausted today, first classes in the school and then in orphanage. She fell on the sofa with a thud. Pari looked at her asking what happened? Geet patted her stomach making sad face.

“Go and cook something” told pari. Geet made a baby face holding her chin asking please you do it.

“No no no you do it for today” told pari. Geet went near pari and signaled “I will allow you to drive my bike tomorrow”

“Ahaaa really” asked pari smirking. Geet nodded for a yes vigourously. “Ok tell me what you want” asked pari.

“Anything” signaled geet. “Noodles” asked pari. Geet nodded for a yes. They both freshened up and prepared food. Pari, a best friend of geet. geet has no one in her life except pari, who is like her best friend and sister. They both met in orphanage when they were 2 years old. From that day they were together as a strength for each other.

From childhood geet is interested in dance, pari studied medicine and is now joining as a intern in ****** hospital, the same hospital where maan and his gang are working. Pari is very caring about geet. Pari knows many people will pity geet, which she hates the most. That’s the reason pari is always worried about geet. she prays to god to send a understanding life partner in geet’s life.

(Geet’s dialogues will be in pink, all her dialogues will be her signaling)

“Geet I am very nervous. I should join hospital tomorrow” told pari nervously. Geet placed her hand on pari’s shoulder. Pari looked at geet.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine. Just have trust on babaji”

Pari smiled and hugged geet. “Geet, what might have happened to me if you are not there with me” told pari emotionally.

Geet slapped on pari’s head and asked her to keep quiet.

“If you talk all this rubbish then I wont talk to you” told geet and immediately smiled sadly. “Anyways I cant talk”

“Shut up geet if you tell all this rubbish again, I wont talk to you” warned pari. Geet held her ears making sorry face.

“Ok chalo, I am sleepy” told pari. Geet and pari left to their respective rooms and slept. But for geet sleep is very far away from her. she is tossing on the bed looking at the ceiling. She thought all the things happened today and a small smile formed on her lips. She hugged her pillow tight and slept.

Its late evening both pari and geet got up, they as usual watching tv talking all the things. Later they got ready to go out for a dinner.

Here maan and his gang completed their work and decided to hang out. As all the 4 are hungry, they decided to go to dhabato have something. What a coincidence both geet and maan landed in the same dhaba but still didn’t see each other. For maan’s gang this is first time in this dhaba where as for geet and pari its their usual hang out place. Geet and pari took their seats and waiting for their order. While maan and his gang parked their cars and are coming inside.

They are looking for a empty place but ritz eyes caught geet and pari.

“Hey pari, hey geet” wished ritz. They both stood up seeing them.

“Hii ma’am, hii sirs” wished pari while geet smiled. All the 6 took their seats. All of them ordered their food and are talking. Doctors gang is talking non-stop while pari and geet are just listening to them.

“Geetji can I tell you something?” asked armaan. Geet looked at him and nodded for a yes.

“You are looking beautiful” told armaan. Maan and karan looked at him shocked and rolled their eyes and are ready to see their fight now. before Ritz react and sweet yet dangerous voice came.

“Oyyy” someone shouted. All the 6 turned their heads towards the source of the “oyyy”. There comes a cute little boy around 6 years placing his hands on his hips and looking at armaan angrily. That boy came towards armaan and extended his hands signaling him to take him in his arms. Armaan looked at him confused but took that boy in his arms. But soon he screamed in pain.

“Ouchhh” that boy pinched amy’s nose hardly. “Oyyy main geetu ka boy friend hu and sirf I have right to say her beautiful” told the little boy so ever cutely that except geet and armaan all of them burst into laughter. Ritz is having very hard time to control her laughter. Geet stood up and took that boy from armaan. She kissed his cheek and made him sit on her lap. Geet looked at armaan with a sorry face for which he only smiled. But that boy is glaring at amy with anger. Poor amy is scared of small boy. That boy is talking and talking and talking with geet. he is telling each and everything to her while geet is listening to him. she is smiling sometimes, she is pouting some times.

“Ufff bas bhi karo yaar, how much you talk” told pari annoyingly. But the little boy didn’t give any heed to pari he continued his talking with geet. finally their dinner completed.

“Oyy mere geetu ke paas mat jana” warned that boy to amy and he nodded like a obedient child. “Acha geetu main chalta hu, mama is calling me” told that boy and ran from there. “Such a cute boy” smiled ritz.

Karan is looking at pari lost, but he observed she is worried about something.

“Pariji, you are looking tensed, is there any problem?” asked karan. Maan naughtily smiled at him.

“No no nothing karan ji” told pari and smiled weakly.

“Arey yaar, we all are friends now. friends?” asked ritz extending her hand. Geet looked at pari, so as she. They smiled at ritz and shook hands with her and all followed.

“So welcome to our crazy group geet and pari” welcomed maan, they both smiled at him.

“Now tell pari why you are looking tensed?” asked ritz.

“Wo  kal actually tomorrow is my first day in hospital so I am tensed” told pari, geet slapped her head at her friend. She is still thinking of that.

“Ohh yaar, don’t worry its common” told ritz.

“By the way which hospital?” asked maan.

“********* hospital” told pari.

“WHAT????” they all shouted in unison. Pari looked at them with wide eyes.

“Then pari ji, no need to be tensed we all are there with you” told karan.

“Ohh yes pari we are also working in same hospital. Don’t worry dear” told ritz. Geet smiled at them and for their support. Geet always felt bad that she cant do anything for pari, she even cant support her verbally. But seeing them she felt happy and contended. Geet liked her new friends.


Precap: Maneet in beach..

Silent Love Part 2

16 Jan

“Arey arey Sharma rahe ho?” laughed maan. “Chup kar, I am sleepy. Good night” wished karan and ran to his room. Maan laughed out loud seeing his friends condition and he too retired to his room. Maan went to his room but sleep is very far away from him, daily by this time he would have slept but today he is not. Maan took out his mobile and switched on RM radio. Just then maan’s mobile rang and saw it is from ritz.

“Hey ritz, you are calling at this time? Is everything fine?” asked maan.

“Yes maan, I need a small help from you guys. Can you 3 come to orphanage tomorrow evening?” asked ritz.

Of course we are coming tomorrow, but is there anything urgent?” asked maan.

“Nooo dude, remember last week we attended our orphanage annual function. That time we saw dance performance by a girl?” asked ritz.

“Come on ritz how can I forget, after that we searched for her in the auditorium. But we didn’t find her” told maan sadly.

“Yes maan, just now I had a talk with pari. She told that girl is pari’s friend” told ritz excitedly.

“Omg.. what you are saying yaar. Sachi? Than please I want to meet her” told maan excitedly.

“Yup pari we will ask pari about her, and we can also ask if she can perform for our hospital function” told ritz.

“Exactly, ok then see you tomorrow” told maan.

“Ok good night” smiled ritz.

“Good night” wished maan and cut the call. “Wow lady, I am getting a chance to meet you tomorrow. I am excited” thought maan and lied on his bed closing his eyes.

Next day:


All the four friends met in the hospital after some time karan left to college and in the after noon maan too. Maan is teaching for 4th years while karan is teaching 3rd year students. After the class they both met and headed towards the orphanage. Soon they reached, karan’s eyes are searching for his lady love and maan is waiting for that lady. Armaan and ritz too reached and thankfully they are not fighting this time.

Before they wish each other they heard someone scolding someone. “Nisha, are you mad? How many times I told you not to send her alone that too on the bike. Hey bhagwan she didn’t reach till now. where is she?” asked pari angrily to her friend.

“Pari yaar, calm down. she is not a kid” told nisha annoyingly.

“Just shut up nisha” told pari angrily and cut the call. “Babaji uski raksha karna” prayed pari. Awww karan is not able to see her tensed. He went towards her and asked “Pari ji, you are looking tensed?” asked karan.

“Ohh hello, sorry maine aapko dekha hi nahi. You guys sit there. I will just come now” told pari.

“No problem pari ji” told karan. Bechara he don’t know what to ask lol.

Just then pari and others saw a girl coming on her bike wearing helmet. Pari sighed in relief seeing her.

“I will just come now” told pari and ran to that girl.

The girl who came on bike got down and removed her helmet exposing her beautiful face with a small smile playing on her lips. pari went to that girl and is staring at her angrily.

“Gadhi, ek call nahi kar sakti. Why you are so late? You know how worried I am?” asked pari angrily. That girl pouted cutely and held her years making sorry face.

“Don’t make that face, I am not gonna melt. You and your bike, huh” told pari and walked off from there.

That girl followed her making sorry faces but pari is showing her attitude. That girl is running behind her holding her ears. Finally that girl caught her wrist and stopped her. pari looked at her asking “now what?”

She took out some envelope from her bag and showed it to her smiling widely. Pari looked at her confused and then at the envelope.

“Omg.. call letter?” shouted pari for which the girl smiled at her widely. When pari was about to snatch the call letter from her but that girl acted fast and ran from there not giving her.

“Yaar please give me na” shouted pari chasing her. Here doctor’s gang is smiling seeing their cute rootna-manana. They both are panting heavily and stopped chasing each other. Finally pari hugged that girl tight and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you so much geet” told pari. But geet came out of the hug and pointed towards her bike, she is angry on pari for scolding her bike.

“Acha baba, sorry dhanno for scolding you” told pari and smiled. Geet smiled widely.

“Acha geet I forgot, someone came to meet you” told pari and took geet to maan and his geet.

“Doctor, you asked about geet. Here she is” told pari, geet smiled at them. “Hii geet” wished all the 4 in chorus. Geet again smiled at them.

“Geet actually we want to ask you something. Wo actually last week we saw your dance performance and we are so impressed. We loved your performance” told ritz. Geet’s eyes twinkled in joy.

“There is a function in our hospital next week. We would like to have your performance” told ritz. Geet looked at pari and blinked her eyes.

“Ma’am she is ready” told pari. “Geet, how much you take for performance” asked armaan.

Geet smiled at him and nodded for a no. “Sir she wont take anything” told pari. All the 4 looked at her surprised. Mainly maan he is impressed by her small small gestures, he saw the twinkle in her eyes when they were telling about her dance, his respect on her increased when she told she don’t take any renumeration for any performance.

“Geet, you go inside. Children are waiting for you” told pari. Geet nodded, she once again smiled at them and left from there. Maan’s gaze is still on geet, when she went inside all the children came and hugged her. When children are asking something she is signaling through her hands. First maan got confused why she is not speaking anything. Maan out of curiousity asked pari.

“Pari, she cant speak” told maan. its statement rather than a question. All others looked at maan surprised. Pari too looked at him surprised.

“Yes doctor” told pari tears forming in her eyes. She again looked at 4 of them there is no pity look in her face. they all are smiling looking at her which pari liked very much. Unlike other they didn’t show any pity on her.

“God gave her beautiful art called Dance, she can tell anything through her dance” told karan.

“But not all think like you doctor, they will taunt her and show pity on her” told pari.

“Pari, so many types of people are there in this world. We should not take them to heart. We should see the people around us are happy” told maan, pari smiled at him. Maan is still looking at geet. Geet, just geet she is a dancer and working as a dance teacher in a school. Her aim is to open dance school on her own and teach many students. She is basically a classical dancer but can dance any type. People pity her that she cannot talk, but she don’t care about them. Pari, her best friend from childhood, who cares for her a lot. They both just cant live without each other. Pari is a bit possessive about geet. She will be always worried about her, she treats geet as her sister.

But geet is bindass type, her life is filled with masti. She loves playing pranks on pari, she loves teasing her. And last but not least she loves her bike dhanno a lot. If anyone touch her that’s it, she will definitely make their life hell by giving her sweet sweet angry glares.


Precap: Tongue

Silent Love Part 1

16 Jan

A man is sleeping peacefully on his bed, lying on his stomach hugging his pillow. Its almost afternoon but he is sleeping like he didn’t sleep from ages. Because of afternoon sunlight his sleep is getting disturb and he is tossing on the bed. After like 1 hour, he got up and stretched his arms and opened his eyes taking a deep breath. “Good morning Maan” he wished himself. He then looked at his watch. “Oops sorry, good afternoon maan” he wished himself again. “Yaar when we sleep time runs so fast” thought maan and got up to get ready to go to hospital. Oops I forgot to introduce him, he is Maan Singh Khurana, a successful doctor, hot, handsome, cool, fun loving guy. He is an orphan, he studied and got through scholarship to complete his medicine. From him his friends are everything.

He had shower, came out wearing towel around his waist. He opened his wardrobe, thinking what to wear. Anyways he has only one appointment today. He got ready and is checking his mobile. Oops he has 20 missed call. He called immediately. “Hello, is there any emergency?” asked maan.

“No sir, nothing much. Just for confirmation whether you are coming today are not” told his secretary from other side.

“Ok yaar, I am coming in half an hour” told maan.

“Ok sir” told his secretary. “Ok bye, see you soon” told maan and cut the call. He took his white coat and rushed outside. He went towards his car, settled in the driving seat and drove to the hospital. Soon he reached hospital only to see his 2 friends are fighting. He rolled his eyes seeing their usual fighting and thought to avoid them and concentrate on his work. But his fate is not so lucky today. They called him.

“Maan, ruk tu” shouted one of his friend. He turned to them and faked a wide smile.

“Hi guys” wished maan waving his hand.

“When you came? Why you didn’t call us?” asked they both at same time and glared at each other angrily.

“I came today morning, I was so tired so I slept. Is there any problem?” asked maan.

“Why are angry yaar? We tho just asked like that” told his friend.

“Ok Mr. Armaan Malik, get back to your work now. And Ms. Riddhima Gupta, you can fight with him later. Back to work” told maan seriously.

“What happened to maan today?” they both thought and nodded their heads. Maan turned back to go to his cabin smiling inwardly seeing their confused faces. “Oh wow maan, you just scared them. Lol” thought maan and ran to his cabin not able to control his laugh.

He went to his cabin and laughed out remembering their confused faces. “They are looking so funny” thought maan. Ok introducing his friends Armaan, Riddhima, Karan and Maan. These 4 are one group. All are from same college. Armaan stays with his family, Karan and maan stays in the same flat. Riddhima stays in hostel. Her family stays in other city. These 4 are best buddies, maan is more attached to karan. They are friends from childhood.

After some time maan went to rounds. He came back to his cabin making sure everything is fine. He didn’t meet karan still as he is some operation. He heard a knock on his door. “Come in” told maan.

“Hii sir, patients are here, should I send them in?” asked his secretary.

“Yes, send them in” told maan. Soon the patient with her mother entered his cabin. He smiled at them and asked them to sit.

“Hello doctor. She is my daughter priya” told her mother introducing her 5 year old daughter to maan.

“Hii priya, how are you?” asked maan smiling at her. Priya smiled at him back.

“She is having fever sir from yesterday evening” told her mom. Maan nodded and asked priya to come near him. He made her sit on the bed and checked her. He checked her temperature and saw its little high.

“No problem mam, she is perfectly fine. Just change if weather” told maan and prescribed some medicines.

Priya made a sad face seeing medicines. She pulled maan’s shirt. Maan looked at her. “Yes baby”

“Uncle, I don’t want medicines. They will be yuck” told priya making a yucky face. maan smiled at her cuteness.

“Ok baby, if you don’t want medicines then I will give you infection. You know infection, it will pain na. So medicines are best” told maan trying to convince.

“Injection??” she made a crying face. “No uncle, I will take medicines. No injection please” told priya.

“Yes dear, you are a good girl na so no injection. You have to take medicines. Next time when I see you, you should be fit and fine. And anyways priya is a very good girl, by mistake fever came” told maan and smiled. Priya smiled back widely at maan. Seeing both of them priya’s mom smiled, how easily he convinced the little child. Maan gave prescription to her mother. She took priya with her, priya turned back and waved to maan. maan too waved her back. He attended few patients and after an hour he became free.

Karan too completed the operation and came out. He freshened and went to maan’s cabin thinking he might be back from London. As expected he was there in his cabin reading some case file.

“Hey dude” wished karan. Maan smiled and hugged him.

“How are you yaar?” asked maan.

“Fine, tell me how was your trip?” asked karan.

“Ohh it was too cool. Completed your work for today?” asked maan.

“Ohh yes, I am hungry. By the way where are tom and jerry” asked karn smiling. “May be busy in another fight. Ufff even morning when I came they were fighting. Whats the reason today?” asked maan.

“Don’t ask me yaar. Yesterday you were not there and we planned to go to pub. There the great armaan danced with other girl. There starts their fight” told karan rolling his eyes.

“Come on yaar, armaan never changes. Bechari rits don’t know how she will tolerate him” told maan laughing loudly.

“Enough of our discussion guys, chalo we will have lunch I am hungry” told armaan literally dragging them to caf. Soon they both got busy in their talking and not to forget teasing tom and jerry. Their day ended well. Karan and maan dropped rits to her hostel and went to their flat. They freshened and talked for some time.

“Yaar tomorrow going to college. 4th years students ka class” told maan watching tv.

“Ok, I am going to orphanage tomorrow in the evening. Are you coming?” asked karan.

“Of course, I am coming. At least to meet my sis” told maan and winked.

“Who is your sis?” asked karan embrassesd.

“Acha you don’t know who is my sis? Don’t act in front of me. I saw you drolling on my sis openly with out any sharam waram” teased maan.

“Just shut up ok. I am not drolling” replied karan getting up to avoid further teasing.

“Arey arey Sharma rahe ho?” laughed maan. “Chup kar, I am sleepy. Good night” wished karan and ran to his room. Maan laughed out loud seeing his friends condition and he too retired to his room.

My Crazy Patient OS

30 Oct


Hiii friends, this OS is dedicated to RAMNEEK KAUR (UTEEM). Tomorrow is her BIRTHDAY and this is a small gift to her. NEEK dear, WISH YOU MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY… GOD BLESS YOU.. ENJOY YOUR DAY SWEETY. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS OS.. THIS IS FOR YOU DEAR.. *HUGS*


“Bro…  come fast” shouted my sister sanjana. And I call her as sanju. She is my little sis and princess of this house.

“Ohooo sanju coming wait” I shouted from my room. I am wearing casuals today. What to do I am forced to wear them. I am so comfortable in my office attire but this sanju some times get on my nerves. Wait, I didn’t tell the reason why I am wearing these casuals today. I have to go and see that girl today for my alliance. I don’t know the name of the girl and I am not interested too. My parents and sanju emotionally blackmailed me.

And now I am totally trapped in their so called emotional blackmail. What did my sis told “bro, if you don’t get married now. you will become old and I will become old and that time I wont get any boy because before your marriage I don’t want to marry. And you are elder to me too.”

Is that funny? I thought myself. I told I will marry for sure but I need some time. But these 3 na ufff… they wont leave a stone unturned to torture me with their talks. Some times I wonder who is strict in this house my dad or myself.

Did I tell my profession, atleast my name no na, then I am MAAN SINGH KHURANA, DOCTOR, A Surgeon. Adi and yash are my best buddies. To my luck they didn’t support me but supported their sis, none other than sanju. Now they don’t have any effect on my angry glares.

I came out of my room and saw my parents and sanju are waiting for me. My two devil friend are also there. I made a annoyed face and looked at him, but they don’t have any effect.

“Bro, stop making those faces. My bhabhi will be scared seeing you” told sanju.

“Bhabhi?? Wait let me see that girl. Before that don’t  think too much” I told and sanju looked at me as if she is gonna kill me. But maan singh khurana never cares of any glares, its my right to give glares. I just walked out and sat in the car silently, not to forget in the driving seat. I love driving and I never allow sanju to drive.

Sanju, mama and papa got into the car. Adi and Yash bid good bye and told some thing to sanju. I looked at them questioningly, but these two didn’t even look at me. huh!!! Showing attitude to MSK. But I decided one thing, whoever be the girl I will straightly say no to her.

We reached that girl’s house and got down of the car. I looked around but sanju dragged me in. I looked at her annoyingly. The girl’s parents welcomed us, but I was least interested. I sat on the couch silently. Elders are talking their business matters and so on. I am feeling bored. I heard the sound of anklets which are like music. I turned the other side and saw a girl descending the stairs. When I saw her face I got shock of my life. Omg.. she is GEET. My god how my parents thought that I will marry this girl. No way, I don’t want to put my life at risk. See the audacity of that girl she winked at me.

I went to flashback in my hospital. One day I went to hospital and was in my cabin. Suddenly a nurse came running and knocked my door. As usual I asked to come in. “Doctor there is an emergency, accident case” told nurse. Immediately I got up and followed nurse to the emergency ward. There I saw a girl lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her leg is bleeding. Immediately I cleaned her wound and bandaged. Her leg is fractured and she need a month rest.

Making sure that she is alright I left to my cabin. But still I am wondering why nurse called me when there are so many doctors. But I shrugged it off. After an hour or so again nurse informed me that she got her conscious. Then I went for her check up. when I went to her ward I saw her friends are there and chatting with her.

When I entered her ward all became silent. I checked her pulse and forehead to make sure that she is not having temperature. “You are absolutely fine Miss.?” “Geet” she answered. I smiled at her and she too smiled at me cutely. “You will be dis-charged today evening Miss. Geet” I told. “No no doctor, see my leg is fractured and how can I go this early. I should be here for atleast 1 week na” she told. I looked at her weirdly. Normally everyone will ask when they will be discharged. But this girl strange. “You are perfectly fine geet, you can go” I repeated again. Her face fell and I left from there.

After some time I heard some one shouting. I came to know that its none other than the weird girl. I went there to see what is that girl upto. When she saw me she was silent and the doctor who is my friend too, ADI looked at me. “Whats happening here” I asked seriously. “Ohh doctor, its you who treated me in the morning right? Then how can some other doctor come and discharge me. What if he give me some wrong medicine and what if something happens to me. if anything happens to me my friends and parents wont leave me. mainly my bro.” told that girl. I and my bechara friend adi looked at her with wide eyes. We expected she will tell who her brother is? But she didn’t. we expected her brother is some gunda.

“If you dis-charge me then only I will go from here. If you don’t then I wont go from here” told geet. We both are litereally scratched our heads. With no other option I dis-charged her and that crazy girl is looking at me continously disturbing my work. Because of her continous gaze I am not able to concentrate on my work. I sighed the dis-charge papers and gave it to her. she again smiled at me. “Geet you have to take these medicines regularly and you have to come every week for checkup” I told. “Doctor, I will come daily for checkup” told geet. “Its alright geet, weekly once is enough” I told rolling my eyes.

“And medicines I gave you for a month. If you feel the pain more then you can use this spray” I told. “Doctor, its you who treated me then how can it pain. And medicines I will do whatever you say” she told dreamily. “Thanks” I replied and turned around to leave. “One minute” doctor. Not again I thought and turned around. “I can eat everything na?” asked geet making baby face. I smiled at her antics and told “Yes you can eat everything except..” “Except??” she asked. “Others brain” I told and left from there. When I entered my cabin I laughed out seeing her face when I told others brain.

I got a message to my mobile and saw who is it. It is from some unknown number. “Doctor, you look handsome when you smile *wink*”. I was shocked and can easily guess from whom the msg is. How that geet knows my number? I thought. She got dis-charged and I was relieved. God, I saw many patients but she is unique piece and she is MY CRAZY PATIENT. From that day onwards every day I used to get msgs from her. Good morning, good night. But I never replied.

After a week, she came for checkup. She usually smile at me stare at me. “Doctor, why you are replying to my msgs” asked geet. I looked at her seriously and told “I don’t talk much with pagal people” I told and smiled inwardly. But to my surprise she told “but I talk” and left from there. What what she called me? pagal. Agrhhhh this girl uffff. But I smiled and continued my work.

One month passed and this was her last checkup. I am feeling like heaven. Today will be the last day and I can be free from that pagal geet. Yeah I named her as pagal geet. If she comes for check up and go its well and good but she wont. Last week when she came she asked me whether I have any girl friend? God I felt like giving a piece of mind but no when see her face and mainly smile I will be lost. Iss padki mujhe ek din pagal kar degi.

Finally she came for her last check up and I am happy. Geet is able to walk properly now and her wound is almost healed. Someone knocked the door and entered into my cabin. Geet came with a smile on her face, she wore red color suit and she is looking pretty. For some time I was lost in her. “Hello doctor, am I looking that good that you are watching me without blinking ur eyes” asked geet. I looked here and there, composed myself and asked her to sit. After her check up she got up to leave, she turned back and told “Hey doctor, don’t think that I am going now but one day I will be back because I LOVE YOU” told geet and left from there.

I stood there shocked thinking what exactly she told. But I didn’t care because from the day one she is doing some crazy things. After some time adi gave me the file of Juniors doctors who are joining from next week and they are under my guidance. He was smiling at me but when I opened file and I got shock. This geet is a medical student. I glared at adi who burst out into laughter.

Ufff back to present, yesterday only she told me that “Hey doctor, don’t think that I am going now but one day I will be back because I LOVE YOU” and that day was today itself. But my heart is jumping in joy seeing her and not to forget she is looking heavenly beautiful in that while color anarkali suit. Before anyone talk I stood up. I can see the questioning eyes on me. “I need to talk to geet” I told. “But maan..” but I cut my mom. “I need to talk to her” I repeated again. They just nodded and asked geet to take me to her room. We both went to her room. I was shocked to see her room, it is filled with MY PICS.

“Geet what is all this?” I asked. She turned to me and told “Maan, I love you from my school days. I was 3 years junior to you. We both are in same school, I know who you are but you don’t know. I never talked with you but always admired you. You are my role model in everything. And that accident is not really an accident, I wontedly fell down from stairs. And I bribed the nurse to call you not any other doctor. Atleast as a patient I will get a chance to talk with you” told geet and I looked at her in awe. “Are you crazy?” I asked not able to believe what ever she told and I realized that I loved what actually she told. She knows me from childhood, omg.. and she wontedly fell down from stairs.

“Didn’t you feel pain when you fell down” I asked. “No, I was so happy that I am gonna see and talk to you. In that excitement I didn’t get any pain” told geet. “You know what?” I told and she looked at me confused. “You are crazy” “In your love” she completed. “And dare you say no to this marriage, if you do so, I will I will” “Hmm what you WILL do” I asked.

“I will cry” told geet. And I didn’t help but smile at her. awww she is so crazy. I walked close to her and told “My dear Crazy patient I LOVE YOU, will you marry me?” I asked smiling at her. She hugged me tight and I too hugged her. “I love you so much doctor and thanku very much” told geet. I broke the hug and kissed her cheek. She blushed and lowered her eyelids. “Oh my crazy patient know how to blush too. Really yaar, you bribed the nurse and bechara adi he was so scared hearing your shouting” “Aur nahi tho kya, when I came for you and how can your friend treat me. hmmm?” “Hey don’t do such things again. Ok??” “Now why will I do, when you are with me”. “Don’t your mom and dad come to your room?” “Why not?” “No all my pics” geet smiled and told “they know that I love you”. Now I hugged her really tight and kissed her.

“I love you geet” “I love you maan”. ohh my name sounded like a music from her mouth. I kissed her lips and she too responded. She tastes like honey. Later we went down and we told our decision. All are very happy and sanju just stood there shocked. I smiled at her and she came and hugged me and geet.

And the days were going very fast. Geet joined hospital, I never left a chance with romance with her. but when it comes to work and duty, she never left to curse me because I was strict. But I enjoyed both and we got married. It was a big fat wedding. My life with geet was really adventurous, daily she will do some thing crazy and eat my brain. From my crazy patient she became my crazy wife.

                             THE END

Silent Love Prologue

30 Oct

When I was born my parents know that I can talk only silence.

They throwed me out.

Some people cared for me took me to their orphanage.

I was happy there are some people who care for silence.

They became my parents, not only mine there are many like me suffering.

I grew big educated. I know the outer world not as much as others do.

I came out, stood on my own but never let people show pity on me.

And today I am here happy in my life.

If today my parents see me, they will be proud on me. I struggled in my life and finally today I am a success all alone in my life no one to share my happiness except my best friend.

Unlike everyone, she stood for me and encouraged me in every way.

If she is not there I am not there.

When I was sad, dejected she became a supporting hand.

Everything is going fine until I met some one in my life.

That time I came to know that I too have feelings to love some one.

This is my SILENT LOVE.


The day I saw you, I forgot everything.

I was lonely till you entered into my life.

Your friendship is the wonderful thing which happened to me.

I love the way you smile even when you have faced so much in your life.

When I see you I feel peace.

Your smile filled my every cell in my body.

Before you there was nothing in my life except loneliness.

I don’t have any family except you.

I think of you every time when I am worried, because your single smile is enough for to be in peace.

Don’t think that you cant do anything with your silence because your silence speak many emotions.

Your eyes speaks your silence. And I love you the way you are.

Don’t think that you are alone.

I will be there for you, I will be your voice. You need not to tell me anything because I will come to know everything through your eyes.

This is not your silent love but it is our SILENT LOVE because I know that you love me.


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